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The Sims Bustin' Out (PS2) Cheats

The Sims Bustin' Out cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more The Sims Bustin' Out cheat codes.


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Have your own roomates home!
All u do is send your roomy outside . Go on start and go on the house. build a tiny wall around Your roomy wait a few days your roomy will die of no found and the Grim Reaper won't be able to get in the box then after preform an exorcise to get ride of there ghost. I f u can not control them they always go for a walk so while the are outside then u do it.
A brilliant Sim Life!
This only works on Free Play. First, make a family of 3, a mum and dad, and a child (m or f) First, make the mum pretty, neat, outgoing and everything a dream mum should have. Then make the dad, active, neat, outgoing and playful so he can take the child to play basketball or something. When you arrive at an already built house (this is helpful) Place down some sandpits, toy boxes, kids stuff, basketball and DEFENATLY a bookcase. First, get the dad to study mechanicle and the mum to do cooking. And make sure the child studdies. When you have finished all your cooking or mechanical skills, or studies, you then may wish to have |ADULT TIME| Turn the tv on, make the child go to bed at approximatly 8:00, and watch movies, have parties and even just have a romantic evening together.
I bought a cheat disk from Hong Kong and it makes the sims to what YOU want. THIS time, you can have romantic dinners, tuck your children in, watch movies AND (if your cooking is right to the top) YOU CAN MAKE POPCORN!
If you can do all this stuff already, it means your disk is the proper make, mine is a platinum so i bought a cheat disk.
I hope this works out for you!
A Few Bucks
This is a away to get your creativity up and earn a few bucks first: Buy a painting board then paint the whole picture after painting it you'll have an option on the painting board that will say "Sell Painting" you will earn about 20$!
A Little Knowledge on Sims Bustin' Out
Where to find the Movie Script for -Tinsel Bluffs-
Goto -Shiny Things Labs- and looks for the Brain in a Jar thingy, Then click on it and it should say Steal. You will either take it and it will complete goal or stand there, Think and talk to it for a while and then steal the script. Either way the goal will be completed.
<note> When living at -Shiny Things Labs- !Do not delete the Brain in a Jar thingy because the goal will now glitch and you wont be able to complete it! Starting a new game...
When starting a new game and living at moms house, Dont quickly complete goals and move out because the jobs you do will now be harder. Instead, stay at moms and learn all your skills. Due to a Glitch in the game, Moms house has something in it that makes your skills increase faster. (but only for the first time you live there. If you move it wont work anymore)

Raising a Baby to a child
When raising a baby to a child, DON'T use the play option because it does NOTHING... Just use Feed and Play twice and then the baby will stop crying for a few hours.
The baby will be atken away from you by a lady person if you do not tend to the baby when it is crying.
The baby will grow up to be a child in 3 sim days and you can not move houses while the baby is still a baby evan if you have got both promotions needed.

Completing goals...
You dont have to complete goals other than the two Job promotions needed for your current job unless you would like to getthe cars. (it is easy to know which goals give you cars...)
You can always go back through and complete the goals later.
If you would like to have the items you would get anyway, then press the corresponding keys during game play.
L1, R2, Up, Triangle, L3 (Unlocks all Objects)

Boositing up relationships Really Fast =]
When you want to raise a relationshit really fast, you need to use Talk, Compliment and Give money. They work really well, (dont use compliment or give money too early in the relationship.. Use Talk and Anything, Just press select to cut the others out so you have a row of talk options. Wait till your almost at 20 then use the compliment and Give Money)
When you can, Use Kiss but make sure that anyone else you love isnt in the room or if your outside, make sure there not because it still makes them jelous. If you dont have the Give money expression then press this following Cheat to Unlock all Social Options.
L1, R1, Down, X, L3, R3 (Unlock all Social Options)

<note for="for" rebuilding="rebuilding" or="or" redecorating="redecorating">
Dont tare down all walls or take up all tiles. Leave them there and just go over the tiles and place new walls around the other ones. (if the walls are in your way then move them of course)
Because it triggers a Motion Sensor in the game that makes you owe the house owners when you move out wether you buy more then you sell or not.

Thats some of few Tips and Hints that i have found along my way whilst playing Bustin' Out...</note></note>
Are you annoyed about you're neighbors constantly ringing your doorbell?
If you are then simply move into a new house and build your dream house with windows and doors and everything. But don't put anything outside everything must be inside. Then enter the gnome cheat and the money cheat and get your sim to get loads and loads of money. Then get your sim/sims to walk in, then delete all the doors that lead outside. So that none of you're neighbors can annoy you!
Also if you run out of money buy a door and place it so you can get outside get loads of money, run back in and sell the door as easy as that. Also the repo man can't get in either!
If you have a baby before you are in your own house, it wont let you move anywhere till it grows up.
Baby Makin
You have to get a lover and then kiss and kiss until it says "would you like to have a baby?",its a waste of time,and if u dont watch it 24/7 it gets taken away!

(Added Info)

but it has to be at least 30 sim minutes until that dumb old social worker will come and take the baby away. You have a little bit of time. If you would like to have a baby and you are in free play...you should have a stay at home parent until the baby is grown up or get jobs that will start and end in good times such as one starts at 9:00am and ends at 1:00pm. Get the other sim a job that would start at 1:00 or 2:00pm and work till whatever time. That would help so the baby doesn't get taken away. However...if you are in bust out mode and you are living at a house with sims that were already created that you can control such as at "Pixel Acres." Ying and Chase are the residents. They can't get fired from their job so they can stay home and watch the baby while your sim(s) go to work and get their pay.
When at Toane's gym on Bust Out Mode
Max will say "We need somewhere to
sleep man" So go to the back, there
is a spare room, buy beds, place them
in there and relax
Best Friends Forever!!!
You´ll need friends to promote to the next job level. When you marry or you have a son/daughter, don´t waste your time making friends with your character, select your wife/husband or your kid, and make him/her talk to that sim! the social link level (friend, lover, etc) will be always the same, that way you don´t have to worry about keeping the relationship level with another sim.
Blood City
This is my favorite tip. First, go to build mode. Then select red wallpaper and place it all over the rooms and outside of the house. Move to another house and color all the walls red.
Bloodz And Cripz In Sim City
Note: This only works on Free Street. First when you make a family, make four members: two of them wear all blue and the other two wear red. Then move the family into an empty lot. Turn off free will so that you can isolate the two colors. Move the blue guys first. Build a house around them and color the walls blue. Then put all blue rugs inside of it. Divide the rooms from largest to smallest. Buy the doors and build a fence around that house. Then buy all the important items you want. Then get to work on the red guys. Build a house around them just like you did to the last one. This time, paint the walls red and add red rugs while you're at it. Now follow the process that you did on the blue house for the red house.
Buying $10,000.00 in improvements
For the levels in Bustin Out mode that have the goal to buy/spend $10,000.00 in improvements to unlock something: go into buy mode, sell $10,000.00 worth of items that are already in the house and just replace them with "new" items.

(Notice: This tip might be determined by the Value on the house in totall)
Cash Advantage
When playing contribute to the house by purchasing expensive items, then immediately leave to get a full cash refund. You can now move back in and use the items as you wish. Be careful not to owe money when you leave or thos will cost you.
Cat Burglar
If you bought something that cost lot of money and you don't have an alarm, most likey during the night or day, the cat burglar will come and try to steal it. So, it would be best if you bought an alarm and if you do, The police will come right away and you will win money for it. It's a lot faster than calling the police.

changing quickly
when the curtain is around u press L1 to pause the game hold on to for a few seconds then the curtain will come down and he/she will be done
Yes, sims get jealous!!!

If you want your spouse to have a good rep. don't: kiss, marry or flirt with someone else while they are in the room. They will get slapped!

have fun!!
Contaminating Spores
To find the contaminating spores when living at the shiny things lab, visit Goth Manor, then, outside, there will be a fern u had to recover from Dudley, steal it, and you should have the "you compleated a goal!" thing
cool people in free street !!! (different surnames)
Delete the Tutti and Frutti families from Free Street (who needs them?) and go to make a new family. In this family you can make whoever you want- nurses, generals, punks/goths, and basically any kind of Sim you want! BUT when you make a family, only make one person in that family (or up to 4 if you want them to share that surname, BUT try stick to 1 or 2 people). Then when you've made these Sims, move them into 1 Free Street. Make another family with 1 or 2 Sims that you want to share the surname. Go to the house of the first family and make them be friends with the other family, when they're friends/happy enough they'll agree to move in. Repeat this until that house is full!
The point of this cheat is to have dynamic people in a household with different surnames! Also, so you have lots of cool people for Bustin' Out that are all different and don't seem like they come from the same household!
Credit at every house
At any house before you move out buy something expencive eg. (Weight lifting machine)you will get money in return!
Crip City
Unlike the tip "Blood City", in this tip, you have to do the opposite. Make sure you paint all the houses blue. Then add some blue rugs for crip lovers, and red rugs for blood supporters.
Death fall!
If someone is bugging you, buy a diving board without a pool and make that sim jump off it untill it dies.
PS: this only works with a sim in YOUR family.
This is also better because it is quicker than by locking them in a room and nothing gets damaged where something is more than likely by fire.
death house (only in free mode)
If you have really annoying neighbors when you start free mode like the Tutti and the Frutti families, don't just delete them, have fun and get rid of them in a more funner way. first, go onto free mode and create a house on the empty lot, this should be number 3. now, only have one person in your family. create a house, but don't put anything in it. we'll come back to this later. then make a seperate room in the back yard that should be at least 8X8. and aswell, leave this blank too. this is your death chamber (not for your person, of course!). now, activate the cheat gnome by pressing
(R2,L1,R1,L2,left,circle)on the pause menu, very fast, then enter the fill all motives cheat, which is (L2,R1,left,circle,up) again, very fast on the main menu. you should hear a woman go "mmmmm" only type in these cheats once though if it worked. now, click on the gnnome and click on, 'fill all motives' when your mood is bad. now, wait for an annoying neighbor to knock on you door, then invite them in, but go into the death chamber, not the house. make sure they follow you in. as soon as you are both in, make convorsation with the neighbor to distract them. now, go onto the pause menu and go on the buy icon. wiggle the analogue stick a bit. now, you are in grab mode. pick up the door leading into the death chamber and sell it. (trust me, it works). now, go back to play as your sim. walk a distance away from the neighbor. now build a small box around them using walls. now build a door so you can get out, but as the neighbor is still trapped in this separate tiny box room. genius! now, wait until they die out by leaving them to starve. they will take between 3-4 sim days to die. now, you can do the same thing after they die, or you could get them in the room all at once!! (note: this tip also works with sims 2 and sims 1)

