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Spider-Man 2 Cheats

Spider-Man 2 cheats, Passwords, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

Spider-Man 2 Passwords

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Name Entry Code
If you enter this code multiple times, it will double, triple, etc.

NOTE: You cannot have another Spider Man 2 save on your memory card for this to work.
PasswordWhat it does
HCRAYERT You will have more than 40%, 21,000 Hero points with swing speed and Win Zip upgrades, and Big Game Hunter, Alien Buster, Shock Absorber.
Submitted by: Eridor on May 20, 2009

Spider-Man 2 Unlockables

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The 'rewards' are under the pause menu. There are 40 in all.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Shutterbug Complete all Daily Bugle Missions (6)
Lover not a Fighter Complete all Mary Jane Missions (10)
Employee of the Month Complete all Pizza Missions (20)
Drenched Explorer Collect all 130 Bouy Tokens
Knowledge Seeker Collect all 213 Hint Markers
Game Master Complete Everything in the game (100%)
Alien Buster Defeat Mysterio
Shock Absorber Defeat Shocker
Tentacle Wrangler Defeat Doc Ock
Big Game Hunter Defeat Rhino
hardcore gamer Complete all arcade games, with top scores
Master Explorer All exploration tokens found
Towering Explorer All skyscraper tokens found
Watchful Explorer All secret tokens found
Vigilant Explorer All hideout tokens found
Silver Medalist Beat all challenges
Gold Medalist Beat all challenges' mega times
Friend to Children Return 25 balloons to children
Peace maker Prevent 25 gang wars
Bane of Petty Thieves Stop 25 purse snatchers
Thug Mugger Prevent 25 muggings
Watch Dog Foil 25 break-ins
Anger Manager Stop 25 road rages
Stick Up Artist Foil 25 robberies
Partycrasher Stop 25 battle royals
Lifter of Spirits Rescue 25 hanging citizens
Sucker Foil 25 ambushes
Automobile Avenger Stop 25 car jackings
Lifer Preserver Resolve 25 sinking boat crisises
Human Ambulance Resolve 25 medical emergencies
Honorary Deputy Assisted 25 officiers
Crime Stopper Stop 250 petty crimes
Good samaritan Help 250 citizens in distress
Champ Defeat 200 enemies
Mega Champ Defeat 500 enemies
Speed Freak Get max swing speed
Hero in Training Accumulate 15K hero points
Hero Accumulate 45K hero points
Superhero Accumulate 100K hero points
Mega Hero Accumulate 200K hero points
Submitted by: Eridor on May 20, 2009
infinite life
When you get all secrets,skyscrapers and hints token(the green icon) you will have infinite life and when you fall it won't do any damage just make sure that you don't put the hcrayert cheat.
UnlockableHow to unlock
infinite lifeGet all secrets,skyscrapers and hint token
Submitted by: dcchew11 on January 07, 2009
UnlockableHow to unlock
Wallsprint Upgrade 2 Collect all 150 Secret Skyscraper Tokens
Fight Arena Beat the Final Doc Ock Battle
Movie Theatre Beat the Final Doc Ock Battle
Endurance Rounds in Fight Arena Beat Timed Round 3
Submitted by: Eridor on May 20, 2009

Spider-Man 2 Tips

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Vultures Green Feathers from Spider Man 1
Go on the building where you fought vulture in Spider Man 1(the building with the eagle statue things) on 1 of the sides near the eagle thingy
theres vultures green feathers! Interesting isn't it!
Submitted by: theiceman161 on June 23, 2008
I found a way to get INCREDIBLY high in the air and so im gonna bore you with how to do it. Go to any mini-mission where you have to break a car or beat up thugs. Kill all but one thug, and grapple him. (Triangle+Circle) take him up to the empire state building by swinging and throw the thug lightly against the giant pole. Then jump into the air and begin an air combo. Right in the middle of it press (X) to do an extra jump. Pull him to you with (Triangle+Down) and do the air combo+X again, and again, and again, and again. You can get to the very top and you will literally RUN INTO THE SKY. If you press select it looks really odd. It takes some getting used to but its really cool. The ESB is not necesarry but it does help.
Submitted by: Crazybean2021 on June 28, 2005
Alternate travel
Start running down the road in a direction you wish to travel, hold the sprint button constantly unless you need to turn a tight corner, then follow these steps:

Charge your jump while running, release then immediatly charge your jump again while your in the air, then just as you touch the ground release the jump key and you should go flying forward, then right after you jump up charge again, then release when you touch the ground. Your movement should almost be like a frog hopping on lilypads, when you land from a jump you have to have timing when you jump again, you cant wait to long because you'll switch to running and it will slow you down a lot. Happy hopping! (If you can judge your distances, try to land on a car, it enhances the speed of that jump when you leap up)
Submitted by: TheMadCapper on June 17, 2005
Beat Mystirio in the Mirror Chapter
To beat this chapter you must break all the mirror's so your spider-man evil clones don't keep coming out of them. Once you have broken all the mirrors you will see/find a mirror that is glowing or just looks like it a pathway - go through that mirror to complete the chapter.

