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Shining Tears Cheats

Shining Tears cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

Shining Tears Tips

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Free Herbs
Did you know that when you walk outside by the very end of the boat dock you will see a twinkle in the water and get a free herb. But sometimes you will not see the twinkle and it will still give you something free. This will happen after each battle you win. Just walk to the end of the dock and it will tell you that something is snagged in the water. Later as the game goes by you will get gravity stone, goddess tears, paninca but remember each time you go to battle and come back after a win and are back in headquarters then you can get the free herbs.
Submitted by: Tina Neckebroeck on August 17, 2005

Shining Tears Cheats

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max stats
Press X,X,up,triangle,up,X,O,O,R1,R3
then play a new game,your character will start
with maximum power
Submitted by: totty potty on August 22, 2007