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SingStar Party Cheats

SingStar Party cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

SingStar Party Tips

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Don't sing, just hum!
You don't actually have to sing to get a high score, just hum the tune and you'll usually get a high score!
Submitted by: bob on April 22, 2005

SingStar Party Cheats

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hit artist evry time!!
ever wanted to impress someone with your AMAZING singing u know u are really bad really!!
well now you can fix it! but if your wondering how to make sure it you that wins not both of u if u play ina battle? well if you are doing a single game before u choose the song go on options and press x x square x R1 R2 O SQUARE L1 L2
but if u are playing a battle and you are the blue mic go to options type in R2 R2 O O X L1 L1
AND in you ARE RED type R2 L2 O SQUARE L1 L1
Submitted by: anonymous on February 16, 2006
How To Win Every Time
Choose a song then invite the lead singer of that band (or sound-alike if they're dead) to your party and get them to sing instead of you.
Works every time!
Submitted by: han the man on January 02, 2005