Decorating Tip
For some reason, when decorating your rooms, I found that it costs more money to cover the floor of each room the quick way (ie pressing the preview key and then hitting x to make it cover the entire room) then it does if you do it by laying the flooring down yourself. So, instead of previewing and laying the carpet, press and hold X while laying the floor, and drag it until it covers the whole room, it saves you about half the price.

When PAINTING, it's cheaper to do exactly the opposite (But only by 20 dollars or so) so if you are tight on cash, preview the room when painting.
Do stuff without waiting
Do what ever you want to do and then do something else. Click on what you wanted to do again, press select, and get rid of what ever you don't want to do and it's all in a row.
Do the same thing twice in a row
You know when you click on an object and it gives you a list of things to do with the it and then it puts it up the top of the screen. Did you notice that you can't do the same thing twice, well here's a simple solution: First click on the thing that you want to do and then click on any random thing, don't press triangle then click on the the first thing that you wanted to do. After that press select and press across. It will say the things that you want to do in the order that you choose them. Click the X button when you get to the random thing and it will turn red and disappear from the menu at the top of the screen. Then press triangle and you will have the same thing twice in a row, you can repeat this as many times as you like!
Don't be Afraid
Note: This cheat only works for BUST OUT MODE

Don't be scared to spend a lot of money on the development of the house (aka appliances, couches, toilets, electronics so on and so forth) because once you move out, the money you spent will be refunded.

And even if you run out of money, constant phone calls will give you money for random stuff.

Before you upgrade a house, buy a telephone first, to make sure phone calls will keep on coming.
Don't Do Any Work!
this works in this game or any other sim game. if you're in free play mode, and you're making the family, create one extra person. during the game this person will be your maid. so when you're playing, whatever work needs to be done (cleaning toilets, picking up trash, tending to babies, etc) you can tell the person that is the maid to do it. this keeps your other sims happier and it saves you money on a real maid. (extra hint: when naming the maid, give them a maid-ish name, like cinderella, so you remember which sim is the maid.)
Don't have your goods stolen.
When the cat burgular comes you can't buy anything well before he does, go into buy mode go into electronics and but a cat burgular alarm.
When the burgular comes the alarm will go off and the police will come and capture him you will recieve simoleans for catching him/her.
Don't waste time bringing in the mail
Don't waste time bringing in the bills, just pay them right in the front yard! Click on the mailbox to get your mail, then once you have them in your hand, hit the Triange to drop them right there on the front lawn. Then, you can pick them up and pay them without walking all the way into the house, finding the closest table and walking all the way back out to the mailbox.


Room mates that aren't your creation can make money for you.
They can't up grade in their jobs, but they can make money.
If you send them to work everyday, you get their payments, and can spend it.
Don't worry about your hosts
When playing the Bustin' Out mode, every other Sim but yours cannot lose their job or die, so you don't need to waste time fufilling their motives or sending them to work, since they don't make any money for you anyway. Instead, make them clean up, and if they have a better Cooking skill than you, make them cook for you too. Plus use them as easy family friends.
Dont Be Stupid
Dont be stupid and try to make a room around, a maid, a repairman, those ladies who take the baby away, police, Because they will disappear sooner or later. But, you can lock up people, and eventually they will die!
dont get warning for when you miss work
when you miss work you will get a phone from your boss saying "that you have a warning if miss work next time you are fired!!!!" by stopping dont pick up the phone
easy art gallery opening
all you have to do is move all of the paintings and hang them up in the entrance hall. move the sun sculpture into the middle of the floor, invite people over, have dinner ready, and your party will be a success! you dont have to seel anything or knock down walls, just move the art into the entrance hall!
easy cashola
you guys need some cash? get the tesla coil and experament with it when a ball of light appears PAUSE THE GAME! if you dont it will destroy an item. go to buy mode then grab the ball you can sell it for some cash! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Easy Friendship
Buy a hottub
Get people to join
Make sure they dont get out.
Easy Money
Do the fill all motives cheat after doing the gnome cheat and then buy the gnome workbench in the skilled building section then keep using it and get ur sims mech lvl up and then sell the gnomes you make. The higher your mech lvl the quicker u make em and the more you get for em!
Easy Money
Simply buy the incubator and make a bunch of mutants. When they grow, they will each be worth $500.

Edit: Added tip: Be really careful with mutants because THEY EAT YOU!!!!!

When you keep watering them and feeding them with your garbage they grow really big. They are worth 500simoleans then. If you keep on watering them when they are big after about three waterings they turn on you and they swallow you whole... It's quite scary...
Easy Murder
Ever had the annoying individual (or household of Sims) Sim that you really want to get rid of? Now you can know all the ways.
Plan A: You need an adult for this murder. Simply buy the machine that allows you to make the mutants, I can not remember what you call it, and place it outside, or in any place. Get the victim to do whatever needed for three or four days while the mutant grows and starves, and then finally get the victim to stand by it and build a fence round the mutant and the Sim. Try to make it a small space so the victim can not run away. After a while, the Sim should be consumed.
Plan B (Mass Murder): Throw a party. Find a Sim you don't mind sacrificing and get them in a pool (the cheapest one there is works) and have them invite all the other guests in to it. When every guest is in, place a load of loveseats round the edges, and round the sofas build a fence. Wait a few days and have fun watching the Sims wonder how to get out, then after four-ish days, delete the couches. Make sure your fence is still there. Immediately, the Sim victims exit, and should change and pass out. Next, they wake up and should do whatever (whine and complain, urinate...) and then they'll die of starvation.
Plan C: This is probably the least expensive. Or not. I don't know. Get your adult Sim victim to climb the high dive, making sure there is no pool. They probably will land and rub their heads and complain then walk away, but after a few goes they die. This happens by their shoulders kind of hitting the ground and immediately they turn in to a gravestone. Odd but sinister. Beware the high dives and for fear of death, crown them as your new lords and masters for all eternity for fear of your uncertain fate.
Easy Skills
To get easy skills, input the gnome cheat along with the Free Motives cheat.Then, do anything that can raise your skills up.Just keep on using the objects.If one of your motive bars is almost down, use the gnome to refill your bars.That way you can have more time raising your skills.
Extra Money
There are 3 ways in how to get extra money in sims bustin out ps2 version. 1st way is to sell a painting in an eseal, make sure you have a painting set, then get a sim to paint a picture. After he finishes a picture, point the blue thingy on your painting set and then press sell painting. 2nd is buy an expensive thing in bustin out and a burgler alarm. When your sims are out of the house or sleeping, a burgler will come to your house in morning or at night then the burgler will snatch the expensive thing you bought. The burgler alarm will go off as soon as the burgler steps in to your house. When the alarm goes off, a police officer will come to your house and arrest the burgler. When the burgler is arrested, the police officer will give you money for arresting the burgler. And 3rd, having money from grandma/grandpa. Make sure that you have one, two/three kids, then select a kid then point the blue thingy on the bookshelf then select study for school (MAKE SURE THE KID IS IN GOOD MOOD). When the kid reaches A+ in the school, grandpa/grandma will give them $100 dollars each of every kid. That's it, I Hope This Tip Is Very Helpful To You
Find a good sci-fi script
Visit Shiny Things Lab, go to the main lab room, find the "brain in a jar" and select "steal".
Find and Surpress Anti-war Protestors
While living at the Octagon go to Club Rubb and attack Mona and Bing.
When you move in with the goths you will have to complete a goal "find the goths fern" go and visit Dudleys trailer and behind it is a broken car,placed by the car is the fern,When you click on it it should say steal,click on steal and youve completed the goal.
floodlight change colour
this is available in four colours: red, white, yellow and blue. click on it as thought you will move it and then keep it in its place. it will then change colour!!!
Free Robo-Maid (and Friend)
When you need a maid, but want constant service or whatever, just go to the buy mode. Find the catagory of "Skill building objects". Go to the last thing on the list, which should be a Miss G-something. And place it in an open area in your home. Then go to it and choose "Program for Chores" (NOTE- You do not have to keep programming until the robot finishes cleaning your house. You can stop immediatly.) After you've built some logic skills, you can say "Program for Sim Relations" and the robot talks to you and stuff. It usually does stuff to make you angry though.

