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Star Wars: Battlefront II cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Star Wars: Battlefront II cheat codes.


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Battle Front 11,Ceats,Codes
Pause the game,hold R2 and L2,then enter the following codes.(Only one may be used at a time)
PasswordWhat it does
Infinite Ammoup, down, left, down, down, left, down, down, left, down, down, down, left, right
Alternate Soundsup, up, up, left, up, down, up, up, left, down, down, down, left, up, down, down, left, right
Funny comic book captions appear when you attack a Rebel as a Wampaup, down, left, down, left, right
No HUDUp, Up, Up, Up, Left, Up, Up, Down, Left, Down, Up, Up, Left, Right
InvincibilityUp, Up, Up, left, down, down, down, left, up, up, up, left, right
Alternate SoldiersDown, Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Left, Up, Up, Up, Left
boss man stileup, up, up, left, right


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"Jedi Snipe"
When on Kamino, and using a hero that has saber throw as a force move, force jump a few times to get yourself on the roof of the main building, stand near the edge and throw your lightsaber at anything (enemy) that comes near.

Also since the saber throw has nearly unlimited range (it flies untill it hits something, and the I've only seen it hit maximum range when doing this in mos eisly of the crashed ship) you can kill almost anything in one hit. The downside though is that you waste time waiting for something to kill.
*For new players who need help*(may contain spoilers)
For anyone who needs help with the game or help with a character, look below until you find the appropriate class

The regular trooper:
Heavily armed and the main leader, this trooper is nearly unstoppable with his regular or upgraded rifle in his hands. Get a few most troopers to follow, turn friendly fire off and your unbeatable! With his grenades he can easily clear a room( If you like explosions!) with his upgraded pistol he can take down many enemies in one clip!!

Heavy trooper:
Armed with a deadly missle launcher he can easily blow the tops off any vehicle in 2-3 shots! His mines, deadly to everyone and anything but Engineers, Can many the doorways, protect commandposts, and take out enemy vehicles. Also armed with a pistol, when upgraded, makes him nearly unbeatable, his grenades can also clear a room as fast as regular troopers.
When he gets his hands on an upgraded rocket and keep your older one, he can easily take out snipers on high points.

With a deadly Sniper rifle with a double zoom-in, this trooper can see across the battlefield picking off enemies one by one( or 3 by 3 with the Upgraded version). With an auto turret that shoots away at any nearby enemies to warn him(or her) of incoming danger, this trooper can be hard to stop when set on a high point. With the upgraded pistols zoom-in feature, when no where near an ammo machine can be substituted for a sniper rifle. Like every other trooper(or nearly ) he/she is armed with grenades, that like the other troops can clear a room in seconds.

With the ability to fix vehicles, health droids, Ammo droids, appliances/defenses, and slice into vehicles, this trooper can be hard to stop, with his shotgun in hand and health/ammo packs combined with a quick explosion from a detpack, can easily blow enemies sky high faster than a grenade can explode. With an upgraded shotgun, all that changes with this weapon, is the power it hits and annihalates with.

Unlockable/Special classes:
Teams(in order): Rebels, Empire, CIS, and Republic

Bothan Spy:
With an Incinerator(similar to a disentigrater) as a primary weapon, this Class rules with close up combat, able to decimate and sabotage the enemy. Tip: incinerator is used for close range, it will not work long range.
With a Stealth mode as a secondary weapon, he can easily sneak up on the enemy and releash a devastating attack with the incinerator, or he can drop a time bomb and destroy them all. With his Health boost, he can easily protect himself and his teammates and charge into battle with his troops! Invisibilty is mainly useless offline but has advantages online.

Wookie Warrior:
With a Bowcaster as a primary weapon, when charged, this weapon can kill nearly anything in one shot, with his mortar launcher, he can take out any infantry in one shot and it is quite useful against vehicles.
Tip: The bowcaster has a double zoom-in feature.
With 4 grenades as a secondary weapon, he can clear a room as fast as a regular trooper. His recon droid, with a selfdestruct sequence and quick, powerful shot can take out any enemy in a few shots or one explosion.

The Dark trooper has a lightning blaster that paralyzes most enemies for a brief second and can be charged up so that it connects to multiple enemies for a quick kill. With a jetpack he can quickly fly away from trouble in about 3 seconds. His pistol, when upgraded can be deadly from the air.
Tip: The jetpack is more of a height and flight jump.
His grenades are his only secondary weapon which can, as said before, clear a room in a second.

The Imperial Officer has a sonic blaster(similar to the genosians) that i believe is inaccurate and does very little damage. His other weapon is a Mortar launcher( i dont feel like typing this out again... see the Wookie Warrior)
Tip: the sonic blaster is in my opinion useless(MY OPINION)
The secondary weapons are the recon droid(again see the Wookie warrior) and a unmentioned power up, simlilar to the bothans, Rage gives all troops and yourself an attack bonus, dealing more damage to enemies.

The Magnagaurd, with a bulldog blaster(a smaller less powerful, slower missile) can take out any trooper in one shot, along with splash damage can injure anyone near the enemy. The mortar launcher(see the Wookie Warrior) can take out tanks and infantry easily.
The secondary weapons being a recon droid and rage are mentioned int he Imperial Officer.

The so far unmentioned Droidika, with a shield as a secondary weapon, can roll up and use the speed it rolls with to conquer the battlefield. Its repeatable blasters are unstoppable to anyone who gets too close!

The Jet Trooper has a CONTROLLABLE jet pack, unlike the dark trooper. With the EMP launcher that creates a powerful explosion, it can take out several droids when they are close enough together. He can get to great heights with his jet pack and can "snipe" with the upgraded pistol. His grenades can clear a room in a second.

The unmentioned Clone Commander has a chaingun that releases a burst of bullets unwithstandable at a close range, sort of like the droidika. With a recon droid(See Wookie Warrior and Imperial Officer) and a defense boost(call Rally!) can increase the lives of your nearby troops. His pistol is quick to kill when his chaingun becomes overheated.

Since there are too many to name, I will give few details on this type of infantry.
Gun Heroes:
Heroes with a gun come with certain abilites, such as invinciblity, detpacks, time bombs, wrist rockets, and jet packs. All of these guns have ammo limits or become overheated. There is also a fusion cutter on some, which means you can have a good offense and still fix things.
Lightsaber Heroes:
heroes with a lightsaber are almost undefeatable at close range, but with the exception of no heroes, their health bar is a time limit, which is extended by defeating enemies. Many of these heroes have force powers and lightsaber throw, the Sith, with force choke and lightning are the exception of which no Jedi have.
Aiming For The Legs
One thing in SWB II that is similar to the first is that the walkers still can't aim for their own legs. This means that you can easily take advantage of this and run underneath to handle any enemy units that might spawn in that area. Or you can use any special weaponry to try and take it down.

Remember though, no matter how strong, the weapons most likely will never bring it down. For that, you require more efficient weapons. Jedis, however, can kill it.
Always Fix Healing and Ammo Droids
Too often in both Instant Action and online games do I see troops being decimated in places where these droids are available. It takes a full two hits with a plasma cutter to repair them most of the time, and can supply you with enough health to continue gaining it even after being shot repeatedly by droids. Also, quite often you will find yourself with little health left during or after a firefight, and having one of these nearby can restore you to perfect health in moments.

In essence, it takes your troops and doubles some of their life spans on the map. A handy effect for any player.
Another easy Marksman
go to instant action Mos Eisley, be sniper as CIS or Rebels and spawn at the spaceport CP. Walk up the ramp leading up to the top of the rim of the landing area till you reach the top. Now focuus all sniping on the enemies in turrets, zoom on their exposed head, now shoot. You just got a head shot, easy. repeat this on other enemy turret men till you have six head shots. Watch out for otheer turret that may shoot at you, or enemy snipers, so move around the rim to avoid being shot.
AT-AT easy killing
If u wanna kill those AT-AT's here is the most easiest way!

First be a rebel(of course) then choose a rebel vanguard and go to the snow speeder garage(No 4) get in a snow speeder and fly all the way to the feet of the AT-AT and get out then use ur mines and throw them near the feet of the AT-AT(not on them or u get urself blown up unless ur invinceible)then run like the speed of light and see the health bar go down this far:->________<- per mine.Thanks for reading this.
Happy AT-AT killing.
Best Sniping spot, and something else!
The best sniping spot in Kashyyyk is (doesn't matter what side) the southern side, go to one of those tall tree places. Then start sniping.

2: The northern side has a little glitchy effect.
When you go near the turret (the most NW side) you'll see a tall place. You can get there by Jet or Force Multi jumps. HAVE FUN!
Beware of the Dog
Often if you are playing as the Republic, you will come up against a Magnaguard. These guys have a primary weapon known as the Bulldog Personal Rocket Launcher. It is sort of a smaller, faster version of the Heavy Trooper's rocket launchers. This weapon can be devastating against all clones as it can fire a lot of powerful missiles very quickly, one hit killing an opponent.

The best way to avoid these shots is to keep moving about. The disadvantage of using the Bulldog is that its rate of fire is not as fast as a rifle, and its missiles travel slower as well, so as long as you keep moving out of the path of the rockets you should be safe, and can attacking the enemy Magnaguard while they are reloading. The missiles should be easy enough to spot, as they are a bright purple/pink.

If you are using the Bulldog yourself, remember to use the lock on feature to locate your enemies, as this weapon has a limited homing feature. If you lock onto an enemy before firing at them, the rockets, to an extent, will curve around to hit the enemy. This can be very useful if attacking from a distance. If you up nice, close and personal however you can always just mash the fire button, sending a spray of rockets upon your enemy, most likely granting you a kill. Use this weapon wisely to your advantage.
Some maps in this game, such as Tantive, Mos Eisely and Mygeeto, have areas on the maps where people have to travel through to get to another location, such as a command post. This has two primary effects with troops, one which is defensive and another which is offensive.

First of all, the offensive point of view. Let's take the map Mygeeto as an example. The map is basically one giant wheel with two protusions, both for bases. Whether the republic or droids (this is more effective on this map as the republic) you can take the advantage of troops having to walk into the same short and narrow path to get out. Taking down mass numbers by sitting there and shooting as well as using tanks to keep them in are tactics that can land devastating blows to troop reinforcement counts throughout the game. Other maps, such as Kashyyyk, also have this advantage against the AI, with being able to shove droid tanks right against the doorways out of the rear beachfront base and shooting in to allow few to no one out.

It also have several defensive effects, most coming from being able to keep the people from advancing without havy losses. While you might be bottlenecked, you also have the advantage of haivng a fairly narrow space to shoot down. You can also use these small spaces to pull back to so that droid tanks or other things can't get in easily. Also, setting traps to keep out tanks and troops becomes far easier because the paths they have to take to get in are usually in short supply and in small size. Mining these areas or keeping a detpack nearby has lead to a lot of deaths in my instant action games.

There is one small addition that I did not add to the others, and that is that of the heroes. Both ranged and lightsaber based Jedi have prominence here, with the former being able to shoot their often incredibly powerful shots down the corridor or space and easily hitting units, to the latter being able to slash wildly and still be contained to take down anything that tries to stay ahead or go around them.

Good luck with the rest of the game!
Camera Movement: Looking Around Corners/Staying Close to Walls
One thing you might have noticed by now is the suddeness of encountering the lone tank travelling around the field looking for some victims to flay, and how often it happens. Or that sudden contingent of forces around the corner. One thing you do have on them, though... your player can magically see around corners.

When staying close to a wall, you typically are out of danger from anything coming at you from any angle of any sort, and you can often get past large battles just by having a low profile. However, no one can totally know when they have snucj by the entire battle. By simply toying around with your camera, you have a good 15-45 degrees of viewable area around the corner, meaning you know if there happens to be a droideka standing around the corner. When in doubt, always use this ability, as it has saved my own life a great many times. Unfortunately, this is impossible to use in vehicles or any stationary combat implement.

Either way, this sort of cover can help, especially from such things as splash damage and turrent fire if they can't get around the obstruction that is saving your character's life.
Command Posts
There is two comand vicles and the AT-AT can be used
for a good thing. there is a slope that can be used to bring the AT-AT to an aria north of ecco base. when your there, people will be responding there.( If you are on split screan it won't work. Only on single or multiplayer.)
tested: yes(many times)
it was tested on single
Cool move!!!
If you play as the Emperor on any mode he has a very cool move! Push X to jump and then push X again to fly, now press R1 and you should crash to the ground in a ball of lightning and severly damage every enemy within the vicinity. Shocking isn't it!?!
Coruscant:safe spot
Above command post 1 on a jet trooper, darth maul or any jedi/sith there's a ledge; fly up and go forward. Enemies can't hit you very easily there but you can hit them.
Critical hit spots
tTo unlock the demolition award you need to hit the critical hit spots 4 times in one life, the critical hit stots are located here;

AAC-1 Hovertank : Black coolant tanks on sides of tank
TX-130S/TX-130T Fighter Tank: Circle at rear of tanks
AT-TE: Cylindrical area along the underbelly
AT-AT: Neck between body and head
AAT: Rear panel
Droid Tank: Rear tread cylinder
Hailfire Droid: Cylinders below cockpit
AT-RT: Cylinder between legs or pilot
Homing Spider Droid: Where the legs connect to the body
AT-ST: Rear block between legs
LAAT/i Gunship: Cockpit
Theta-class shuttle: Lower neck
Droid Transport: Rear panel
Crouching tiger, hidden yoda
When you play as yoda on dagoba, you will find yourself running through water and grass that are both taller than yoda. When walking through this yoda is temporarily invisible to enemies. So by using your force pull and running attack on close by enemies you have easy kills and points.

