Shinobi Cheats

Shinobi cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Gameshark Codes for more Shinobi cheat codes.

Shinobi Tips

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Bonus stuff
To unlock the Movie option at the extras menu collect ten crests.Also,to unlock the Gallery option at the extras menu collect 20 crests
To play as Moritsune collect 30 crests.Also,to to play as Joe Musashi collect 40 crests.Finnaly, to unlock the challenge levels at the extras menu collect 50 crests.
Submitted by: Gregory2590 on March 15, 2004
quick ogre kill
In the levels with the two headed ogres with what looks like an iron girder for a weapon, first kill all the enemies around to build up your attack strength, then stun the ogre with a shuriken. While it's stunned dash to the ogre and slash it in the side. You will kill it in one strike and get tate.

If you can't tate the ogre then stun it with a shuriken and use a mikimono with the Ka'en, will kill almost automatically, not one hit with the red ogres in level 8-a and b
Submitted by: shadow master on October 24, 2007

Shinobi Cheats

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shinobi cheats
to beat stage 1-a you wiil have to kill the first ninjas that spawn out in order for the first kekai to break. after it breaks you will see two ninjas spawn out. For a quick kill dash quicly and hit them from the back. Then the next kekai will break. then four rats will spawn out. after you kill them a next batch will come out. do the same as you did for the last batch. then you will have to jump over a crumpled piece of wall,where you will find your makimono scroll and some life if you need it.Not long in the game you will have to fight a tank. all you have to do is stand on top of it and keep hitting the thing on top of it. then you can gather up its health. the. you will have to kill acouple batches of ninjas. after you eleminate these garbage the kekai finally breaks. then you will have to fight about two ninjas and three dogs arter you kill them the next kekai breaks.if you dont want to fight them then you can just climb high on the walls and make the gas pads kill them by running on the walls and making them come deeper into the smoke.I found this out when my friend jimmy was fooling around when i was writting this. NOTE THIS IS ONLY FOR WHEN THERE ARE ENIMIES AROUND WHEN YOU ARE NEAR THE AREA WITH SMOKE COMMING OUT OF IT. the next area will have another tank and some ninjas guarding the last kekai.always go straigh for the tank dioganoly so that it will not hit you. also remember never to go in front of the tank unless you enjoy dying! after you destoy the tank and kill all the ninjas the last batches of ninjas that appear the final kekai will break leading you to the boss. theres not much of a strategy to discuss here all tou have to do is dash fast to keep up with the helicoter and keep jumping and hitting under it. also if you want to do double damage to it you can hit its missles to make it blow up itself.for the credits if I would have to give the credits to anyone it would be my best friend jimmy as he helped me write this.
Submitted by: casey on September 20, 2006