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Shadow Hearts: Covenant cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Blanca's Best Armor
Before the Final Battle, go to the Dormreny Church, once thre a event will appear and you'll get Blanca's best armor.
Damage Radius/Line
In this game, you have several attacks which will have an orangish circle around the character, or a line, which intersects another's enemies body. If you have multiple characters in range of this circle, then the damage will be done to them all, and not just one.

Don't worry about your own characters, as they will not receive friendly fire in these cases.
Doll House
To find the Doll House, Go to Japan, In yokohama streets talk to a man that tells Geppeto of the recent plauge in Japan, leave then you can go there.
Easier 10000 hit combos
When using the Eternal, Third, Fifth, or Seventh Keys, change the user's Ring Type to the Gamble Ring. Now when you go to attack, you can get all the hits possible from the Key, but you'll only have to land on the Hit/Strike area once.

Fastest way to get more cash

Equip all your battle characters with BANDIT EARRINGS - this accessory increases 20% cash after battle. You can get one early in the game after defeating GodHand. To get the other 3 BANDIT EARRINGS, use Anastasia's steal ability and steal from GodHand in one of the Solomon's Trials. You might not be able to steal the BANDIT EARRING on the first try, but you will get it after the second try in the same battle. Do the trial 3 times and do the same in stealing.


This is more of luck. Use Lucia's Tarot Card ability and hopefully THE TOWER card is drawn. This card increases currently held cash to double! This tarot card is hidden in Nihonbashi.
Good Ending And Bad Ending
Before your final battles, Jeanne will ask you happiness is for you. Select the first one, "to live my life the way I want" to get a good ending. If you select, "to live a peaceful life" you will get a bad ending.
After you are abell to go back to Europe from Janpan, go to st margurite island, when you frist got there, the man who made the key for you is there, and he will tell you there are ghost in the storing room.Go there after you are done talking to him,enter the place and take the first door you see and exit it to the east door, take the left door when you get to the gate.When you go in, a hiddin door will be there, enter it and you will meet a ghost that tells you that to get to the next level you have to help the ghost on that floor(the first floor only has two ghost).The first ghost i did was, Serge the Sailor, he will ask you to give a ring to a lady in La Harre named Irene, (she is standing in front of Grannylot's house, she a old lady) after you talk to her go back to the island and talk to him,(he will leave) next i did Darcy, Who didnt make it, this ones easy, he just want some tissues,(if you dont have any, lose at the lottory, once and that should be enuff)he will leave after your done talking to him. thats the first level, now go to the door in the back and it should open,(the second level has three ghost)the next ghost i did was a little girl in the back,Crybabe Kazuna, she will give you a mask that scares her so you can give it to someone who wants it, ok, the person who want it is in Paris, Cathedral, when you get there walk down the stairs and talk to the only guy down there,Japanophile Taylor.(go back to the island and talk to the little girl and she will leave)the next ghost i did was Bitter Ludwig, Lottory Member 3, play the lottory with him for four times(hes on fast ring, the red is mind's eye, so be careful, after that he will leave)the next ghost i did was Troubled soldier, he will tell you that he has forgottin his name and the only clue he has is a broken watch, after he gives you the broken watch, leave the island and go to Janpan, Yokohama, Foreigner's Cemetory, talk to Retired old man Iwai and he will tell you the ghost's name, Major Wayne Hashida,(go back to Europe and go to the island, talk to the the ghost that forgot his name and he will leave) thats all of them so now you can go to the next level, go to the door in the back, this time there is only one ghost, professor, but he has last his memory and dose not know why he will not rest in peace, so you have to go to Cannes and talk to an old man on the beach, he will say something about an old friend, now go back to the island and talk to the professor, he will say he remeber something and he needs more time...thats all i have for now but i will put more info later!
Hit Area Expand
In the Disc 1, St. Margerite island, go to the room before the special cell. Do a combo hit of 30+ on the scorpion creature (Gator) and you get a Hit Area Expand. Sometimes instead of Hit Area Expand, you'll get Talisman of Luck. To avoid this from happening, get at least 33 for combo hit. Karin with 18 hit using one of the sword skill, then Yuri with 15 hit using Inferno (fuse with Level 10, Grade MAX fire fusion).
How to get more Lottery Tickets

Using Anastasia's Steal ability, steal from Pollux as much as you want in the Solomon's Trial which features Pollux.


In Forest of Wind, using Anastasia's Steal ability, steal from Tengu as much you want. Is not easy to steal from Tengu because they always run away. Therefore, it is recommended that you Arc Gale your party or Gale Anastasia. Occasionally after killing Tengu you will also get Lottery Tickets as battle spoilt.
Mucel Arts and Code on St. Margerite
Grand slam:

You should have at least 75 HP and sufficient defenses. Choose defend then choose "resist" then the next turn, attack. You'll sort of have to use your own judgement. Sometimes it will blow you out and other times it won't.

Deathtron hammer:

I was at level 19 when I did it but it helps alot if you have a third key or a fifth key but be warrend the teacher has a third key and will do around 120 damage.

Code on St. Margerite: 8-6-4

Neo Amon's Soul
To get Neo Amon, In disc 2 when you can go back to Europe, go to Florence talk to a fat man in a white suit.
He'll tell you of a expensive mirror he wants, leave and the place where you got Amon at will become travelible.