Note: this is a great online trick!
On Geonosis, when you play Capture the Flag, there are 3 ways to win:

1) We all know this; Capture the flag until the points meet the desired criteria.
2) If you set a timer, then capture the flag once, and stake out a place for the remainder of time.
3) The most bizarre one, and only seems to work on Geonosis; Take the enemy flag once, and then just kill everyone not wearing your uniform.

The 3rd one, let me explain; Apparently, whether or not this is a glitch, the game fails to realize that you're playing CTF, not Conquest. So, if you just kill the attackers, you'll notice that the enemy force is dying down--Literally, as in the number of attackers drop, and soon, you'll realize that only one guy is attacking, and on the radar, there's one vehicle of the enemy.

If you kill this one, you'll win, hands down. Even if you have no points for the flag or the timer has not run out, "Victory" still appears. I prefer you play as the Clones, as they put up a more relentless protection and have a better part in the landscape, however, this also works for the Droids.
Dark-troopers: How to get Extra Distance with Jump-Pack
Basically if you want to get those extra couple of metres using a Dark-troopers jump pack then all you need to do is press jump once your high in the air. This prevents you from shooting at enemies when your going back towards ground but you can get away from them easier if you are wanting to move away from the battle.
death star bridges
dotted around the death star are bridges that you can cause to fall/retract. a good one is near the entrance to the firing room. when the enemy are stood on it, blast the control pannel and watch them fall to their deaths. they will continue to walk across a bridge that's not there for a while. after that, they will go around.
Disappearing Yoda
When playing Assault on Mos Eisley, play as Yoda. Force jump onto the building surrounding the base that is on the boat. Then move towards the crashed ship while remaining on the roof. In the corner where the roof slants down, there is a glitch that allows you to sink into the roof. Normally, it is only up to your character's waist, but, with Yoda, he can disappear completely.
Dish Turrents and AT-ATs
One thing that I noticed while playing with friends is that they typically will run to the nice, 'sheltered' turrent which fires a stream of red bolts at an enemy. Although good against most types of infantry, many still try to turn this onto the monster walker, the AT-AT.

Yes, the AT-AT may now take a lot more damage from your A-Typical torpedo fire from a snowspeeder, but not from one of those measly little turrents. They can also make short work on those turrents as well, following those bright red shots directly to the source and firing it's main weapons directly at the big, blank metal of the turrent that they are in.

Although this may seem like a powerful machine, there is one I enjoy using much more and is much more effective against something like an AT-AT. The Dish Turrent. Although you might immediately think that such a thing is dangerous because you are in open air while firing, also remember that the damage you cause (killing a unit in one blast) far outweighs the potential danger. Besides, you can always get off the turrent.

Target the AT-AT at it's head and neck and press the button as fast as you can! You should see that bar slowly lower. Don't power it up by holding down the R1 button - personally, I've seen little effect, and it seems to take longer for them to go down.

Only abandon the turrent when the first shot strikes it.

Have fun with the rest of the game!
Dodging grenades
Most of us hate being blown to bits by grenades coming out of nowhere right?

Well here is a tip:
When you see a grenade coming at you, press the circle button when you're running to do a dodge roll.
That way either 2 things will happen:
1. You will get hit a bit and loose a little bit of heath, or:
2. Nothing will happen to you.

One other option you have is to sprint the other direction. That blow might get some of you're heath but it beats being killed any day.
Don't Abandon It For Too Long, Or It Won't Come Back
Once or twice you may want to set down your ship for a moment on a map of your choosing, perhaps to make a few sniping shots or to try and take a base.

Other then repairing your ship, and actions like this can and will lead to your ship taking a lot of damage and eventually exploding. Be prepared for the consequences.

Only land vehicles can get away with not taking damage, and only air units do take damage. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the game!
Droid Tank (The One From Kashyyyk) Additional Weakness
The droid tanks that you find on Kasyyk have an additional weakness. While the tank is well armed and fairly powerful compared to some of the others on the map, the vehicle can't actually aim right in front of it. If you get somewhat close, the two cannons can't seek to find you. This can be of excellent use if you have no means of escape, or need to have a quick reprieve from being fired upon.
droideka's weakness
Droidekas are the most powerful CIS droid, yet they turn slowly, their weakness is there back, try to stay behind it and keep shooting, you wont get hit by it!
easy demolition obtain
this way is boring but easy way to get up to 64 demolition and get the guided rocket automaticly

1.go to instant action
2.add hoth and do conquest
3.go to the options and change AI to 0 in the conquest section
4.start the game, and choose the rebels, otherwise this wont work
a few cautions before i go on, dont capture any enemie command post until ur done, because their numbers will fall rapidly, and its also reccomended to turn heros off
5.choose the rebel vanguard, and spawn at cp 4
6.get in a snowspeeder, and zoom towards the AT-AT
7. now get out and aim ur rockets at the neck of the AT-AT
note: they dont want rebels in their, so they say thier is an enemie in their even when their isnt, so it will stay still and still count for demolition.
8.after u get 4 shots in, or 3 if u got the elite rank, wait about 30 seconds, the respawn back at cp 4
repeat now til u got wat u want, i got from about 0-64 in maybe 2 hours
when ur done, capture the 2 enemie cp and wait til u win
Easy flags/sniper spot.
On the hoth 1 flag ctf you normally have to charge through a hangar swarming with enemies (just to be clear this really only works for the empire) and out accross an open field with no cover and at least ten auto turrets firing chainguns at you to finally get within a few feet of the dropoff point before dieing without getting a point. But I can tell you how to win. Go get the flag as any class and then run like hell back to your side of the map and when you are in your hangar go out the hangar door and into the area that you play in for conquest, just past the health and ammo droids on the left you will see the slope of a large hill/mountain, climb the slope going towards the rebels main area with the auto turrets untill you see the escape ships, keep going toward the dropoff point. The game won't say your out of bounds because your directly over the rout you normally take. You should note that the slope down towards the rebel base is a pretty good sniper spot, even if it is out in the open. Now that you can see the flag drop off spot run at it like a bat out of hell untill you have a point. rinse and repeat.
Easy Frenzy
Well this can only be done on hunt in naboo.You should hve the oppotunity to be GunGans or CIS, choose CIS.Notice that you can only be a super battle droid,use their repeating blasters to kill some gungan, just watch out for their grenades thats the only weapon they can have.You can get loads if you change the options.
Easy Gunslinger
Play the Endor level in hunt mode as the Empire. You only have snipers but thats ok. Make sure you have got enemy icons on. Run around hitting square. when you lock on to an Ewok fire at the centre of the targeting thing. they die after two or three hits. After getting the award wait 30 seconds then respawn and repeat again.


Go onto any space level. Fly into the enemy hanger and shoot all the internal auto turrets. If you flew in a transport that keeps all the enemys away. after you have got rid of the auto turrets shot one or two actual enemies. Although it only counts as one or two kills you still get the Gunslinger award!
Easy hero acsess in instant action mode
Ok sometimes this doesn't work but most o the time (90%) it works. This is easier to do if your on the the republic's side anyway at the beggining where you choose where you will first respawn you can press triangle to change the background. so you do that and then after that go to select charecter and your hero might or might not bethere. if not keep on repeating. (this is actully really easy with wookis level on kashyyyk for some reason)
Easy infiltration
In a glactic civil war era space battle, take the rebel ship that looks like the republic's LAAT/gunship. Land in empire hangar and blow it all up. After you've been killed, the ship should become a spawn point in the hangar.
Easy Jedi/Vehicle/Turret Kills
When your regular infantry and you want to kill that Jedi (or Sith) that has been killing you just get the guy with the mines (assault droid, Heavy duty clone EXT....) and set up the mines right when he comes. For vehicles just put a mine out in front of it. The Mine should kill the Jedi (or Sith) in 1 mine same with the vehicles (or turrets) some vehicles might take 2.
Easy kills
A easy way to kill enemy's is to keep firing rapidly at anywhere you can hit them.
Wen you have to load, move as far as you can so the enemy can't hit you that way when you're done loading you can go back in for the kill.
Easy Marksman
Start a campan and save it as a name called "Kameno". Do the campain untill you get to kamino and save it. after that don't save the campan and do kameno for about 6 or 7 times. you can get 28 marksmans. this is similer to my "Instant action campains" cheat.
Easy marksman/Gunslinger
Right this can only be done on Kamino as the empire or republic. Right what you do you chose as a sniper and choose the middle Command Post near to your side.Run to the center of the level and you'll see a sort of barrier in the middle.If you crouch behind the barrier that shields you from them shooting you from the bridge opposite.Because of your position you can't get killed unless its from side turrets or if they manage to get close enough.Aim so that you can shoot their heads as they go on the bridge.As soon as you get marksman change your weapon to the pistol,stay where you are and get gunslinger the same as you did to get marksman.Then repeat for easy marksman and gunslinger.It is easier if you've got war hero on legendary status.Just remember that its a headshoot when there is a circle in the middle of the reticule.
Easy way to defeat Heroes
Online(or Offilne) Be one of these following characters when you are a villain on Mos Eisley Assault:

Anakin Skywalker
Count Dooku
The Emperor
Darth Vader

and when you are close to a enemy, use the Force Choke attack and slowly run up to the enemy and when they are recovering from the Force Choke, slice them up to make quick work of them.

HAVE FUN.............
easy win on coruscant
if you're the CIS, first, take the free CPs and then the library. then take the CPs on the ground level, below the library. throw a few grenades or rockets here as it's a confined space. then, take the CP at the top of the stairs near the beacon room and all converge on the council chamber. it should be easy to kill all the clones that come out.
easy win on yavin 4
To get an easy win on this map, first, capture the temple if you don't already have it. The CPU rarely makes an attack on that base as it's so well fortified, so capture it for yourself. Then make sure you have the CP at the other end (over the bridge near the waterfall), then capture the 2 CPs either side of the temple and the one under the bridge. make sure all are secure. your enemy will have only one place to respawn, and that's right in the middle. They'll be surrounded.

If you try to take CPs other ways, it's usually too easy for your enemy to re-take something you just took.
elite rifle
The elite is a very good gun. Ive won whole matches with it, but what people dont know is that it can kill 3 people in one trigger pull. But only if its one close behind the other. have fun yal
Endor great camping spot
If you are near command post #5 on Endor, there are two rocks around 40 meters north of the post. If you approach the smaller rock from the west while sprinting, you can double tap the 'jump' button and you should land on the larger rock. The rock provides an ideal camping spot for many reasons.
<span class="wikilists">
  • The rock provides around 50% of cover, covering your body from head to toe on one side, even while standing up
  • If you allow the other team to gain control of the command post #5, you have an almost complete view of the other team respawning area, which means that you can easily take out the enemy team as they respawn
  • It is a perfect distance away from the respawning area because it is out of a blaster rifle or shotgun's effective range, but you can land a well-aimed grenade right into the middle of the spawning ground, and the rock's elevated surface and very small surface area makes you immune to grenade damage from the enemy
</span><!-- wikilists -->

I would recommend playing on the Empire team, because it offers better loadouts for the medium to long range combat, and the Rebels start out with possesion of command post #5, so you can get onto the job sooner. But if you have a preference to be on the Rebel team, it doesn't make a huge amount of difference

My personal favourite loadout for this spot is the Imperial Officer, as it only requires 8 points to unlock, and contains a Mortar Launcher; which makes short work of medium-range targets. ** For a longer fuse grenade and longer range, hold down the fire button until the dial inside the reticle turns orange**

The default Scout Trooper loadout is also very effective at medium range, but is slightly harder to line up a kill with if you aren't familiar with aiming down a scope. ** For faster magazine reloads on the Sniper Rifle, zoom out of the scope to reload**

So if you are playing on Endor one day give it a try! Hope this helps <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Escape from the Rancor! (Jabba's pit beast)
Pick instant action and go to Jabba's Palace. Go to command post 4 then fall into to Jabba's pit (in front of him) go on eitherside of the rancor (so you wont get caught) go straight behind the rancor and you will see a door.Go to it and it will open and then your near a command post. If you need health and or ammo go to the door on the left and you will see a door. Go in it and you will see a health and ammo droid. Happy escaping!
Ewoks and Endor: Where the Hell Did That Come From?
This game has several types of different buggers who will try to kill you when you don't notice them, but possible the most resilient and most annoying is the tiny Ewok.

The Rebel's on Endor have a small alliance with them, and these characters can hide well, come below the line of fire and rarely draw any attention from the enemy until they die and the Ewok is standing proudly over the body.

This can be a great asset. If you see an Ewok charging forward to kill something, help him. Kill any trooper's who are trying to get to him... because the little guy is dangerous, and alone he can do great damage.

What can the Empire do to combat this? The number on thing is shoot at anything that moves. You might have noticed by now that most of those people on the field that blend in with the environment are not your friends, so take them down. Also, keep a constant eye on the forest floor... you might not be looking for enemies heads, but you can still see the larger one feet and shoot them, and keep an eye out for the elusive tiny bear.

Good luck and happy hunting!
Fake cieling glitch
On Mygeeto with any soldier class you will find a fake cieling going up a mountain southwest of Command post 1.
Fall through Space (Need Invincibility cheat)
First- choose rebels on yavin space
Second- put on invincibility cheat
Third- walk into your (the rebels) shield generator room
Fourth- walk into the fan, walk around

Finnaly you will fall through the ship and into space for about fifteen to twenty seconds!!!
Faster hero time
To be a special character like Obi-Wan or Lke you have to have a certain amount of kills right? Well a easy way to get to be the hero is to go where the biggest battle spot is on the map and throw a couple of grenades and fire shots randomly.
It will kill allot of the enemy's force's and if you have friendly fire off-it won't kill you're guys.
That should help you by getting the special character.
Fastest way to earn your permanent medal bonuses
If you've played the training stage, you'll notice there is an unlimited supply of Clones and CIS spawning. The number indicator for the troops is replaced by a "-".

