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Sonic Gems Collection Cheats

Sonic Gems Collection cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Sonic Gems Collection cheat codes.

Sonic Gems Collection Tips

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SONIC R - eggman
Beat all courses to unlock eggman.
Submitted on September 04, 2007
SONIC R - mecha characters
Collect the five coins on each course and finish 3rd or better to unlock a bonus race. Win and get a character.
Submitted on September 04, 2007
SONIC R - Raidiant Emerald course
Finish 1st in the 4 race to unlock this track.
Submitted on September 04, 2007
Sonic the fighters - super sonic
If you win ALL your fights up to metal sonic, beat him in round 1, use block in round 2 and you SHOULD be super sonic.
Note: I have never done this, but I saw it with my eyes
Submitted on December 09, 2007