Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Cheats

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus cheat codes.


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A Cunning Disguise Major Shortcut
This is a great shortcut for A Cunning Disguise:

To start out, you need a horseshoe. Of course, you'll lose it when you hit the hourglass, so start the level with 90 to 99 coins and smash the book stacks after touching the hourglass. Continue through the level until you reach the first HP Squidcraft (the flashlight guard). Nail him, and you should see a stack of books against the edge of the bookcase on the left. Jump on the stack of books, onto the top of the bookcase, and onto the column. From here, you can jump on the lanterns at the very end of the level.

Of course, you'll lose the barrel, so you'll have to use the horseshoe to get across the last carpet.
Avoid Searchlights
Apart from the usual ways to avoid them (alternate routes etc), you avoid them in two ways. One, is to just use walking invincibility. But what I find more fun to do, is to use a decoy, wait for the guard to destroy it, and then run up and kill him while he does his victory dance.
Clockwerk, defeated!!
On the second part of fighting Clockwerk, stay in the middle of the electrical circles he sends out. If you don't, you'll get shocked!!
This is about beating clockwork.In the first form all you have to do is bacisly stay on the oppsite side of the screen while he blasts.Then when carmalia shoots her pistle at a part bomb it with missles.Just keep moving and shooting the parts that get hit with the pistle. STAGE 2
May i metion that if you get killed here you start back at his first form.This is acuttly easy when looked at.All you must do is dodge blast by flying though the middle hole.The pattern is left right middle all of his attacks are like this in this stage.Just dodge and launch at wings when shot then his head when shoot.Keep this up and he will soon die.Now for the biggest challenge.How he is laying in the lava trying to grow back.What you do here is just use your sly moves like ninja spiral.Just dodge the little balls of enegry.When you finally get to him walk up to his head and beat the crap out of it.IT CAN NOT ATTACK YOU! after you beaT him kick back and watch the cut sceen that you deverse
Defeating Panda King Easily
When you take the Panda King's meter down to when both his eyes are closed and he is trying to cover himself, use the MINE technique next to him and run away. When he starts jumping into the air, wait for to begin jumping to the center. Just as he starting to land, blow the MINE up and he will lose his balance and fall as if you would have depleted his life meter, and you win.
how to beat panda king
when he shoots fireballs at you run in one direction and get closer then when he says i repeat jump and keep whacking him until he says on the second part oh big chop stay in the middle of his hands and jump.
Panda king and flying beaver
To do this all you have to do is get the STUN move and start fighting Panda King; when he says "I repeat" or "Oh big chop" press triangle (in his mid attack)he will freeze and you can wack him! Once you have mastered this try freezing him when he jumps to see something funny!


Thunder850 points out that Panda King will say "Fiery Wheel" and "Booming Chop" instead. This may depend on the region of the game.
Secret camera and messing with the binnocam
For secret camera rotate the right analog stick left or right to produce a picture for whatever you're doing! For messing with the binnocam if you have the slow motion ability and you press triangle when sly and bently are talking you can slow their talking down!
Silver Barrel
When in the first barrel level, the beaver that breathes fire will burn your barrel if you get close to him. When he does this you will jump out of your barrel then kill the beaver. Even though your barrel is burnt you can still go back into it!
The Fire Down Below Shortcut
This is a great shortcut for The Fire Down Below:

When you reach the first wheel that you must activate to continue, you should see a steam pipe beside it. From here, you can jump onto the pipe and onto the machinery above, saving about 20 to 25 seconds.
The Gunboat Graveyard Shortcut
When you reach the crows' nest, you should be able to reach the flotsam near the end of the level with a double jump. Carefully execute a jump from the edge of the nest to the flotsam to skip most of the level.


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Walk around Clockwerks Lair
Right for this awesome glitch you must first need to acquire all of the pages from Thevious Raccoonus.

