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a good way to stay alive in geonosis
if you like messing around in geonosis and you find that you are the only troop left use this tip

be the republic and make sure there are escape pods at the spire
when you are one of the only people left get in one and fly around taking out the cis if it gets damaged wait for the cis to capture the spire and take a new one.
it doesnt matter if you lose your bases the at-et respawns no matte what and that counts as a base so stay in the ship dont get out and eventually you will have the enemy killed

i tried it and it worked..
A Little Tip for the Jet Trooper...
When you wanna kill an enemy quckily, try using this:

First, fly in the air with a FULL jet pack.
Next, use your Command Pistol to shoot at the enemy or enemies quickly and rapidly.
If there is a group or you miss a few shots and they aren't dead, switch to the EMP Launcher and take them out quickly.

Grenade Tip: When you're at a place like Cloud City, fly in the air at the center of the area (the gigantic place with the fountain) pointing at the CIS's side of the back bridges. Fly really high, but low enough to not be seen easily. Throw the grenade upwards where it will land in a group or at the CIS army. This should take out at least one and get the attention of the CIS at you. The other troops fighting them off can then kill them. Good for eleminating enemies early on in the battle.
A:Easy hiding place(s)
On dune sea: (any troop Most likely normal) Go to the tusken camp and crawl to the hut nearest to the command post. Crawl inside. This takes a while, but shoot every person, droid, or tusken that you see (not your guys) with your pistol. Becuase you are inside, they cant hit you, and because you use the pistol, you don't run out of ammo. Also, you are nearest to the command post, so thy can't take it. Perfect...

On Endor Shield Generator:(rebel sniper) Go to the platforms in the trees and go as high as you can and snipe away at enemies nearby. this is not as good as the tusken one, because they can take your camp, but your men should hold out, and you don't die.

Cloud City: (Republic jet trooper) start up high or down low. Anywhere. Fly to the walls that slant out. you can land on them. Land and blast away with the pistol. You will be shot back at.

Theed: (Jet trooper) Start at the center. Fly to any building top. Land and blast away.

Yavin Temple: (Sniper or other) Note: as it is hard to snipe through trees, this is difficult. First, start at the Main control center up top. then grab a speeder bike, which will be damaged a lot after this. Go around the side of the temple. Once there, find a slanted pillar leading up. Go on it full speed to the top, and slow down to prevent over shooting it. Land. If you are a Pilot heal the ship regularly. If at full health, the ship can survive a jump off the top of this temple. If not, find your own way down safely. Shoot through the trees at enemy contacts.

Yavin 4 Temple: (any soldier, sniper prefered) Start at the main control center. Grab a speeder and go around the edge of the map to a lake. Find a path on the far side. Move to it on your speeder quickly and go up the path at full speed, but get off before the top. Let the speeder fly over the edge and give a little surprise to the enemy command post over the ridge. You now have a clear view of the enemies main post. The enemy aviod the path for some reason.
With a trooper with a machine gun (Rebel Soldier, Clone Trooper, Super Battle Droid, or Stormtrooper), you may notice the longer you hold the trigger, the more inaccurate your shots will get. Instead of holding the trigger, rapidly press it. Your shots will be extremely more accurate when shooting for long periods of time, and you will not sacrifice any speed if you press it fast enough.
alot of kills without dying
This worked for me, I went to Kashyyk docks and I chose a pilot and then I got in an AT-ST and had a pilot with me. Then I was blasting around and every time I got damaged I went to the robots to heal the AT_ST. I killed 119 people without dying once!
Be Ewok Sized
Enter your profile name as Jub Jub(space and case sensitive) to make all units Ewok sized for a good laugh.
best way to kill a jedi
simply land on top of them with a aircraft.
best way to kill roller droids
For some odd reason the droid that rolls into a ball can't hurt you when you walk in right if front of him. this works every time.(If you are too far away he will kill you)
Camera Movement: Looking Around Corners/Staying Close to Walls
One thing you might have noticed by now is the suddeness of encountering the lone tank travelling around the field looking for some victims to flay, and how often it happens. Or that sudden contingent of forces around the corner. One thing you do have on them, though... your player can magically see around corners.

When staying close to a wall, you typically are out of danger from anything coming at you from any angle of any sort, and you can often get past large battles just by having a low profile. However, no one can totally know when they have snucj by the entire battle. By simply toying around with your camera, you have a good 15-45 degrees of viewable area around the corner, meaning you know if there happens to be a droideka standing around the corner. When in doubt, always use this ability, as it has saved my own life a great many times. Unfortunately, this is impossible to use in vehicles or any stationary combat implement.

Either way, this sort of cover can help, especially from such things as splash damage and turrent fire if they can't get around the obstruction that is saving your character's life.
Changing planes in mid air
Go to a level that has 2 or more planes on your side. Get in 1 of the planes and fly around a bit. Find a plane on your team and fly directly above it. Then jump out of your plane (double tap triangle) and just before you hit the other plane press triangle to get in it. Note: It is easy jump onto a transport ship as they are slower.
Citadel Routes for Rebels/CIS
These are the effective routes of the CIS/Rebels you should take to capture everything or get easy kills.

