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Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (PS2) Cheats

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Alternate ending sequence
Successfully complete story mode, then complete mission 17 again to view an alternate ending sequence.
Blocking Bullets
Hold down L1 and wave the R3 button around to create like a force field that makes bullets backfire!
box glitch
In either level 16 or 17:

Near the end of the level, when the platform that obi-wan and anakin are standing on begins to break apart, and they run to the other end of it, look to the right. a pair of boxes will remain in the same place, while the rest of the platform falls into the lava.

*if you dont believe me, look for yourself.*
Count Dooku secret Health
Count Dooku in story mode is a difficult opponent. There is a secret that will help. When you fight him on the ring shaped platform after he knocks Obi-Wan out, he sends battle droids after you. Using any means you want, throw a battle droid down the hole behind you. The game will show a cut-scene. When this ends, there will be a Maximum Health increase on the very left of the platform. Very helpful.
Dead Man's Chest
okay, when you get to the part when you gotta beat Dooku do not/ Do not, get into the fight, if you do this wont work! so go to Senetor Palpetine and do a HUGE combo near him, if you do one big enough he'll do really funny dances or even get in the fight (with the cuffs on his hands!)
Defeating Anakin or Obi-Wan Kenobi
When you are playing Anakin in mission 16 stage or Obi-Wan in mission 17, there are six stages you must go through to complete either one. In stage one, Anakin or Obi-Wan is running towards you. Do not block yourself because you are going to stay still. Instead, go towards him and press Square as many times as possible. When he stands up, block yourself from his attacks. When you damage him enough you will go to the second stage. In there, hold Triangle when he is running towards you. If you are low in health, go to the other side of the table and heal. After becoming damaged enough, your opponent will go to stage three. In this stage, attack him as long as you can, then throw him to the boxes. When you are finished with all of the boxes, it should go to stage four. If not, attack until you enter stage four. In stage four, if you are low on health run away from him and heal. When you have enough health, start to attack him with fast attacks and throwing him into the boxes. If successful, you will enter stage five. Stage five is a long bridge, allowing you to jump over and attack him. Also, block yourself because your opponent will start using the Force or lightning. When he is not blocking himself, press R2 until he is confused. Use that moment to attack. Repeat the process until you enter stage six. In stage six, there is not enough space to run around. Attack your opponent. Use R2 to confuse and attack him. When he is low on health you have two options. Either hold Circle and stab him to end it easier, or attack him with Square until it is over. Note: Do not use Circle in the last stage if you are low on health.
easy experience in level
at the end of the level, right when you get to the turret, and have to shoot down the starfighters, DON\'T. stay there near the turret, and jedi will start coming from different directions. they will continue to respawn forever. this is an easy way to rack up lots of experience. they shouldn\'t be too hard to kill, just make sure you block their attacks, cause they can hurt you too.
easy experince points
to get easy points just wait for more enemys to appear dont just go straight to where your supposed to. Also make sure you execute special moves to gain higher experince level like impressive or masterful so you can easly get all of your force powers and moves.
Easy Tactic To Defeat Griveous
All you have to do to beat him easily, in a duel or in the game, is rotate the right analog stick 360 degrees after blocking one of his '3-hit combos.' You should get 1 to 2 light hits in, this should be enough time to follow up with your own combo.
Easy way to defeat someone when you are Anakin
When you are anakin, right when it starts, press R2 and lightning will come out. This tip helps when you have infinite force power. You could just hold this until they die.
Fire turret in Mission 5
After finishing Mission 5 and the intermission sequence appears, when they are walking out of the room, press R1. Look at the turret you were just in; you will see it firing every time you press R1.
Getting More Masterfuls!
Go on Aftermith in the temple for loads of Masterfuls!
How to Kill Jedi Girls the Evil Way
The first Jedi you see in "The Hunt Begins" is a girl Jedi who has either a blue or green light sabre. The easy way to destroy them is to simply press the O button and your light sabre will go right through them.
How to win Saber Locks
When you face a jedi or a Sith Lord sometimes you will perform a Sabre Lock (when both lightsabres join together) When I do this I keep finding that the other player wins the lock. But their is a way you can win. When u perform the lock press SQUARE and TRIANGLE simultasionlly
and keep pressing them rapidly. You should win the lock!!! Good Luck
Kill Clones on your team
To kill Clones when they are on your team, use The Force to pick up a droid and throw it at the Clone. Note: Killing a Clone does not count as a kill.
Multiplayer Versus: Gameplay Tips
- Keeping your opponent at arms length is paramount. You need to be able to reach them while making it difficult for them to reach you. A character like Obi-Wan Kenobi keeps his lightsaber close to his body and must move close for an attack, which is a bad trait, whereas someone like Count Dooku keeps his lightsaber outstretched, away from him, and his strikes reach further.
- For a special strike, press Circle and X together when standing in front of your enemy, and you will run up their body Matrix-style and perform a backhand slash which knocks them to the ground.
- If your opponent is standing a good distance away and begins a combination move to strike, use your Force Lightning/Persuation (R2) to stun them and hold them frozen, or Force Throw (R1) them away from you. If you have full Force energy, attempt a special move like Square and Forward or Triangle and Forward, to get in under their forthcoming attack and hit them.
- Keep your left index finger held down on the Block button (L1) for the entire duel. While you attack, you won't block, but if your opponent tries to sneak a strike in he/she will be deflected away.
- Try to avoid jumping unless you are a good distance away from your opponent, as when you are jumping, you cannot block a quick stab to your feet and you will land helplessly for several seconds, allowing a critical strike to be delivered. Similarly, use this against jumping opponents and you will be able to press Circle and stab at their fallen body, or use Force Lightning to cripple them if you are either Anakin Skywalker, Count Dooku or Lord Darth Vader.
- The ultimate multiplayer versus character is the droid commander General Grievous. He is the only character without Force powers, but instead has a four-arm attack mode (L2), a blaster pistol (R1) and a charged strike mode (R2). His combination moves are devestating and very challenging to defend against, and due to his magnetic feet, he is difficult to Force Throw. When facing him, use all the above skills, as you'll need them to survive. The best character to face him as is either Anakin Skywalker or Serra Keto.
no lightsaber.
in the level "peil in the elevators":