CORRECTION: you don't need to break all the mirrors to get through this. once you find one mirror that has a beam that shoots to the center, break every third mirror and you will get the same result
Submitted by: lil_gamer on July 14, 2004
Better swinging
Well, most of you who already bought the game and already spent about a week playing it should've gotten a lot better at swinging, but there are a lot of ways to get around the Maze of Manhattan with the following tips for masterful swinging:

- You have to have a good imagination in order to understand this technique. Of course you can hold on to 2 webs at a time (normal swinging), but you can also use it to your advantage in turning corners of far away buildings. Lets say you are trying to turn a corner to the street to your next left. While already holding on and swinging from a web, point the left analog stick towards the corner of the building to your RIGHT to catch on to a web and swing in that direction. Now, wait until Spidey is at a 10 o 'clock angle from that web, then suddenly aim the left analog stick towards the building on your left and press (AND HOLD) the swing button. You should be holding on to two web lines while stopping in the air. But before you get pulled back and stopped at a pint becuz of the two web lines, let go to your FIRST web line in order for you to turn the corner to the left. Understood that? No? Then you do NOT have a good imagination...this technique makes you look "stylish" while turning corners AND gives you a less chance of hitting a wall from turning a corner. Whew...o and I call it the "Slingshot Turn". Catchy? Didn't think so.

- Ok, now. Following up on that slingshot turn...you can ALSO go directly from a slingshot turn to a slingshot....slingshot. How? Well do the directions stated above, but instead of letting go of your first webline, simply tilt the left analog stick towards the direction where Spidey is already flailing at and simply let go when he stops moving. This will send Spidey flying (not literally) several stories thorugh the air. In case you're having trouble, instead of shooting a second webline when you are at a 10 o 'clock position from the first webline, try shooting the second web line at a lower "clock position". Ok? Got it? Good.

-Wow this is looong. Theres ONE more technique!! Yay!! Yea..anyway, if you are having a hard time trying to going fast through a narrow street, then while swinging through said street, push the sprint button at about a few meters before you are at the very bottom of your swing arc. Let go of your webline or simply tap X at around the 7 o 'clock position. Repeat this step approximately 1/2 a second after letting go of your web. You'll go fast in no time.
Submitted by: xXRusTeD_DaRKnessXx on August 06, 2004
Da shocker!!!
if you got annoyed by the socker and feel like beating him up again you can simply beat him then after the cutscene where you talk to black cat you can go back there and fight him and his goons again.

Kill those goons!!!!
Submitted by: Gun_zlinger on June 18, 2007
Defeating Doc Ock
If you keep running out of juice on the Spider Reflexes meter in the final battle with Doc Ock; to earn that back, press down on the D-Pad to put it on camera lock, then just web swing in his direction and do the Cannonball Kick, if you hit him, he will lose life and you will gain juice. This is the best and easiest way to do it. If you don't want to do that, keep pressing the dodge button repeatedly and you will dodge just about all of his attacks, this is the fastest but hardest way to do it. It takes a while, but you'll get it.
Submitted by: wassup on August 08, 2004
Doc Ock Help
The way to beat him is to bide your time. At first, his arms will go a yellow/orangish color. At this point it's a warning sign of him about to strike. A second before he does so, press the circle button to move out of the way. Then press the triangle button to web the tentacle. Repeat this process until all his arms are tied down, and then use a lot of combos and attacks until he is defeated.
Submitted by: pac4ever on October 16, 2005
Easy Battle
To easily complete a battle when low on health throw them in water pile drive or kick them off of buildings
Submitted by: Darkness1000 on November 13, 2007
fun construction site
Have you noticed that some thugs show up at or near construction sites? Well there is one that has the most thugs it's near the lower south east that bulges out.It has a huge cran that you can use for higher altitude and high speed chases and fights not to mention the amount of damage for the grabing head smash( triangle+circle then when in air circle) hint, hint.
Submitted by: JustJoshua94 on November 24, 2008
Get to Destinations faster
We all know that these "get to the marker before the time runs out" are a pain, so what I have to tell you is this: Altitude is EVERYTHING! Stay high and you won't hit any buildings and sprint jumps are great when you're high up, especially with a person on your shoulder.
Submitted by: tommex on August 21, 2004
Get to The Arcade
To get there look at the pizza place, then turn left down the road, continue down the road and past the first turn left...

Take the next turn so that you are going by the grassy area, continue down over the road and there will be an alleyway...

It should be just in there and the first game will be at the back to the left.
Submitted by: imatramp on August 12, 2004
Getting Out Of Hard Fights.
Okay, there are times when on the street when you get a challenge where your health gets to almost zero or (rescue from the boat) you can't do yet.

In these times, press start, then save the game and load it back up when its done saving...
Why? this has got you out of the fight you would lose 100 points usually and kept all of the things



You had during the fight.
Then all you have to do is go to the stores and buy some health or find a purse snacher who is easy to beat...