Spawn at the Overlook and head towards the Terrace. You should have no resistance. Now walk through the citadel area to the Crypt. This will have been captured by the enemy so be prepared to take on a few people on the way and inside. Now take the stairs to the Observatory and then you have three options. 1: Charge the Observatory. You will have heavy resistance so be prepared and face the fact that this might take a few lives to do. 2: Shoot from the citadel area. There is an outlook over the Observatory you can shoot from and get a bunch of kills, but you won't capture anything else. 3: Skip the Observatory and head for the Keep. This is OK too but enemies from the Observatory may come in and recapture the Crypt.
Option 1: Once the Observatory is claimed, you can head two ways from here. 1: Go to the Ruins. There will be moderate resistance, but nothing you can't handle. Once taken, head for the Watch or the Keep. By now, the reinforcements of the enemy should be wearing down. Option 2: This option is not extended. Option 3: The Keep is sort of like a laser tag arena. Look behind all the pillars when you are capturing this. From here, head for the Watch. This has a good amount of resistance on it, so watch down the bridge and for the two turrets here. Also watch outside the Ruins, men there may shoot. After this is taken, go for the Ruins. If reinforcements of the enemy still live, capture the Observatory.
Climbing Droideka
when your at Yavin as the CIS be a droideka. go to the big temple place and get out of ball mode. You can just climb the ramps on the side with the droideka's claws! it won't go all the way up, but you can still get up HIGH and shoot down at people coming out of the temple. This also works inside the temple.

AND REMEMBER: if you go into ball mode you can't go UP, you'll roll down and probaly explode!
close combat
you may think that the Rebel Pilot has a rubbish gun(imperial jet trooper too) which is a blaster cannon. at long range this weapon is pretty useless, it spreads out quickly and takes lots of hits to kill an enemy. but at close range this weapon is a killer!! it takes 1 shot to kill an enemy(aim for upper body) sometimes 2, but can also wipe out a line of enemies too, surprised? try it out, i use it all the time and always get 40 + kills, great for defending too. this soldier is most effective on close combat levels, like bespin cloud city and platforms, hoth and others. great for cloud city, if fighting in tunnels use this person to wait behind a pillar, wait for the enemy to pass through and when they get to you, run out infront of them and shoot. i was once waiting in cloud city behind a pillar about 10 - 20 came down this tunnel and wiped out the force in it, they came and i popped out and took out a line of 6 imperial soldiers and picked of the rest with head shots, great for ambushing and assaulting. also good if you run out of ammo or health the rebel pilot(imperial jet trooper) have 5 health and ammo dispensers, very handy during battle.
dead fish
On the wookie docks use a jet trooper and go on the water. see the big gun that he has. shoot into the water. Dead fish should float out after the explosion.
Defeating droidekas
Have you ever felt that droidekas are un defeatable using republic?Here's a tip to defeat.

Using Jet Trooper use your EMP Launcher and fire two if their sheild is on. If it is of use your blaster pistol.
Defeating Jedi Heroes
Darth Vader, Count Dooku, Mace Windu, and Luke Skywalker heal after they take damage (the blue flash you sometimes see on them is the same blue flash that occurs on the player when picting up bacta canisters for healing). While this means they can't die quite as easily as it would seem, there are still a few ways to kill them.

1- Overpower them: Such units as the AT-AT Walker have unavoidable splash damage that causes Jedi Heroes to fly into the air and take damage. While the damage is miniscule (like attacking the AT-AT with the black radar dish turrets), you can repeatedly keep them in the air by firing multiple times. This keeps them from attacking allies, and will eventually (after many minutes) kill them. It is however, a very ineffective way to kill them, as if you are in an AT-AT, you'll be wasting regiment time by not moving your unit, which is a spawning point, towards enemy bases, etc.

2- Land a flying craft on top of them. This kills them instantly.

3- If they are near an area where you get instantly killed for falling, such as Bespin Platforms, etc, you can cause splash damage with well-placed thermal detonators and mines that you can use to toss Jedi Heroes off these platforms and catwalks.

4- When there are around 20 enemies left in the game missions, Jedi Heroes will automatically fall in combat and will not respawn.
Destroying the shield bunker on Endor
Use the sourthern-most spawn point and use the Rebel Vanguard or Wookiee (for mines), and grab the speeder bike quickly. Then head out over to the bunker, enter as fast as possible (to not let the speeder hit the edge of the bunker, as it will detonate instantly). Place mines or fire torpedos at the console. This will not be enough to destroy the bunker initially, and though you can throw thermal detonators at it and use the wookiee's mortar lanucher, it's best to head outside to the Gonk weapon refill droid, get at least one mine as the Wookiee, and more bazooka shots as the Vanguard, then head back in.

If there are gaurds on the stationary guns, if possible, blow up the stationary guns. As enemies spawn from the base a bit to the east from here, this gives you time to blow up the bunker without lackeys ruining your escape.

To kill troopers on the stationary guns, aim at their heads, as it is the vulnerable position from the weapon mount.
Don't Abandon It For Too Long, Or It Won't Come Back
Once or twice you may want to set down your ship for a moment on a map of your choosing, perhaps to make a few sniping shots or to try and take a base.

Other then repairing your ship, and actions like this can and will lead to your ship taking a lot of damage and eventually exploding. Be prepared for the consequences.

