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Sonic Heroes (PS2) Cheats

Sonic Heroes cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Sonic Heroes cheat codes.


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Bubbles, Bubbles,Everywhere! Glitch:
Chose 2p turtle island battle mode. Chose team chaotix and any other team. Be vector. Blow a bubble and make vector and espio get eliminated, but Charmy still alive. If you look closely in the water, you can see vector's bubbles.(this is a difficult trick)
Carnival/Storm Easy Win
In the boss levels of stages 2 and 6 (Carnival and Storm). Here is an easy way to win against some things. If you are having trouble with some of the non flying or some flying robots, use your team blast. Yea, you might have just used it and it's empty. Use fly formation (Tails, Rouge, Charmy, or Cheese) and jump and hover above the enemy. Use Thunder Shoot to get your Team Blast bar full. The enemy can't do anything against this unless they have a LASER. Once the meter is full, move away and land. Once you touch down use your team blast. If you need to, you can do this again. I had trouble with the Stage 6 boss playing as team Dark. I couldnt beat it for a while, then I remembered doing this once and I had a very easy win. It takes up a lot of time though so you will probably get an E ranking.
easy lives with team blast
to get easy lives then go to team chaotix and play robot storm.
then destroy all robots until you get a team blast.
next use the team blast.
then use vectors bouce attack.
then when the team blast gauge runs out you will have another team blast!
repeat this until you finnish the level.
you should end up with 900+ rings and 5+ lives!(unless you got hit of course)

hope you find this helpful! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Easy Team Blast
In Story Mode pick any team (Team Sonic Recommended) and choose any formation (Fly Formation Recommended) and keep on attacking (Can Shoot anywhere including thin air).Keep on doing that until KABOOM you now have a full and quickly done team blast metre.Have a nice time doing that!!!
Easy Team-to-Team Defeat
One way to beat another team (1- or 2-player mode!) is to use Flight formation and keep using Thunder Shoot from above. Thunder Shoot targets the opponent if they are in front of you (in general).
Extra coins
On bingo highway-2p mode, te second player usually steals a coin from 1p's coins.
Extra coins
On bingo highway-2p mode, te second player usually steals a coin from 1p's coins.
free barrier
y'know when you get a barrier from the green power core? well you can get unlimeted bariers with power formation! all you do is become power formation and grab the other 2. when you get hit the other 2 will fall off and you wil be unharmed!

also do it with fly by letting them hit the other 2 formations and you won`t be harmes at all! trust me it works! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
get better pionts:
when you are Team Sonic or Team Dark use press square in speed for mation to do a dash it's amazing: p.s Espio and Amy can't do it!
How 2 Beat Team Battles with Team Rose
chose challenge mode,(or if your on story mode) with team rose and battle team chaotix or sonic. use amy's tornado hammer every time. this will eventually blow them away! if you don't like this or if it dosen't work for you, just use cream and keep doing thundershoot.
Inside a dice
Chose 2p mode. Then chose any two teams. The stage must be BINGO Highway. Then go next to a die that doesn't move. Use rocket axel or solo attack to pass through the die. If ya kinda do it slower, you might end up iside a die. It took me a looooong time to figure out and master that.
Invisible Tip
On the extra mission on ocean palace, when charmy warped flowers turn espio invisible. Notice that you cannot pass through the ruins. Just stand next to an enemy's platform and jump over the ruins.
Metal or Evil Skin
After you have chosen a 2P battle or any 2P mode, press X and Triangle to make there skin and eyes fluid with red coloured of evil.
Mystic mansion
when you are in mystic manion and there is a swtich and you can open it and the world is swrilling around well... just change to power fomatuion and do that switch next you do fly eg Rouge u make them fly and stuff and then speed eg shadow now when you have done all the switchs you are ready to keep going p.s this is quite tricky with speed on team sonic be warned
Ride With the Rinos!
In rail canyon/bullet station there are little trains that look like rinos. and you can ride with them on rails with these steps:

#1. go on rail canyon/bullet station
#2. go to a rail where the trains run as well
#3 go into fly formation
#4 fly to a rail that is ridden by a rino!