when you get out of the elevators for the first time, a ray shiel goes up. the camera is behind it, and your in front of it, move up just a little bit, until you cant see you lightsaber anymore. you can perform all alll combos, and everything, you just won't have a lightsaber.
Repelling Grevious
If General Grevious has you cornered, rotate your right analog stick as if you were deflecting lasers. This will make Grevious stumble backwards slightly, giving you an opening to wail on him. As far as I can tell, this doesn't work with other bosses.
Restore health
After you kick Count Dooku over the edge and you join him below, knock one of the droids off the walkway through the farthest left gap in the railing; the Force will give you full health.
the power of walls
knock an enemy into a wall and it does increased damage. you have to launch them into the air and attacked WHILE they are still in the air near a wall. it works wonders when you are dueling.
Utapau Sinkhole Landing Platform multi-player level
Successfully complete mission 9 in story mode to unlock the Utapau Sinkhole Landing Platform multi-player level.


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Basic Cheats
NARSHADDAA: All bonus missions unlocked
AAYLASECURA: All concept art unlocked
TANTIVEIV: All duel arenas unlocked
ZABRAK: All duelists unlocked
JAINA: All Jedi powers and Force moves
COMLINK: All movie clips unlocked
BELSAVIS: Fast regeneration of Force & Health
KORRIBAN: Story missions unlocked
SUPERSABERS: Super Sabre mode
071779: Tiny droid mode
KAIBURR: Unlimited Force
XUCPHRA: Unlimited Health
cut through control panels fast
when you plunge your lightsaber into a ctrl panel, cut through a few inches of it, then take your lightsaber out, then plunge it in again.

you will find that it will be a lot easier to cut the panels.

note: this will not work on doors.
Easy Killing
Use the force combo (Hold down x) on eniemes and it will defeat them easily! Good when in battle or with a large amount of eniemes
Faster Hits
If you hit the square button fast it will
make your attack a little faster.(This will work
very good and faster with Serra Heto and General
Grievous or any other players with more than 1
Killing flying Jedi's
When you have Anakin fighting other Jedi, use the Force (R1) then hold R1 and hold R2 as well, then you are shocking them in the air.
Unlockable Characters for Verus Mode and where to find them
Ben Kenobi Complete Mission 17
Cin Drallig Complete Mission 12
Count Dooku Complete Mission 4
Darth Vader Complete Mission 17
General Grievous Complete Mission 9
Mace Windu Complete Mission 10
Serra Keto Complete Mission 12
Unlockable Levels
Throne Room Upper Balcony multi-player level
Successfully complete mission 4 in story mode to unlock the Throne Room Upper Balcony multi-player level.

Throne Room Main Chamber multi-player level
Successfully complete mission 4 in story mode to unlock the Throne Room Main Chamber multi-player level.

Temple Outer Terrace multi-player level
Successfully complete mission 12 in story mode to unlock the Temple Outer Terrace multi-player level.

Temple Control Room multi-player level
Successfully complete mission 12 in story mode to unlock the Temple Control Room multi-player level.

Palpatine's Office Docking Bay multi-player level
Successfully complete mission 10 in story mode to unlock the Palpatine's Office Docking Bay multi-player level.

Palpatine's Office multi-player level
Successfully complete mission 10 in story mode to unlock the Palpatine's Office multi-player level.

Mustafar Lava Platform multi-player level
Successfully complete mission 17 in story mode to unlock the Mustafar Lava Platform multi-player level

Mustafar Control Room multi-player level
Successfully complete mission 16 in story mode to unlock the Mustafar Control Room multi-player level.

Mustafar Control Arm multi-player level
Successfully complete mission 17 in story mode to unlock the Mustafar Control Arm multi-player level.

Mustafar Balcony multi-player level
Successfully complete mission 16 in story mode to unlock the Mustafar Balcony multi-player level.

Episode IV Death Star multi-player level
Successfully complete mission 17 in story mode to unlock the Episode IV Death Star multi-player level.