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Silent Hill Origins (PS2) Cheats

Silent Hill Origins cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Defeating Caliban
1. Prepare your firearms (Shotgun/Hunting Rifle)
2. Healing items (Health Drink)

Caliban is a slow walker. He will jump on you or lift his foot up to stomp you if you get too close to his head. Better stay away. Equip your Hunting Rifle and shoot him until all your bullets ran out. If he's still not dead, use your Shotgun. But you have to get close to him. So run to his back and shoot his body. As long as his head doesn't get close to you, you'll be fine.
He'll be dead in less than 10 minutes
Defeating Helen Grady
1. Prepare your Shotgun
2. Prepare your Katana
3. Healing items (you won't be needing it)

Helen is quite slow. She will release poisonous gas from her gibbet or release spikes from it. Either way, she will give warning before attacking (She will pull herself up before releasing the spikes and she will stop moving seconds before she releases the gas). Equip your Shotgun and fire 2 rounds at her. Then equip the Katana for close combat. Watch out for her attacks and continue slashing her after she released the gas/spike. She'll be dead before your Katana broke.
Defeating Richard Grady
1. Prepare your firearms. (Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, Assault Rifle)
2. Prepare your healing items (Health Drink, First Aid Kit)

Richard has three types of attack. First he will try to strangle you with his tentacles on the ceiling. Press the buttons repeatedly to escape. Then he will spit geysers of blood. Try not to stay at the same place for a long time. When you get close to his head, he will headbutt you. So it's best to stay away from his head. Shoot him with your Hunting Rifle or Shotgun. Whenever you got hit, heal with Health Drink. Whatever you do, try not to use your Ampoule and Redeemer since you need them to fight Samael.
Defeating Samael
1. Save your Redeemer Ammo at least 8 shots.
2. Make sure you have at least one unused Katana
3. Make sure you have a few healing items

First, took out your Redeemer, the shoot him until all your bullets ran out. When he opens his chest, run around to his back and avoiding his sunlight beam. When he put his hands up, he's about to summon rains of fire. Watch the ground for and stay away from the shadow. Heal yourself when you got hit by the fire. Get behind him and slash him with your Katana and keep slashing him until he dies. He'll be dead in 5 minutes.
Defeating Straight-Jacket (Alchemilla Hospital Boss)
1. Prepare your fists
2. Some healing items

Straight-Jacket is quite fast. He will spit acid when in range. Run away when you see acid on his face as he leans back. Another attack is he will wrap his legs around you and do a grapple. Press the correct button and you'll be fine. run around to get to his back and punch him 14-16 times. When he's down, stomp him. It doesn't even take 1 minute.
Defeating The Butcher
1. Prepare your firearms
2. Healing items (if you even it)

The Butcher will chase you with his slow walk in a small kitchen. When he gets near enough, he will swing his Great Cleaver at you. Thank god he's slow as a snail. Don't go too near or you'll get hit by it. One hit will send your life to red, so stay away. Use only three shots of Redeemer and use your Shotgun / Rifle to finish him. It'll be over in less than 5 minutes.
ice box password
umm in the hospital in the other world go to the ice box with buttons on it the code is 312319 u will get a plastic heart
Room 500 key
At the calendar on the entrance, adjust the date to 06-12-1961.. An empty slot will appear below the calendar. Put the Wedding Ring in the slot. Then go to the stack of keys behind you to get the key.

The day can be seen through the peekhole at room 500.

The month is from the wedding ring. You have to put the wedding ring in the calendar after you set the date.

The year can be found at your lucky coin which says "61"
Savior Costume
To unlock this costume, simply finish the game once.
Tesla Rifle & UFO Ending
First, finish the game and save your data.
Reload the data, then find the key to room 502.
The key is located north of the hospital, at the top of a long flight of stairs.
When you're at the motel, use it to open room 502, and you will get the UFO ending.
Save your game data, then reload once again and the rifle will be in your inventory.


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Codebreaker Suit
To unlock this, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, O anytime during gameplay.
You will not receive the suit, however, until you actually finish the game.