Only land vehicles can get away with not taking damage, and only air units do take damage. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the game!
easier to kill
This is a lot easier if you are in the Clone Wars age for this. Start as CIS (or Republic) and get into a AAT, then go to the Tusken Raider spawn point. Do not take the base but instead kill the Tusken Raiders. They constantly respawn so you can get a high kill total and you are away from the battle as the Republic tanks are usually trying to fight off the other CIS AAT's. The highest kill total I got on this level was 191 and no deaths
Easier way of killing droidekas
If you see one rolling, there is your chance of killing it because it rolls for a while then when it gets up, don't be afraid, it takes a while for the shield to come up and for him to shoot,

If you see one with it's shield already on, try to make it shoot at you, by shooting it with your gun. It should turn and when it does hide behind something and wait for him to roll, as soo as he does come out and shoot him, if he don't die, keep shooting until his shield comes up. and If he's still alive which he shouldn't, do it again.
Easy docks win
I am a expierianced player so I am gonna tell you a really easy way to win on the docks level,Be a republic jet trooper and fly to the enemy beach head,then hide behind the command post while crawling on the ground,If you did this corecctly you will have taken the enemy's most valuable command post.
easy droideka kills
Frist you jump up to a full Sheilded droidacas petty much hugging him. fire at him and he wont fire back.then fire at the middle when he has his sheild down. he will fall Quickly
Easy Geonosis Win
Select the geonosis map and play as the republic. Select the pilot and spawn at the AT-TE on the right side of the map. Get in it and wait for another trooper to get on the big cannon on top of the AT-TE then head round the right side of the spire taking out any enemies along the way. Take out the techno union ships. Then after they are destroyed continue round to the other side flaking the enemy from behind.

When I first did this I saw the other AT-TE get destroyed twice by the super battle driods missiles. You can get up to 80 or 90+ kills and no deaths.
Easy Jedi Kill
To kill any jedi get on a speeder bike and chare at them with the spike or get in a starfighter and land on them.
Easy Kill On Bespin Platforms
On a planet like Bespin platforms, when a troop of the enemy is near an edge, start shooting to the side opposite the edge and fire hard out right beside him. The troop will roll sideways and fall off the edge.
Easy Kills
This only works with the Republic. Go to instant action and select Bespin Platforms. then be any clone trooper and get in a jedi starfighter. Beware, It is best with the starfighter. What you do is wait until the droids get near your base. Then take off and land in the tunnel. Make sure it's sideways though for more kills. Land in the enemy lines and then take off. You'll bounce back down without damage and may crush some droids. ( Or your own guys.)

