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Spartan: Total Warrior cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Beating Aries
you have to do that misson with the spartan sword and shield so what you have to do is hold L2 then press x then when he jumps back hit him with the sword and just keep on doing that its easy
Beating Beowulf and yourself
First off is Beowulf. This guy is a *itch to beat, especially if you start out with crappy health and/or power. When you first start out, his first or one of his first attacks, will be that really powerful area effect attack. You can tell he is about to do it by looking at his power. Since his replenishes over time you always want to stay away from him when its full. right when he does it, press the Jump button. That way you get NO damage taken. then get up to him and hold down the block button till he swings at you. right when that happens roll behind him(L2+Triangle). Now he is wide open for attack, so unleash hell on him. remember to watch his power.( I dont have any method of taking care of those dang berserkers though.) thats all i got on this guy.

Beating yourself is by far my favorite boss. With this guy you want to use the Medusa Shield, and nothing else. And think of this fight as... an extreme game of tag. All you have to do is keep your distance and collect any and all power/health orbs. once you got at least one power tank full, find yourself and use the powered direct attack (R1-X). it should turn him to stone an hurt him pretty badly. I think it only hurts him as long as he doesn't have any power tanks full. In any case, if it doesn't hurt him just whack away at him while he is still stone. or use your other power tank if its full.

Well, thats all i got. hope these tips help.
Button Masher Paradise
The main part of this game involves mass amounts of warriors leaping down upon you and your typically underpowered and outnumbered men.

However hard this may seem, for the first few missions there are few enemies that might, if ever, block. This means that if you are only safe using O attacks or area attacks, then so be it.

However, later in the game, remember that they will block, and they will block often. So if you do not learn how to use the stronger moves (Holding down the L2 shoulder button with O or checking out some of the combos in the game manual) or dodge, then you are at a disadvantage.
Defeat ares in last mission
Take the sword of Athens and then you have to keep blocking. You cannot hurt him because he will be blocking with his shield.If he blocks you have to block too and then press x. Then he won't be blocking anymore then hit him as much as you can. If he gives life to the dead hit them quickly especially the flamethrowers and the sappers. After they blast you can collect health near them. If he gives two copies of him, don't worry because they will die in just one hit. Now the biggest problem,
When he throws fire on you. When the fire get near to you take anquick turn towards right or left and run towards ares that's the only time you can use your special power. When he is throwing power or charging for it go near to him and press R2+X that will heavily decrease his health like this you can easily defeat him.
Double Tasking
In this game, especially when you first play, you will notice the game has tendencies to give you multiple objectives per level.

That means that in one level, you will have to shoot three catapults throughout the level, protect the oil cauldron, and use that same cauldron to drop hot oil on enemy troops so that they do not break through the gates.

If you hear at any point that they are breaking through the gate and you are not firing a catapult, then take the chance and use the cauldron. This is one example of how not only looking, but listening is important in this game.

Always make sure to remember all your objectives. If you miss one, it can be a great mistake that could easily cost you the level, and most assuredly it will.
Easy breaks through enemies/Annoying enemies
All you have to do instead of L2 + X-O,is just use a 2h weapon and use O =3,saves the whole annoying bash trick and goes on easier,also if you think they're too slow,use Beowulf's Hammer like this: X,O,you should have your rage bar(upper left corner)immediatley filled,wich is good because you can use the area effect with it.The spear of Achilles is very good to use,to break through without "bashing" hold R2 and press O,you should power up(if you have one filled blue ball)this allows you to burn enemies on touch and burst through any shield