You can get every medal possible on this map, and since it's basically never ending, you can continue to play until you've had enough, or you've raised your medal awards to 64. (64 is the number required to unlock a bonus feature permanently)

I recommend going for Gunslinger (any pistol weapon) first to unlock the precision pistol, as it greatly helps out your chance of survival with all classes save for Engineer, certain special classes that don't carry pistols, and Heroes.

The mission ends when you have beaten the required amount of droids with Mace Windu and have then taken the last command post.

If you're still Windu and you are to take the last CP, don't take it and play till you die. Respawn as desired trooper, at the clifftop bunker. From here it's easy to do a number of things>

Demo trooper: Fire the rocket launchers at the Spider Droids weak spot, that being the hinge joints connecting the legs with the main body. Two of these in total. Getting a precise shot may be a bit tough, it's best when the droid is exposed in a wide angle open towards you, but it beats heading down there and trying to get the 4 shots required while dodging enemies. Getting killed before getting a metal, or rather, getting killed before getting enough opposing kills lowers your kill / death ratio. I personally have a problem with that, but if you don't you'll get the awards faster.

Assault trooper: From this vantage point you can scan the battlefeild for an entry point, and carefully slide down the side of the cliff (you don't loose that much HP for jumping anyhow, but still), and head towards the cleanest line of enemies.

Engineer: Not as easy, but considering you've got health packs, certainly 'do-able'. Slide down the mountain while switching to health packs and the shotgun, and head towards the nearest spider droid with at least half HP or over (otherwise it may blow up before hacking it). Slay any enemies on your way to the droid, and any other enemies underneath the droid. Once clear enough, begin hacking. Aim at the circular body, and strafe around it in a circle while hacking. Once you get 100 percent and get the award, begin slaying enemies with the shotgun to get the flechette upgrade. After 30 seconds you can get these awards again, but you have to die first. Don't want to respawn too quickly, so take as many of them as you can with you before 30s' have passed.

Sniper: Easy headshots. Don't bother going for moving targets, you'll easily notice who's standing idle and is open for a headshot. Also note the fools using the LRIK Cannons (sound gun turrets) as they make for perfect headshots. For these guys, aim at the neck, not the head. The model gets screwy so the headshot area is altered.

Jetpack trooper: Use this guy for the precision pistol upgrade. He can escape if need be, and his standard pistol fires much faster than other clone standard pistols.

VERY IMPORTANT. Do not quit the stage at any time. You must complete the mission to save new medals to your profile!!! I made that mistake a few times after playing for an hour or two.

Good luck, happy pwning!
General Advice
The centre command post is always a good offensive position.

Use your units' advantages. If you are facing a lot of enemies, use the trooper unit. If you are up against vehicles, use heavy weapons.

Use the right unit for the right level. For example, use an engineer for lots of turrets/vehicles. Use snipes for high places with little cover below.

Always keep moving, because if you stop, you are a prime target for snipers.

Use vehicles a lot, as they keep you safe, you get lots of points with them, and some are much faster than walking.

When in vehicles, fill them up. The more weapons you can have going at once, the better.

Kill the most threatening units first. For example, if in a vehicle, take out the heavy weapons units.

Check out an area before you go into battle, so you see the turrets and other dangerous areas.

Use tactics, as charging into battle usually does not work.

Use cover a lot, such as rocks, logs, walls, water, and even grass.

If you are taking a CP, try to stand next to a health droid.

If you are having trouble defeating enemies, try to take out the enemy in ones and twos. This will get you a lot further, and you will come out with a lot more health.

If you are finding something difficult, play on the Hard difficulty setting for a few battles. When change back the difficulty setting, things should seem a bit easier.

Take allies with you wherever you go. Allies = firepower = enemies die = easy CP's = you win.
Geonosis AT-TE tip
Well, whenever I play as the clones on geonosis, I notice that I always spawn at the AT-TE, and use it. But on the main battlefield, many hailfire and spider droids try to take me out, as well as assault droids. Also, ever looked up at the hill cp(cp5)? The really tall one for snipers? Well, if your AT-TE is being bombarded, try taking it up the hill! walk(more like plod)over to the hill, go up, head over to the edge, and score kills! also, if anyone ever notices, the pilots seat on the AT-TE has a zoom level! so you can \"snipe\" from an AT-TE!! I got 3 endurance, 2 Guardian, and 2 War Hero from this, and no deaths!! But while you are doing this, don\'t forget to capture cps so you don\'t lose!! Hope this tip helps--General_Kenobi1
Geonosis glitch hole
I thought this trick was funny so I decided to tell everyone about it!
To start this glitch you need to choose Mace Windu. Enter the invincibility cheat: UUULDDDLUUULR. Run to the wall which has the holes in the side of it and stop directly under one of the holes. Now try to jump into it. When you are going through the hole you will notice that you are falling under the ground! After a while of falling lower and lower under the level you will unfortunately die, but it was well worth it wasn't it?!
Geonosis level tip
When you're on the dark side, be a jedi (Count Dooku)and you'll see the AT-AT. You can jump on one of it's legs with the little step on it and jump on it. Now you can keep slicing its leg without the clones shooting at you.

Added by Raijin1999: Count Dooku can 'fly' rather than jump up using the knee as a stepping stone.

To fly, jump again after jumping (airborne) - you can do this 4 times with a full stamina meter.

Also, AT-AT needs to be changed to AT-TE.
From the position at the top of the 'TE, you can easily kill the top gunner. Clones rush to the AT-TE to get in every vehicle position, so you will probably end of scoring many kills by taking out gunner after gunner.
Get a ton of points on Mustafar
(CTP or Instant Action only)Ok, first, go to options and change renforcements to the highest settings. Next add Mustafar to the play list. Choose rebels or republic(whoever stats with command post 5. You probaly want to enter the invicabity and infinate ammo cheat). Spawn at command post 5 and choose the guy with the rifle or the rocket launcher. Take post 0. Do the same for 4. Now,very important, go near number 3, but don't take it. The AI have no other place to respawn at, so when they respawn, you can kill them. Continue until you win.(Oh, and by the way, if one escapes and steals a command post, steal it back.)
get loads of kills!!
To rack up loads of kills easily, select Geonosis on Instant Action and play the capture the flag. Select CIS and as soon as you can, play as count dooku. use force lightning as well as your lightsaber to protect your flag. there is no time limit or reinforcement count, so the only way the battle will end, is if your team wins, and that will take some times for the CPU on your team. this should give you plkenty of time to annihilate wave upon wave of clone troopers. then when you get bored, just go and get their flag.
Good Time
First,do lightsaber block(R2).Then, as soon as the meter runs out,press it again.This should give you unlimited lghtsaber block.Have a good time.
Grenade! Run AWAY!
Very simply put, if you see a grenade coming at you, run, or preferably, dodge to the side before it hits you. The concussive blast that is. I've noticed that, typically, rolling will get you out of its range, as long as it is in the opposite direction it is coming from, or off to the side.

Otherwise, you will most likely not make it to a safe distance in time, even running as fast as possible.

Jedi can easily jump to the side to get out of the radius of the blast, so always use that if you can. Usually you can also land far enough away that you can run to the enemy who did it and easily kill them, as they may not choose you as their next target.

Have fun with the rest of the game!
Helpfull sniping spots.
Alright, if you're a good sniper and likes to get heads shots then follow these simple tips on how to me a good sniper.
1. Find a area where you have a CP that is not easily overtaken
2. Find a area where there are barrels or something so that you're not in plain daylight.
3. If you get recognized head to another spot or annihilate the scum.
4. Always have men wit you, it's not good to snipe alone so if there is an ambush you won't die imminently.
Hope this tip help
-SSJ3 Trunks
Hero battle on Tatooine/Great sniping position
If you play a hero battle at Mos Eisley, you may find it difficult to stay alive.

Pick the villains. Then choose either Boba or Jango Fett and respawn at the CP with the sailbarge. Use your jetpack to fly to the top of the wall to the left. From here, you should have a great view of the entire area. You can use this to snipe from, but hide after each kill as jedi can force throw their sabers up there.

This also acts as a great sniping spot if you can get up there on normal battles.
Hero Character Locations
he hero characters can be found at the following locations. Note: You can only unlock these characters by completing side tasks in Campaign mode:

Aayla Secura: Felucia: Fungi Forest, Jabba's Palace
Anakin Skywalker: Mustafar: Refinery
Boba Fett: Kashyyyk: Beachhead, Utapau: Sinkhole, Mygeeto: War-Torn City, Felucia: Fungi Forest, Yavin 4: Temple, Jabba's Palace
Chewbacca: Kashyyyk: Beachhead, Felucia: Fungi Forest, Yavin 4: Temple
Count Dooku: Geonosis: Dust Plains
Darth Maul: Coruscant: Jedi Temple, Mustafar: Refinery, Jabba's Palace
Darth Vader: Tantive IV: Interior, Coruscant: Jedi Temple, Dagobah, Naboo: Theed, Hoth: Echo Base
Emperor: Polis Massa: Medical Facility, Naboo: Theed, Death Star: Interior
General Grievous: Tantive IV: Interior, Utapau: Sinkhole, Polis Massa: Medical Facility, Dagobah, Mygeeto: War-Torn City
Han Solo: Utapau: Sinkhole, Polis Massa: Medical Facility
Jango Fett: Kashyyyk: Beachhead, Felucia: Fungi Forest, Yavin 4: Temple
Ki-Adi-Mundi: Mygeeto: War-Torn City
Luke Skywalker: Coruscant: Jedi Temple, Mygeeto: War-Torn City, Jabba's Palace, Death Star: Interior, Hoth: Echo Base
Mace Windu: Geonosis: Dust Plains, Coruscant: Jedi Temple, Yavin 4: Temple, Death Star Interior
Obi-Wan: Utapau: Sinkhole, Mustafar: Refinery, Naboo: Naboo: Naboo: Theed
Princess Leia: Tantive IV: Interior, Naboo: Naboo: Theed
Yoda: Kashyyyk: Beachhead, Tantive IV: Interior, Polis Massa: Medical Facility, Dagobah
Hi-tail it into gear!
on any space assult in insant action if you chase your target when it is locked on he'll hi tail him self into gear (by that I mean he will speed up)and if you chase him enough hell have to turn the tables so chase him near a friater or a chapital ship and rear end him and he'll crash and explode!
Hole in the wall
At command post 1 on Utapau you will see a fan if you look around.(Note: you now need a jet trooper class soldier.)Fly to the fan and land on the end opposite of the blade. Now run through the wall and look up. You will see a corner, fly past it and past the second group of 5 rings in the wall. You should land on what seems like nothing. Jump to the roof on the building and fly around to the other side.

Congratulations! You've just been through a glitch in the game!
How to Be a hero in just 5 seconds!
Before the battle, go to options and select hero options. put all timers to their lowest option. You will get to be a hero 5 seconds after you started playing, then 1 second after each time you die.
How to kill a droideka in 1 shot with its shield still up
Start out as the Republic's Vanguard class.
1.Switch your secondary weapon to mines.
2.Find a droideka with its sheild up or down (It doesn't matter)
3.Go right up in front of it,dodging any enemy fire,and lay the mine right on top of it!
4.Watch the mine fall through its shield and land right under it
5.Watch the fireworks!
how to restore your stamina fast.
Besides buying an energy boost bonus in galactic conquest, here is how you can restore your energy fast. when you are low on stamina go to a friendly command post and switch classes. If you check your stamina bar, you will have full stamina!
how to win hard battles
if you are on split screen or mutiplayer and you are losing players and command post by the second. One person to get 4 or 5 people with them and flank the enemy and the rest attack the enemy head on for a detraction for the fireteam{ the flanking team.The fire team should have 1 or 2 snipers.

this is a miltiary tactics i just can't remember the name.
How to win the Death Star Level

Start at base 3. Run past base 4 and go take base 5. Now base 4 has no reinforcements. So take base 4, then take base 6. Sometimes the Empire/CIS will take base 1, if so take it last. At the last base you take don't take it just kill all enemies, that way I once got over 428 points.


Start at base 4. Go take base 3, then base 2, and finally base 1. Sometimes the Rebels/Republic will take base 6, if so take it last. At the last base you take don't take it just kill all enemies, that way I once got over 428 points.
Inner Sanctum
Directly behind Command post 5 on Coruscant There is a dark doorway that makes excellent cover when in battle.
Jedi and You
Always remember that Jedi can turn the tide of a battle. Say you are outnumbered 39 to 1, if you can gain control of a Jedi the chances of you making a comeback are greatly increased. If you can find a place filled with enemies, go crazy and kill them all. It extends your life bar and lowers the reinforcement count of the opposing team.

When using a Jedi, I don't reccomend using Jedi to capture command posts, as their life bar goes down whenever they are not killing enemies. Only capture command posts with a Jedi if it is absolutely necessary. To get the most out of your Jedi, I reccommend only using him/her for killing, not for capturing command posts.
Jedi Enemy: Force Tip
When you are fighting another Jedi, be it a person or the computer, you will always find that the person who gains the upper hand is usually the one who wins.

I recommend using the force push ability if you can. It knocks your opponent off his feet, and while he is getting up, you can do some heavy damage. Not to forget that once he is up, he is still vulnerable. If you have done enough damage already, it will not matter if he can fight back.

Of course, he may decide to use the lightsaber throw on you. So if you kill him, make sure to watch out for the returning lightsaber.

This trick works best with a character who is fairly easy to control with force running and will not go charging past the character if you start hitting the enemy.
Jedi Pounce
Once you become a jedi/sith on coruscant there is a ledge directly above Command post 1, that makes a perfect area to use your jump attack on enemies.
Jumping Jedi! (Killing Them)
On some missions where you face off against Jedi as your day to day trooper, such as on Coruscant and Naboo, in the Story Mode, you will notice that they have the uncanny ability to block the majority of the shots you make.