repeat the land and takeoff until you get bored. You can also land once, get out and crouch behind it. It can serve as cover. I do this all the time and after a while a clone might board it, so check your reticule every once in a while. I suggest throwing TD's at the droids because they'll all huddle up so it's easy kills. It's fun.
Easy kills on kashyyyk docks
When playing this level select to be either "The Rebels" or "The Republic", start the level as a sniper/sharpshooter and spawn at either dock 1 or dock 2. Using the raised pathway (above the pathway that leads to the enemy base) walk to the end of the pathway and crouch down (you should be on the furthest circular platform, when you are here aim down at the enemy base and kill any enemy that spawns their, if you run out of ammo or get low on health their are two dispenser droids behind you... Using this strategy I killed over 80 men and didn't die once, happy gaming... Ratboy.
Easy Way to Win On Docks Level
Well the easy way to win on the Wookie Planet's dock level is to, pick a faction and then pick a sniper soldier. Then just pound the two piers with the space cruisers fire from the Recon droid (hold L1 or R1).
Easy win on Bespin: Platforms
To reduce the amount of times you die on foot, Head to the closest CP to the Extractor. You can jump onto the roof of any one of the nearby bridges. Then get down and wait for enemys. You will then have less chance of getting killed!
Easy Win On Endor
Most of the time when playing as the Rebals, your teammates will normally take over the first command post owned by the Empire, so don't worry about that. Go to the right until you hit the boundaries and follow the edge to the Empires base in the back (not the bunker). From there you can either steal a walker or kill people as they spawn there. You can probably take over the base as well.
To get an easy win on Endor become a wookie smuggler and go around the edge of the battlefield until you get to the Shield Genorator
then, quickly run across th white roof of the Shield Genorator and drop down.As soon as you are down go into the genorator and use your time
bombs (note:stand clear of the bombs!)when you run out of bombs exit the genorator and got to the ammo droid to your left the repeat the sequence.
Explosive Ram
Select a soldir with a "missle launcher". Find a vehiclc and pilot it to a place where nobody except you can get it so when you put the mines on it it doesn't take off or run away. [The best vehicles for this include: speeder 74-Z bike, STAP, Rebel combat speeder, Gian speeder, TX-130S fighter tank, AAt, hailfire tank/droid, jedi starfighter, droid starfighter, X-wing, Y-wing, Tie-bomber, and Geonosian starfighter.] Select the "mines", then put them on the most forward and sometimes lowest part of the vehicle. Like on the TX-130S you'd put it on the 2 tips of it's front 'wings' in front of it's guns. On the hailfire tank/droid put it on the laser cannon; it looks like 2 spears. To get the mines on the cannon jump on the top of it's cannon; but be careful: if you do it at a certain angle you'll die. but when you're on it go to the front and lay 1-4 mines. On the AAT you'd put the mines on the flat part of the tank with black dots on it. [The very front.] On most starfighters put it on the nose of it. ON the droid starfighter put it on the 2 parallel verticle wings where the laser cannons come out. and on the 74-Z speeder bike; put the mine(s) on the nose/tip of it where the laser cannon is. When the mine laying is done pilot the vehicle into an enemy! This is an instant kill for scout vehicle and infantry!
NOTE #1: Turn the "FRIENDLY FIRE" of or this is suicide. To do this go to "MAIN MENU", "GAME OPTIONS", "FRIENDLY FIRE: ON/OFF".
NOTE #2: The hailfire tank can't charge vehicles; only infantry. Unless you put the mines on the wheels.
NOTE #3: The mines will only use as many mines as needed to kill the enemy. for example if you run into 1 soldir only 1 mine out of the 4, 3, or 2 will explode. But if you ram an AT-AT OR AT-TE all 4 will explode.
NOTE #4: You don't have to have the freindly fire off to not kill your self. Just get out of the vehicle before you run into something.
NOTE #5: If you do this with a starfighter slow down before impact on the enemy to avoid a crash. To slow down pull back on R3.
NOTE #6: You cant put mines on tauntauns et cetera...
Fling-Grenade Trick
Are you mad becuase you can't throw your grenades far or high enough? I can fix that! hit L1, then press X. Your grenade well go higher and farther then ever before!
Floating space ship!
Well basically you Go onto the level Genosis and get one of the space ships. It's easier in the long term if your the Clone jetpack guy because then you can get back up to your ship.Anywho! You get into the space ship and destroy a techno union ship. And while it's broken but still there you land your space ship on it. And then it disapears but your space ship is still there. If you leave it there and be a sniper you can get in another ship and jump out and land on it! It makes a great sniper point!
Geonosis Republicans
I have a very easy way to slaughter the CIS on Geonosis. All you have to do is start at the assembly area with a pilot and hop in one of the big cargo ships and shoot the poor little men. I take the ship around with just me in and destroy the Techno Union ships with all of the pilot stations. Once finished there, you just shoot off the ships and people. If you're on hard it'l likely that you'll end up being the last guy. Just sit by the assembly area and shoot any dudes that come and you'll be fine. I got a record of 150 kills, 0 deaths and 3 Base captures with this strategy.
Get Jedi and Sith to fight
This requires a lot of skill, accuracy and luck. It only worked for me once or twice. When two heroes are next to each other they won't fight each other. But they will kill an enemy that shoots at them. So shoot the hero on your team and get him to deflect the shots at the enemy hero, causing the enemy hero to chase after your team hero.
get to the top of the temple!
Ever wanted to go to the top of the temple at Yavin: Temple? Good, then read this!

1. Get a speeder bike and drive it outside.
2. Turn around and look at the ramp.
3. Drive up the ramp, but slow down at the top.
4. press triangle to get off the speeder.
Going UnderGround - kashyyyk : docks
First get the dude that has the cutter thing(wearing orange) storm trooper team.
then go to the cannon by the fountain.
when you get to it turn all the way to the ramp that is on the side that your on.
then push triangle and then your under.
this will take a few times.
but then when you get it u will be killing people from left to right.
Good shooting place
Go to Rhen var harbour on clone wars mode and be the clones. Be a jet trooper and fly from the lighthouse up to above the ice caves enterance and blast away at everyone from up there write back
High Kill Total On Dune Sea
This is a lot easier if you are in the Clone Wars age for this. Start as CIS (or Republic) and get into a AAT, then go to the Tusken Raider spawn point. Do not take the base but instead kill the Tusken Raiders. They constantly respawn so you can get a high kill total and you are away from the battle as the Republic tanks are usually trying to fight off the other CIS AAT's. The highest kill total I got on this level was 132 and no deaths.
How I kill jedi
Select the ArC trooper ( republic ) and find count dooku. When you find him drop a mine on the floor. Get his attention by shooting with a pistal. He should run at you so run away from the mine and it will go off reapeat this till he dies. Do not stand by the mine or u will blow up!

I have sniped him once by accident while i amied at brother and turned round killed my brother and i shot him in the back!
how to get more kill on geonosis
be the sniper guy and get a gunship with no troops, or kick out any. next, head for the tecno uinon ships, if you see enameis on the move,blast em! desroy the first tu ship you see, then, land on the top and start sniping! i killed 209 troopers with this cheat!
how to kill a droidacas easily
First when their sheild is up youe jump up to the petty much hugging them. fire at the sheild and the wont fire back. once the sheild is down keep firing at the middle of the drodacas. he will never fire at you.
how to kill a jedi (dune sea, tatooine, either empire or republic)
this is probably the easiest way to kill a jedi on the dune sea battle well get a speeder bike and rune the jedi over... ( simple innit)
How To Make an AT-AT Chase Its Tail
First find a way (other than a jetpack) to fly onto the AT-AT. (Now press the R2 button if you are in a snow speeder to exit the vehicle) and jump out of the vehicle onto the giant machine. Now, while trying to keep your balance (hint: just keep moving forward on its back) you need to shoot its head, and now the coms inside it will try to find you and that will make it chase its tail.