It costs alot of Money. XD
Friends Forever
When your sim has finally married, simply allow the spouse to make the necessary friends for career promotions. The benefit of this is that the spouse's friendship levels will never deteriorate - except with your sim - and so your sim will never have to speak to anyone but the spouse again! However, some goals require the main sim to make the link, for instance, "Make friends with Mortimer or Bella [Goth]"
funny videos
when you complete a career in bust out mode a funny video will come in the style of the career. its very funny
get a wife/husband
-firstly pick your desired spouse
(the spouse must be from a free street
-then phone up the sim and invite them over
-while you are waiting for them to come serve up a meal(breakfast, dinner etc.)
-when they arrive greet them, talk , joke etc. to become better acquainted with the person then get the friends bar up to 100 with them.
- go to grab a plate from what you cooked earlier and he chosen spouse should follow they dont always but the majority of the time they will
-when you have both eaten the guest should go to the toilet and wash his/her hands, while they are doing this make sure that you get your sim to watch tv
-when the other sim has finished click over them and an option should say something like watch tv.
-when you have both watched tv for a while dance with the chosen spouse for a while
-immediately after click on the spouse and if the friendship level is still 100 then the option of propose should be there. press the propose icon and hopefully the person should agree.

p.s. a personal favourite two of mine to propose to are:-
girl: debbie ( frutti )
boy: ( rod )
i really hope that his works for you because it worked a dream for me
get Malcom to put you in his movie
This will be a goal when you move in Tinsel Bluffs. To do this, be friends (or better if you fall in love) with Malcom. Throw a party and dont forget to invite him. Make sure that you have served dinner. Once the guests arrive, they would grab a plate and start eating. While they're doing this, go play the guitar. After playing, highlight Malcom and select "ask for movie role". He would say yes.

Notice: Your sim must have at a least a seven in art skills for Malcom to want to put you in his movie.
Get Married Easily!
I have tried past methods of getting married in Bust Out Mode and Free Play alike, but it can be complicated. This is an easy, and much faster way to successfully propose. FREE PLAY ONLY!!!

1. Get the cheat gnome.
2.Enter the "Fill all motives" cheat.
3. Make sure your sim is fully energized by filling its motives using the gnome.
4. Save game.
5.Go to the street your future husband/wife lives.
6. Repeat step 3 on this sim.
7. Save game.
8. Go back to the street the other sim lives at.
9. Call sim over.
10. Propose.

They should say yes! This worked for me!!!
Get Money From Grandpa!!
The first thing that you need to do is have a kid. Buy a bookshelf or a computer. Make the kid study. Once the kid has reached A+, Every few days you will get 100 dollars!
Get Perfect Skills In 30 Minutes Flat!
First off you need to get your logic skill full. I recommened doing this at moms house because you dont need a job. Then once its full get one more point on each of the other ones. Then as you work at them they will go up one every 30 seconds or so!
get promoted easy!!!
Stay at your mums (at any time because you cant get fired and you can spend as much time as you like)Buy all the diffrent skill building things and build all of your skills to the top! you can also make friends with the people that come round! EASY!!!
Getting annoyed with your child?
If youre getting annoyed with your kid in bustin out mode,(for whatever reason eg. it ends up being a cowboy/fairy with freaky face paint and a bad personality) u can easily make your kid study really hard and get an A+ ( make him/her study on a computer for ages) they'll get sent to prep school.
Option 2. You could just not send them to school. EVER. and then get them sent to milatery school(personaly, i'd go with the first one, as you dont have to occupy them all day when theyre not at school.)
Option 3.Kill them.( theyre lots of cheat codes on this websyt that could help you with that.)Option one is also good becuse you get 'money from grandpa' everytime they go up a grade or so.

You cant sen them o prep school, but you can do option 2 or 3.
Getting The Baby You Want!!!!!!!!!
to get the baby you want just have a baby by kissing your partner then if its not the gender(boy,girl) baby you want don't take care of the baby and always let it cry. soon the child service people will come and take the baby and give it up for adoption. then try to have a next baby with your partner and you will the opposite gender of the baby you had before!
when one of ur goals is to buy $1,000 worth of improvments buy them and then delete them u will get all of your money back and he goal will be completed! hint: this works for all improvment goals!!!!!!!!!!!

hope this helps <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Goodbye Miss Gyrotec!
When you get Miss Gyrotec (is that Right?) at like 12 am - 2 am (Sim time) Go on to Human relationship ( i'm a really bad speller ) (s)he will say
bye because it is to late

( may not work for all games)
goth manior cheat
when u r required 2 buy improvements for Goth Mainor 2 unlock the seance table just go to the art section in buy menu and buy the grandfather clock. u should unlock the seance table <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> good luck in the Sims' life!
Hate the ugly sims you have to date?
In Bustin' Out mode, you have to date really ugly sims. If you date someone else already in the game (Dudley, Bing, Goldie, etc.) the say "I'm already spoken for, try going to free street." So don't date them. What you can do is go to the empty street in Free Play mode and create the girl/guy you want to date, and kill the ugly people or something if you want.

You also have to have a kid to complete some goals. You can kiss to have a kid, and if it's ugly just get it sent to Prep School (Malcolm's Mansion goal I think). If you want a kid but keep getting ugly ones, just kill the person you married, go to the empty lot and make another person you want to date, and just make a cute kid live with it. If you get 2 kids it won't let you move in though, I don't know why. When you marry the person, his kid will also move in. If you kiss really quick before the kid moves in, you might get another kid. (You can get 3 kids and 2 adults in Free Play mode by doing this, I posted it as a glitch but I don't think it showed up).
Have Spirits In Your House!!!
The first thing that you need to do is build a small room outside. Make sure that the room is big enough for a fireplace and plants. Get someone to light the fireplace. When the fire is lit, stop the game and take away the door. Go to decorations and buy Rosie Palms to fill up the whole room. Since these plants are highly flammable, they will start a fire. Sooner or later the adult/child will catch on fire. Make sure that they are in front of the fireplace with no room to move. When the fire goes out, put the door back on and clean up the ashes. Every night at about 12:30 you will see the spirits. I'm not positive that this will work on adults but I am positive that it will work on children.
Having Trouble With Getting Your Child Into A Prep School???
Well make them work hard then have all of her logic and that up half then wait until it says would you like to send your child to prep school say yes and she will get picked up buy a lovley new car go there for a week and you got a car its really flash.
help with the art opening
the way i did it was by getting my creative skills to the top the adding a musical instrument (preferably a guitar) arrange a party then when it says something like guess what the art opening has started order a pizza and make your character play the instrument. when the pizza come get charity to get it or get your character to get it.
here some tips to "deal" with your annoying roommates
do you need a day to get your head clear and not have to worry about taking care of your annoying roomate ALWAYS complaing?well this is wahat you do.
first,make them go and get the newspaper and pick a random job.
second,once there car/bus or whatever has came to pick them up and left,get in your car and leave BUT dont come back until after the time you roomate is suppose to come home.come home a hour later or so.
When you get home they wont be home until there suppose get home from work wich will be the next day.it really awsum.if you wont keep doin that until you want them to come home
P.S it DOES work on children but when the bus comes in the morning they will appear in there bedroom in there pjs.

Are you tired of waiting for your stupid roomate to go to sleep so the time will fly by faster.well,this is what you do.
first,make your roomate go asllep and as soon as they go tl sleep put boxes around there bed.they wont get up and they will sleep FOREVER!its really cool.and you dont have to worry about them. Need to ocupy your roomate for awile beacuse the stuff you keep letting them do they just say there bored?and they start to eat alot and waste money or start bugging you to talk to them well not anymore!
first buy the best T.V.its the last thing listed on the electronics list.*if you havnt unlocked it then look for the "unlock all cheats"code/cheat*then buy a sofa.make thyem watch it and they wont ever stop watching it!
How To Build More Houses On Somebody Else's Lot
This works in not only free play mode, but bust out mode as well. First, go to buy/build mode. Then, get rid of all the items, walls, windows and doors you can. Now that you got that out of the way, what can you do with all that money? Here's what you can do. First, build a house for you. Then, build a house or two for your roommate(s). Place all the most expensive, and important, items in the houses. Spend all your money until you get less than $100. When the phone rings, answer it so that you would get your money. Then repeat the process over and over if you want until the entire meter is full. That way, when you move out, you will get rewarded big money.
How to get 3 Promotions
There is no cheat realy i have tried them all and the only cheats that work with the gnome are 'Motives' and Money but anyway

To get your first promotion make sure you have (1) and only 1 green bar. To get your second promotion make sure you have two or three green bars and no higher or lower. and to get your third promorion make sure you have full green bars thats 4. now i dont know about all the other promtions but this has gotten me where i am so far.
How to Get Married
First serve a meal. Invite your lover over. When he/she comes greet them. Then grab a plate. You lover should grab a plate too. After they get up or put away their dishes. (Depending on how neat they are) they should go to the bathroom then wash their hands. Dance with them or watch T.V. Then they should go to the coffee machine. Now we ned to get their social up a little bit. Just talk with them, give them a gift and kiss them. Make sure you propose in a large room.
How to get married
Ok first, If you don't have a guy/girl you want to marry in 1,2, or 3 free street, go to free play and make a guy or girl then give him a home. Then go to continue mode and call him/her to wherever you're living. Be sure to make food before you call them up. Then when they come, do like 3 or 4 socials on them, then make them eat, after they eat the will go bathroom, while they are going bathroom, turn on the TV and watch. He will eventually join. After you guys are done watching, try to love him and stuff...then when both your relationnships reach 100, then it should give you a social of purpose.

