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Shadow of Destiny cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

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Shadow of Destiny Cheats

Extra option
When the game is completed, one of five endings will appear. What ending you get will depend on how well you completed the game, divided into chapter completions. You can see how much you have completed in each chapter thanks to an "Extra" option that is unlocked at the title screen after you complete the game. This screen allows you to see the percentage completed for each chapter. You can restart the game from the begining to see if you can get the different endings. Good luck.
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Restore Energy Units
If you begin running out of energy units, allow yourself to die. The moment you are brought back to life, you will get an energy unit for free. For example, if you let yourself die five times in a row you will get five energy units for free. Do this trick each time you begin a new chapter.
Unlock All Endings
After you unlock all 5 of the regular endings, you will see a special prologue that will allow you to play again and unlock another ending.
Unlock Extra Options
After you complete the game, and one of the 5 endings run, you will then have an Extra option available at the Title Screen that allows you to view your Completion Percentage for every chapter.
Unlock FMV Sequences
Complete the game to unlock an FMV sequence.
Complete the game with 3 different endings to unlock another FMV.
Complete the game with all 5 endings and the bonus ending and unlock another FMV.

Easter eggs

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New Title Screen Image
Earn 100% completion in all Chapters and to change the image on the title screen.