(Note:Like how you got Amon, you must get to the huge mirror where you fought the first Amon, also note that it will not be easy, the battles will become harder so at least be at lvl 45-47, plus the castle will be different so it will be harder to find Neo Amon)

Hint:If you see a little girl called Alice in Wonderland, you'll know you're on the right track.
Newbie Tip : Opposite Alignments
Throughout this game you will encounter some groups of similar enemies, who all have the same element by their names in the alignment pages.

Utilizing the opposite type of attack, such as Water against fire or wind against earth, can cause bonus damage to these people, and could lead to the destruction of enemies in a more timely manner. Similar to this is the move that Anastasia has, letting you see the alignment of the enemy so that you can use the correct type of attack or series of attacks/combo magic against it.
Newbie Tip: Combo's and Combo Magic
This game is full of chances for you to use combos in causing massive amounts of damage to your enemy. It is especially useful in the cases of bosses.

First thing you need to know, is that combo's can be started at any time but are most useful when you have four people in one group ready for it. Resisiting attacks so that it will still be together for the next round is an ok idea, but for the most part, checking the top of the screen to see whether or not you can perform a combo without being interrupted halfway through is the easiest and best course of action, especially when combatting the loss of sanity points. So, the character before you have an enemies turn is the one everyone should combo to.

Having all successful blows is also useful in that is allows the last member to use combo magic, which could result in a super strong attack that could wipe massive hp of any enemy. Once used, you can see the name and know the effects every time you use it.

So do the smart thing, and take advantage of your ability to combo!
Purple Bondage/More Doll Dresses
Inside the Romanov palace, go up the stairs then go to the right side of the palace, go near the door that leads to the Lion's Shrine, on the right will a door go in, look around the bed and you'll get the Purple Bondage.

Once you have the Purple Bondage, talk to Pierre and he'll use it for more dress ideas.
Unlock "Theater Option"
To unlock the "Theater Option", complete the game at least once.


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Choosing the Ending
Near the end of the game, when you're in the Graveyard, the girl will ask you what you think true happiness is. Choosing each answer will result in a different ending when you continue and complete the game.
"Bad" Ending: Choose the second option
"Good" Ending: Choose the first option
Doll House Cheat & Seraphic Radiance
The code for the Doll House is "Bridget"

To obtain Yuri's ultimate Fusion Soul, you must have every other soul leveled up to the maximum, including Kurandos. Then in the final save point in the last dungeon, go into the graveyard. On the tree with the second Yuri, there should be an item called "Drop Of Rebirth". This is used to obtain Seraphic Radiance. Note: This was done in the Japanese version of the game.
Geppetto's armor
you must win the solomon trials. the final one (creator) is the one you need to beat. the very last thing you fight is the tin lion. you cannot hurt him. no matter what you try the damage will be 0. instead have a character that is equipped with instant death or petrify attack it. if you are lucky you will instantly kock him out. but be careful... it can inflict enough damage to kock you out in one hit no matter what your HP is. i suggest you have a few characters who can bring the dead back to life or buy a few talisman of luck.
Karin's armor
go to florence and talk to the lady who gives you the pedometer. you need at least 12,000 steps to get it.
make money very very fast
in order to use this, you must have a gold discount card.

Buy as many items as you can, and do the 50% off discount (don't worry about saving it just yet; it won't take away any penalty points for failure). once you have successfully done this, save your game! then resale those items that you have bought with a 25% bonus (if you fail, you can just load the file again).

Eventually, you'll be making 1 million every round!
New Game+ Mode
Upon completing the game you will be given a choice to save. Doing so and loading this data will result in starting a New Game+, a new game with all of your previously unlocked: Monsters in library, photos in Anastasia's album, Crests gathered, fusions, costumes for Cornelia and stud cards.
Doing this will also reward you with two bonus cards and the theater option
silver angels
there are five silver angels you need to get in order to get anastasia's ultimate weapon from edgar in his shop. they are located here:

1.rooftop in petrograd
2.behind the dried vegetables in the inugami village.
3.solomon trials woshiper #1
4.Doll house
5.stud card quiz in nihonboshi.
soul drop locations
you must get these if you are to get yuri's final fusion. they are located here:

1. domremy church
2. wine cellar (Idar Flamme clear)
3. lawrence in the goreme valley church.
4. the small hut near the entrance of the inugami village
5. yokohama inn
6. foreigner's cemetary
stud cards/ corenilia's dresses
you need these to get all of cornelia's dresses. they are located here:

1. geppetto's apartment near door.
2. becky the artist in florence
3. wine cellar
4. man in the bar in cannes
5. guard in petrograd
6. solomon trials begginer #4
7. yokohama streets near pierre (behind the sign)
8. guy from the stud card quiz
9. wine cellar lucky boxes #4
yuri's armor
go to Cannes and talk to the kids on the beach. they will tell you about a man (Lenny) bigger than Joachim. then go to Petrograd and go towards edgar's shop take a right to the next screen. she will tell you where Lenny went. go to Champs Elysses in Paris and you will see a man who stands like one of the steel claws. lenny is now at St. Marguerite island. he is in the cell roger was in. you might have to travel for a while because lenny wont let you in.