And if anyone's interested, the longest time for riding an AT-AT is 10 minutes.
Isolate Jedi
This only works if you are the missle launcher guy. If you are being chase by a Jedi or Sith, surround him with mines so that in any direction he goes, he will be sent flyng. The heroes are smart which is why they don't move because they dont want to blow up.
Kasheyk Island capture(clone wars)
When you're the Republic, getting that island reeeeally far away can be a nuisance but I know a way to catch it at the beginning of the level easy. First, choose the Jet trooper class and start at either of the docks. Then, run to the end of the Docks and jump off the end WITH JET PACK ON and fly towards the island. If you have a full bar of jet pack power then you can make it to the island. Then when you're at the island, just hold off any droids that spawn with the EMP launcher and you're all set. Good luck!
Kill Drodikas The Easy and Funny Way
Well basically you run right up to the drodika right up to it's sheild. It will try and shoot you but it can't because it's barrels are too far apart!
Kill Jedi
At cloud city platforms, you can kill a jedi by throwing a grenade at him when he is near the cliff. When it explodes, he should go fling off the cliff. You can also do this at any other place with a cliff.
Killing Jedi
You need a vehical that you can drive into them and push them out of the battlefeild. When the vehical explodes you and the jedi will die.
Killing Spree on Bespin Platforms
On the Bespin platforms when you are at end of a bridge and the enemy has pushed you to the end you can hop on the sides of the opening (the bit with walls but no roof) you can fire at the enemy and receive almost no damage (it depends if the enemy has time to fire back) and get massive kills. I got a record (for me anyway 90+ kills with this and never died). Plus, the drodika can't shoot high enough to hit you if you are the clones.
Liberation of Cloud City
This level gave me a lot of trouble, but then I figured out a pretty easy way to win. Start out with a Rebel soldier on the default spawn place (Back Entrance or something) and tell the men around you to follow you. Make your way (with no opposition) to the courtyard (the place with the fountain) and get the Command Post. Hang there for a while with your men shooting anyone that comes. If and when you die, get a Wookie or a Vanguard, and keep guarding the area for while and let the others capture the Carbon Freezing Chamber. After a little while, there should be enogh Rebel troops to hold off the Imperials in the Courtyard. Go up on the walkways and help your troops take the other two Command Posts. If you need to, keep heading down and securing lost Posts. Just do this until you have all the Command Posts or kill all the Imperials. Have fun!
Mobile Sniping Tower
In Hoth; select the Rebels and start in "Echo Base". Be a "sniper" and hop into a "snowspeeder. Fly it to the farthest back "AT-AT". This is so that one doesn't kill you. It will if you're on the one more forward. Fly over its back and press "Triangle" ONCE to get out. When you're on the back you're floating but not really. In other words, the AT-AT will be moving and you won't so you'll just fall off eventually when it wals out from under you. To avoid this go to the curb behind the neck. The curb will prevent you from falling. When you're in the right place you won't move. As long as nobody spots you, you're OK. However, the AT-AT will turn occasionaly so move with it when you're out of sniper ammo. Call in an airstrike on the AT-AT.
You can also use AT-TE's for this.
Mr. Walker Can't Aim Down?
Remember that the AT-ST, AT-AT and the AT-TE can't aim down, so if you want to do some damage, be sure to take the safe, long way, circle around it and get underneath.

You can do a fair bit of damage, depending on which unit you are playing as.
Observant Advantage
If you happpen to be in a close sniper battle, remember the ammount of ammo contained in the snipers clip so when all of his shots are out, pop out your head and shoot to kill.
Pistol and Close Up Uses
The Pistol has a great many uses other than just being a weaker version of the rifle, and learning how to use it correctly can give you a huge advantage.

For example, with heavy units such as the Vangaurd, you are armed with one of the most powerful weapons available in this game. Yes, that's right, one of the most powerful weapons, but also one of the most useless against any form of troop combat, save for perhaps Droidekas. No matter how fast you think you are reloading, or whether or not that load will be finished, you might miss, or, more than likely, you won't finish before they attack. So switch over when you first sense danger, as this goes for sniper's as well -- the weapon has a high fire rate and is deadly if it hits the head, and you can always reload later. You can't as easily reload another life and get back into position... or repair the new stat hole.

If you need rapid fire, and can't afford to wait for anything to load, switch over and finish the job with the pistol. Better the enemy dead and spending a second or two reloading your rifle then losing half your health and having a half empty clip. Plus, later on the pistol can also be used for sniping and other similar purposed whenever needed, and is much stronger as well, making it a deadly force for whatever you have left to do in the game.

