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Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly (PS2) Cheats

Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly cheats, Codes, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly cheat codes.

Command codes

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Unlimited Lives
Press Left, Right, Left, Right(3), Up, Down, Square at the title screen.


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Defeat Ripto 1 and 2
Despite what you may think . Ripto 1 and 2 are the two easiest bosses in the Spyro series so far...

Ripto one: He has nine ice crystals infront of him, you'll have to blaze 'em with fire. Now, once you start Ripto will start shooting crystals after you. Three in a row. Followed by three waves of crystals. Charge away from the orbs and jump over the shockwaves. Once you've gotten to ripto blaze him. And now, some people might believe that you have 2 do this over again 2 take down the shield of crystals once more. There they're wrong. Simply, once you've blazed ripto the first time, charge after him as he runs to the other side of the battle. Once he's ready to do his magic limbo-jimbo, you just simply fire him up once more before he gets the chance to attack. Then repeat, just follow him and blaze that butt.

Ripto 2:
Basically the same as the first, just Ice instead. This ones actually much easier since Ripto sometimes carries you with him with his shield to the other side. This will save alot of life for sparx before you go on the third. You may have to suffer one or two hits. Miscalculations are easy to make here, so stay focused
Easy Tower Challenge
In the Tower Challenge in Jurassic Jungle, you do not have to slide across the ladders to avoid the rocks. You can simply jump over them.
Extra lives
Every eight butterflies that Sparx eats you gain another live. In the home world, there are numerous sheep/butterfly animals.
Find Gems
AFTER YOU'VE BEATEN RIPTO, hold in R3 and L3 to have Sparx point to gems. R3 and L3 are the joysticks.
Get Past Ice Gate Easily!
If you don't have enough dragonflies to enter Cloud 9, just stand near the lock and charge. You'll go right through the gate!
Getting Dragonflies
Approach a dragonfly slowly so that it does not fly away from you. If it still goes away -- try a jump spin move and then use bubble-breath.
Getting lives
Others have said in Dragon Realms that you need to get 3 sheep and jump across and get the other three over and over but if you just go around the dragon spirit or around the spot where the sheep are at to begin with it starts over for you,Alot easier than going all the way over and back.
Getting Past A Gate
You know how you have the gates that you have to activate with a certain power? Well I was having a little fun; if you run (using your horns) you will be able to get through the gate.
When you do a headbash, you will dodge any attacks upon you. This is especially helpful when battling ripto.
Miss the portal
At the Dragonfly Dojo portal/ledge thing, do a headbash right on the side of it. You will miss the ledge and it will rise away from you. you will still be transported to the level
More Lives
You can charge or fire/lightning breath to kill sheep, pink frogs, pelicans and other creatures. When you kill an animal a butterfly should come out and sparx should chase after it and eat it and you get an extra life. Sometimes you have to kill more than 1 animal to get a life. When you kill 4-6 nearbye animals you should at least receive 2-3 extra lives.
ripto battle
you have to be 80% done to beat ripto on the first one,
and on the second you have to be 100% done to win.
Where the five power rune stones are
Here is a quick list of the locations of the Power Runes:

Bubble Breath - At the beginning of the game.

Electric Breath - Go to the guy that asks you to get his kite. Turn around and find this item in the tall grass.

Ice Breath - Go to Cloud 9. It's at the beginning of the level.

Wing Shield - Go to Luau Island. It's at the beginning of the level.


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A Few Music Glitches
Go to any level and press Pause repeatedly, really fast, then stop. The music should be playing really slow! If you pause the game one of two things will happen. Sometimes it will stay like a normal Pause Screen, but if you unpause then the music will be back to normal. But the other thing that might happen (it happens less often than the other) is that the music will still be playing slowly while the game is paused!
Easier Way Onto the Rainbow in Cloud 9
In one part of the level there should be a solid rainbow that you have to use all sorts of things - whirlwinds and platforms and the like - to get to. However, if you just go underneath it and perform a headbash, you will go through it and end up on top of it! This is really useful if you haven't gotten the gems and dragonfly on it yet.
Face Ripto without completeing all the levels
So use the simming in air cheat then go under the ground and find the portal were ripto origanaly came from and go into it. So that is how to get to Ripto
Head bash into a ghost (Australia)
In Crop Circle country or whatever the farm world is called, attempt the "Trial of The Platforms". If you are too low to jump onto a certain platform (while gliding), glide under the platform and "Mid-air Head Smash" (Head Bash in Mid-air). Spyro will go straight through the platform and land, or rather Head Bash, safely onto the platform. You dont need any practace at all!!! However, if you don't succed, you're (*~*).
Swimming in the air
<span style="color:purple;"><font size=1>This is in the home world, go to the electricity gate and open it (you'll need the breath).Go to the beach and swim underwater, go underneath the boat, swim into the fence and go left until you see one with a hole in the right corner, then go up.You go through the fence, congratulations, you've done it, you are swimming on air, feel free to go anywhere, you can still talk to characters too!</font></span>