Now in the level called A Temporary Truce, ust before you start the level make sure your master thief movie is on Dive, Now select the level Temporary Truce when you see Sly walking upto Carmelita make sure just before he stops, quickly hit the Triangle button then Sly will accidently fall off the side of the cliff into the lava below but don't worry he will not die, remember the page from the Thevious Raccooonus that attributes the water effect where if you fall into water you will not die well it will be the same effect with the lava, after that Sly will jump onto the cliff but he will not talk to Carmelita, you now just walk around the lair. all the pipes and ropes are still climable so enjoy:D


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these aren't exactly cheats but hints but they belong here anyway.

Ending bonuses:
Get all the bottles hidden within a level. A FMV sequence, special move, or background information will be unlocked.

Successfully complete the game to unlock the introduction sequence from the Japanese version of the game.

Find all Thievius Raccoonus pages to unlock the Thievius Raccoonus ending sequence.

Successfully complete all Master Thief Runs to unlock a background FMV sequence.

Get the fourth page of the Thievius Racoonus and in the Perilous Ascent level, get all 25 Bottles. You can now become invisible while moving slowly.

Skip first searchlights:
At the start of the game, go across the rope to the right after the rock tunnel. Get to the tip then jump far and bash the thug as well as the alarm to shut off the searchlights. You have now skipped the first set of security.

Defeating Clockwerk:
When trying to defeat Clockwerk on the second stage, do not let the rings fool you when they flip. They never change their path.
Keep shooting Clockwerk until a white ray hits one of his body parts. Shoot that part until the ray fades away. Do this four to seven times. Then, go through the holes that he shoots. The hole will twist, but it will not change its path. There will be white rays again. Shoot them, and it will fade. Do this four to seven times. Go through the pathway and do not let the lasers spot you. When you reach his head, wait until it pops up, then attack it with your cane.
Move around the volcano and make sure you stay away from his attacks. When a body part of his has a white aura around it, press Square to do damage. When it goes down and regenerates, repeat the process except this time dodge its circular energy blasts. After Clockwerk goes down again, run towards it using Super Sneaky moves. When you get close enough, whack Clockwerk until he goes down. You should kill him before he can attack you.

Defeating Muggshot:
Go around the sides of the arena and hit the gold mirrors. Do not let him shoot you or the mirrors. When you hit all the mirrors, he will get burnt. Repeat this as many times as needed.
Learn the Roll move from collecting clues and use it when you fight him. He will not be able to hit you while you are rolling. Also, it makes you go faster.
Use the Mine move. Have him stop near the mine, then blow it up. When he laughs, it gives you extra time.
In each round to advance to the next, you must hit all of the mirrors. In the first round, it is a square platform with mirrors. In the second round, it is a square platform with some holes and oddly-placed mirrors. The third round is on the chandeliers, where you must Spire Jump to different lights to hit the mirrors. Muggshot cannot hit you while you are rolling.

Defeating Mz. Ruby:
To get to Mz. Ruby for a whack, you must repeat her pattern of button combinations in order to dodge her energy blasts. This includes pressing Square, Triangle, Circle, X in rhythm with her beat. There are three rounds. When you get close to her, whack her.

Defeating the Panda King:
When you are trying to defeat the Panda King, listen to what he says and fighting him will be easy.
This Boss remains in the middle of the platform. Race around the circular room while dodging his fireworks, then continually whack him when you get close to him. He gains a new attack every round; however these are easily dodged.
Once you are close enough, he will start to attack. When it looks like he is going to spin, jump when he starts moving again (about two seconds). When he raises one hand, move out of the way. When he raises both hands, stay where you are. After you have dealt a good amount of damage, he will blow you back out to the outer ring. Also, when he throws his fireballs, move about five steps to the left or right.

Hint: Defeating Raleigh:
Jump around on the platforms and wait until the fly he ate wears off. Then, swing your cane to hit him. Repeat this as many times as needed.
In the beginning round, run around Raleigh so he cannot flatten you. Whack him with your cane when he becomes small again. For the next round, all of the platforms around the one you are on will disappear. Still try to whack him when he becomes small. The next round has the same idea, except that when Raleigh bounces on a platform, it disappears. The fourth round is the same as the second, however Raleigh now has a spinning tongue technique.