Finally, an unlimited amount of power. You can last the rest of the game with it... so when holding a CP or something, just switch over to it and find an ammo droid later. This CP is more important now! Happy hunting!
real action
if u want explosions,gun shooting, and more and more action... go to bespin platforms. be the first one to be on the battle field. be on the command post closest to the enemy. (be the rebels or empire)then catch the empty command post. by now,enemy troops should be reaching the command post. throw a gernade
to clear the hall. then get in it and fight. gernades and bullets will be flying. so i hope ur a pro
Recon Droid
If you are good at navigating the recon droid, go to the docks, start as rebels or republic and go to the middle of one of the tall bridgelike areas, lie down next to an ammo droid and fire recon droids at the dock below you controlled by the enemy. use the orbital beam to get a bunch of kills. do this the full battle.
Rhen Var
on Rhen Var, get any vehicle and go to the ice tunnel. the vehicle wont fit inside but if an enemy comes by you can blast them away
If one sneaks up on you and you don't have a chance to get away or shoot it;run into it and it won't shoot you.As soon as you stop pushing it will kill you in a matter of seconds.When(if)you get a chance to escape then do so unless you are a rifle guy then you can break its shield and kill it.If you are near a cliff then push it off.
Rolling Droid K.O
This is a load of info so hang on tight folks!!! You know when a rolling droid is beginning to stand up, it's weak so before it's up and after it stops to get up, attack it. I recommend a plane clone, a basque clone or a jet-pack clone.
Shaky Screen
If you do this right, it's pretty cool:
In the Hoth level, go into echo base. When the screen shakes from explosions, pause. You should see the screen shaking wildly even though it's paused. Kinda wierd, but fun.
Sniper spots
these are good sniping spots where you can kill many enemies.

Dune Sea: Enemies cannot see you at all, but enemy starfighters can hit you, although this is rare. Take a fighter and fly to the top of one of the canyons (the ones in the middle of the enemy bases and heavy fire zones work best). Land on one and go to the edge. Make sure you're not sliding or eventually you'll slide off. You can only stay up while you have ammo, there is no source of it here.

Cloud City: Just on the top level with the other snipers. There is a flow of pilots running by if you run out of ammo. Enemies shouldn't be able to see you, but they could fire on you if they manage to walk up where you are.

Docks: The tall rope bridges, the middle piece with the ammo droid, which keeps you from running out of ammo. Enemies may be able to see you.

Citadel: The Rebel/Droid starter command post, the tall tower, climb all the way to the top of the tower and start sniping. This works best if you let the enemy have the watch (the tall bridge with a CP at the end). Enemies will see you if they make it halfway down the stairway leading from where you are to the watch, but they shouldn't see you anywhere else. You must run back down the staircase to get more rounds.

Platforms: Somewhere on the middle platform is an ammo droid. Stand beside it and look at the enemy's computer-base. You can align the sniper rifle with the heads of your enemies and kill everyone that walks by, because your leveled with them. The only scenario you have to worry about getting shot is if your troops fail to protect the bridge everyone is fighting on, which they shouldn't unless reinforcements drop too low.

Any level: hide somewhere with no danger of getting shot and align yoursself with a turret constanly being used. When someone gets in, shoot them in the head immediately and you can kill a bunch of people.

Happy sniping!
Stay Alive at the Dune Sea
If you like to be the(or one of the) final troop in the Dune Sea, then follow along:

Be whoever you want and head for the tusken camp. Go to the cliff and hide near the lone hut.
This can work in many places like cloud city, yavin temple, and endor.

(NOTE: If you don't want to be THE last unit be sure to have some of your troops follow you)

There are a lot more hideouts scattered throughout the star wars universe. Be sure to hunt for them all!
Sticky Reticule Sniper Rifle
Notice that the sniper rifles dont have a sticky riticule? (Or Crosshare)This is how you can make it work! Choose the sniper class on any gameplay type. then equip your pistol. after you get the enemy in your pistol crosshairs, quickly switch your weapon to the sniper rifle. then you rifle will be trained on the enemy, but hurry before he moves! take your shots quickly. The Imperial scout trooper is best for this, because his sniper rifle shoots faster than the rest. Good luck!
Strafing: Extra Advantage
Although many a game that involve sniping and shooting have strafing, the auto-lock feature available (although defnitely not exclusive) on this game (which targets units for you) has an unfortunate quirk in it that you can use to your advantage.

One of the things you may have noticed while strafing in the game or aiming for a strafing opponent in the game is the near impossibility of hitting said target without manipulating the area the weapon is aiming for, which many people now do subconciously. The CPU, however, does not. If ever caught in a firefight with one or multiple enemies, always strafe to the maximum potential. The CPU will continue to miss for the most part and you can continue your slaugfhter unhindered.

A note, though: this style of gameplay becomes ineffectual if opponent comes within point blank (very close) range, so it should be used while at a moderate distance.
Strategy on Hoth
Go to a custom game and choose Hoth as the system to conquer, now pick the galactic Empire and start the game. Now choose a character and spawn point and find an AT-AT Walker (four legged garrison deploying unit) and use it. If you want you can have fun killing the rebel troops but you might want to destroy the power generator first before having some real fun. Happy playing. Also beware of their snow speeders as they can destroy your walker by using the tow cables.

To avoid getting killed by Snow Speeders, take a path that rides up along the mountain sides. This prevents Speeders from successfully circling you as they hit the ridge and climb at odd angles, disconnecting the tow cable.
Tatooine: Mos Eisley
Go to Mos Eisley: Take CIS, pick the droid pilot and spawn to The Market. There, near the main entrance you should find an AAT. Go in it and take a co-pilot with you if possible. This tank gives you an exellent oppertunity to wipe out as many clones as possible, because the republic forces have no vehicles in this environment.
The AAT should be there in both the Galactic conquest and Instant action game modes.
The 'Duck Blind' - Killing Mass Amounts of Enemies
However, the title depends on which CP they choose.

