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Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Cheats

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Unlockables

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how to get scp-hd
i don't really know but all you do is play free race ( the first place ) a couple of times and you get him ( by the way he is pretty good i beat a lot of levels with him )
UnlockableHow to unlock
SCP-HDplay free race a couple of times and you get him ( by the way he is pretty good i won lots of levels with him ) your welcome amigos
Submitted by: burak3344 on January 14, 2010

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Tips

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Character Attacks
Here are the character attacks if you are in last:

Sonic: Rolling spinball (or as I call, Spinning Ball of Doom)

Tails: (I think it's an electric plug that he whips around his head)

Knuckles: (Probably punching)

Jet: That butt-load of feathers that's on a stick.

Storm: A slap (not very interesting, huh?)

Wave: (I do not know, but if you do, please let me know)

Amy: The Piko-Piko Hammer (which is very stupid)

Cream: Her Chao (which is also stupid. It just blocks your view for a lttle amount of time.)

Silver: (probably telekenises)

Shadow: the Chaos ball that is in his hand

Rouge: Probably a flying bat)

NiGHTS: (I do not know)

Amigo: (I do not know)

Billy Hatcher: (I do not know)

Eggman: A confetti gun (LOL)

SCR-GP: Two sticks???

SCR-HD: (I do not know)
Submitted by: shadx on September 16, 2008
Easiest way to earn tons of rings!!!!!
If you want tons of rings, first, buy the Gambler gear. Then, on free race, select World Grand Prix. This way, if you use both ring changes (Ring Capacity up +50, then Ring Capacity up +100) that will equal 250 rings, thus if you get first place with 250 rings, and 6 tracks, plus the 500 rings if you win the Grand Prix, that will equal... A WHOLE LOT OF RINGS!!!!!!!!!.
Submitted by: shadx on September 16, 2008
how to beat mobius strip
This is kinda a cheat but its really just a tip so heres how u do it for all u peaple who are stuck on it BEATING MOBIUS STRIP
On Mobius Strip theres a giant monster you have to beat in 5:00 in order to win. Let first me say that "beat" in the game directions mean destroy not get ahead of him because it is impossible. In order to destroy the robot, whenever he activates gravity dive pull up/back on the L analog stick and keep flying into the glass (It gains you extra speed). Next try to fly into the last set of glass and be the first to hit him (the computers can't hit him right). Hit him at the bottom where that purple rock is and keep doing this to destroy him.

Now here are 3 tips to help even more

1) Stay close to inside edge on corners, this will give you the edge on tight corners this also can get closer to the front of the pack!

2) Try using your character type to your ability, speed types should always try to keep in a straight line, fly types should try and get perfect moves (score=x)this gives you extra gravity points, Power types have longer attack time when using the item that looks like a fist and a better chance of getting this (try using the short-cuts that looks like sonic running when in the fight position, this includes the springs and laser area's!)

3) Don't always go for the coolest gear such as "the chaos emerald." It always has a downside like no gravity (like mag) and runs on rings (The chaos emerald) this just dosn't help you in winning a race.
Submitted by: nemesis0778 on April 12, 2008
Unlockable: Babylon Story Unlockables
The following can be unlocked by defeating the Babylon Story: 80's Boulevard (track), 90's Boulevard (track), Blaze (character), Eggman (character), SCR-GP (character), and Silver (character).
Submitted by: Onvacation on January 20, 2008
Unlockable: Chaos Emerald Gear

To acquire Chaos Emerald Gear, you must attain the highest rank on each Story Mode mission.
Submitted by: Onvacation on January 20, 2008
Unlockable: Movies

To unlock new movies, try the following. Two new movies can be unlocked by completing the Babylon Story in its entirety, while a third movie can be unlocked by completing the Heroes Story in its entirety.
Submitted by: Onvacation on January 20, 2008

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Cheats

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Unlockable: MAG Gear

To acquire the MAG Gear, you must clear each mission on Story Mode.
Submitted by: Onvacation on January 20, 2008
Unlockable: Mission Mode Unlockables
Complete all the missions in Mission Mode, and you can unlock the following three characters: Amigo, Billy Hatcher, and Nights.
Submitted by: Onvacation on January 20, 2008
Shadow: Beat heroes story
Cream: Beat heroes story
Rouge: Beat heroes story
Babylon story: Beat heroes story
Mission mode: Beat Megalo station
Silver: Beat babylon story
Blaze: Beat babylon story
Eggman: Beat babylon story
SCR-GP: Beat babylon story
SCR-HD: Come first in a free race against SCR-HD
Nights: Complete all missions
Amigo: Complete all missions
Billy: Complete all missions
Gigan device: Beat the Gigan device
Crimson crater: Beat heroes story
Nightside rush: Beat Nightside rush
Snowy kingdom: Beat Snowy kingdom
Meteor tech sparkworks: Beat Amys story event
Opening movie: Beat Megalo station
Insert movie: Beat Security corridor
Ending movie: Beat master core ABIS
Tempest waterway: Beat Tempest waterway
MAG gear: beat all missions
Angel/Devil gear: Beat babylon story
Broom gear: Beat heroes story
Security corridor: Beat Security corridor
Super sonic: Unlock Chaos emerald
Chaos emerald: Pass all missions with extreme rank
Mobius strip: Beat babylon story
Astrial babylon: Beat babylon story
80s Boulevard: Beat babylon story
90s Boulevard: Beat babylon story
Submitted by: raymanmaster on February 23, 2008