Hope this helps!
how to get married easy
ok first serve dinner or whatever then invite them over (they have to be from free street 1,2,or 3 so make a dream guy) next greet and talk to them let them eat after words they will use the restroom.get the hellagraphix 1024 "diamond edition" (cost $4,999) and play it with them that will give them fun then prepose. (worked for me hopes it works for you)
How to get rich
1.first build a wall.
2.then put an burgalur alarm on it.
3.next buy something realy expensive (for example,a light show.)
4.Then a burgalur will come in and the alarm will go off.
5.Finaly the police will come and you will get alot of somoleons!

How to get rid of Malcom at the octagon
As Malcome goes outside of your house put four crates around him (one on each side). After a couple of hours he should give in, or if you want, instead of letting him go, you could keep him as a pet!!!!! =)
How To Get To Malcolm's Mansion Faster Than Ever!
What the key is in the whole game even without cheat codes is to go to work with all the skills and friends you need while being in a good mood. I think everyone that has ever played this game would understand that it's a harder concept that it seems. If you would like to complete the game and get to Malcolm's Mansion all 7 times....you have to have the blue gnome cheat code. (Check out my username!!! xD) If you don't have the blue gnome cheat code (all cheats are entered on the pause menu) ....it's R2,L1,R1,L2,left,circle. There will be a sparkling blue gnome that appears to the right/left (depending which way you have the camera) of the mailbox. Next....type in these two cheat codes. (Fill all motives) L2,R1,left,circle,up (give money) L1,R2,right,square,L3 (left analog stick)When your sim's motives start going down...click on the gnome and press the fill all motives option. What I do while playing is I get all of my skill points to the maximum. (All at 10...ps as you get the higher skill points...it takes more time) When your sims quit from having to fill a motive or a negitive mood...click the fill all motives and put your sims back to work. Soon enough...you will get all of your promotions and you will be at Malcolm's Mansion...I've already done it like....5 times I think in different careers. You have to do this to complete the game. When you get promoted to the final job in the career...you will unlock a career gnome for that career. (When you start a new career..you have to move out of Malcolm's Mansion and to the proper starting house.) Everytime you get another career gnome...you will have a funny video of Malcolm Landgrabb being defeated according to what job career you have. (I haven't finished the game yet but so far my favorite video is the one for the Movie Star career! I was laughing for a long time lolz!
How To Have A Spouse/Husband Easier
First just have a woo-hoo with ur spouse/husband and then get up from the bed adn make ur spouse/husband too if he doesn\'t but eventually he will then give him a gift then kiss in that order!
how to have a ultimate dj party at club rubb
when you are at club rubb you will need to unlock the dance floor and then serve a meal and get someone who is good at spinning the DJ booth to spin..and invite friends over...and let them dance and have a real bash..and then it should say Guess What..you have completed a goal.
P.S the reason you need to unlock andd buy the dance floor is because that mean old malcolm landgrabb takes it away.by the way,incase you aint noticed on every differnent location you go..malcolm always comes and steals things(the good things)
How to kill people
Ok well, this works on continue [bust out] mode and free play mode. ok first, buy a pool [any pool works] and throw a party, when a lot of people are inside the pool, go to the start menu and buy love couches and surround the pool, and then go to build mode and build fences around the couches. Then wait for like 1-2 weeks, then sell all the couches. then all of the people will get out if the pool and change but after they change, they will die.

have fun! :]
How To Make Your Sim Happy
If you're one of those people who can't get cheat codes to work, or just doesn't like cheat codes, here's some help.
1. Make your sim go to the bathroom.
2. Drink coffee till your sim wets itself.
3. Take a bath.
4. Eat some food with another sim. (might have to use the bathroom again)
This should make all of your motives (exept room) higher. Hope it helped!
Hurricane Katrina Victim
Note: This only works for Bust Out Mode. First, move to your most hated enemy's house. Then when you get there, go to Buy/Build mode. Sell everything in the house that you can get your hands on. Then get rid of the walls, but leave one for that phone that you were unable to move. If you want to cover the evidence, don't buy cheap stuff or it would never work. Go for the most expensive items money can buy. That way, if you go home, you can get your money back in the end. One more thing, I would suggest completing the entire list of goals the place gives you first. Trust me, it works everytime for me because I was the one that came up with the whole idea in the first place.
I've got some hints and tips for you all.
Mindless Fun
If one of your Sims is in a bad mood and you want to quickly get his or her mood back into the good zone without constantly overseeing it, make a small room with windows and a door into the house (this door is to be torn down later).

Then add a microwave, counter, fridge, a three seater sofa (so the Sim can sleep on it), a TV, lights, a toilet, a table, chairs and anything else if you want to. This will supply everything your sim will need.

Get the Sim to enter the room and go remove the door. Make the Sim test everything out and it will not go out the room (while its happiness increases). Connect the room back to the main house when the Sim has gotten more happier.
Hint: Mo' Money
First enable the Cheat Gnome R2, L1, R1, L2, Left, Circle. Then after you have done that enable this code L1, R2, Right, Square, L3 (on the left analog stick). After you have done so click on the gnome in the front strip of grass and select "give money" You will get 10,000 simoleons every time you do that. NOTE: The gnome will show up there about 30 min. [sim time]

alternate entry L1, R2, RIGHT, SQUARE, L3 for 10,000 Simoleans. A blue sparkling gnome should appear in the front lawn to the left of the mailbox, just tell one of your sims to do one of the following options: Fill All Motives or Give Money!

Carter Hint: Get rid of ghost at Goth Manor
First unlock the fortune table and place it back where it goes. Tell a fortune or contact the dead the make the ghosts go away.
If your in the octagon
if you are wondering how to eliminate Malcolm just have a baby cry if you haven't got a promotion to unlock the robot!!
Jobs with everywhere they go to!
Movie Star
Mom's House
Mimi's Place
Goth Manor
Club Rubb
Tinsel Bluffs
Malcolm's Manison

Mad Scientist
MOM'S House
Dudley's Trailor
Goth Manor
Shiny Things Lab
The Octagon
Malcolm's Mansion

Mom's House
Dudley's Trailor
Toane's Gym
Casa Caliente
Pixel Acres
Malcolm's Mansion

Counter Culture
Mom's House
Mimi's Place
Studio 8
Casa Caliente
Pixel acres
Malcolm's Mansion

Fashion Victim
Mom's House
Mimi's Place
Studio 8
Club Rubb
Tinsel bluffs
Malcolm's Mansion

Mom's house
Dudley's Trailor
Toane's Gym
Club Rubb
Tinsel bluffs
Malcolm's Mansion

Mom's House
Dudley's Trailor
Toane's gym
Shiny Things Lab
The Octagon
Malcolm's Mansion

By the way, when you move into Malcolm's Mansion, there will be this weird shell-like thingy, then when you complte a career, when you click it there will be a parade a gnome for each career, i've only done mad scientist, paramillitary, jock and almost coubter culture and movie star, i can't complete the GANGSTER it's hard!! My favourite career path is Counter Culture!
In bust out mode, go to Mom's house and you will see that one of the goals is to get a job. You should pick a type of job to go to Mimi's or Dudley's. Get a Manly job and it gets Dudley's messy shack, Fashion jobs on the other hand gets Mimi's place.
Keep The Repair Man Handy
When you have a room just for tv and it has no windows, theater seats and the best wide screen tv, the repair man never leaves and when light bulbs break, he goes around and fixes them and then goes back to watching tv.
Keep Your Friends
Have at least 1 kid. Instead of sending the kid to school everyday, just have them go enough to prevent them from being sent to military school.

While they are at home, tell them to order pizza and invite people over. Kids seem to make friends easier than adults, and any friends they do make will count for the whole family. Promotions requiring friends will be much easier to obtain using this method.
Kid living on own
have a dad or mom and 1 kid and then make the mom or dad die and it wont say game over or create a sim and make it just a kid/child and click the check mark and it says save and complete family click yes now you got a kid/child living on its own. WORKED FOR ME <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

To kill all the Sims in town, make one smallish room and put lots of fire places in it, with WOODEN CHAIRS in front of it. (this way it helps catch
fire easy).
Then trow a party, and when everyone comes in, go to buy or build, and take away the door and light the fire places, and they will either burn or starve.
NOTE: If you dont put a radio in the room they will fall asleep. (Unless you do max-motives)
Oh, and keep you and/or your roomate out and in a different place or house, then you dont get burnt and the game would not end.
Kill Malcolm Landgrabb!
You ever wanted revenge on that nasty rich guy which steals your stuff? Well now you can!
A. invite him over, then buy a mini pool.
swim in the pool then tell Malcolm to join
when he gets in quickly get out and buy loads of trashcans and put it around the pool, then wait for one or two weeks then sell all the trash cans. he'll come out and die!
B. build a small room with a fire place. light a fire and call over Malcolm. run out the room quickly and put loads of rugs in the room. he should be on fire, if he isn't put more rugs in. Plan B is quicker but more messy so do plan A if you want to be clean!
kill them ALL!

Kill your roomate in 1 minute
first you need is a small room with a fireplace in it then have someone light it then surrond it with some pot plants on some crate and have the person you want to kill stand next to it and it will light on fire, but make sure they dont put t out and they will burn to death
Killing an unwanted sim
all you do is buy a fireplace have a sim light the fire and put a lepord spotted rug right on top of the fireplace have the sim you want to get rid of on it and it is easier if you build a wall around them. Soon a fire will go off and the grim reaper will come.
Killing People
I've found various effective ways of killing people, the most effective of which are confining them to a pool, and my personal favorite, confining them to a bed.