On 2p mode team battle, if you want play around with one player, we got information.
1.With all speed people( not espio or amy ) jump a little far off the stage do a tornado attack,(black or blue) and then a homing attack. You will by yourself.
2.With all power people,stand at the edge, and jump a tiny bit closer. Once one teamate fell off, do the same to the next.
3.With all flyers(this one's tricky) Be your power person. Do step to, only by eliminating the speed person. Then let the power leader jump off, quickly switch to your flying person and fly back to the stage.
4.With Amy, to get rid of Big and Cream, simply hold x away and then before it levels down, fly back to the stage.
5.With Espio, turn invisible and let the other person(1p or 2p) get rid of Charmy and Vector. Then, you could turn back, or stay invisible.
6.To get back your teamates, restart the game or use team blast.
7.When your Cream, you cannot get a team blast, thre is no way unless you chose turtle island.
Surviving Bingo Highway
When you keep falling off the pinball table with team dark, or any other team, there's a way to fall off, without losing coins, points, level ups, or keys.
Use your speed character. Jump over the bingo portal while another teamate rolls in. Quickly switch to that character.Then, if you fall off, your speed character will stil be alive. If you do make it to the goal ring, you finished the level.Tip: If all your characters enter the portal and they all fall off, you start at the last checkpoint you touched, so be careful!
Team Battles: Team vs Team
When fighting in a Team vs Team multiplayer mode or playing one of the single player Boss Team Battles, here's a handy tip for a quick defeat of your enemies: use your Power character (Knuckles, Omega, Big or Vector) to target and force the lead character of your opponent's Team off the edge of the arena. If the leader of a Team falls to his/her death, the other two Team mates will blindly throw themselves off after him/her and you've killed three birds with one stone! Quick, effective defeat.
Team-To-Team Tip
If you're up against another team then here is a little tip. If you're enemy is in speed formation then go power formation. If you're enemy is in power formation then go fly formation. If you're enemy is in fly formation then go speed formation.
2 Player Bobsled mode - Collect 80 Emblems

2 Player Expert Race Mode - Collect 120 Emblems

2 Player Quick Race Mode - Collect 100 Emblems

2 Player Ring Race Mode - Collect 60 Emblems

2 Player Special Stage Mode - Collect 40 Emblems

2 Player Team Battle Mode - Collect 20 Emblems


Metallic Characters - Collect All 141 Emblems

Super Hard Difficulty - Collect All 141 Emblems
Chose Ocean Palace with Team Chaotix. First, break the first door with Vector.Then turn Espio invisible next to the door. The push Charmy and Vector off the ruins. You'll be invisible and no Charmy and Vector around, but if you turn back, they come back. This is good to do when your bored or if you don't want the enemies to spot you when you're doing the extra mission.


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The others want a piece of the pole.
You know those poles that when you use tornado or a level 3 homing attack,you swing around it?As soon as you make a tornado,get off the pole and let a power or flight character on it before the wind dissappears.You'll see that they can go around the pole and launch off it as well!


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Easy emeralds
play as team rose, go to the challenge screen and choose the second area for each level (eg lvl 2,4,6...) obtain the key, and do the special level, with team rose being the beguiners team you also get more balloons in the special level!!
Easy win: Team Rose against Team sonic
To win this match with ease simply wait for sonic to charge towards you. Then once he is close enough, jump. He will go hurtling off the cliff.
metalic mode
First go to 2p mode then choose any of the modes
then choose ateam and hold triangle and x at the same time then let the other player choose the level let go of triangle and x when the game starts
team blast easy
you have to be team sonic when there are three switches change to tails put knukles on one switch and sonic on the other then you will be tails but don't put tails on the switch move away from the switch and keep pressing square the tails will through out rings look at you team bast gauge until it is full you can do this on any three switches.
Unlockable themes
-This Machine Theme-
Complete story mode with team dark.

-Follow Me Theme-
Complete story mode with team rose.

-We Can Theme-
Complete story mode with team sonic.