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Spider-Man 3 (PS2) Cheats

Spider-Man 3 cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Code Breaker Codes for more Spider-Man 3 cheat codes.


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Black Suit
Complete the mission "A Harry Situation" then there will be 2 cutscenes one when Harry haves the accident and when Peter tries to sleep, he will get the black suit and you will find a gang, defeat them, ones with the black suit and others with the red suit, then you will unlock the black suit
Bridge Glitch
If you notice the bridge that goes to Roosevelt Island, on the edge where it goes from slanted to flat, cars will stop and turn invisible. Other cars will soon look like they're stopped for no reason now.
destroy bombs
when you have to destroy a bombs it tells you to press triangle to swing it in the sea or air when its near to the highest throw press triangle quickly as you can and continue until spiderman lets go of his web.
Easy Venom kill
In the final Venom fight if your health bar is nearly empty it is a good idea to just keep on vault smashing Venom (L2 and left stick towards enemy) and use web cannon (L1 and O button) when your adrenaline bar is full.

NOTE: You must first purchase the vault smash from the hero upgrades screen before you can use it.

Easy Way To Defeat Venom
This is for all of you who can't beat the little symbiotic wierdo. First off, you NEED to know how to web zip. Now, when the battle starts off, get in a few good shots, then take to the skies by zipping, since Venom can't get you there. Then, fall back down, using either the kick attack where Spidey slings himself foot-first into the enemy, or where he zips in and punches him. Repeat for the rest of the battle, and you should do fine.

P.S: If you're low on health, Zip around to regain some health, as long as there's a light gray bar in the lost health space.
how to get your frist spider token
to get your first spider token (needed to get the black suit back) all you have to do is beat the game once and when you load it your first token will be there and after you collect all 50 or 60 of them you get your black suit back.
if you are one of those people who all ways spend your hero points when you defeat sandman for the first time you will always be in your black suit. do all the street gangs as soon as you defeat sand man because you cant go on to the geroupgrade so you will end up with loads of hero points to spend after you do the next mission.
ultimate punches
when you have defeated sandman for the first time you will have the black suit on and you cant take it off. when you are in the aura of the black suit (about to get knocked out if you dont take it off) you can keep hitting with out taking a brake. hint : do all the street crime when you are in this mode you will get ti done a llot quicker than red and blue spiderman.
Unlimited Hero Points
Play through the game and take EVERY bosses photo, and whatever gang members you want, but leave at least one. After beating story mode get any remaining pictures you haven't taken, and you'll get around 15 points. Save your game and reset your PS2. Load your game and you should hear and see the Villain Photo complete and gain another 15 hero points. Send them, save, and restart the process as much as needed.


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Glitch Bridge
<font size=1><span style="color:green;">The part in bridge glitch is where almost ALL the glitches happen. Glitches include, Cars turning invisible and stopping when they go across the black line on the bridge, Cars NOT stopping when standing in front of incoming cars on the left side of the road, Cars floating on the L side of the road after they hit you, Cars appearing out of freaking NOWHERE, Cars going through each other, People disappearing and appearing out also freaking nowhere.</span></font>
Go to the End of the Bridge
Ok, so here is what you do. Go to the farthest part of the bridge you can, all the way to where the invisible wall is. Now get on a car right at the invisible wall and you'll end up going through. Follow it all the way and you reach where the sidewalk ends.


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Black Suit (unlockable)

After beating the main story collect 50 spider emblems to unlock the black suit spidey suit
Flexing spidey!!!
in the mission where you have to take morbius to shriek, if you jump in the water while holding morbius, he will turn invisable and it will look like spidey is flexing!!!
First off, this won't work if you've beaten the game. Sorry.

Okay, AFTER you have beaten Sandman for the FIRST time and BEFORE you go to see MJ you will be in your Black Suit. You will notice that you cannot take it off AND that you will not black out when the black aura appears around the screen when you are fighting.

This is awesome 'cause I went around the whole city and took out every gang group there was and the Cops are at 100%. The only down side is you cannot upgrade normal Spider-Man during this time until after you see MJ. But no big deal 'cause when I was done taking out all the gangs I had 45 level-up bars to spend!
NOTE: Every time you fail a mission or turn off the console the Adreneline Bar goes back down and you will need to regain it for Black Suit Rage Mode (which, you guessed it, he's a TON stronger).

Try it for yourself it's great! Especially since you can't pass-out from using it.
Swing On Nothing But Air.
Alright, go to El Barrio, shoot web in air. sometimes if you do it long enough you wil grab nothing but air.