To confine a sim in the pool, wait for them to get in, and then paused the game. Enter the buy menu, and purchase enough trash cans to go around the pool compleatly. The sim will be unable to get out of the pool. After about what I would guess is a week in sim time, remove and sell the trash cans. The sim will get out of the pool, and die, because all of its motives except for fun and perhaps room will be empty.

To confine a sim to bed, you use basically the same procedure. Wait for the sim to crawl in bed, and pause the game, line the sides of the bed with trash cans, and wait a week. While this method doesn't work as often as the pool method( its very difficult to know when they have been in bed long enough) it doesn't keep the sims from using the pool to raise their motives.
Killing the Maid
Hide a dirty plate in a room. Put a big mutant 2 spaces behind the door. If the mutant hasn't been watered in a while, it'll devour the maid when she comes in. This works with other Sims too.
Larn All Of Your Skills At Mom's House
While living with Mom, don't go to sleep or take a bath. Instead use all of her stuff to max your skills. Your needs fill themselves automatically and all you have to do is eat and wash the dishes. And if you feel like it, you can also make a ton of money while you're there after you've maxed your skills and paint day and night with never taking a bath or sleeping.
Lazy Sunday
If your feeling real lazy to go to work, here's what you do, When the bus arrives get the newspaper and look for a new job, then when the bus leaves look for a job again and go back to your old job, by then your job will be tomorrow.
Love Affairs
To have a good relationship with anyone you want, simply call the Sim (if they're not already over), and greet them. As soon as you greet them, walk somewhere outside where there is a lot of space, highlight the Sim that you want to talk to, and call them over. When they come build a wall around the both of you, and start chatting. By doing that , you you can know anyone you want and, won't have to worry about other Sims getting jealous and your relationship with them going way down. Also you won't have to worry about having to make friends at the last moment, to get a promotion.
Make everything comfy for ur sim
If u live in a house where u can control other sims that live there they can be like ur personal agenda! When you want to go to sleep and the other sim(s)energy bar is full, make them get in a bed while your sim is going to sleep trap boxes, whatever to keep them from getting out the bed so time will go by 3x faster. Also when ur sims energy bar is full. Fill free to let the other sim(s) get out of bed. If your house is a mess, make them clean up! After all the never get fired from work. They bring extra money to ur house
make money
If you have some dead plants in your house and you are short of money just sale your dead plants for money you get the same amount for new ones
you can sale dead ones and buy new ones.
Make money and improve skills
To earn a little bit of extra cash, buy a gnome workbench. Get your Sim to make gnomes. This will improve your mechanical skill level, and you can sell the gnomes you make. The higher your skills, the more expensive the gnomes become, and once the level reaches 10, the gnomes will sell for $100 each.

You can also do this with the artists block and improve creativeness at the same time, but you have to keep buying new blocks for each sculpture, so work on your creative with an easel first. Once the skill level reaches 10, the blocks (which cost $300) will sell for $500.
Make more money from promotions
If you cant get promoted any higher in the career in free play, heres a tip how to make more money from promotions. First choose a career and get promoted a few times (about 5 times).
Then get a newspaper, and "find a new job". Get a different job from the preivous one. Next, look in the newspaper again and get the job you started with. You will now be at the the bottom of the career for that job.
Now carry on going to that work and everyday you will be promoted and will recieve a bonus.
When you reach the promotion you got stuck on previously, do the same as before.
Are you tired of your annoying mom so this is how to make the annoying mom sleep forever

1. Use the gnome code R2, L1, R1, L2, Left, O

2. Use the Unlock all Social Options For your Sim L1, R1, Down, X, L3, R3

3. Call over your mom to the bathroom

4. Hypnotize her and hwuala your mom will sleep forever excepet you wake him up

Make your house look rich
What I do to do this is I use the gnome cheat and then you can click him to get money which gives you $10,000 each time you click
To get the gnome you have to press Start and very very quickly press L1, R2, RIGHT, SQUARE, L3 and then "Get Money" comes with it!
Then you will want all objects so press Start and quickly press L2, R2, UP, TRIANGLE, L3 then you will have all the best things EVER and you can throw fun partys and use all social options (L1, R1, DOWN, X, L3, R3)!! ^-^ Any questions Message or e-mail me Cjessiferrc@kc.rr.com
Make your own free streets sims.
Get bored of weird styles of FS1 and FS2 sims?
You can't evict them?
Well, you can make your own.
Follow my steps, FS means Free Street.
1. First of all, make yours in free FS3 and build a house.
2. Invite member(s) of FS1 or/and FS2 to your house.
3. Kill them with whatever way you want (you have to KILL them, if you play in FS1 or FS2 and you suicide, it's game over).
4. Save the game and quit.
5. Select FS1 or FS2. Because FS1 and FS2 have no member, it will be create a family.
Making money at home
Get a workbench and get your mechanical skills up. once hight your gnomes are worth 100 simoleons plus. Handy if you have a stay at home sim or if you get fired
Marry The Sim Of Your Dreams
In free play, delete all of the sims in the Tuiti and Fruiti houses and make all new people. I like to make one house the person I want to marry and make them max their skills before I even play the Bustin' Out mode. And then I make some of my family members for the other house and max their skills too. Then in Bustin' Out mode, I meet them and and marry the sim of my dreams and I don't have to deal with the awful ones the game came with. If you lack imagination, you could always use the sims that are there and just max their skills in Free Play and pick one that way and that way it's easier to deal with them in Bustin' Out mode.
Maxing skills.
I am still new to this game sims bustin out I havent had much luck with these games they are either glitched or freeze which is what happpened to my first run through the game I wasn't far luckily and any way for my second time around I found the game much easier by... While still living with mom use the money cheat for the bare nasessities if you don't care to use actual cheats, I'm a bit that way but I love that nome money cheat, do it get some simoleons and build a room for yourself and buy all skill building items. I.E. chess set, easel, piano, you already have a book case get supremely comfy chair (and keep your comfort level up while you study), bench press, tredmill (or a pool if you like money and luxury), and build them don't get a job and you won't have to worry about work don't sleep and you don't need to sleep either and until you get a job living with mom is rent free...Yay!
Mindless Fun
If one of your Sims is in a bad mood and you want to quickly get his or her mood back into the good zone without constantly overseeing it, make a small room with windows and a door into the house (this door is to be torn down later)

Then add a microwave, counter, fridge, a three seater sofa (so the Sim can sleep on it), a Tv, lights, a toilet, a table, chairs and anything else if you want to. This will supply everything your Sim will need

Get the Sim to enter the room and go remove the door. amke the SIm test everything out and it will not go out of the room (whiel its happiness increases). Connect the room back to the main house when you are satisfied with the Sims happiness.
Mission: Classified-Eliminate Senator Landgrabb
When your living at the Octagon , one of your goals should say Mission: Classified-Eliminate Senator Landgrabb. To complete this goal just invite Malcom over then click on robot , click on Program for defense. The robot will jump on Malcom and he'll give you all his money.
Mission: Info Gathering
While living at the Octagon, go to Shiny Things Lab and steal the computer in the entrance hall by the front door.
Mission: Seek and Destroy
While living at the Octagon go to Goth Manor and destroy the Incubator Machine in the Lab out back.
Moms house very funny
if you dont have much money then move back in with mom then stay outside her house and sell everything. then tear down all the walls and take away the floor. then play the game you should have about 40,000 simoleons. now make the house smaller so you still have 5,000 simos otherwise you will owe money to mom about 42789 simos!
If you want more money send your hosts to work (exept Dudly and MiMi). You get you're pay and theirs also gets added too yours.
Money for Mech
Buy a work bench and keep building and eventually you will have loads of gnomes and flamingos go on to the pause screen select buy or build(it doesn't matter move your left analog stick and then select a gnome or flamingo then simply press SQUARE to sell it. Now it doesnt bring much money but you will get your Mech up.
Money Mutants
buy the Incubator [you need to unlock it] make mutants then keep feeding them burgers and make sure you water them then when they grow up they will be worth $500 when you sell them.
More money
This tip worked well for me!!! and all my family's on free play

i used the gnome code and the money cheat and got up to $200,000 and then i waited 24 hours Sim time, got all of my character's motives up using the gnome, and got one person to stand buy the phone. every hour (Sim time) or around that i got phone calls. ALL of them where about prize money that i had just won!

try it! it worked for me, so I'm sure it will work for you.
Moving Into Free Street
Having trouble getting your brand new $20,000 family into the lavish house you just built? Run out of cash to buy the bathroom and kitchen accessories you need?

To make sure you don't go over your spending limit when creating a house, move your new family into the empty lot first, then enter and build around them instead. That way, you can know just how far to go with your budget.
Moving to Mimi's Place
First you have to get promoted at Dudley's trailer and then switch your job to the mall clown and then you can go to Mimi's Place and live there.
Need Money
In Bustin' Out mode spend all your money and you will get a phone call of a prize of some sort. Then keep doing this until your meter of furniture is full. Then sell them all and you'll get heaps of money for whatever you want or need.