Now, getting any closer will not help you. In fact, that just shortens the time they have to force run to cut you in two. They can be hit while running, yes, but if they are running towards you, it might not be good enough. Also, hitting them while they are attacking something is not always great, as there is a very real possibility of you killing an ally or missing entirely. Or perhaps your the one being sliced and diced yourself.

However, the Jedi will always do one thing slowly, and that is jumping. They may drop sixteen feet to deliver a killing blow, but they have difficulties doing so if they are dead through mid flight.

Yes, Jedi in the air make great targets, because they are so slow and simply can't defend. So the next time one leaps high in the air to smash you, show them that, unlike most of the vehicles and turrents in the game, you can aim up!
I discoverd this on Endor as the rebles. If you chose vangaurd then take your mines and put them on a speeder bike. Then piolet it into a chicken walker or something, you will destroy it. The mines explode when your near an enemy so be careful,also if you hit full throtle and jump off right before the explosion you will be thrown clear of it. (no invincability needed!) I destroyed three with one speeder before. You can also put them on your soldiers bikes and let them do the dirty work for you, and if you put mines on and enemy tank when no one's in it it will self destruct when sombody does get in it.
Kashyyk: Keeping the oil refinery
On kashykk after you defend the beachfront you have to go to the sea wall and protect the oil refinery. this can be really hard and even if you\'r a engineer repairing it the health goes up really slowly. what i found out is that if you search the wall (not the wooden one the real one) from inside you can find a panel. it\'s the gate controll. if you cannot find it wait for enemies to come in then watch them they will fire at a spot. if it\'s the right spot then the gate will come down. if the gates down tanks and more c.i.s will come in. you can go to the gate controll (gate winch) and repair it if your an egineer. then the gate will comeback up.

Hope This Helps, Random
Kashyyyk Hidden Snipin'
Spawn as the clones and kill some guys. Then, spawn as the jet trooper. Go toward the last back CIS cp. Once you get to the rock outcrop that surrounds the post, turn left and fly up the hill. When you can't fly anymore, power up your jump meter and fly up to the REALLY HIGH wood things. If you do it right, you will be on an empty wood platform that you can shoot your weapons from.

Hope it helps!
Kashyyyk Snail Tanks and etc.
On Kashyyyk the back sea wall has guns on top and snipers snipe your soldier from this wall. You can charge up the sides of the hills on both sides and either go over the wall or charge across it.

Or you could just try to slip through the 2 narrow doorways at the bottom of the wall.

Another good idea is to get on a BARC speeder and go to the CIS back command post.Fly up the tree and use it like a ramp. Those extremely tall platforms are now usable for you and your sniper.
Kashyyyk Sniper
Spawn at CP1 go to the health and ammo droids BEHIND the Sea Wall(the big metal looking one). There are 3 platforms go to the 3 one. When you are there walk on the grass to the top of the Sea Wall. When you are there you should see a bunker type thing. Go across the grass to the left and on to that plat form thing(where the bunker type thing is). Walk inside and turn around and lay a turret(to cover your rear)turn back around and look through the window and start picking off some Droids/Rebels/Soldiers.
Kashyyyk Tip: Back Base Pattern
In the past few days, I've noticed a pattern which is useful. Opposite the Rebel/Republic base behind the sea wall, there is a back base which is usually complimented with three tanks and two speeder vehicles. When you take this base, automatically all droids, etc, make way for the back base in instant action. The pattern is that each unit off the beach will come up to the back base the same way -- the side path.

So, if you want to ambush a few, take the back base and charge out to meet the army. Be quick with you gun, though, as even if the Droidekas keep moving some of the time you are shooting them, many will stop to return fire.
Kill Count Raising Tips
If you want to raise your kill count, a good way to do it is to play in a place with residential enemies, such as the Geonosians on Geonosis or the Ewoks on Endor. These enemies respawn continuously, and killing them counts toward your kill counter.
Kill Counter
You can only get up to 250 kills on the counter and then when you kill again the kill counter goes back to zero and you have to kill more enemies but don't worry you still get points for all the enemies you have killed

Hope this is useful
kimino tips and tricks!
For this to work you need to have unlimited health and ammo. In conquest chose a charecter (i'd recomend a sniper for this) and follow these instructions.first find a safe spot over a battle and if your a sniper press R3 twice. Now set the scope's center dot on there head if he's not moving but if he is then keep tracking him and when he/she doesn't know it take your shot at there head this should kill them instantly,If your not a sniper you can get over the battle and sprint to the edge once there jump and if the landing platform isn't far away you can land on the ground in the middle of the battle (this is when unlimited health and ammo comes in cause if you don't have them your dead meat) you catch them off guard and can proform a sneak attack for a killing spree.
Legendary Medal
In order to obtain Legendary Status and permanently keep any of the Profile Awards, you must achieve that award 64 times. From then on, whenever you play a game you will permanently have that bonus.
Legendary Rank and The Special Weapon's It Brings
After a certain rank, you begin to get new, updated weapons. They are as follows (alphabetical order):
Demolition: Guidable Rockets

Frenzy: Elite Assault Rifle
Gunslinger: Precision Blaster
Marksman: Particle Beam Rifle
Regulator: Flechette Shotgun
Technician: Vehicle Regeneration
Legendary Weapons: Free Extra Ammunition
When you have an award weapon unlocked, don't switch to it until you've run out of ammo for the regular gun. Then, when you switch to the award weapon, you'll still have full ammo. :-)
Lightning Storm!
Very simple, and very effective! Just go 2 any map that Emporer Palpatine is in, go play as him then go above a group of soldiers. His special jump enables him to float for a small time, though long enough to kill. Once above the soldiers, look down and use lightning, itll trigger chain reaction and kill all of them, and u dont even need that good a reflex! And the safe part, the group of soldiers cant really attack u if close together, theyd just shoot each other, but always watch out for those snipers and tanks, cause they can really deal some damage, and fast!
lots of points
if your just looking for points, i recommend using a conquest. But first you need to go onto the options, and set the reinforcments to max. You also need the invincibility cheat. choose polis massa, put the cheat on and go to the cp on that oval table. Chances are youll get a horde of enemys that never ends coninuosly. Kepp defending that point, every time you recaputr=ure it on your own, youll get 7 more points, and the added points from killing people is like a never ending box of points. i got over 100 points doing this. Happy shooting!
Marksman Award
To always get the Marksman Award go to Geonosis and turn on health and ammo. All you have to do is take the whole battle for 6 headshots.
Max Kills
The maximum amount of kills in one level is 260. When this happens it will say -260 and now you have 5 because when you reach the max it gives you 5 kills. There is no max for player points in one level that I can see.
Mines are your friends
What can kill anything in one hit other than the AT-AT or the AT-TE? A mine. Drop one in the path of an oncomming tank about to kill you or in the path of a group of enemies and watch the explosion.

This works even on multiplayer. Nobody is exempt except that turrents and AT-ATs and AT-TEs don't instantly die but still take massive damage.
Mini Maps and Usage
The minimap is a marvelously useful tool when on the field. By opening it, you can see troops movements accross the screen, which way they are facing by seeing where the arrow is pointing, seeing where the heaviest gunfight is by looking for the most flashing arrows and making sure you are safe while you take a CP. It also shows some rudimentary land differences, so you can use it also to get you out of the sometimes confusing areas like Jabba's Palace.

Effectively, it acts as eyes behind your head while you take a CP, and in the case of getting lost, well... you won't. Frustration won't help you, but using this will at least get you in the right direction, and a lost trooper is a useless trooper.
More cheats
Go to the pause menu and hold R2 and L2 while you input these codes.

Alternate Sounds

up, up, up, left, up, down, up, up, left, down, down, down, left, up, down, down, left, right

Alternate Soldiers

Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Left, Up, Up, Up, Left Right
Mos Eisely Troop Related Tip
Mos Eisely is arguably the most complex map to play on. Most of the place has low walls troops can jump over, small side alleys and dozens of roads leading all over the place, with turrents placed on roofs and the ability to jump to other ones. With only forty or so troops on the field at a time, it can become difficult even for skilled players to get themselves around the map without making one or two mistakes.

Therefore, when you want to find out where the heaviest fighting is, or get there fast, use the Jet Trooper or the Dark Trooper. These two troopers can fly or glide, giving yourself an aerial view of where troops are, where flashes from weaponry are coming from, and paths on the map that take you there the quickest. You can change to another character afterwards.
Multiple Targets For Lightning
Instead of using the emperor's light saber whether in Mos Eisley or anywhere else use his force lightening on large groups. A full bar of stamina will kill one enemy, so if there is more than one enemy in the area it will kill them all.
Mygeeto: A Guard Against Rockets and Bombardment
One item of interest available to those fans of Mygeeto is a well placed series of what looks like debris in some areas of the map, with a hole through the middle. However, these little pieces of metal can be useful for providing some protecting against most heavy weaponry and a lot of medium weaponry as well, and you can shoot out through the middle, where a conveniently placed hole awaits.

For example, I once rode out a fight against a tank by hiding behind one of these while shooting down targets on foot, until a shot unfortunately made it through from a Super Battle Droid.
Mygeeto: Those Are More Than Craters!
In one area of Mygeeto spans a bridge which appears to span from one part of the map to another.

However, this bridge of sorts is covered by pockmarks. Vehicles can easily pass over them, but for those on foot, avoiding them for the most part may be prudent, especially for those farthest from the outlying section of the map.
No Lightsaber
When you are online, and your ping is very high, go on the ship next to the barge and throw it into the outside of the map and fall down off the ship(literally) so the lightsaber will stay either onside the map or caught on the other end of the ship. try it a couple of times. If you want your lightsaber back, just go to the other Force attack and switch back to the Lightsaber throw and then use it again to make it appear in your hand.
Online Tip: Roll Effectively
Rolling is highly effective online. In larger battles it can give you enough time to get away from your enemies and get a chance to take a few shots on them. In large, open-spaced battles you should roll to the side when faced against a number of enemies but in enclosed battles such as Polis Massa and the Tantive IV battle it is always useful to roll forward, towards the attacker, this way they will most likely shoot over you and if they throw any grenades then you can dodge them easily. Some online players use the auot-aim to great effect so if you can roll behind a wall or something where they can't see you directly then it's a good thing to do because the auto-aim targeter will cease to work properly. So remember, if in doubt...roll.
perfect sniping spot in Kamino
First you have to be a sniper doesnt matter what side you are on. Then click on to nearest respond point to the Wookie's barricade go behind or if you are inside the barricade then go up the hill you will see a platform on top of the barricade go on it and thier you go you can snipe down tons of enemys with this cheat.
Permanent elite rifle
To keep the elite rifle get the frenzy medal 64 times.
Permanent Upgrades/Ranks
Get the required medal for the bonus 64 times

As for rankings, they are as follows:

1.Private- 1 man will follow you

2.Sargeant- Get 20 medals and 2 men will follow you

3.Capitan- Get 100 medals and 3 men will follow you

4.General- Get 300 medals and 4 men will follow you
Pesky Jedi's/Sith's! I'll Kill 'em!
In SWBF II, the Jedi's/Sith all have a similar problem, that being that when you use a shotgun class solider, get up to the Jedi and shot him, I promise you that this works plus I have saved my butt several times using this technique, and if your a Jedi on Sith or Sith on Jedi, either way, the best for Jedi's is to use force push, that knocks them down hard, and with enough time for you to slice them up, and for the Sith, Choke, choke them to death or use the same method as the Jedi and choke them then let them fall again, with enough time for you to annihilate them. Now if you a blaster hero, (Good-Han Solo, Leia, Chewbacca/Evil-Boba Fett, Jango Fett) for Han Solo, use a det pack, EXTREMELY useful, drop it, chase your enemy around then, blow it up when the fool steps on it, because eventually and naturally he'll forget to look at it or even remember about it and he'll step on it. Leia, well I don't know her that well but, I know enough to say this, out of everything good out of her, the most effective weapon she has is her grenades, chuck 'em then hope they kill. Chewbacca, well Chewie is great for hits and his blaster bolts from his bowcaster, but hits is his main weakness, he'll get knocked down then the foe slides by and kills him! But by and by the best Anti-Jedi/Sith (A-J/S) weapon he has is his bowcaster (fully charged) or his RC Rocket, best for sniping, when in close combat it deals about the damage of a grenade (if it hits) but if your sniping a hero, then the best damage is fully charged at full speed, I've seen explosion be taller than the crashed ship on Tantooine, but just because it big doesn't mean a hit to the enemy was involved. But sometimes when your aim is right you can kill a enemy hero in 1 hit! Rare but VERY possible (otherwise known as improbable) Next is Boba Fett, with his flamethrower, missile launcher det pack and his rifle, his most effective is his jet pack to zoom in or away from battle, but his rifle is much like the elite rifle, only not as powerful, but it's speed vs. damage per shot outweighs the short three shot round, great because it allows the shots to be squeezed out more quickly, causing more damage. When against, don't use his flamethrower it'll have to no effect. But again like Han, when all else fails use his det pack. Last but not least is Jango Fett, very similar to his son, Boba, the main difference is his rifle, shots like a pistol but has ammunition, nice as you get a better control over the gun BUT you lose the ability to fill an enemy up with blasters, because you have to press R1 repeatedly. But for other soldiers, other than the engineer have no fear, there's SOME way, it's harder but either way, Rifleman, shot for the head should he block wait as it burns stamina. Heavy classes, use your bazooka, as that is the most effective (again, if it hits), should that fail, mines, they will 100% will kill them it is a promise, I've died from like 100 from them just because they went off, you CANNOT DODGE THEM!!!! CANNOT!!! So don't try. Sniper, well for them they are best designed for sniping but heroes are so darn fast, they can jog half the map on one bit of stamina (not really) so all I can say is use your auto-turret, if available. For specialty classes they are unique for every team (Rebels-Bothan Spy, Wookie Worrier/Empire-Imperial Officer, Dark Trooper/Republic- Clone Commander, Jet Trooper/CIS- Magnaguard, Droideka) For the Rebels, or the Bothan, I would run, as that class isn't strong enough to take a hero, same for the Wookie Worrier, although if you can use Chewies bowcaster then the Wookie Worrier will be great. As for the Empire, the Imperial Officer should just run as it is the weakest class with a gun no better than the Geonosisains, although if your good at the class since this is a personal opinion, then go for it. The Dark Trooper, nightmare to all soldiers on the battlefield but when a enemy hero steps on the field then you lose that finesse, again don't engage enemies as this class, best option is to jump pack away from there. For the Clones of the Republic, the Clone Commander, a threat to all on the battlefront, but not very good at heros, great as a distraction, problem is either the hero kills you before to can do anything or your blaster fire is returned to you. The Jet Trooper, flying menace, his EMP weapon good for heroes (if you can hit) his pistol, not so much, again if you can't take him down, fly away. In the CIS, their threats are awesome, the Magnagaurd, a threat to all, his bulldog, a splash king, although travel speed for this weapon is slow, but a mine is a gun, if you can hit. His secondary weapon also a splash, but again harder to hit with, but a direct hit is a direct hit, great for those good aiming marksmen. The Droideka, a nightmare to ALL clones, his shields, his quick mobility the WORST at heroes. Their slow rotation causes them to have no defenses (other than their shields) for their backs and heroes also take advantage of this great feat. In Conclusion, heroes, are a pain in the butt to kill but it is possible to kill them and for a tip for the Jedi/Sith, if they use any of these jump and or use the force. This is a near full proof way to kill a hero. And Again not all are the same, it's different for every side and era.