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breath spin
Choose a breath. Press X,O,triangle. takes practice but soon you shall see Spyro jump in the air make a summersalt while blowing his "breath" and then will finish off with a head slam.
when you are in the dragon land go to that ice gate and charge at the lock on the gate and you should charge right through it ,it takes some practice but keep on trying!!

another cheat:when you are on luau island go near some water and do a head bash when you are sooooo near to the water ,it takes some practice but keep on trying
Continuing music glitch
Sometimes, as you hear a monotonous (repeatitive) sound like being underwater or a dragonfly fluttering, it will keep playing even if you are far away from that dragonfly or out of the water
Crop Circle Country: Twisted Turns of Mayhem.
Crop circle country is indeed a twisting turning level! I will answer to minigames in separate cheats. Okay, first go up to the bridge. Many Riptocs will appear, fight them, leave them, your choice. After you decide, jump and glide over the gap in the bridge, and more Riptocs will attack! KILL EM! Anyway, continue on. Jump onto the Haystacks and electrify the stand. Jump on the spinning UFO, jump and glide to the barn and do it again to Zoe. Go through the bridge. Repeat. Now this UFO has a great speed. Wow!

Jump on it, immediately! Ride to the barn, and continue on. It is very easy until you get too those trapped cows. You might be wondering what to do. Burst it with flame breath!
Yay, you've won! Minigames will be reviewed in separate cheats... and also dragonflies.
Early gong!
At the main screen, press start straight away and the sound will be earlier than the picture and you will hear the gong before the ninja riptoc actually gets rammed into it by Spyro!!
fire upgarde
ok now this isent exatly a cheat but it should be ok what you do is go and get the fire ball ability (dose not last to long so let it cont)ok now get something to kill you.you will come back with the fire ball ability untill you die agin.trust me it realy helps a lot
Freaky Headed Spyro
This is more of a glitch then a cheat.

When you are in the bog hillbilly honey place (forgot what its called) go do the honey slide mini game. When you complete it, go up to the alligator man and press triangle to talk while you are facing towards the camera (back facing the alligator man)if the the glitch works, Spyro's head should turn around, but his body stays facing you.
When you come to a gate, if you charge into the middle of it, the gate will let you by. When you turn back it should be open.
gates ahoy!
When you come to a gate, if you charge into the middle of it, the gate will let you by. When you turn back it will still be shut so to get out charge the lock
Getting the kite
In the chinese sort of level (forgot what its called) you will come across a little dragon, whos kite stuck in the tree. To get it out you must have ice breath. Then freeze the dragon, so he is a cube of ice, then jump on him (while frozen) then jump on the rock were the kite is and presto!!!

I think he gives you a dragonfly for getting it, i think
how to battle ripto without beating game!
this starts out by going out of the louau place. do the swimming in air cheat and go to the big ring in the ground, go through the ground, you will be teleported to ripto! good luck on beating him!
Land in mid-air
Go to a high ledge in any level, and get near a wall. Make sure that you are very high up in the air. Jump off the ledge, glide towards the wall, and charge into it in mid-air. Spyro will crash, but will land in mid-air. You can wander around in the middle of the air. If you jump, get hurt, or ram into the wall, this glitch will end.
Locate Nearby Gems
Press R3 and L3 at the same time to have Sparx point to the nearest gem.
Percentile Requirements
To access stage two of the Ripto Battle, you need to complete at least 85% of the game.

To access stage three of the Ripto Battle, you need to complete 100% of the game.
Walk on Air
To walk on air hold L3 and fall off a high cliff*but don't die* land, then do it again, this time holding R3 and you should stop about half way down.