At mum's you can do it for some skill raising stuff.
Need Some R & R?
At mom's house you don't have to go to work and while you're there you never loose your job. That means you don't make any money either, but at least you can get your mood up so you can make friends more easily and get promotions.
NEVER sleep again
This will work freeplay or bust out mode. Get your sims energy or sleep bar up. Next either buy a coffee or espresso machine and every time it turns just a little bit red drink coffee or espresso. By the way, it will bring your bladder down.
no job
This is not really a cheat but u can be unemployed and still make money. Go to buy mode and buy the gnome making set. U can only make 12 at a time but they are worth 100 dollars a piece. Make them and the go to buy mode again and sell them. Stay at home and do this and u still have time to make and keep friends.
No Job Annoyances
To get jobs over and done with stay at Mom's house when you start and get full skills. When that is done go out and do all the job missions without having to build skills while doing other missions. Enjoy!
Pixel Acre's Nude Party
When living at PA {Pixel Acres} visit Goth Manor and befriend Malcom and then play the synthesizer with full creativity and then leave The Goth Manor and buy a synthesizer for PA and have a party and the Sim with the full creative points play the synthesizer and you've got your self a nude party and if you want the people who live there to be really nude just take a shower and after the shower touch the bug zapper but you have to buy the bug zapper.
play in the bed
want have fun in the bed well create a family with a man and a woman.the do the all objects cheat buy the love hart bed fall in love with a sim. then make one sim go to the bed and klik on vibrate then change to the other one and do fast for ward wile doing that klik on bed it will say play in the bed.
Raise energy
When you've unlocked the aromaster (I think that's what it's called...), buy it and set it on a table. Whenever your sim is low on energy and needs to get something done (ie: skills/friends for promotion), turn on the aromaster. Make sure it's on Juniper and Rosemary. Using this aroma will slowly increase your sim's energy and s/he will be able to get other things done as long as they are in the same room as the aromaster.

- It DOES cost money. I believe it's $100...
- It seems to constantly turn off and break, so have your roommate(s) get a few mechanical skill points for when it breaks, as well as use them to turn it on if your sim has too much going on to go out of his or her way to turn it on again.

I have found this very useful, and constantly use it. My sim hasn't slept in...I'd say a month, in sim time XD
redecorating peoples house!
When your re-making your roomates house you have to make 3 rooms if theres 2 ppl that OWNS the house or just 2.
When your making the living room put a box around the entrance and put doors in the room to get to the living room and this will make you think theres more space to decorate it tricks your mind and it give you room to put bathrooms!! lol
Relaz and live in Dream
ok now this only works on free play u know when your just 1 sim and you have to go to work instead get 3 other sims and treat them like your slave and make 2 go to work and the other be a maid then when your as rich as you could be kill them exept the one that cleans your house make a hut for that one then you have a rich life

i hope it wworks(:
Roommate Isolation
First of all, turn off free will. Second of all, you go outside and call that roommate out. Get in the house and go to Buy/Build mode. Build a house around your roommate. Add the doors and windows for they are necessary. Then go buy all the useful, and expensive, items you can. Make everything the same as the ones you have so that you don't have to rely on your roommate's items, or vise versa. Oh and one more thing, build a fence to isolate your roommate from you. Now you two have your own houses to live in.
Save Frequently
Saving this game is Important, due to the randomization of the events. Be sure to save after you get promoted or complete a goal wouldnt want the power to go out and lose the data
Select Baby Gender
As most players know, that when you kiss your spouse and both sims are in a good mood it will ask if u want a baby. Well, you can determine the baby's gender depending on the person who started the kiss. Example: The wife kisses the husband, making it so that the baby will come out a girl.
Skills for Promotion
To know what skills you need to get the next promotion hold down the left arrow button. Any skills that need improving will have one or more glowing yellow levels above them. This is the level each skill needs to be at for next promotion! Sorry if this is obvious but I spent ages without realising and getting nowhere. Hope this helps!
This can help for many reasons
A. your trying raise your skill levels
B. your thowing a party and don't want to go to sleep etc.
-Buy a bug light(in the electronics section)
-Buy a hot tub
-highlight the bug light,choose the touch command keep touching the light
-when your sleep is full your comfort should be red
-get into the hot tub to fill it up

have fun
Social Serivices
If your baby is crying and you can't click on it the social worker is coming to take it away to stop this from happening, take away the front door (if you have a back door take it away also) then she can't get in (BEWARE) sometimes she just appears in the same room with the baby and takes it after about 20 minutes of trying to figure out where the door is, if you havn't put the door(s) back when she's trying to take the baby she will stand by the cot for about 20 minutes before she disappears (you can also try putting a wall around the cot and the social worker i have not tryed this so i do not no if it works)
Stop mom from nagging
Do your cheats for the gnome (R2, L1, R1, L2, left and circle) and then for all social options (L1, R1, down, x, L3, R3). Go into the bedroom and call your mom over and hypnotize her. You can then raise all your skill levels without her nagging you to get a job or that you look tired.
suicide is actually a goo d thing
it only works on freeplay but when your sims gols r 2 low sim-ply build a small room with a chimney and a door next have them light a fire then tak out the door have them back up and fill the room with FLAMABLE JUNK LIKE CREATES surround the sim with them and then watch the fire engulf them >)
Takin out the trash
Okay so you have a compactor where you put all your trash in but it's that time where you have to take out the trash and walk it all the way outside your house by the curb, but you have to do something really fast and dont have time for it well try this...go to your compactor and select "empty trash" and then once you have the trash in your hand walk a couple steps and exit out of that thingy so the trash falls to the ground..then pick it up again and put it back in the compactor...then it's a regular sized trashbag again!
Team Zoukon City
Note: This works for both Bust Out and Free Play Modes. The first thing you have to do is create the leader. Name him "Chris Freeland", that is my real name, since I founded the group. Make him wear red and/or black clothing. His sign is Taurus. Then go to Free Play Mode and make as many members as you want. Create a feminine counterpart for the leader. Give her a beautiful and decent name. Make her wear any color dress you want because Team Zoukon's color code only works for male members. Unlike the Bloodz and the Cripz, Team Zoukon is more of a white supremicist group. They are pretty strict when it comes to color codes. Their dominant colors are red and black. blue, green, and any dark colors. Move her in, build only a wall and buy a telephone. Go back to Bust Out Mode and get all the promotions possible until you get to a location that lets you visit Free Street. Marry the feminine counterpart and save. Then go back to Free Play Mode and evict all the families you can and delete them before introducing more members to Sim City. Paint all the houses red and black beforehand. All you have to do is create the members and move them in. You must have female members too because your kin will also represent the group. Good Luck from Team Zoukon's founder, and leader, Lee_Amped/Chris Freeland
The Stolen Fern
When you are at Goth Manor,Mortimor will say that he needs his stolen fern right? If you want to Complete the goal, then first, go to dudley's place and he will say"What Fern are you talking about?" Then, go to the back where the brocken car is, and go close to the fern and it will give you the choice to steal the fern . steal it. Goal Complete.
things under the window
to get things under the window all you need to do is move your thing right next to the window and sell the window and buy the window again and put the thing under the window and tada!! its under the window;D

ps:it worked for me with the invetion station and single pane window
throwing a successful partyt at the art gallery
you need not move anything in the house already or bring down any walls. Simply move in all the sculptures from outside and place them in the art gallery area, cook a groups meal and then throw a party. u dont even need to be there. so dont worry about being tired or anything. enjoy!!
Throwing an Art Opening at Studio 8!
When your sim is living in Studio 8, one of your goals will be to trow an art opening. To throw a successful art opening, just simply go into build/buy mode and move all the sculptures from the outside of the house, to the inside of the house. NOTE: All the sculptures you moved have to be in the main room of the house (the room where your front door leads to). next, rearrange them in any order you would like. then, buy a cooler from the miscellaneous section in buy mode. Next, place the cooler in the main room of your house. Then, buy a sculpture block from the skill building section, then put it in the main room of your house. Next, have your sim sculpt the sculpture. Finally, throw a party and watch the success! This is guaranteed to work. It worked for me every time.
To have children easier
Make your wife/husband naked at the Pixel Arces Place. Kiss and you should ask "Should we have a baby?"
trouble with art opening ????
if ur having trouble with the art opening then buy a piano and when the guests come round start playing it until it says nice work or something then stop playing it then you have done NOTE: THIS DID WORK FOR ME

Trouble with the art opening?
What I did was,I got all the sculpters from outside and sold them.Then I sculpted about 7 blocks.Now you take away the walls from the art room and the kitchen so the hall ,kitchen,and the art room is all 1 big room.Then I got the sculpters and put them in the big room Ive made.Throw a party and, THATS IT!!!
Turn A House Into A Mansion
The tip is simple. First things first, do the cheat gnome. Secondly, go to buy/build(bubbled,build,burbled) mode and sell everything you can. Then destroy the walls, remove the flooring and get rid of the trees. This is where everything gets interesting. First, build your house from scratch. Then put different color flooring in all the rooms. Oh and yes, build a swimming pool in the backyard. Go buy the most expensive furniture, appliances, plumbing and skill building items as possible. Spend, spend, spend until you can spend nomore(Moore,Nome's,More). If you can't buy anymore, then get back to live mode and build gnomes, pots, or sculptures and sell them until you earn enough money to buy more useful items. I'd suggest a love bed(love bed,love-bed,lovebird) and a love tub(love tub,love-tub,overdub) in case if you ever get married. Go for the red pool table, air hockey table and hellagraphix(holographic,telegraphic,calligraphic) just for entertainment. Buy a Miss Gyrotic(Gyro tic,Gyro-tic,Critic) for logic, a pottery wheel for creativity, a climbing wall for body, one of those showers that never use water and one of those stoves for cooking.