Boneyard Casino:
If you do not already have the Dive attack, go back to the beginning of Raleigh's area and collect all 30 Clue Bottles. After you get the Dive attack, warp back to "Muggshots Turf" and enter the Boneyard Casino. Stay in the plant garden, and try not to attack the thugs because they will get you first. You may have to attack one or two thugs. Use the Dive attack or go behind them and attack with your cane. Keep going along the light fixtures until you see a strange dog house. In front of it is a broken light fixture. Climb on it and press X, then Circle. If you hit a lever, lots of coins will fall down. Keep going through the level until you see a giant spinning "pan". Keep on jumping around and landing on the green piece in front of the treasure key . Every time you land on it, the glass around it will break. After all the glass is broken, get the treasure key.

Extra lives and Lucky Charms:
Go to the "Prowling The Grounds" area at Raleigh's hide out in "Tide Of Terror". Go from the fountain with the funny looking fish and walk up the trail of coins. To the left of the "High Class Heist" mini-level is an extra life. Around the corner there is a tree and a window pane over a patch of thorns. In the window is a Lucky Charm. By repeatedly entering the "High Class Heist" mini-level, and returning to the main area, you can get these items again, as many times as desired.

Extra lives:
You must start with at least one life to do this trick. Go to Sir Raleigh's "Prowling Grounds" and look to the northwest. You should see two trees. Double jump on the end of the stair rail or the twisty sewer thing and jump on the trees. You will see a window. Hit it open with your cane and get the extra life. Go back the same way, in stairway. Stay in the middle, then kill the guard with the flashlight. Go toward "High Class Heist", but do not enter. Look to the west to find another window. Break it open and get the life. Then, kill yourself by jumping onto the spike plant in the same location. Restart and you will be in the "Prowling Grounds" again. Repeat the process to build your extra lives.

Easy treasure:
Whenever you see a hook you can swing on; swing on it with your cane. Note: This only works if you swing on an out-of-place hook.

Good start:
The best way to start a level is to get a Gold Charm. When checking a new place, it is best to have more then one hit. You never know were a foe is hiding. If getting a Gold Charm is difficult, go to the level where you fought your first Boss . There is a charm and lives there.

Saving lives:
Press Start as Sly dies before the scene change, then exit the level. However, this is not useful in the final level.

Moving heads:
You can move Bentley's and Sly's heads when they communicate through the binocucom by moving the Analog-stick on their side (Right Analog-stick for Sly and Left Analog-stick for Bentley).
boss level glitches
here are some glitches for each boss battle

raeligh: raeligh's swimming lessons
in this level after you learn the water safety techquince when raeligh is on his last bit of health, when he is about to jump onto the platform jump into a submerged platform raeligh will jump onto the submerged platform too. then you will go on the previous platform that you should have been on. hit raeligh as he stops spinning.
muggshot: mesa city's frozen city
as muggshot attacks after you get the stun move use it on him and he'll freeze (This will come in big handy)
mz. ruby: bad voodoo dentist time
when you have a horseshoe on your back jump on one of the spikes and stay there. as the teeth come down you should get hurt and the spikes will be destroyed too.
panda king: The panda king's ghost
when the panda king has zero health he is still alive. to finish him do a dive move forward and you will notice you go right through his stomach.
clockwerk: Win and die
in the final part where you keep hitting clockwerk's head. at his last bit of health do a dive move as clockwerk's head falls off and sly falls into the lava.
Clockworks death ray tower glitch
When you climb up and you are on that pipe right next to carmelita's jetpack stay on that pipe and wait until the lava stops coming up. Crawl down the pipe and get close to the lava but don't touch it. You should then see Sly's tail submerged in the lava but it dosen't hurt him. I thought it was a pretty neat trick.
Move pause screen
If you hit pause, you can move the directional buttons to move the screen around Sly's body.

See dead
On bosses, as you get chunks of health away, the health bar face starts changing, right! If you look real fast on some bosses, as the boss dies, you can see the health bar face do like a dead face.