*I've NEVER been online so don't poke me for this working there! Although I'm a master at offline Instant Action, or Galactic Conquest!!! <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/nosmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> -><img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/a_tongue.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Pistol and Close Up Uses
The Pistol has a great many uses other than just being a weaker version of the rifle, and learning how to use it correctly can give you a huge advantage.

For example, with heavy units such as the Vangaurd, you are armed with one of the most powerful weapons available in this game. Yes, that's right, one of the most powerful weapons, but also one of the most useless against any form of troop combat, save for perhaps Droidekas. No matter how fast you think you are reloading, or whether or not that load will be finished, you might miss, or, more than likely, you won't finish before they attack. So switch over when you first sense danger, as this goes for sniper's as well -- the weapon has a high fire rate and is deadly if it hits the head, and you can always reload later. You can't as easily reload another life and get back into position... or repair the new stat hole.

If you need rapid fire, and can't afford to wait for anything to load, switch over and finish the job with the pistol. Better the enemy dead and spending a second or two reloading your rifle then losing half your health and having a half empty clip. Plus, later on the pistol can also be used for sniping and other similar purposed whenever needed, and is much stronger as well, making it a deadly force for whatever you have left to do in the game.

Finally, an unlimited amount of power. You can last the rest of the game with it... so when holding a CP or something, just switch over to it and find an ammo droid later. This CP is more important now! Happy hunting!
Play as every Hero and Villain at once
First go to instant action and choose Mos Eisley then when it offers what misson type you want like conquest, hunt, flag hunt. All you do is choose assault and you will be able to fight as all heroes and villains.
Polis Massa Strategy
Set the Hero to be accessible with one point. Put on maximum reinforements. Turn on Friendly Fire. Go to Polis Massa. Pick CIS. Turn on infinite health. Kill somebody and access Darth Maul. Go through the board not letting a single enemy get by you. Capture all the command posts except for the last one. Enter the hangar area. There should be a large amount of enemies gathered here. Keep killing them off until thier reinforcement reach zero. The reason you need Friendly Fire on is so that you can kill one of your guys if he tries to take over the command post. Don't worry, you'll make up for any of your allies' deaths with enemy kills. You can kill extraordinary amounts of people like this.
polis massa:continued!
you know when u get an aat tank on polis massa through a doorway?
well once u get in the hallyway to the left of commandpost 3(the bend) and back into the wall u can get out and walk around under the buildings.
But WAIT THERES MORE! if u head behind towards the hangar between 3 and 4 theres an area like space... put on invinciblity! and jump into it. fall fall and fall its worth it trust me! me and my bro figured it out on an accident...well theres STILL MORE!you can throw infinite gernades(infinite ammo) up through the floor! STILL MORE!
u can exit the hangar through the forcefield between 3 and 4 and head behind the circle thing and fly up onto it run around trying to go up and near the end of the circle u can run the whole way up into the hole!
u can walk on the walkway glass but u can fall in
have fun!
p.s. its an awsome cheat
Practice Hero- Darth Maul
If you are new to the game and want to try out a hero, then the best to start with is Darth Maul. He is possibly the most powerful hero for his field. Simply play as the CIS (droids) on Coruscant. Then , once you get the needed amount of points, you will see a small indicator at the bottom come up, asking if you want to become a hero.

Hero's do not count against your reinforcement count, so go ahead and click the D-Pad button (arrow) pointing to 'yes'. Fiddle around with the controls, test it out on all the enemies you can. Soon, you will become a master at controlling the best 'tank' in the game!
Quick Health Fix
If you are ever low on health, a quick way to replenish it is to go to one of your command posts and choose a new class. Choose engineer. Throw some health/ammo packs onto the ground and pick them up. Then you can switch back to the calss you were using before. The health carries over to the next class you choose, and it also gives you some extra ammo.
Rank Levels and Medals Needed
When in battle, you gain medals, and after a certain number of medals, you gain a rank. The needed medals for each rank are as follows:

Veteran - 6 medals
Elite - 30 medals
Legendary - 64 medals
Rankings and Moving Up
The rankings that show up on your profile page are determined by the following.

Private - Lead 1 Man - 0 Medals Total
Sergeant - Lead 2 Men - 20 Medals Total
Captain - Lead 3 Men - 100 Medals Total
General - Lead 4 Men - 300 Medals Total

Leading a man means that you will be able to issue orders to that person to perform such acts as 'Move Out'.

The higher the rank, the more men you can order to perfrom such simple tasks.

The medal total is calculated through all of your medals combined, not just in all categories. So no worries if you can't seem to get enough Regulator Points, you can still become a General easily with zero.
Recon Droids and Effectiveness
Although the clone commando comes with an effective special weapon, in the wrong hands it's a waste of time. Remember, these small weapons can be killed in basically one shot, and although it might seem fast when you go against them, you can often see them moving incredibly slow when using them. So avoid unnecessary combat whenever out on the field. Also, if your going to engage an enemy, then make sure you can get away with it. For example, a trooper facing the opposite direction is a good target. Just remember, the AI has excellent aim when it comes to these little things, so be extremely careful.

The number one use I have seen them put through are sudden, random detonations which can cause a lot of damage to many enemies within range. So if you get the chance and happen to be around enough troops, within range, then take it and blow them to hell. This can always give someone the advantage, whether it be you in their sights or the sniper on the hill waiting for the CP to change sides that they were heading for.
Region Related Units
Accross multiple maps in this game, you will come accross a large amount of units that you will recieve on no other planet, no matter the side you choose to go with. These native species have several uses, which I hope to cover in this cheat.

Native species have one thing that stands out from the rest of your units. This is that they do not count for your reiforcement count. This means, when one dies, another will spawn in it's place and not take a number off of that green number at the top of your screen, which can be excellent as an advantage in many situations, such as when you are heavily outnumbered on Kashyy. The Wookiees will charge out and take as many as possible with them before they go down, before coming back again. This also has another heavy use. Even if there is only one unit left on the screen, wookiees, ewoks, and other assorted allies will always continue to reappear and attack. For example, on Kashyyk, even if only you and yuor friend are left, ten wookiees might be fighting on the field. Because of this, they are also excellent to give orders to. Order four to follow you, and go charging out, taking most of the fire and going to the heart of it, will cost you nothing in reinforcements, provides valuable cover and most of all gives you some protection as you go out to kill as many as possible. As a nice little side bonus, the wookiees will be back in a few seconds to guard your back base, and maybe even assault the beach head if that is necessary.

If your going for vitory, then stay at the back with the turrent, and let the wookiees do the hard work. These players might not be as good as you, or they are CPU, and as many attackers know, it always seems there are a few up on those darn platforms.

On the other end, the most wookiees are good for is fodder to increase your skill count or your points to get a hero, so unless your desperate to get either, or are under fire from the native species, always go for actual enemies first. Otherwise, these native species can be incredibly powerful, such as the close range attacks of the wookiee spread weapon, an Ewok killing you when you are not looking down or getting a wookie explosive to the side of your vehicle. Use these creatures while you can, and you will always have some sort of advantage, no matter what the odds.
Remember: Jedi's Come Through Hard Work
In BF II, it is always a good idea to remember that hanging at the back and shooting down enemies will not gain you access to Jedi's... in the game options, you might have noticed that you have to get a certain amount of points before they come up, and they only appear in certain increments of time. For example, a Jedi will not appear thirty seconds into the game, and if you just finished using a Jedi, you still have to wait thirty seconds.

The best ways to get points is to take CPs, from my point of view, however going on a slaying spree can gain you access to one fairly quickly.

If you do not use them, or if your partner is better with a Jedi on split screen or the like, then don't use the Jedi -- he should also have enough points by the end of the thirty second count down you have to immediately take control of the Jedi when the choice appears on his screen.

So if you want a Jedi, you have to go out and get some actual action. Otherwise, your getting nothing out of the game. Good luck!
Remote rocket tip
To make a bigger and more deadly explosion while flying a remote rocket press and hold up on L3 (left analog stick).

I don't know if you already know this. I found it out by accident though!!!
Safe Inside a Republic Tank and Walker?
In response to the top, no, you are not. If you are a good sniper with any weapon, skilled enough with any weapon, good with a lightsaber, etc, then there is one thing that you should know about the tank and walker (AT-ST) that they employ.

Both have open air gunner positions. The people in these seats (for the latter, it is the driver as well) can be shot out fairly easily, taking out a key weapon in many assaults.
Safest Way To Destroy Frigates
Frigates are so anoying in space, you're about to kill the person you've been tailing for a while and then you see a flash and then your ship spins and blows up. Or your going to bomb the assult ship and then the guns blow you up.

On instant action go on somewhere with the rebels and y-wing, then head straight for the frigate and fly underneath it. Frigates have no guns underneath them so you can only be killed by people in space ships. Then what you do is you fly to the end and go up and twist round so your flying next to the sticky up bit and bomb away, you have just bombed the frigates weak spot, so it should blow up in 2-5 shots with your secondary weapon.

The guns can't face behind so you can press circle twice and down to fly back then do it again so your on the right track.
Safety snipe
There is one point in Dagobah by the Laat Gunship in the clone wars that makes perfect shooting cover.
Ship Battles and Kills
Remember that the troops of the other side are not all in the air at all times. In fact, you can find several still on board the ship. By taking any available marines or such, you can go over and handle a vast amount of lightly armed pilots who are on their way to their ships. Quite often you can cut down a good dozen on your way just to the main room, and even then, you have the troops in there, which are using weapons stations and such, and also many of your objectives. Similar to this is if you happen to have access to a transport -- although it sometimes, if not usually creates a more offensive move of marines from your enemies, you'll have heavy troop reinforcements inside an enemy vessel, which can be useful not only inside, but outside as well, as it leaves many fighters unharrassed and the cruiser's more vulnerable to attack.
Ship list

Republic: V Wing
Empire: TIE Bomber
CIS: Confederacy Strick Bomber
Rebel: Y-Wing


Republic: Jedi Interceptor
Empire: TIE Interceptor
CIS: Droid Tri- Fighter
Rebel: A-Wing


Republic: ARC 170
Empire: TIE Fighter
CIS: Vulture Droid Star FIGHTER
Rebel: X-Wing


Republic: LAAT Gunship
Empire: Imperial Shuttle
CIS: Droid Gunship
Rebel: Alliance Assault Craft
Sith screen scroller
By Command post 1 in the Death star where there are computers. On one of the computer screens, over, left of the entrance is a computer with vertically scrolling sith heads.
Sniping - Four Recommended Spots
Although the sniper appears to have been slightly less important in this game than it has been in the past, they are still effective when getting head shots and assorted other long range attacks on enemies. The following has four maps with spots I have found to be excellent for this sort of combat.

1. Geonosis: In more than one way, this map is a Sniper's haven. The main part of the map itself is flat with few obstructions, meaning you can snipe from that location itself and hit units far accross the field.

Another area which is quite obvious is the giant hill located to the side of the field opposite of the chasm. Up there is excellent for firing down on the heads of enemies, no matter the location.

The central CP, one that the CIS usually owns at the beginning of instant action battles, has two spots which are recessed into what looks like to be a carcass of a ship or building. These two platforms are excellent for sending heavy fire, no matter the type of trooper, upon the enemy with little worry of getting hit due to the overhang above the little spaces.

Finally, there is those spire like rock CPs, which have openings to snipe through. Although out of the way and not all that great for sniping itself, it can be useful when desperate.

2. Kashyyk: Kashyyk has several places to snipe from, however, the following is the two main areas.

Kashyyk has two excellent platform areas for sniping, one over the water and one against the usually defending side, both with abilities to target both beaches if need be. The laster turrents are also a good ida to use in this case, thanks to it's heavy firing capabilities. From there, except for some small obstructions, all beach enemies are visible.

