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SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs Cheats

SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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All Seal Weapons
Successfully complete the game under Ensign difficulty setting. You will also get the 12 gauge pump shotgun and the semi automatic shotgun.
Bonus Characters
Successfully complete the game under the Commander difficulty setting to unlock new characters on the "Extra" menu. Successfully complete the game under the Admiral difficulty setting to unlock Feral.
box glitch
this works on any box go to frostfire and go to a box right in front of one of the green towers now make sure you have a sniper rifle.Crouch down in front of the box then climb and hang on the box your rifle should push you back then climb again. if you did this right the second time you climb you should slide into the box
Easy Embassy lvl
When you start this mission have the SR-25SD and therma scope. Once you start look to the right and shoot the guard. Walk forward towards the bus and wait till the guy walks past and kill him silently. I waited till he turned around and killed him with my handgun. Then go forward and snipe the person that is walking around in the open area. Move towards the dead body to were the to guys are talking just past the open area that you can see the embassy from. Listen to them and then snipe them. If you time it right ypu can kill them both at the same time. Then move to the embassy and kill the people that are in yourway. Once you get in the building go to the room w/ the extra guns and get either it doesnt matter. Get the embassy workers then move to the room. When you come out of the door go up the stairs to the right and wait there. Tell hostages to get down and your men to fire at will. Stay there for the entire time and then deploy the smoke when time is up. HAVE FUN!!!
Embassy lvl
Select your favorite weapon but no sniper and move into the embassy. You can get in through the front or garage. Your own decision. You must get the people that you must protect upstairs to the roof. If you get on the roof, immediately go to your right where you can get a little more op and move them in the corner. Get them on the ground. Then take positions around the door and take down everyone that goes trough. After 20min you are done. PS: Watch out for snipers after 15min.
getting into stairs on crossroads
From the terrorists spawn you turn left then go to the stairs that leads to the bell tower (past the door that leads to the switch for the bridge) then on it stand and stay still. After that, you hold the triangle button and turn. If you do it right the rail should go over your body then you'll fall below the stairs. But it may take 1-2 tries to do it (from here you should see the fish market inside the switch building & the area by the bell tower).
How To Get A Fully Auto M16A2 Online
First in a normal game you must have a M16A2 then you must find a dead body. Next take out your pistol and switch your pistol with they're pistol. Keeping your pistol out switch your primary weapon with they're primary weapon(make sure that they're primary weapon is fully auto). Next throw a grenade on the ground and go prone on it and kill your self. The next round you will have a fully auto M16A2 and you get to keep this gun until you log off of SOCOM 2 Online.
Night-Vision Third Person
In levels when given night vision goggles you can make it so you can see your player in third person but in night vision just like regular when not using night vision. What you do is you HOLD SELECT and press UP, UP, DOWN, UP!! and it will make it night-vision third person!!

*Remember to hold down select the whole time!!
operation rapid kill:keeping leaders from escaping
go to armory choose rifle with 203 grenade.have bravo led to charlie on fire at will.once you capture aide de camp go ahead and clear all outside areas of the castle, once that is done, go back to the point of entry.once at the point of entry go left, keep going left looking up at the castle until you see the board laying across the two ledges.shot a 203 grenade at it, it will blow up.you have now ruined the escape route for pius platz.have bravp led to the back of the castle, i believe to delta.point crosshairs on the door and have bravo breech bang clear.once they have secured the area, go ahead and enter, when the cut scene of platz and sesseri,tell fireteam to follow, go up stairs and get the leaders. platz will enter back in from the balcony discovering that the board is gone, you now have them both caught like rats with nowhere to run. this has worked for me on both ensign and lieutenaunt,this will get your bonus objective #2
Terrorist Weapons
To get the terrorist weapons; all you have to do is beat the game on lieutenaut.
US Embassy Level
Once you get in the embassy(through the garage) go to the second floor to locate the "trapped" workers(they're not really trapped they're just standing there). After restraining the workers go to the roof to wait for the chopper. Leave the workers at the back of the helipad(Foxtrot) then position your team just outside the entrance to the roof. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. Position Bravo Team about 20-30 yards to your right on the other side of the door, they will be able to knock out any snippers that are on the surrounding buildings. Remember after you've waited for 10 min. for the chopper make sure you deploy the red smoke. It took me two tries before I realized that the chopper won't come unless I deploy the smoke.