Here is the list of items that might come in handy.
-Heart Bed
-Love Tub
-Swimming Pool
-Air Hockey
-Climbing Wall
-The most expensive TV on the list
-DJ Booth
-Miss Gyrotic(Gyro tic,Gyro-tic,Critic)
-Shower that does not use water
-Anything you can think of.

Now if you move out, you can get reimbursed(reimbursed,reinforced,rinsed) from whoever you were living with. That helps you in most of the goals. Note: Only works for Bust Out Mode.

Ugly Baby??
If you have an ugly baby on free street or bust out mode make a room (about 8X8 should do) Put a fireplace in the room and light the fire. then make the child stand by the fire and pause the game and go on to buy mode and fill that room with Rosie's palms and the child will get burned and if you don't already know this but any sim (adult or child) that is set on fire the grim reaper wont be able to bring them alive so the child will die and the grim reaper wont be able to bring that child alive. im not sure if this works on adults though. if you have any questions email me.
ultimate alarm
first put one wall at each end of the footpaths right near them and buy two robbery alarms and put them on so when a robber comes the alarm will go off straight away every time a robber comes
Unlimited service
when you have called a servics, such as a handyman or cleaner, and when they have finished and you have payed them, go on the build menu and take away the door so they can't get out. After you have removed the door, they will do their job free of charge
Various Tips & Hints
I used to have this game when I was five years old, and my dad re-bought it for me this weekend and I have been playing it ever since.
I have a few helpful tips for you.

Studio 8 - The Art Opening
This is very easy. I recommended you buy a pizza, but you can cook a meal. Spend $1,000 on improvements for the Studio and unlock the Guitar. Place the Guitar in the Art Room, and place the food in there. Throw a party, and everyone will go in the Art Room to eat. Get Charity to play the Guitar, and everyone will cheer and have a great time. You should then of completed the goal.

Mom's House - Rest and Relaxation
Ever got to the point where your Sim is unhappy, hungry, sleepy and completely avoiding promotion? Have a little R n' R at Mom's! You won't be demoted, and you can spend the time wisely by making your Sim happy, healthy and full of life. I also recommend you talk to lost friends and gain your necessary skills to be promoted when you move back to the house of horror!

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps you in your Quest to Malcom's Mansion!
You dont have to go to sleep!
When you see that your sleep motive has a lot of red buy the bug light the one that keeps bugs away.(you will find this in electronics)Then once you buy it put it outside. Then you turn it on. After you turn it on the choices will say turn off or touch. Pick touch and your sleeping motive will go up a little. keep on doing it then your sleeping motive will be all green.

Watch out when using this tip though, as it makes your Comfort levels go down to the lowest level possible.
You The Playa
First call a person and invite him/her over. Then make friends with that person and keep socializing with him/her until you have a heart on the both of you. Now call another person. Make friends with that person and fall in love with that person. Ask them to leave. The next day, call up your first lover and invite him/her over. When he/she comes over, go to a room and call that person over. Move all the doors and make love to that person. Put the door back to its original position and do the same thing to the other person.


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Clean The Ashes Under The Stove Glitch
Note: This only works for Free Play Mode. First move your family in any location on Free Street you want. Then buy the most important stuff. Buy a burglar alarm in case you decide to buy expensive items. Buy a stove and isolate it from the other appliances. Don't buy a fire alarm this time around. Here's where it gets more interesting: Later on in the game, you are likely to cause a fire when cooking anyway. When that happens, let the stove burn to ashes. Then select sweep ashes. But before you even get to the ashes, buy another stove and a fire alarm. When you get to the stove, you get in the stove and viola! Clean ashes under the stove trick.
Club Rubb
glitches in club rubb:
1. i bought a shower and it was broken (needed repairing) my sim(s) could still have a shower.
2. i got 600 simeleons (from the phone) and i went to pay my bills (not sure how much about 300 simleons.) i have about 934 simeleons and i payed my bills and it went to 334 simleons then 634 simeleons.
3. because im in fashion victim career at the time me and mona got on the same bus. mona got out of the bus before my sim and stood in front of the bus and the bus drove away and the bus went through her.
im not sure if this is meant to happen but a burglar robbed something which cost about 1000 simeloens and i didnt own them ANYTHING and when i moved out i owed them all my simeleons?!?! which was about 3256 simeleons
Freeplay Glitch!
When you first start Free Play, click on the Frutti household. Click remove family, and edit family. When you get onto the editing screen, delete all the characters apart from Ginger. Then, you will see that Ginger's stats (nice, active ect.) are a bit crazy and over the 25 points you are normally allowed. You should be able to fill all the starts on her!! Edit Ginger to make her your dream female Sim, then each time you create a new Sim in the family, they will all have complete stats! Amazing, right?

Note: This may not work for all, but is definitely worth a try!
Get 2 Adults and 3 Kids in Your House!
No, I'm not going to say lock Sims up with boxes or something. This is what you do: Get 1 ADULT Sim in a house to start with. Then, go to another empty location, and get 1 ADULT and 2 KIDS to move there. Go to the place with one Sim, and make it date the other adult. You have to propose to get people in your house, but before you propose make sure you can kiss (not romantically or french kissing) with them hugging eachother and two plus signs above them. When you propose (you need to eat then watch TV with them, they can't be in a crabby mood) to them and they say yes, a pop up will say how much money & how much kids the Sim has brought in your house. After that goes away, kiss, and hurry. It should say "Do you want to have a baby?" Say yes, and then you have 3 kids and 2 adults! If it doesn't work for you, the other 2 kids are already in the house. This DID work for me.
odd way to get $50
Get the Tesla Coil 3.0 and use it until a ball of white light appears. go into buy mode and go into the bit where you can move stuff. Then select the ball of light and sell it for $50. Repetat af often as you want.

Easter eggs

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Big Brother
Browse through the decorative section in buy mode until you see a poster for "Big Brother goes shopping". It is obviousely a take on the rality Big Brother
The Grave
If you just kill a sim or one of your roommate just died, they will turn into a tombstone. Sell the tombstone for a little money (around §4) and prevent the ghosts.
the octagon mission
when your at the octagon and your stuck on the mission seek and destroy bio weapons. go to goth manor and go to th incubator and destroy it now ya have completed it.
the octagon mission
if ya stuck on the mission seek and destroy the hackers. go to shiny things lab and steal the computer in the first room and ya completed the mission.
the tinsel bluff mission
when your at tinsel bluffs and ya stuck on the mission find a good sci-fi script. go to shiny things lab and go to the brain in a jar and steal script and ya done it. (it may take a little while to do)
tinsel bluffs
tring to score a red pool table at tinsel bluffs. go to club rudd and play pool against bing bling and if ya win y complete the mission


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Baby into a child
Make sure that the baby's cot is not in the bedroom, cause then it'll wake everyone up when it cries. Always have one sim awake ready to rush to the baby. But the main thing is to NEER PLAY WITH IT. This almost always just agitates the baby. When it cries line up feed and sing, then the baby will go back to sleep - guranteed.
Beat the thief (without the alarm)
If you see the burglar approaching your house and you realise you do not have an alarm, immediately have one of your sims call the police. Although you can not enter buy mode while the burgalar is taking stuff, once he/she attempts to run you can enter buy/build mode. Build a wall just in front of the doors of your house. The burglar will become trapped, giving time for the police to arrive.
Change Minds About Scientists
This is simple. Just make five rocket gnomes at Shiny Things Labs and line them up. Set them on fire by launching going down the line to unlock the "Hypnotize" social option.
Then go to Studio 8. Artie will say something about artist's block and "Should I go to a hypnotist?". Simply make sure you're friends with him and, voila, hypnotise him!
stand next to the post box and press: R2, L1, R1, L2, left and finally circle. if you type this in fast enough you will hear a mmmm noise and a blue gnome will appear. now enter these codes for the cheats and highlight the gnome when you want to use them:
L2, R1, left, circle, up
R2, R3, L3, L2, R1, L1
L2, R2, up, triangle, L3
L1, R1, down, x, L3, R3

Make sure you type in these codes as fast as possible. i havent checked them all but i know for sure that fill motives meter works, so if it hasn't for you then try doing it faster.
only works on free mode!

first,go to one of the ready made familys living in a house that came with the game,then select evict then edit and delte all them and make your own family and you will be rich!
Different Foods
Tired of just the thing you have every day from the fridge? Here are other foods.
1. Use the Japanese Teppan Yaki table to serve some rice.
2. Use the Slush Rush Bar to make drinks.
3. Don't have an oven! You'll end up with a different version of the pizza thing you have.
4. Don't have an oven or a surface to prepare food on. You'll get baked beans.
5. Use the gourmet oven to make Hors d'Ouvers.
Dive for the Kill
Set up a high dive with no swimming pool, then get your Sim to jump of it. Quite fast his Mood should rocket down, and finally after about 10 times, the Grim reaper should come and Kill your sim
Easy Art Opening
This is what I did and everyone loved it.
I used the gnome cheat (push start and as fast as you can press L1, R2, RIGHT, SQUARE, L3) and you can choose Get Money which gives you $10,000. You can also do Max Motives (L2, R1, LEFT, CIRCLE, UP). Go to buy mode and buy the most expensive things you can. I bought a vase, 4 pics, and 2 rugs. I made my girl max motives then throw the party.