The second spot is located by the defending side's home base. This is the large metal wall, which you can get to the top of by walking up the hill. Although you might want to use the turrents, your best bet here if they break through the wall and troops start flooding in is the much more precise sniper.

3. Tatooine: This one is quite simple. Units on top of buildings can cause chaos, and the sniff CP can cause havoc on any who come to try and take it. However, there is one place that few decide to really linger at once in a while, and that is because it is only accessible by Jango and Boba. From the top of the highest buildings, which you can reach from the skiff with the rocket pack, you'll have easy out-of-range sniping access and the ability to drop any explosives you might have upon them.

4. Endor: This map has platforms galore in the center, and with enemies coming out of the woodwork it is always best to be able to beat them back. Endor also has a small hill behind the bunker CP, in which you can stand and kill those in the turrents and any who might pop up with ease. I recommend a speeder and the side woods to get there quickly, although sneaking along can get you up there as well.

I hope this helps you all to gain those marksmen medals.
Sniping Tip - Deployable Turrents
The Sniper's Deployable Turrent is one of the more useful weapons in the game, at least it is in my opinion. The number one thing that many people will notice about this turrent is that it is stationary, but that is not something that is a major loss. In fact, it's use as a stationary, but independent weapons platform is excellent for a variety of reasons.

There are two ways that I use this device, typically. Either I go to high ground and release the device just over the edge so that it falls and shoots enemies at the bottom, or I will set it near where I am sniping.

If I perform the latter, I gain instant protection and can put my full attention to sniping, until my turrent fires off, which you will be able to hear. When you do, you can go out of sniping mode and pull out your pistol for close action with your enemies. Thanks to the accuracy of the turrent, you can now find all enemies and dispatch them in a timely manner.

Good luck with the rest of the game!
Space battle tips
In any space battle, I'm sure you all feel the pain of being blasted out of the skys by an autoturrent. This tip will help deal with thos pesky things.

First, Get a bomber (If it is a Y-wing or a tie bomber, grab a co-pilot). A transport could also be useful here, just ignore the next part and skip to the hanger. Take off, and bomb the crap out of the enemy frigites. Then, dodge laser fire and land in the enemy hanger. Jump out and blow their auto-turrent defense mainfraim sky high. If you get kill ed during you sabatoge job, you will need to grab a scout ship and fly back or respawn from you transport (if you brought it) once destroyed, the auto turrents will not shoot any more. You should then proceed to steal an enemy bomber and take out the exterior key systems in this order

1: shields
2: engines
3: sensors array
4: bridge
5: communications array
6: life support systems

you can also destroy them in reverse order, just always take out the shields first. The life support can get a bit tricky. I reccomend you dive below, then bomb at it while coming at it from below.If you can't do that, you can always head back in and take it out from inside, but beware: taking out the auto turrent defense mainframe only destroys the exterior turrents. the ones inside will keep killing you.

And don't take the easy way out and bomb the turrent off from the outside. They will "grow" back, just like the ones inside the ship

happy pwning
Space Battle: walk in sheild generator (only multiplayer)
In any space battle choose your team then on unit select both choose pilot (required). Then once in your ship navigate your way to the shield generator room. Once in wait till your shields are down (should be done first). Then jump in through a part on the broken glass that is close to the ground. Then the 2nd or 1st player repair the shield generator (cannot be fixed from inside)then there you go your inside.

NOTEnce you walk out you have to do it all over again and you wont die while your inside.Or fix shield generator with both players then get inside then let your friend (if you have any) do the rest
Space: How to beat the enemy
First of all you need to select a pilot because we wont be docking the enemy ship. Then get someone to follow you (default button: Up on the D-Pad once reticule is over ally) and head over to a bomber. Enter this ship with your team-mate and make your way over to the nearest enemy frigate. As you move towards it you should use your primary gun to take pot-shots at it or to take down any enemy fighters that come in to view. Once your within distance of bombing the frigate you then use your secondary weapon to bomb it. After destroying both frigates you should move on to the main ship.

Now your allies may have helped you by destroying the shield but if they haven't you should unload bombs in to any part of the capital ship. Once their shield is down move on to the engines. These are good to go after first because you're out of sight of turrets from the capital ship and they don't take too much punishment before getting destroyed. Once you've blown up the last engine you should move onto the Life Support System. This is usually based on the bottom of a capital ship so yet again your away from enemy turrets but it can be harder destroy because firstly it's tougher than the engines and secondly the bombs loop downwards toward the planet you are above and it can be troublesome to hit the LSS bang on. Once you've destroyed it move on to the critical systems on the top of the capital ship.

This can be made easier if you destroy the turrets first of all because then you wont have so much hassle. You can leave them out if you want though because you're in a bomber and they can take quite a beating without exploding. Once you have destroyed the Sensor Relay, Command Bridge etc you should have quite healthy lead. If you haven't yet got victory then you should go back in to your own hangar and pick any good dogfighting starship. Then blast your way through the survivors. It shouldn't take too long before the victory sign is displayed across the screen.
Spare your reinforcements
When ur playing conquest with a Jedi in small places or where there are obstacles and u keep on killing ur own dudes, go to options in the main menu and turn off friendly fire. Now no matter how much you try to kill your own troops, they won't die This is great for small or enclosed map and spaces like corusant
Stay alive on space battle CTF
To stay alive on a space CTF battle, when you get the flag, dive down as far as you can. There's nothing worse you can do than staying in the middle of the two flagships. They find it incredibly difficult to shoot you when you're beneath them. Then, when you're near their sphere thing, fly up and drop the flag off.
sticky grenades
Easy done, simply hurl a thermal deternator at an enemy's head. If the grenade hit just right on the head of the enemy, it shall stick and explode VERY quickly, so don't do it TOO close unless your invincible.
Strafing: Extra Advantage
Although many a game that involve sniping and shooting have strafing, the auto-lock feature available (although defnitely not exclusive) on this game (which targets units for you) has an unfortunate quirk in it that you can use to your advantage.

One of the things you may have noticed while strafing in the game or aiming for a strafing opponent in the game is the near impossibility of hitting said target without manipulating the area the weapon is aiming for, which many people now do subconciously. The CPU, however, does not. If ever caught in a firefight with one or multiple enemies, always strafe to the maximum potential. The CPU will continue to miss for the most part and you can continue your slaugfhter unhindered.

A note, though: this style of gameplay becomes ineffectual if opponent comes within point blank (very close) range, so it should be used while at a moderate distance.
Super fast killing on spider walker
First,go to a place with a spider walker. then get a rocket laucher dude.Then,get his mines out.Then, put them out were the spider walker will step on them.It will only take 2 to blow up a spider walker.This works good on ohther vehicels too.
Super Battle Droids and Directed Fire
Luckily for us, BF II has several different kinds of projectile incendiaries available for use whenever you need them, depending on unit. Equally unfortunate is how many of these weapons that you do have available to you are not directed, and a lot of times you depend on free throws. However, The Fett's and the Super Battledroid also have an extremely useful weapon: The Rocket. Both of them have a rocket like weapon that can be targeted not only at large vehicles but at the smaller troopers as well! This means that you can actually cut down your enemies with rockets in one hit, as opposed to hoping they don't move out of the range of a grenade.
Super Glitch
While i was playing with my brother on mos eisley- Hero assault, we found an amazing glitch that causes many things to happen.

Some of the symptons of the glitch are:

1) A swarm of about 15 Bobba Fett's infinately falling into nothingness, doing the falling action, but being in the same spot, all together, while droping hurdreds upon thousands of health and ammo packs
2) Both teams screwing up, one consisting of 16 Han Solo's, the other entirely of bobba fetts, ranging between 2 and 16 bobba's on the field at one time
3) A rouge Aayla Secura who kills anybody she sees, members from both teams (namely han solo and bobba fett)
4) An invincible Obi-Wan Kenobi which no matter what you do, will not hurt him one bit.
5) A Han Solo with a jetpack (boba's)
6) Trouble respawning, takes 2 minutes to respawn once after picking ur cp and character.
7) More Trouble respawning, If evil team, can only pick Boba Fett as character, Heroes team can only pick Han.

The way we found out this glitch was my brother was running away from me, he being yoda, and he jumped off a tall building to this other skyscraper he saw. The only problem was, this skyscraper was out of the map area, and when he got to the boundary, he started to fall. Then he stopped. He had landed on something invisible, and could walk around, directly above where the wall to the side of the stage is, marking the boundaries.

When he walked round abit, he started to fall and could not stop, so he decided to respawn. But when he did so, his body did not die and disapear, just kept doign the falling action but not moving from the one spot. He tried to do it again but couldnt reach the same spot. So we restarted the stage and decided to try it with some other characters, and founded that bobba fett worked best. We were able to jetpack to the spot easily, then start to fall. So we both decided to see how many bobba fetts we could get stuck up there before the stage ended.

After about 15 bobba fetts all spinning around endlessly, the game started to play up and all the above glitches started accuring. Then for some reason, all the computer players on our team disapeared, and it was just me and him, against an army of han solos, an insane Aayla Secura, and an Invincible Obi Wan Kenobi. Eventually we ended the battle, and had really high scores, being the only ones on the battle field getting scores.

The spot where the falling glitch occured was near the command post closest to the bottom right hand corner of the map, the one that belongs to the heroes. Near that is a tall pillar, that is like a cilendar with a ball on top of it.

You get on top of that using a hero with force jump, force fly, or a jetpack (gg, han, leia, chewbacca and anyone else who cannot jump high wont work), then from there head towards the sky scraper just out of the map, on the right hand side from it. From a distance, it looks like a tall pillar, with to triangular shapes on top, but when u get closer the triangles turn out to be circles.

If you are on top of the pillar and are looking at the odly shaped skyscraper, jump of fly towards it, then head slightly left of it, above the boundarie wall. It might say you are leaving the battle field once u have landed, and if this happens, walk slowly back into the battle field. It is possible to be up there while being in the battle field, but u have to be carefull not to go too far and fall off the edge, into the stage.

If you head slightly more left of the sky scraper,you will start to fall, but not go anywhere. This is where the glitch occurs. We found that only Yoda with his 5 jumps instead of the usual 4, or Bobba and Jango with their jet packs, could make it to this glitch, with no other heroes or villians being able to get there.

This glitch continues to occur for that battle only, and as soon as it ends, the glitch stops, and does not affect ur game or data in any way, except bringign up your death count everytime you kill yourself up there.

Even if you don't believe this glitch, try it, and you will find it to work if you get to the right spot. Have a go.
Taking Down Shields From the Outside
It is not recommended that you try and take down any of the ship's shielding grids from the outside. This requires excessive bombing of enemy vessels and can quite often end in your destruction due to other fighters and the weapon emplacements on the ships...

So do the right thing, and go on a killing spree inside, where you'll find the easy to destroy shield systems just waiting to be destroyed.
Tank Guillotine
In the campaign mode on kasyyk when you have to protect the refinery droids keep coming in the doors and destroying the gate winch, this lets more droids and tanks through and makes it more difficult to keep the refinery intact. But there is a way to stop them coming through, go to the winch, it's right beside the left door and repair it with the engineer class, and if you time it correctly the gate will close just as a tank droid
is coming in and the gate will rise with the tank on top of it and the tank will be cut in half when it reaches the top.
Tanks and Where They Fire (Droid Roller Tank Specific)
Tanks in BF II are powerful, but, you guessed it, not very accurate. When it comes to anything smaller than a turrent, these large beast lose effectiveness against them by a huge percentage. For this reason, I would recommend, if in a particularily nasty jam, such as multiple tanks around you by the Sea Wall on Kashyyyk, that you try to get as close to another tank as possible, or in the case of the rolling droids on Kashyyyk, onto one of the side treads or even onto the main one. This can cause enemies to hit and sometimes destroy their own tanks while trying to get to you, and thanks to the inaccuracy (and for the featured tank, spread out) shots, there is a good chance that you might survive to get healed another day.
Technician Award, Slicing and Engineer's
Although it might seem that the Engineer is not as useful as it looks, and that only tanks can take on tanks, this is not true. Enemy vehicles can be spliced using the characters fusion cutter when an enemy is inside. This will cause the temorary loss of function in the vehicle and the pilot getting out, which is when you can kill them. Remember, this will gain you a Tech award once a life, and I found that the Engineer's are the best to do it with, from the Clone Army. Why? Kashyyyk, in which they are the defender's, is against mass numbers of tanks, and even one Engineer can cause chaos among them all!
The 'Duck Blind' - Killing Mass Amounts of Enemies
However, the title depends on which CP they choose.

This tip is more for those of you who don't like charging about looking for enemies where they are not. A simple way for killing the Empire on Hoth and the Republic on Geonosis follows, and it's all, once again, in those strategic machines, the walkers.

The one place that many troops will use is the walker, especially if they are limited in the amount of CPs they have, the walker CP is closest to some sort of target or they notice that your in the area. This all works for you, as you can instantly kill them just by hanging around the legs of it.

So the next time you want to go in and seriously cut down those numbers, wait for the walkers to come in, and run for the legs! Who knows how many you'll kill.