Right,we all hate the assasins,don't we??Some of us hate the giants,the Minotaur or just some random civilian ^^.The trick in killing an assasin with great fun is to turn them into stone by equipping the weapons of Graccus(you get those by killing his sorry behind)don't worry if you don't have it,assasins come way later than his bedtime.To stun them all,R2 + O,the other one kills one immediatley,but it's not too good.The giants is kinda thesame trick(stoning them),and believe it or not,they're weak to fire so if you have the spear use it,don't hesitate,Blades of Athens should do good aswell.The Minotaur is tricky,if you get lucky by lighting a bomb and he comes by,he gets hit,good for you it deals loads of damage,but if not,wield the Spear,and use R2 + X,this zaps him and deals about 1/10 damage(or more)and he's stunned for 1second so you can do a quick stabby so no problem.Killing the civilians is loads of fun,and it has no consequence what so ever,to kill em,L1 + X,O,they can't be hit with melee but they can be killed with arrows.Theee shooting machines and archery is just a way of getting there,no tricks(we do hate them)you can try stoning,but wasting a charge on 5 archers when they die of 1-hit,dunno.
The rest of the enemies have clear clues on how to kill em,I know Sejanus is a real pain,but he only comes back once,so np,lol.The Hydra is(one more,than I'm gone <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />)very difficult to discover,you have to zap the incoming head when he's next to you,then shoot the neck with FIRE arrows(once),it's a matter of concentration,took me once to figure and another one to kill it.Hope I helped,have fun!
Easy Centurion/Praetorian Kills
This only works with the Athena Swords (in my experience anyway). You see, inlike any other weapon, brandishing the swords turns your sheild bashes into powerful kicks. These kicks allow for immediate follow up with sword slashes, so try this little trick. When a Centurion, Praetorian or any other cheeky Roman with a big shield keeps blocking and countering you, get him between you and a wall. Then, hold L2 and hit X. You'll boot him in the face and knock him back. Then run up to him and kick him a few more times. Then lay into him with lots of Direct Attacks. If he starts blocking you again, put in another boot or two. DON'T let him block you more than twice, or he'll sheild bash you and you'll lose the position. Use this method and you should find these irritating enemies much easier.
Head Long Charging and Archers
No matter how fast you are going, an arrow from an archer will always stop you in your tracks, so do not expect to be able to charge directly into enemy lines and take care of them immediately. They may be weak, but they sure as heck can be annoying.

The enemy will usually charge in full power themselves using melee men as the fighters in the front. However, the archers, who can do a fair bit of damage, will be spread through them and usually closer to the back. This means that you want to move around the crowd a lot when you do mass amounts of damage in one go, especially when you have Athena's swords which, when powered up, allow you to perform a series of amazing slashes that usually behead the enemy.

If they shoot you, it will stop you for a moment and your character, Spartan, will stagger. At this point you are vulnerable to attack.

However, you yourself can be annoying as well, rapid firing not only one, but five arrows if you use the O button. Although you will run out of arrows (what the crates full of arrows are good for) it can slow down the enemy a bit and do a fair bit of damage.
How To Draw On Picture In Athens Level
When on the Athens level you will see pictures if you press square next to it you will draw on it and it makes the pic look weird!
Medusa's Rays
In the game, you will come to points where you will face such superweapons as Medusa's Rays. Although powerful, if you are outside the range of those blue circles before the ray ends, then you will not be turned to stone.

Hey, another advantage is that they also effect the troops against you anyways, so if you are at the edge of a battle group of their warriors and Medusa turns her eyes on you, then if you escape, it could be a grave time for the General's troops.

Do not worry when you first encounter the rays, as more men will join you as the battle goes on.


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Beating Beowulf
There is a simple little trick to beating Beowulf, however you must be using the Spartan Shield and Sword, no other weapon.

When you approach him stay away from the fire, and Hold L2 to shield his attacks, and when he begins to swing press Triangle and then X instantly. You can hit him up to three times by pressing X before you must Shield yourself again using L2. If he starts to send a shockwave attack hold L2 and then right as the ripple nears you press Triangle. It lessens the damage you take. Remember this little "glitches" and you shouldn't have any problem beating Beowulf.
how to beat yourself
when fighting yourself near end of level three
dont use any other wepon except the sheild of medusa because when you have full power in the blue orb you can turn him to stone and whilst hes like stone you can attack him and take away more life than when hes not turned into stone so dont worry you will beat him happy killing for sparta
To unlock all levels and arenas in the single mission replay mode, highlight extras on the main menu and press left (11 times), right (7 times) and then press square.