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Crossroad glitch
When you spawn as a seal, go to the building on the right.{the one with the balcony thing hanging off the building}. Now go on the edge of the building, not the balcony thing, and lean right and reload...You should drop down into the bulding..Press triangle then you have fun.....Good Luck!!!!
DE.50 glitch
Ok this glitch may not work due to the patch that s2 sent out...but try it any way. It still works for me. Ok this is what you do. This glitch requries 2 people in order to make this glitch work. Ok you have to be on terror side and one of your players has to have a model 18 and you have to have a DE.50 and flashbangs. Ok when the game starts your other player that has the model 18 must be KILLED BY A SEALS PLAYER and when he is killed you switch his model 18 for your DE.50 and when you do that turn his pistol all the way to a full AUTO...when you did that take out your flashbangs and then run around in search for a seal and when you get killed your model 18 should pop up on your screen instead of your flashbangs telling you that the glitch has worked. And when you start the next game your DE.50 should shoot really fast like a SP-10.I know that you can do this same glitch for the seals pistols but I don't know what guns to use and what not but it does require the same steps. Again I will put this in all my glitchs or whatnot I put in If you don't know how to do this or you have tried this glitch out then you can IM me at SilentNight1988 or find me on s2 at ~Silent*Night~ or you can e Mail me at Minjae14@aol.com.
Door mines
Ok this cheat works good in vig ok you want to be a terror and you want to have mines ok where you respawn there are steps that lead to 2 open doors well you want your face to be facing the front of the door and you want to pull out your mines and put then in there if you did this correct then you shouldn't be able to see your mine at all and neither will the seals.
Door Mines 2
Ok this is the more detailed way to door the door mine cheat. What you must you do is you must be on the terrorist side and you must pick the map vigilance but there are some other maps that you can do this glitch too but it is more hard becuase you must find the right doors to do this to. Ok when you spawn on terror side you know where the stairs are located...? Well go down the stairs and then you see these 2 door ways open. Well when you see the first door the face of your character must be looking right at the door. Ok then you pull out your mines and then set them. If you did this right then you won't be able to see the mines and it is funny to watch the seals come through the door and blow up cause they didn't see the mine. Well if you can't or don't understand how to do this glitch or what ever you want to call it then contact me at SilentNigth1988 or you can find me s2 at ~Silent*Night~
Door Mines 3 ultimate
Ok this cheat is even more better than the last 2 i posted....ok here is the glitch..ok pick the map vigilance and then pick terror side and equipt your player with mines. Ok when you start and when you spawn you know where the steps are....? Well go down those stairs and you should come to 2 open doors. Well when you see those 2 open doors first approach the first door..and stop half way into it and then turn left until your chracters face is in the door way. Like both of your characters arms should be facing outside of the door.. when you do that then take out your mines and place them.. NOTE: Your character has to be right up aganist the door to work... If you did this right you should have 3 mines left and you shouldn't be able to see the mines at all which either should the seals see the mines and it is funny to see the seals just walk or run in and blow up and hear them say in the game lobby"I didn't see your mines". If you didn't get this glitch to work either e mail me or you can IM me at SilentNight1988 or you can try to find me on s2 which my s2 name is ~Silent*Night~ and there I can show you how to make this glitch work becasue my steps aren't very detailed.
Frost Fire Box Glitch
Before u start game (seals or terrorists) get Claymores(Seals) or mines(Terrorists,once at the box, take your claymore or mine out. Walk up to it and climb(all while standing up)start climbing and when your sholders hit the edge of the box tap R1 and dont touch nothing after, u will climb into the box and try not get out.
This might take a while to get but i got it this way and it works

E-mails me for any questions
Funny Voice Commands
Give your Team these voice commands to have a little Laugh

Get pumped up- "Intimidate"
Incite Insubordination- "Bravo Kill Me"
Lobby text chat extras
to have your text displayed in different colors while chatting simply type this exactly as shown before you begin your statements. #C1(double space here) your message here. you can put any number where the 1 is to change your colors.
Okay now this is how to put a picture of the controller buttons in the chat. #C1c(any special character from your pop-up keyboard here).
You can also do more things like making your name colored but by doing so remember that whatever color you make your name with that is the color your text in the chats will come out.Also you can have a controller button symbol as your name. To make your name colored or button picture just put in the appropriate command in the create new persona options.Sorry so long on the description. Have fun!
Look Through the Wall
In Crossroads map online, you can look through the wall as a Seal. If you go right from where you start out and across from the terrorist bomb site. You prone and half your body will go into the wall, so zoom in and you can see Terrorists running to get the bomb or in that area. It works best if you use a sniper rifle or weopon with good range!!
*Your player does not completely disapear so you can still get shot from behind so be careful!!
*Also i would not recomend glitching, if you are truly a good player you wouldnt have to glitch to get kills!!! But just check it out cause its pretty cool!!!!
magic carpet
Ok you can do this in any map and with any character you choose. What you must do is that you must find a wall and you must lie prone and be aganist the wall. Meaning your right part of your body should be sticking out meaning your pistol for your holster must be sticking out. Ok then you lean left like when you peek around conners. When you do that hold the lean left pad and then you reload till you see your character reload his gun faster and faster and trust me you will see it happen. When you did that then you will stop reloading and then you will get up while still having your finger on the lean left button and stand up all the way and then let go of the lean left button half way up. Then if you did this right then you ask one of your teammates if your are gliding across the map and if you are then you did this right and this glitch helps you when you are in wather maps like bloodlake or sujo or enowapi becuase you are in the water on the other person side but on your screen it looks like you standing up. NOTE: if you jump you will deactivate this glitch. If you can't get this then ask me or contact me at SilentNight1988.
NOTE: This glitch may not work becasue of the Patch that sony sent out. But hey it works for me =)
Water Tank Glitch!!!!
First u have to get near the ladder of the water tank. Then, u should see the climb sign at the bottom of your screen. Move to the right or the left of the ladder(but make sure u still have the climb sign at the bottom of your screen). Then, u press X and Move the left analog stick up rite at the same time and quickly afta press Triangle. then u should be able to get into the water tank, but it mite take a few tries before u really get it. So go to a 1v1 respawn wit your friend of sumtin and practice this glitch. Believe me...it workz. If u have any other questionz email me N ill try to help u out. O yeah.....This glitch could also be used for the yellow crane but u cannot see as much.