Note: Recommended that you at least take over a command post first to narrow the choice of CPs where they can reappear from.
the award unlockables and what they do
as u know, when u hit an award after u have obtained it 4 or more times, u get a special buff or gun to go with ur guys, and when u hit legendary, u get to keep this gun for the whole match, this will explain the awards and the effects or side effects they have

endurance - energy regen bonus: ur energy will increase faster, this is reallu useful with the bothan spy

guardian - increased defence: it speaks for its self, u get more defence

war hero - increased power: again the name says it all, more attack power

frenzy - elite rifle: shots 3 rapid fire bullets per shot, kils most infintry in 1 hit if all 3 connect with target

technician - vehicle regen: when ur inside a tank, it will slowly restore its health

regulator - fletchette shotgun; a more powerful version of the regular shotgun

gunslinger - pricision pistol: this pistol doesnt overheat, but reloads every 16 shots, it also has a scope for semi sniping

marksmen - beam rifle: many people say this is not a good weapon, that is actually false. it has more attack power then the original sniper rifle, and it can pass through more then one enemie, causeing multiple kills in 1 shot, the only dowside is headshot accuracy: it takes a bit more expertise to get head shots with this rifle

demolition - guided rockets: like the weapons the AT-ST has, this rocket u can control by your self, this will not do any good if u dont boost it up right beore it hits something

and it also makes a somewhat great recon droid

these guns make any battle easier, mainly the prision pistol, becdause its the sencondary weapon of most units when awarded, and doesnt overheat at the worst possible times
The Library CP in Instant Action
On Coruscant, in instant action, during the clone wars, there will be a battle between droids and the Republic here. One thing that the Republic always does is send a man to the library through the computer storage area and the upper library. Cutting them off here can bottle neck their forces, and give you an edge that is incredibly useful for taking the rest of the map.

First of all, simply go as the droid of your choice to the library CP and take it over. I have yet to meet an enemy before I take over the base if I head straight there. Then, go up the stairway (the one on the right is preferable) and handle the troops coming down. Always point your gun slightly up so that you can hit them from a lower elevation.

Moving through the upper library and computer archives (the room that glows blue) after handling them is easy. You can then hit them in the backside by attacking the CP there. On the off chance you take it, then all the better!

By now you will have the chance to play as Darth Maul. Charging down the stairs as him or any droid can seriously damage any chance they have off gaining an offensive for the main hall.

Remember that they will most likely try and take the side room you first started in on the right side of the map, closest to them. They may have control of the turrent in that corridor. Taking back that CP at any time is a useful asset, as your troops will charge from there as well, like a pincer movement. They can't all point in one direction, so at least one or two people will be vulnerable. The last CP, if holding all the others, could simply be your forces sweeping in from three sides. If there is still some men on their side left, then it is slaughter, especially if there are large numbers. Grenades are incredibly useful in that situation, and if you are Darth Maul... then grenades will quickly become unnecessary.
Throwing up Items
In Jaba's Palace, go to Jaba and fall through the floor. Get grabbed by the monster and just before it eats you, respawn and Items (health, ammo, etc) will be thrown everywhere!
Throwing Your Lightsaber
Lightsabers are interesting devices in that they can be thrown and at a certain distance will return to the owner. However, a few tips follow.

1. If you are going to throw it, remember not to aim too low or too high, and especially not for an enemy who is heading off in the opposite direction from where you aimed, if you are aiming upwards. You have one shot, not multiple ones from a blaster rifle. Otherwise, it will stop short on anything solid that might stop it moving and return, unless that solid item happens to be one of your enemies.

2. Your enemies may be good with this ability as well. remember that when you see one coming, always move in a perpendicular fashion. Otherwise it will just catch up with you, and that's no good.

Remember to watch for when the lightsaber circles around and comes back!

3. For you using the lightsaber...

Well, using it is fairly simple. However, if you miss, it is not as if that's the end. Keep moving so that the lightsaber is always on the direct opposite side of the person you want to kill. It will come back and nail them.

4. You have no defence while throwing a lightsaber. Even Aayla Secura, with two lightsabers, will focus totally on the one she has thrown. So you'd better be sure of the course of action or be willing to accept the risk or cost.

5. Finally, sometimes while moving side to side your lightsaber will come through walls. Remember that usually it will not come through the totally solid wall in front.

Have fun with the rest of the game!
tips on AT-AT killing (with snowspeeders and turrets)
1 way to earn easy player points is on hoth by taking out the all terrain armored transports, or AT-AT for short, 2 ways this can be done without using heavy trooper

1. this is an easy way but takes a bit and is less fun then my way, but the hoth dish turrets r meant to take out enemie vehicles, so get in one and blast away at the at-at's til their dead

2. this is my way, and takes a bit of practice, is by spawnig at command post 4, getting in a snowspeeder and taking them out with the cable.
here r the steps
1: get a snowspeeder and get a player partner or computer player partner in with u, it wil not work with just u
2: when u and ur partner r both in the snowspeeder, take off and exit the hanger.
3: fly towards the at-at avoiding laser fire, i prefer to boost it actually
4: when u reach the at-at's, hold bak on the right control stick to slow down ur snowspeeder
5: circle its legs and have ur player partner shoot the cable at its legs
5b: if u got a computer partner, they might do it immediatly or it might take a bit
6: slowly circle its legs while staying below the head so u dont get shot down
6b: if u go to high, the cable will break, and if u go to low u smack into the ground killing u and ur partner
7: after succesfully circling the at-at's legs 3-4 times, the cable will detach automaticly and u will here an exploding noise, this is the at-at falling from the cable
8: when it blows up u at least get the endurance award, sometimes guardian
9: now u kill the other one, so repeat steps 4-7

now when ur done destroying the at-ats, dont fly all the way bak to the hanger, take it and land at an enemie command post to save some time. and when the at-ats respawn at the far end of the map, u get in the snowspeeder again, if their is one, and take them out

Y is it important to take out the at-at's: because their secondary weapons can easily destory the generator which is very important to posses, it is a very close pace to skip the front lines at command post 2, which is controled by the empire, i just go over the hill and go in the place with the command post, the enemies dont even see me
trash stare
In the death star in the red hallway thers a vent blast it and go init and hope you don't get crushed and go throughthe door and wam you are don with the shortcut.
Turrents: Look, A Head!
Turrents have one major weakness against your A-typical trooper, and that is the way the face shield is designed.

Where the gun comes out with the blaster, there is a schism in the guard plate where blaster fire can get through. Although easier to shoot with turrents and snipers who can aim in on the head, if you are skilled with any weaponry and can aim at the head by yourself, then do so.

Remember that once that turrent is empty, most likely the nearest enemy unit will take its spot. So be ready to either take the turrent, destroy the turrent or use the turrent (recommended by me, as well as well used) as a trap.

Your not invincible for the most part while doing this, so watch out!
Use 3D to Your Advantage
Battlefront II does not only work in side to side, forward and back, and the like. You can also oftenmove higher. To other platforms higher up, slightly elevated grounds, like a hill, a small bridge, and similar areas in the game are so useful because of this. Anyone who has tried tracking an enemy or getting a bead on one in the top floor of the Naboo Temple Library CP can vouch for this as well. Almost everyone has difficulty aiming higher then themselves, as it is usually unexpected, and most of the time you are off the screen.

So the next time you play, think 3D. Up can be a big help... being below can obscure your view to far too much, including the small visible bit of their character's body and weapon to your fully unpretected one. How do you combat it? The only way you can. Moving erractically side to side (not forward or backwards, and moving from having them shooting your back to you head isn't much of an improvement) and finding an obstruction or trying to get to the same level as they are are the best strategies. Just remember... your changing elevations on stairs, so it's a lot easier for your enemy to get you then it is for you to get them. Plus, be wary, as the steps are almost always in the open....
Walking ON Command Ship
First of all, you need to pick a space battle of any sort and after you do that start the game by going on a space vehicle (any will do). This is the rather hard part, take off and SLOWLY go right in to the middle of the shield thing. Remember, dont go too far or too close, right in the middle (you can go a LITTLE further if you want).If you done that correctly, exit the vehicle and you should be walking on the command ship. Lots of weird things happen here such as suddenly dieing, losing health for no reason, going through objects, and falling forever down in space.
win on kashyyyk as droids!!! it rocks!
do instant action on kashyyyk and chose clone wars (this is a great way to cream your friends or rack up points) you then go and kill enough people to go droideka. once you are droideka, you go over into the clones main base, behind the sea wall. it may be hard to sneak by, but you can also go to the left of it and climb the mountain, although this might be hard as droideka, so you might want to practice as another person. once you are in their base, you go beneath their platforms. on the far left corner of the tree, you have to be rolling, you can get into the tree. it is as far left as you can go! when you get in, you can climb up the hill, which is pretty cool because you are inside the tree! once you are up the hill, you can open fire on the people on the platforms. this is a one-way tree and you can shoot out and even walk out, but they can't. they will know that you are there and swarm around and try to shoot through the one-way tree. this makes it all the easier. you will kill so many poeple! watch out though, as soon as some one takes over that base, no more enemies will come. EMAIL ME IF IT WORKS
win on Polis Massa!!! great glitch
do clone wars on instant action Polis Massa. it is best to go droids, but you can do it as clones. get in an AAT and drive over to the... i dunno, AAT garage. well, whatever it is, go to the one that is between the other two. in the middle. once you are there, try to drive up and into the hallway where guys are fighting. no AAT was ever mean't to perform this task. you can do it though. just keep driving until you get inside. once you are in there, half of the AAT is below the ground. you can drive among the troopers and droids. you can shoot them too. this is just the beggining.

go around, you might want to jump out and repair every once in awhile because you damage yourself from so many tight corners. you can even drive out into spac that you can see from the windows. they actually let you do that! you can shoot through the walls from the outside because these are one-way walls. the clone do not stand a chance against this magical indoor AAT and will die quickly. for some reason, you can not go to deep into the clones base because it has too many walls. you can go every where and even fall through some endless holes. the clones will sufficate if they travel on foot in space, but the droids can go everywhere. EMAIL ME IF IT WORKS!


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A Parked Snow Speeder That is Still in the Air
Go to Hoth as a rebel. It doesn`t matter what rebel. Begin at the base with all the snow speeders. Take one and fly it to a Walker (big ones, At-At) and activate the invincibility cheat (UUULDDDLUUULR). Land on the AT-AT. Then exit the vehicle and look up. Wait a while for the At-At to walk away. Look up again and you will see the landed Speeder parked, and still up there.
Alive in space? on Polis Massa
Normally if you go out on the astroid on plois massa, you will die without an AAT. Go on as a Super Battle Droid, or Droideka. Your health won't go down. Other types of Froissart won't work.
Always falling,health giving Jedi
On mois eisly in instant action mode, if you are a jedi, right near one of the back bad bases their is a tall house with 2 diagonal pillers jutting out from the wall. There is a door right next to it. Double jump to it and land right in beteween the two pillers ,once you do that, your Jedi should start to "fall" orput his/her hands up. Then respawn and you will see your Jedi start to cartweel in beetween the posts. Then go back to the same place with the pillers and your Jedi will be spilling infinite life from himself. Happy life getting! Can be done with sith too.
Double the things
This only works on mos isley assault! first u pick villins then pick boba or jango fett (dosent matter) then take u flamethrower and find a jedi then weaken him and wait till he jumps when he does kill him then he will drop TWO packs of a random combo. hope this is useful!
Exit Battlefield on Kashyyk
You will need Invincibility cheat active for this: Hold R2+L2 and enter up up up left down down down left up up up left right.

By the main command post and the three wood barracades is a massive tree. By the right of it is a gap. Go through and just keep walking and you will find a dead end that you can fall off.
On 'Maps' select Mos Eisley. Make sure to select 'Assault' for the game mode. To acquire this glitch, you will have to be the Villains. Select Jango OR Boba Fett. Jetpack onto the "Arena" (the ring around the Heroes' Command Post) and look up at the sun. Use your jetpack to fly towards the sun as much as you can. If don correctly, when you run out of fuel, you will land on nothing. You will only be able to run horizontally. Try to run vertically?... You fall off. On this platform, you can look down and sharpshoot the Heroes. But be careful. You are still vulnerable to most any weapons. Enjoy this bogus advantage! 8)
get in wall mygeeto
go to the dome like area in mygeeto at the end of the map get a jet troper and go in the dome find the wall next to the entrance and fly all the way as posible and you will end up in wall
get to other side!!!!! kashyyyk
get a replublic vhecal and go to wall where u need to break the wokkie baricad go to where the gate is closed and on the side of the gate hit boost and u will go strat up and over
Go completely off Kashyyyk map
First, to do this glitch, you must have invincibility enabled(UUULDDDLUUULR). Next, get in a vehicle of any kind(I prefer speeder bikes but any kind of vehicle works). Go in the water. Go as far away from the shore as you can. The water looks endless, but it's actually not. You will come to where the water meet a strip of sand at the very end and beyond the sand is nothingness. You can fly into nothingness and when you look back you realize you are completely off the Kashyyyk map. The same glitch works in Mos Eisley. If you can get over the wall you can walk off the map into an endless field.
Go inside ammo droid!
When you see a ammo droid and your the guy with the Fusion Cutter go to the ammo droid and destroy it or if its already destroyed jump on it then look down take out your fusion cutter and you should be some what in the ammo droid. If your in then you can move around a little so you ant be seen as much. If some one throws a garnade at you just stay there till the droid explodes!!! The droid will take most damage for you!!! Happy Ammo Droid Glitching!
Go inside the mountain in Mygeeto
Go to the mountain in Mygeeto and use a jet trooper or Jedi and fly/jump as high as possible and move towards the mountain. Done correctly, you will find yourself inside the mountain itself.

Grammar/Spelling corrected (Cheat essentially re-written) by Shadow of Death
Hole in Geinosis
Put the invinsibility cheat on and go to the steep hill with the the little spire. Go by the ammunition droid and there should be a hole. Go down that and you will fall and fall and fall. Soon, you can start walking forward and you come out of the hole by the Republic's fist CP.