Once everyone likes your opening you get a pottery machine! == That is every thing I did to get my art opening perfect.
Easy Baby Taking Care Of.
1. Choose a Sim. It's wise you use one who doesn't work.
2. Disable free will or delete the doors leading to any room but the kitchen whilst the Sim is in there. This will prevent the Sim deserting the baby to, say, use the toilet, which we'll cover shortly.
3. Put the cradle in to the kitchen. It's a good idea if you've got a television in there and your dining table and chairs. Possibly, a phone too.
4. Buy a comfortable recliner (use the give money cheat) and place it in the kitchen next to the cradle. I recommend the Q3 recliner.
5. Add a toilet and possibly a sink if you haven't got a kitchen sink.
6. Play the game, ensuring the Sim eats, sleeps in the recliner, uses the toilet, and does all other necessities, including watching the television to keep it happy and its fun motive full.
7. Baby crying? STOP! DROP EVERYTHING!
8. Feed the baby. Then sing to it to assure that it'll sleep for another while.
Note: Feel free to move stuff to their original rooms or sell stuff and add the doors back once the baby is a child.
fill all motives (IT WORKS)
In bust out mode or free play mode pause the game and put in the gnome cheat R2,L1,R1,L2,left,circle after this a gnome will appear outside your house then for fill all motives pause and type L2,R1,left,circle,up then you can click on the gnome and get full motives and you can do this over and over again
Fun Things to Do
1. Get abducted by aliens by using the telescope.
2. Hypnotize a wide variety of people to see their reactions. A few fall asleep so it's fun to keep them as pets.
3. Make Sims get eaten by a mutant plant using the incubator, but only if you're sadistic.
4. At Pixel Acres, take a shower to get naked, and then touch the bug zapper. Goodbye blurs.
5. Use the Tesla Coil around some objects. Chances are they'll get burnt to smithereens just like my poor chair did.
6. Trap some Sims in a hot tub and use them to make friends by getting in. Your Sim will automatically talk to them and thus increase their relationship points.
7. Make a Sim Soap Opera with dramatic storylines. "FishBreath dies of mysterious abscence of swimming pool under diving board!" "Sudden Arson in Free Street!" "A New Giant TV shocks Lenny!"
Get as much money you want in les then a 1 minute
this is really easy and it works! All you have to do is to firstly get the gnome by pressing R2, L1, R1, L2, left, circle (quickly)
then after the gnome appears (infront of house)quickly press
L1, R2, right, square, L3
once you hear the noice fron the sim right click on the gnome select the give money option you will then recieve $10,000 instantly
this can be repeated until you get as much money as you want
Get Money Fast!!
When you are going broke and you only have about $200 or less, try to get your money UNDER $100. Then in about half an hour, sim time, the phone will ring, make sure you answer it!! You get free money. If you dont get the amount that you want then just do it all over again. You never have to work with this cheat because you dont have to make money for your house or for you to eat. But if you want to get to Macolms Mansion then I advise you to work!!
Get rid of your roommates
if you move into a location were your roommates are getting in your way (making a mess, using what you want to use, sleeping in your bed etc) then there is an easy way to get rid of them. While they are at work use the 'visit' option and go and visit any sim in the neighbourhood. Only return to your house after the time the roommates are supposed to be home from work. They will not be home, and will not return until the end of their work day the following day.
If one of your goals is to buy a certain amount of money for the place your staying at, simply buy all those things and wait until it says you have achieved that goal. After that sell all the things you bought.
Good baby
When your baby is still in a crib play with your baby. Feed it play then feed sing. Don't keep playing or socail services will take it away. If you do then your baby will have good playful and be nice.

Become a Momma's Sim
At the beginning of the game, refrain from getting a job. Stay at Mom's House building up skills and making friends. Since several motives don't decay at Mom's (most notably energy, so you won't have to sleep) and you don't have to go to work, you'll be able to build up skills very quickly.

Rely on charity
Spend all of your money. When you do, you should start receiving money via telephone calls. As long as you keep draining your account back to zero by buying more stuff, the calls will keep coming. When you're done, sell everything you bought.

Take time off for personal development
If you haven't fulfilled the necessary requirements for a promotion, move back into Mom's House. Instead of spending an unproductive day at work, you'll be able to build up your skills and make friends. When you're ready, move back into the appropriate lot and nab that promotion.

How to kill the maid
here's how you kill the maid: when you get to goth manor incubate a mutant plant. make sure that you don't have a garbage disposal in the kitchen and hire a maid so she'll give the plant all the trash. when it gets bigger buy a garbage disposal for the kitchen and put the plant outside for a couple of days and don't feed it. then after a couple of days while everyone is at work, just before the maid comes sell the garbage disposal and put the mutant plant in the front hallway where the maid is sure to walk by. Hopefully the plant will eat her and leave behind an urn. put the urn outside and hire a maid. then throughout the game whenever you hire a maid. the maid's ghost will clean your home. Please note that she WILL still charge you for services.
Job Made Easy
This takes time but it's just a little cheat for making your job easier. Firstly at the very begining of the game you start off in Mom's house. You can do every goal exept the one about getting a job. This can take some time but get every single skill ( cooking/body/mech ect ) up to full ( 10 ). Get the cheat gnome ( I'm sure you know the cheat code ) and also get the max motives cheat ( it works ) . Now you can get a job. Now when you have a job, you don't have to worry about your mood or skill. ( make sure you use the max motives before heading out for work ) All you have to worry about is the amount of friends you have! Another thing is before you set off from Mimi's or Dudely's house I do the both of those houses and all the goals cause if you want to change your job half way through It might mean you have to go back to the very begining so bare that in mind. I'm always availible for Questions so I don't mind. Hope this helped. ( I do it all the time in my game )
Make Extra Money
Whether you're playing Bustin' Out or FreePlay Mode, making money the legit way can be difficult at times. When you're in the early stages of skill development, it's best to just keep switching jobs every couple of days. Not only will you make the money for a regular day's pay, but you'll get bonus cash every time you're promoted!
Make Your Friends Come Over
If you call someone, and invite them over and they say no or get mad at you, dont worry, if you keep calling them 3 times in a row then they will give up and come over!
Perfect Horoscope
This glitch works in free play mode only.
Create your sim. then try to marry ginger.if you can then marry her.once she moves in exit then go to her stats and you should be able to move the horoscope thing up and down easily. if not possible then create your spouse. have a kid, then exit and go to create a family mode. check the kids personal info(name gender). then create yourself over again. if done correctly you should have the kids horoscope. then all you have to do is create yourself. hope this glitch works for you. it did for me
Rasie Motives
Enable the "Gnome" code. Quickly press L2, R1, Left, Circle, Up during game play. A Sim voice will say something to confirm correct code entry. Select the cheat gnome then choose the "Fix Motives" option to raise your motives. To disable this code, press Start to pause game play, then quickly press Up, Circle, Left, R1, L2.
Revitalize Your Spouse
If your partner gets a job, and you have difficulty keeping their motives balanced while working on their skills and/or promotions, simply move into a new house. When you arrive, your spouse's motives will be completely re-filled, excluding fun and bladder.
Score a Red Pool Table
First, ensure your body skill percentage is higher than seven points.
Go over to Club Rubb whilst living at Tinsel Bluffs.
Then, play pool, whilst inviting Bing Bling to join you.
You will win and unlock a red pool table.
Studio 8 Art opening
Just fill the goal to get the guitar. Then move the six sculptures outside into the art gallery (the big room with all the paintings). Rearrange the paintings and sculptures if necessary. Put the guitar in the centre of the room. Throw a party, cook a meal, and play the guitar for your guests (you have to have a few creative points to play well so get charity to do it). They will dance and clap around her and then someone will praise you for a great art opening and the goal is fulfilled!!
Team Picture
Enable the "Gnome" code. Press Start to pause game play, then quickly press L3, R3, R1, R2. A Sim voice will say something to confirm correct code entry. To disable this code, press Start to pause game play, then quickly press R2, R1, R3, L3.
Unlock All Locations
Enter these buttons under two seconds to unlock all locations.

R2, R3, L3, L2, R1,L1
Unlock All Skins
To unlock all skins meaning hair styles, clothes, etc. quickly press L1, R2, X, Circle, Up.
Ways to Get Rid of Irritating Children
Kids annoying you? Did they turn out hideous when you chose to have one with your partner in Bust Out Mode, or did you create one in free-play mode and now you realise it's completely bugging you, raiding the fridge and annoying everyone else? Here's how to get rid of them and ne'er bother with them again.
1. You need to be at Malcom's Mansion in Bust Out mode for this. Simply have your hideoux garcon or fille study, study, study, until they get sent to a school for the gifted. You will never see them again.
2. Or, you can do the complete opposite and punish the nuisance. Simply make them skip school all the time until their grades get so low they are sent to military school.
Note: I wouldn't recommend the above method for the parents of irritating children. For a start, you need to entertain the skipper while he or she skips school. Best move on.
3. Burn, baby, burn! Seriously, though, create or use a small room and put an adult and the irritating child in to it. Get the adult to light a fire and then, if you hadn't already, add a door and allow the adult out before deleting the door. Then, place crates everywhere, tightly boxing the child in with no escape. Pretty soon the crates will catch fire, and the child, unable to escape, will burn. You can also sit the kid on a chair then box it around with crates so getting up is impossible.
Note: This is not recommended as it leaves ash for you to clean up.
4. Starve them! Build a tiny 2x2 wall around them and ignore them for about four days. Pretty soon, there won't be any kid to ignore.
5. If sacrificing your furniture and moving out doesn't faze you, just edit the family and do the DELETE dance with the kid.
whack yous enmies
are you tired of other people in the house bothering you, well now you don't have to be just take them outside and build a small room around them, make it as small as you can and don't put anything in it and eventually ( it may take a while )they will die and be gone foeve.