But do not, I repeat do not try this on a boss fight, as this will reset the chapter and you will have to do loads of stuff again to get to it.
Just ether fill up your spider-reflexes bar or use it all to try and beat him.

This is only really for small chapters, beginnings of chapters or end ones where you only have to get hero points...
Submitted by: imatramp on July 31, 2004
Glitch: Walking on Water
Go to central park. Surrounding the lakes will be people sitting on benches. jump on the bench and walk on the person. They will jump up from their seat. Then, start pushing them towards the water. Keep pushing them towards the water. Once you get them there, they won't fall in, but will walk above the water. Some just stand there in midair. It's funny, try it.
Submitted by: SonicHero12 on June 27, 2007
Hint:Faster spin on piledriver!
When you are fighting a thug, grapple him (by pressing Triangle + Circle) and carry him up to a high building. Then jump off with the thug and press circle repeatedly, don't stop.

You will end up spinning the thug really fast and he will instantly die on touchdown.

Submitted by: Aragorn501 on August 22, 2004
how to beat the armoured suits easy
right, we all know them, we all hate them, and they're bloody annoying...
the easiest way to beat the armoured suits in the street is this:
get them in line, so theres one in front of you and on or two directly behind it and get them to fire, the one furthest back will fire rockets but they will hit the one in front of it, eventaully destroying it... then you can destroy the other one by running behind it when it turns and attacking its back
Submitted by: tommex on August 31, 2004
Jumping higher when climbing
If you want something fast and want it now (just like the first Spiderman), when crawling on a wall or a building, hold the jump button (X) to pump up your jump charge. Then release it. You should be able to jump higher. It's a lot easier if you are trying to get somewhere by going on top of a building and going down. But you don't want to hurt yourself if you want to go down. If you did, web swing to save your life.
Submitted by: KurtisTrent on July 24, 2004
Pete's Apartment
Pete's apartment is between Greenwich village and Westvillage. On the map (low right hand corner) you will see a white block; go to it and their it is.
Submitted by: kalescool8 on February 21, 2005
Slow but Effective
If you ever want to go back to the lady liberty then swing around the city until you find a helecopter. Then keep swinging under it until you can hook onto it (by pressing R2 under it) then wait once your hooked on. Then wait. I suggest having a lot of time on your hands 'cause this may take long. It also only happened to me a couple of times when i got to the Statue Of Liberty.
Submitted by: Bob20 on September 26, 2006
Super-fast wall crawling
when you crawling up a wall/ building, hold the sprint button and tap rapidly between the x button and the o button. You'll litraley fly up the wall. This tip is great when chasing black cat
Submitted by: Lano on August 16, 2004
Swing Faster
To swing faster, you need to buy the upgrades as well, but pressing L2 during a swing uncreases your speed...

But watch out, as you also lose a load of control just as if you are sprinting...

You can tell when you are speeding up as the screen will blur slightly...
Submitted by: imatramp on July 31, 2004
Wierd thing
This isn't a cheat or a hint, but something really wierd that once happened to me. I went to help get a balloon, but the balloon wasn't going anywhere. It was just floating there, and the wierdest part was, the kid was dead on the ground! It was really wierd!
Submitted by: Piff Imuzo on April 29, 2006
worm cars
go on a side of a building go up but dont go on the top then look down you will see that the cars will look like a worm when they turn
Submitted by: urapooper on September 26, 2007

Spider-Man 2 Glitches

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eagle eye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is a hit that helps you see the sky scraper coin things all you have to do is go to the empire state building (tallest building) or the eagle building (the building with eagle statues coming out of it and feathers on it) then look round on top of buildings and if you see a flash (not on corners because it will be a light) go to that and it will be one of the coins.
Submitted by: tommi09 on December 03, 2008

Spider-Man 2 Cheats

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'Infinite' Wallrunning
To do an infinite wallrun do a normal wallrun by pressing R2 and O on a wall, then while holding R2 press X and then O quickly...

You will see spidey jump off the wall and then quickly continue wallrunning, he will never get tired in you do this every few seconds...
It is faster than normal sprit climbing and is quicker for getting back into swinging or fighting...
Submitted by: imatramp on February 16, 2005
bad parenting!
When you do the mission where you have to get the baloon back for the little kid and thier parent do it but wait! stay there near the kid and watch, the mother/father will walk away leaving their child to try to catch up with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by: anonymous on December 29, 2006
Programmers Save
Before you make any profile, type in HCRAYERT as a name, then you can put your own name. It will start you off with 40% done in the game, 1,000,00 hero points and all of the web speeds.
Submitted by: Robson Liu on July 13, 2004
spidey fun
when u have one thug that is really anoying use the spidey grapple(hold triangle,then hit 0)but don't hit circle to throw him. instead with him on ur fist u can swing and throw him off building and into the water.but be careful because if u throw him in the water when he is holding something like money or a purse u loose the mission.
Submitted by: Majesty247 on June 09, 2005