Happy Glitching!!!
~Mr. Cheezze (P.S. don't eat me, I taste bad!)
Imperial Star Destroyer Glitch
Near the back right side of the ship, take a fighter or any shipand theres a secret opening where you can get in and you can gat inside the ship. you can get in and explore what is inside the ship. You can do this on any staage that is galactic civil wars but if you go to Yavin 4 and do this, strangely, you will find a flying medical droid sitting there and doing nothing bacically.
Infinite corpse loop
Go to mos eisley in assault at chose the emperor. Go to the command post in the top left corner. Look along the wall and after a while you'll see two columns --- that close to each other. walk into it and the emperors lightsaber should stick out like hes jumping. then he should wave like hes falling in space. When he waves respawn. Then go back to that very spot and the corpse will still be there doing endless back flips. its pretty funny!
Infinite Force Choke
Select a Jedi with Force Choke and Lightsaber Throw for Force Powers. Go and choke someone. While choking, switch to Saber Throw. (the Force Meter is no longer being drained) this is most useful when in mos esley asault mode.
Jedi in a wall
This glitch dosent help at all but i thought it was funny. plus it might not work.
1.get on naboo in rise of the empire.
2.get to the level before you assasanate the queen.
3.kill jedi until there are 2 left.
4.get a jedi to chase a player to go to the river and go to one of the bridges(i forget witch one).
5.go under the bridge but DO NOT FALL DOWN OFF THE SIDEWALK.
6.the jedi should be in the wall. well at least the arrow should be.

when i went on top of the arrow i was on top of the wall.

This glitch dosent help at all but i thought it was funny. plus it might not work and it only works on 2 player.
Jedi/Sith force glitch
This only works while playing as the Emperor or Count Dooku. Execute a Force Choke against the enemy, then while still holding the trigger press the Switch Secondary button to change to Force Lightning. The lightning will go off while you are still choking them and they will take damage from both while you'll only spend the energy required for one. This can work with other combinations as well such as the lightsaber throw.
Make a turrett\walk through the sea wall!
On multiplayer\splitscreen, make a player be on each team. The CIS player's job is to get hold of a amored tank droid and break down the wooden barricade. the republic players job is to be an enjineer at the base behind the sea wall. He is to destroy the gate winch and take down the sea wall. Then heal it until it is almost healed, but not healed. then the CIS player should drive his armored tank into where the sea wall used to be. the republic player then puts the sea wall back up so that it lifts up the tank. The tank should fall until it hits the ground, and have its tail be stuck in the sea wall. it cannot move, just like a turrett, and its tail is sticking out the other side so you can get in on the outside and get out on the inside.
Mos Eisely Gliches
On mos eiely (idk if this is how you spell it) If your on assault(and your the jedi) and you see a cover thinggy coming out of a wall and has a box under it. Use Yoda and jump underneath it. It will most of the time let you go inside the wall. It might be a long time some thimes its only 2 jumps!
Happy Glitching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mos Eisley Glitch
you heard about the glicth on kashyyk,about walking on like.nothing,right? well you can do that on mos eisley.fist pick assault,then pick villains. right below the heroes cp on ship/thingy,there is an arae that wth one of the fetts,(i used boba fett) you fly up as high as you can go,near the edge,and tring to move over the edge.if done correctly you will be walking on nothing . WAIT! as soon as you get up there,pause and put in the invincebilty cheat ,( U U U L D D D L U U U L R ) so you wont die when you get up there.after that,walk/run in the direction you were going right after you started walking,you SHOULD be going down to the ground.DO NOT stop,keep going even when you walk off the ground. you wont die and HAVE FUN <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Move Around On The Edges of Ships In Space
Get in a starfighter in space. Land just between the hangar shields and open space, then get out and you'll be on the rim of the ship. On space Mygeeto, you can jump onto other frigates. Works for Republic and Imperials only.
Rancor Flamethrower
In instant action go to jabbas palace and play as the droids.Spawn near the rancor pit and get eaten.Once in his mouth respawn he should have flames coming out of his mouth and maby some health and ammo packs
Random Glitch
When you play as a jedi on the Tantive 4 you can sometimes jump through the roof!
Severe Glitch
In the level with the heroes and villans, choose Jango Fett. Next, go to the edge of the level and fly high as you can while going foward. If attempted right, you should be standing in mid-air. Then, run and you should fall. Now, you should be on the outside of the battlefield, and while facing away from the walls, you should see no buildings. Weird huh? (It's been a while since I checked)
Shoot from inside walls
This will only work at Mos Eisley spaceport,you will be able to go inside the walls(this is the round place at the sail barge) at the sail barge CP and shoot the clones,BUT they cant shoot you. 1.Become a droideka and go into ball mode. 2.Start at the sail barge CP. 3.Try to roll while going superspeed at the walls,corners work the best. 4.When you see that your like half way in while rolling try deploying from ball mode,and you should appear in the edge of the wall,once this happens walk in. It may take a few try`s to get the hang of it. This is a very usefull Glitch. Once you get the hang of it,try it at other maps.
sniper place#1
kashic find the tree near the csi camand post get a speder bick and hit down (boost) keep going up and u will get on a plat form and it is a great snipe place for replublic.
Space Frigate glitch
1. Get a Starfighter (I recommend Republic Starfighter)
2. Go to a corner at the bottom of the shield (right side works best)
3. Jump out of the Starfighter
4. If you did it right You could be stuck!
5. Repeat as many times as you want!
suspended yoda/unlimeted health/ammo/power ups
this is a really funny and usefull glitch.this is how you do it first i would recommend you find out about the never stopping boba fett freefall mos eisly glich then you would know where to go. first you start the instant action and select mos eisly assult then you pick good guys.second you pick yoda and go to the boba freefall spot jump up on the brown pipes sticking out of the ground then walk to the clear space between the wall and the pipe and make yoda freefall.third you wait 10 seconds and heres where the fun part comes you go to menu and respawn but insted of dissapearing the dead yoda continues to back or frontflip suspended in the air and doesnt disappear but thats not the end of it because its like dieing over and over it keeps dropping health packs/ammo packs/and power ups.fourth go back to where you died and if you did it right yoda should still be there dropping packs.[it took me 15 trys to finally master the glitch so that yoda stays there the whole rest of the mission] to do the glith you have to have the infinity health/ammo cheat invincebility is what its called but you need those two codes and info on the boba fett freefall. hope it was useful or at least a good laugh!
unbeatable destroyer driod
when you have the invincibility cheat active play as the destroyer driod and then you have unlimited shelds and gernads bounces right off of you!
Walking on lava
In mustufar use the invincability cheat. It is up,up,up,left,down,down,down,left,up,up,up,left,right. Then go to command post 1. Jump off the edge into the lava. You might fall into black stuff but keep trying. There you are ontop of lava! You can also go to command post 0 i think and go between the two bridges. When the other team comes shoot them. They can't shoot you! If they take the command post, then you can take it back by going to the wall closest to command post 0. I figured this out when i put on the invincability cheat and accedently fell into the lava. If you fall into the lava and you are a clone trooper and you have command post 0 then you can change into a jet trooper and fly up. Try to be a jet trooper before you go into the lava though.
Walking on the Aclumator
OK so you first put on the invincible cheat code. Then you take any ship (and make sure you are playing as republic on space battle) then land halfway through the shield and press triangle to get out. Then you jump off and you will land on a ledge (you have to jump off from the side not the front) and go left and you will soon get to a corner keep going and go around the corner and then after like 15 seconds stop and look down. You will see a ship below you called the Aclumator. Then you jump off and you will land on the ship (but you must have the invincible cheat code otherwise you will most likely die, I did it once with out it and had hardly any life left but every time after that i died) and there you go you can walk around on the Aclumator!

It is really fun if you are playing on split screen with a friend while doing this.

Easter eggs

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Hidden Yoda on Kashyyk
You may have seen this for another planet, but on Kashyyk play as Yoda and walk out to sea. If you go far enough, Yoda will be completely covered. Enemies will shoot AT you, ( Once you start killing enemies) but won't see you.
Hoth: Secret Area
Go to planet Hoth (Conquest) and choose your side. Once you have got to the spawn point selection, pick the one closest to the Echo Base with the tunnels. Instead of going inside, find a way to climb over. Follow the tunnels on the map until you reach a big circle. This is the area used in Rise of the Empire and Hunt, but the big transports will be gone, along with the guns. You have access to the base and a small tunnel. And this area is within the battlefield, so you could bring a troop if you wanted.


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Death Star Trash Grate: Standing on the walls
When inside the Trash Grate, look up and you will see a opening.(You have to be a Jet Trooper or Dark Trooper. But Ill recommend the Jet Trooper.) And right when the walls are closing in, fly up into the hole and right when the walls close, jump down.

You are now standing on the walls.

Disable HUD
Pause the game in Story, Instant Action, or Galactic Conquest mode and press Up(4), Left, Up(2), Down, Left, Down, Up(2), Left, Right. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Repeat the code to disable its effect.
Force Push with Heros on Mos Eisly on assault
When playing on Mos Eisly in assault mode, if you like to play as villans you would notice alot of people/bots take advantage of the "Force Push" attack, but alot of people will do it at a long range. Normally it may take like 4 seconds to get up and attack him. If pushed from a long distance(or fly very far away) if you swing your lightsaber a couple times it will cut down the time that you are getting up....Also if force pulled you can do the same thing and get a couple hits on him before you are forced to fight
fun stuff to do in space
turn on invincibility(be republic) and take a jedi starfighter. have a friend hold the door to the auto defense grid(inside ship) open for u and u fly in then have him hold the shield generator door open and u can fly in there. have ur friend stand on the stairs in the shield generator room and since ur in the plane with invincibility(note: wen 1 player turns on invincibility both have it)u can ram ur friend and watch him fly
try it out
Funny captions when rebels are hit by Wampas
Pause the game in Story, Instant Action, or Galactic Conquest mode and press Up, Down, Left, Down, Left, Right. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Repeat the code to disable its effect.

Infinite Health
Pause the game and enter the combination on the D-Pad.

Kashyyyk's Best Command Spot
While playing on Kashyyyk, no matter which side, there is one thing you must always have: Command Post 3, located on the upper beach area. This is a great tactical spot, whether you're using it for offensive of defensive purposes.

When playing as the CIS or Empire, this should be a main target early on. It provides a good spawn point close enough to the enemies, but far enough so you do not die instantly. Also, it comes with a Beam Turret for taking down any infantry that decide to try and reclaim the post.

The Republic/Rebels are different; They begin with this Post. For them, there are three key reasons why it should be kept.
1: Perfect position for sniping enemies before they can get to the beach.
2: Concussion Turrets, which are useful against those bothersome Armored Tank Droids and other vehicles.
3: Beam Turret, for a mix of the two stated above.
The Post is close enough to your base so that if you were to lose it, you can try to reclaim it quickly.

There is, of course, one more reason this Post is so great: Vehicle respawns. When playing as the Republic or Rebels, if you lose this you lose your only vehicles. That tips the scales in enemy favor by quite alot if they're raiding the last Post with tank protection.

If you are the CIS/Empire, what could be better than taking away the enemy's best defense? The Barricade falls within seconds of the battle starting, and the Gate is easy to open, so the tanks are the only real obstacle. Getting rid of them would secure a victory for your team.
lots of health and ammo
Go to the level jabba's palace. Play as anyone on any team (Even heros). Go to where jabba is, then fall down the trap door, right infront of jabba. when you fall, walk up to the rancor (the huge monster right in front of you). Let it grab you, but before it eats you, hit START, then respawn. Instead of releasing the normal amount of pick ups, you will give off A LOT more. You can go back down then and pick them up.
No Lightsaber in hands!
When you are playing online, here is the cheat I made to make your Lightsaber disappear:

Okay, first be a Jedi with Lightsaber Throw(works best in Mos Eisly Assault) and do this:

Check and make sure your Force Power is on Lightsaber throw.

Aim towards the sky and throw you saber.

right before it comes back, press the block button and then 1 milli-second after press the Force attack changer button.

You cant attack with this but it works.

It may take you a couple of times but it works.

Space Walk of Destruction on Polis Massa
Enter the invincibility cheat on polis massa, go to the arc trooper class, walk outside onto the surface of the asteroid and destroy as many tanks as you please. (this also works for other classes. But you wont see very many droids around, will you?) Happy D-Day in space!!
space walking
if you are in space, i forget exactly which one. get in a ship, and then keep pressing X to land right when your ship rises. keep doing this until your ship is halfway out of the barrier thing keeping you from walking out of the ship. if you do it right, you will land right in the middle, a little farther out than middle, or on the ledge on the ship right outside the dock. press triangle to get out of the ship, and you will either be back in the ship wih the fighter halfway out, on the ledge with your ship above you halfway in, or on the ledge with your ship next to you. you can now walk on the outside edge of the ship. you will die if you walk too far though. happy cheating!
the maller move
press and hold L3 and up on the anolog stick while using a jedi(except the chancelore)then press and hold L2 and then R2 quickly.
this should slow down the runing.
this should give you invincibility to blaster bolts.
then run (while holding all 3 buttons) up to a army and press R1.this should give you a powerful attack.
then get out of there like all hell was after you,
because you are extreamly vunerable after this
Turn off cheats
Any cheat code that you enter (like invulnerability) can be turned off.
Just re-enter the cheat. You will hear the conformation sound and the cheat will be turned off without re-setting your console.
unlimited ammo
this only works if you are on single player. pause the game and press: up,down,left,down,down,left,down,down,left,down, down,down,left,right. if you did it right you should hear the sound that you heared when you paused the game.
Unlimited Jedi Action!!!
When you are choosing levels for instant action go to the options menu in instant action and select hero and set the timer to one and you will be able to be a jedi/villian the entire battle. P.S- You have to kill a few people and before it asks you if you want to be a hero/villian.
Villian glitch
OK this is a really interseting glitch when I was playing.
You need to be a villain with force choke for this : (or on Mos Eisley)
Darth Vader
Count Dooku
The Emporer
when you're one of these people go up to some personb and choke him. While holding L1 press L2. keep holding L1. Your force bar doesn't run out when you change! You have unlimited choke, use it on really hard enemies. Hope it helped