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Spyro: A Hero's Tail (PS2) Cheats

Spyro: A Hero's Tail cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Spyro: A Hero's Tail cheat codes.


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Dragonfly Falls Hunter Hidden Areas
First, go to Dragonfly Falls and play as Hunter. Then get to the part with a waterfall. You can jump through the waterfall to get to a hidden area. Also, you can get the dragon egg and light gem in the same game at once? First, find the dragon egg and go behind the nest. Then turn 90 degrees to your left. You will see a green imp in a hidey hole. Kill him and the gnorc below him and carry on, following the path. You will eventually come to another gnorc. Kill him and carry on to get the light gem behind him in the cave. Strangely, you have gone round in a circle and there is Spyro at the cave entrance.
Easy Gems
Unlike previous titles, Spyro: A Hero's Tail has no set amount of gems, and no set amount of 'lives.'And as you've probably noticed, you get gems EVERY time you kill an enemy. Therefore, if you want something from the shop, all you must do is kill an enemy, die, kill the enemy again, die, kill-....
Get extra gems
At the coastal remains there is a rock but there's also a walkway made of rock. To the left there is a bottom place with wicker baskets and at the top is a top dark gem. You need to horn dive it then buildings will come up. Look though them and you will get extra gems.
Hidden Light Gem
When you get to Crocodile Swamp with the part where the first Moneybags Transporter Pad is, go up the stone ledges above the steel door. There are three crocodiles, kill these off. There will be a tall ledge. Jump on it, and then jump onto the top platform.

Somewhere in front of you there should be a cannon. Walk carefully to the edge of the ledge you are situated on. Press X and when you get to the top of your jump, press and hold X, while pushing the left analog stick forwards. Land on the floating platform. Go behind the cannon, and press the Triangle button. Aim the cannon, and fire. If unsuccessful at first, re-aim then fire again. Do this until you break open the ledge.

Go back to the start and climb the ledges to the top. Then you've got your light gem. Also, while you're on the cannon, the two steel chests can be fired at, these will break open and reveal gems.
Hidden Room in Crocodile Swamp
In Crocodile Swamp you will come across a hallway of bricks where one brick is a different colour. Charge at that brick and a hidden room will show up and inside is a light gem.
Interesting Tidbits...
When you are at the third level (Icy Wilderness), go to the location where you can play Hunter. Go through Hunter's level and you should eventually get to what I call Skull Chamber. It is the room where you beat 12 Skeletons.

Go walk around and you will find 2 Fire Arrows. Die, and repeat this. You should have at least more than ten arrows by the time you finish this.


Another thing when you play Hunter is Bently's Cave. If you look on his fridge on the front you will find the magnets ABC and a picture of Bently and Bartholomeow. On the other side you can find magnets that spell Eurocom, one company that produced the game. On the opposite side you can also find the word Georgia Bum, which I do not know what it means.

In the fires at Bently's house you sometimes find burnt up paintings in them...which have Bently on them..


Oh, another thing about Skull Chamber...when you look at the scorcerer controlling the skeletons, his staff has a Dragon's skull on it.
More Easy gems
First, you need to find an area with a lot of gems. Next, go to the nearest shop. buy the gem bonus, and then go to that area, every gem you get will count for double!
No Need For The Wall Jump Skill In Dragon Falls!
In Dragon Falls there is a lader (near Hunter's challenge by the huge lake with the killer fish in it and the very annoying birds flying around the lake) where u need to learn to wall jump from an Elder. Well, you don't need the skill to access the this on the top. On the enterence to the lake, stay on the ledge and glide on top of the lader! Its easy! There are gems and a cracked wall which you need to charge into to get a reward!
Sgnt Spyro
There isn't a code for this.
All u need to do is complete the sgnt bird challenges, then go back to spyro and charge at him 3 times. when you'v done that, go back onto the mini game and crash into as many birds as possible and as many times. go back to spyro and realise that he will have the same controlls as sgnt bird!!
WARNING: dont go back to the real sgnt bird or spyro will come back.


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fireworks glitch
this is a little wierd but before you set a light a firework in the game, look at its pattern say there were two. one was hearts, one was stripes (pink, purple, pink, purple, ect. ect.). then set them alight. notice that the hearts will become spots and the sripes will change posistion (purple, pink, purple, pink!!).
Giggle Fit
At a certain place in the snowy place, there are some ice covered stairs and a rock bad guy and a sgt.bird minigame. Go over to sgt.bird and let the rock guy throw his spears at you until he hits you after Sparxs goes away. When Spyro is about to fall down because he died, press the triangle button to talk to Sgt. Bird and you will not die. The rock guy will start laughing because he thinks you are dead. He never stops laughing and he can't hurt you and you can do whatever you want to him from there on. Then just go to the nearest flying fairy and save your progress.
sort of flying
okay this is a peculiar cheat. we all know we cant really fly in the game in the air. well there' a kind of glitch and all you need is the double jump ability. first, doube jump and glide, then immdiatly do it again as you land. if veiwed from the side, you can see spyro's legs don' actually touch the ground, so he is kind of flying!!
Spyro Swim in the Air
This is a very entertaining glitch that allows Spyro to swim through the air in Dragonfly Falls and go into blocked or normally off-limits areas.
1. Go to the place in Dragonfly Falls with the huge pool of water and pirahnas swimming in it.
2. If you have the wall jump ability, climb up the ladder with the cave on top of it. If not, glide down to the ladder from the ledge up high on the cliff wall.
3. Stand on the right side of the ladder on the flat piece of wood; inch forward until you fall into it. This might require a few tries, but it is worth it. The very end of the piece of wood (RIGHT SIDE) is a hole into glitch heaven.
4. You will fall into water behind the wall, in a straight square patch of water. Swim underneath and beyond the edge of the square, then up and out. You can now "swim" through most walls, ceilings, and obstacles.
Do not touch the surface of any water you are SUPPOSED to swim in. Doing this will cause you to exit the glitch.
Do not interact with anything such as Hunter, the Ball Gadget, or Moneybags' shop unless you want to exit the glitch. Dying will also cause this.
Fly over or under walls to get into Hunter's cave, over the light gem door, or through cannon-reacted walls or Charge-reacted walls.
I have not found a way to actually get out of Dragonfly Falls. If you swim in any direction, you will eventually end up in an endless blue void. I am still trying to get past this, as it would lead to endless opportunities and very interesting off-limits places in other realms. If you try this glitch, please explore as much as you can stand. -Mighty Milk


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Alternate Ending
Collect all the Dark Gems, Light Gems, and Dragon Eggs.
Embers wings
Once you unlocked the dragon Ember to play as Press triangle. Her horns go right through her wings! Its so strange!
Falling Forever Glitch
In dragonfly falls, go to the Hunter level. As you come out of Hunter's cave, look directly left. At the bottom there should be a group of three rocks. Walk over to them and you should fall through the floor into an endless blue abyss. Warning- you can only get out of it by resetting the game.
wing shield trick
After you beat Ineptune, you can swim around in the water of her den. But you can sink to the bottom. First get in the water and stay close to the center piece. Then jump half way onto the platform (so you can easily slide into the water without touching anything) Just as you jump half way onto the platform quickly press triangle and hold it untill you sink to the bottom. Then you can walk, breath fire, charge,and jump at the bottom of Ineptunes pool. WARNING you will not be able to get back up unless you restart the game.