This tip is more for those of you who don't like charging about looking for enemies where they are not. A simple way for killing the Empire on Hoth and the Republic on Geonosis follows, and it's all, once again, in those strategic machines, the walkers.

The one place that many troops will use is the walker, especially if they are limited in the amount of CPs they have, the walker CP is closest to some sort of target or they notice that your in the area. This all works for you, as you can instantly kill them just by hanging around the legs of it.

So the next time you want to go in and seriously cut down those numbers, wait for the walkers to come in, and run for the legs! Who knows how many you'll kill.

Note: Recommended that you at least take over a command post first to narrow the choice of CPs where they can reappear from.
the truth about killing Jedi
this is every way concievable from letting them die to drowning them in water.
<span class="wikilists">
  • You can kill a Jedi by running him over with certain vehicles:</li>
</span><!-- wikilists -->
Speeder Bike - just hit him head on (this is the best one)
Rebel Hovercraft - fly sideways towards him where he is hit by the black area on the side
Imperial or Republic hovercraft - trap him in the center of the two guns until he dies
CIS hovercraft - hit him with the round part of the tank
AT-AT - step on him
any starfighter besides TIE fighters - land on him
there are others but these work best and are most common.
<span class="wikilists">
  • You can drown him (trap him in a rep. or imp. tank and force him into the water or grenade him to the water</li>
  • trap him in the tank and bring him slightly out of the battlefield. he wont be able to get in the battlefield because he trys to run straight to it. he will die in 10 seconds. (NOTE: you MUST exit the vehicle, and this will NOT harm your vehicle.)</li>
  • grenade him off a cliff.</li>
  • like you in Battlefront 2, in Battlefront 1 the Jedi run out of time to live. This is commonly confused with actually shooting and killing him with splash damage, which is impossible. I figured this out because once I was the last guy and Vader was chasing me and he suddenly just died.</li>
  • turn the instant action heroes off in options. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /></li>
</span><!-- wikilists -->

Tilted screen
If you go to Hoth as the rebels and start at "Echo base" as a sniper and get a tauntaun or a snowspeeder and go on top of the base the find a crack/pit and fall down it you want to get stuck in the hole, then use the recon droid right on top of yourself then turn around and use all of your grenades, then begin crawling to get out. Now your screen should tilt slightly and it will go back to normal once you get in a vehicle.
Turrent Climbing
At Mos Eisly, You can sometimes climb up onto the tops of some buildings. If the building has a turrent on top of it, (most do) You can get on top without having to climb stairs.
Just stand on the side of the building, jump, and press triangle. You'll be in the turrent, and on the building.
two cheats for dune sea
1:be republic and then be jetpack clone. go to the cis main place and jet pack onto the bridge thing,there you can destroy cis without them seeing you!
2: go in any king of vehicle and go to the cis command post(the one in the little house) if any cis come out get back into your vehicle and shoot them, then get into the house and take their command post, if any cis spawn there shoot them because they won't be ready.and you can shoot other cis while they come through the door!
Unlocking historical campaign planets
Planets are unlocked as you beat them. When you defeat a planet's missions and have autosave enabled, you will be able to load up a profile and play directly on any planet afterward.
When Will This End!?
One thing noticeable to all is that even when the enemy is down to 30 units, they still seem to be coming full force.

This is because units will continue to reappear until you are down to about 20 or so men. This includes Jedis.

However, if you respawn, you will appear as long as there will still be one on the screen. However, when you die in the final twenty, then even if there is another guy on the field and you are killed, then that one goes down to zero.
yavin 4 sniping spot
on the yavin4 arena level choose a sniper and spawn at the east or west box the clib up the stair things till u can jump up on the roof when you are on the roof go prone, people rarely shoot back at you.
Yavin surfing
You will love it,
Start as the Republic or the Rebels
then start at the temple and hop
onto a speeder bike.Drive slowly
out of the temple and drive up the
slopes up the edge of it.when you are
at the top walk very slowly back onto
the slope you will start sliding.When
you are about half-way down double tap
circle to start crawling when you get
to the bottom you will still be moving
forward you can still steer with the analog
stick.If I doesn`t work try again.


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Bunker Glitch (Geonosis)
First off, if you want to get all the upgrades for every weapon, do the training mission on Geonosis. Complete the steps until you're required to take control of the Cliff Bunker. Use any class that is capable of earning weapon upgrads (e.g. Shotgun-->Fletchett Shotgun) and go inside of the bunker. Do not take control of the Spawn Point. Again, go inside of the bunker and go on top of the elevated platform. Turn around and face the two entry ways to the bunker which you are in. Stand there over an indefinate amount of time, droids should continually spawn, go inside of the bunker, and get stuck. You can simply blast away at massive hordes of droids that are stuck and get any infantry-to-infantry type weapon upgrade. However, this takes tme because once you're awarded the "Fletchett Shotgun" or whatnot, you'll have to kill yourself in order to lose the weapon and earn it again. In order to have it whenever you want, you'll have to earn the legendary ranking in the stats area. Hopefully it will work on your PS2 since it did mine, sleek version that is. Have fun and may the Force be with you. <(^__^)>
Dune Sea Drideka Glitch
This is much like the Droideka glitch on SWBII. Go to the Tusken Camp. You should see a ridge that has a hut on it to the left of the command post. Roll there. Now look and you'll see a ramp in front of you. Roll up it and you'll see another hut. Roll right into the entrance (if you're slightly inside or slightly outside the hut it won't work) and stand up. You should fall right through the ground. and land on the ground beneath the ridge inside of the hill. From here you can launch a surprise attack on passersby and kill all the tuskens that spawn there. Your shots will go through the hill and kill anyone that it hits just as usual. DO NOT STEP OUT OF THE HILL or you will have to do it all over again.
falling without falling
if you go to instant action go to besin:platforms and then be clone wars and pick cis. when you get in the game be droideka. go under a flying vehicle (while rolling) and when your under it you get out of your rolling mode and then you will be falling!
Holding a secondary weapon
To do this trick, switch to any deployable item (grenade, time bomb, recon droid, etc.) and completely submerge in the water. Quickly press and hold L1 and get out of the water. You will now be holding your item. If you release L1, the primary weapon will be restored.
Mos Eisley Droideka Glitch
This is much like the Droideka glitch on SWBII. Go to the hangar with a Droideka and you'll see a big fuel canister thing beside a wall. Roll behind it and stand up. You should now be inside the wall. This is a great way to unleash a surprise attack on your enemies. NOTE: This may take a few tries to do. If it doesn't work in one place, just roll slightly until it does. DO NOT STEP OUTSIDE OF THE WALL or you will not be able to get back in. I strongly suggest using first-person view to be able to see your enemies without stepping outside.
Random Geonosis Skydiving At Speed.
Spawn at the LAAT command post and get in one, works best if you're by yourself. Hit the spire and fly upwards, keeping hitting the Spire and go vertical. Keep going unti you get above the top of the Spire and go level, then get out. You should go flipping backwards really fast. If done right, you will flip out of the map and it will say "Leaving Battlefield" you can try and get back in the battlefield and it will not work, you will die.
Single Shot with Rebel Vanguard
Everyone knows that the Rebel Vanguard fires two consecutive missiles that are great for vehicles but inaccurate if fire without a lock or at units. Try this out: (best on Rhen Var: Citadel) Say you don't want to waste two missiles on one enemy but you don't want to attract attention with about six pistol shots. You must be quick but not too quick, fire the missile launcher but switch to the pistol right after. When you switch back you will still have one missile in the launcher. This also works on vehicles that are severely damaged. You can knock them out with one missile and save the other. I find it quite useful.

*From my tests I have not found that this makes the missiles fire any straighter, but it is very effective for closer range combat.

-Discovered while trying to destroy an AT-AT and then defend myself from enemies that were coming at me to take the Lighthouse command post on the Rhen Var: Harbor map in Instant Action.
On Naboo, Kashyyyk, or another planet with deep water parts, select a pilot class switch to health and ammo packs and submerge completely in the water. Quickly press and hold L1 and get out of the water before you drown. When you leave the water, Your hands will be completely empty as long as you hold in L1.

Easter eggs

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Hidden AT-ST
On Mos Eisley, you can gain access to a hidden AT-ST. The Rebels have the Hangar and are not supposed to have a vehicle. But if you capture the Hangar with the Empire, there'll be an AT-ST spawn outside the door of the Hangar which is very effective for shooting ground people and turret people. Don't shoot the Jawas!
Hidden Health droid
In the Temple level go to to the big temple and inside the computer area. Left of the screens, right beside the farthest one you can't get behind, there is a health droid that appears to be inside the wall. You cannot see it, but you can get health from it.


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Easy win on Cloud City
You wanna start on the platforms with a rebel vanguard or an arc trooper, or a sniper(reccommended) So that when you start, the enemy will be grouped far away at the other side. Zoom in and fire(make sure you stop moving!!!) and there are 2kills for vanguard, 1 for arc, and lots for sniper! Then, just keep killing them and bring your forces around and capture all of the platforms.
This may be hard, so if you die, ditch the 3 units I already mentioned. You need to capture all the command posts on the walkways. That done, you can advance on the Courtyard. You can either destroy their forces with a sniper, or rush in and take them. They generally do not capture the back entrance or carbon freezing chamber this way.
Glitch: Floating Helmet
At the profile screen create a new profile and name it "Jub Jub". The it's case sensitive and the "space" is located on the next page of letters & #'s. The space icon is the blank space. When that's done every body will be Ewok sized and no neck!Then start a game as the Rebels. select the pilot. The pilot's helmet will be floating!
how to kill a jedi
ok if you want to kill a jedi there are a few good ways but there is a relly good one that not many people know aboght. so is what you do is you get on a speeder bike and be speeding at full speed and run in to the jedi. it may take a few trys. be carfull!!!! the hero can slice you of the bike so go fast. note:make sure you are going full speed if your not going full speed it wont work.
Kill Jedi/Sith on Naboo: Theed
When your battling on Naboo: Theed, find a jedi, and shoot at him so he follows you. Head towards where the water is. Go under the water, and he wll follow you. He will eventually drown, and you will to, unless you get out fast enough.
Temporaroly unlock all of historical campaign
go to Historical campaign and press: square, circle, square, circle.