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Black Silk Panties For Alice
When you play the game for the first time, you must collect all monsters in the library (Meta God also). After you beat the game for the first time save your data. Your data will be written as clear data. Load the clear data and play the game until you can talk with Knowledgeable old Carl (in Europe map), if you collect all the enemies in the library, he will give you black silk panties for Alice.
Book of Rituals
Have Alice and Zhuzhen in your party, and head north from Roger's house to the ruins, and watch the scene to get the Book of Rituals. Examine it and exit.
Codex of Lurie
Codex of Lurie is one of the three secret books which are necessary for the player to access some sidequests. After viewing the conversation between Halleyand his mother in the London Rats, make your way back to the Nemeton Basement, where you fought Albert Simon. The Codex of Lurie is there, glowing
on the floor.
Dollhouse and Alice's ultimate weapon
With Alice in your party go to Prague and enter the bar, you'll find a new guy named Evan, he'll ask you to exorcist the Dollhouse. This dungeon will now appear in the Europe Map.
Simply go to this new dungeon and complete it. You'll receive Alice's ultimate weapon as a reward.
Emigre Manuscript
Go to the Orphanage, and go into the room where you fought Jack. Talk to the kid by the fence to play a game of Hide and Seek. He'll want you to find his other 4 friends in a minute, the locations of these 4 kids are random, so I can't help.
After finding the kids, talk with the kid that made you play this game, he'll let you go trough, climb up the stairs, and talk with the kid in the pot to get the Emigre Manuscript.
Erotic Book
When you reach the Kuihai Tower dungeon you'll be able to get this key item that will allow you to trigger the Seraphic Radience fusion sidequest later in the game. Be sure to get it if you want the Seraphic Radience fusion, because if you fail to get it now, you won't be able to go back for it!

From the main hall, take the left path to go to the room. On the left of the room, you can find an Erotic Book, just run around this area until a heart appears on Yuri's head, then press the X button to grab it.
Fox Face
During the Asia section of the game if the malice is at max level you will encounter this enemy in random battles. While he is tough to kill, because you can only use Yuri for the fight, he is far from being invincible.

One thing I should say is that there is no real reward for defeating him...

Fox Face has 3 attacks:
"!!!" : Reduces Yuri's HP to 1
SP lowering: Lowers Yuri's Sanity Points
Basic physical attack: It's a physical attack composed of 3 hits, it's the same as Yuri's normal attack.

You can fight him anytime during the Asia section of the game (You can't during the Europe section), but it would be wiser to do so when you have gained access to Dehuai's Tower (the final dungeon of the Asia section), because your Yuri will be stronger and will have more fusions.
Now max your malice and save the game. Next run around in a dungeon until a random battle triggers, Fox Face will likely fight you.
Use your first turn to fuse into a monster (the strongest one you have or a light fusion one will help), if he uses SP Lowering use a SP healing item, if he uses "!!!" use a healing item or a healing magic, if your fusion monster has one that is, simply keep hitting him with all you have.
After depleting most of his HP he will fuse into Death Emperor and in the next turn he will use dark messenger, a magic attack that will cause you 999 of damage, yup, you won't survive that attack, so that means you have to hurry to kill him before he has a chance to do so. But even if he manages to fuse in to the Death Emperor you may have 1 or 2 extra turns to kill him, this is because the attack he does while fused is random, so instead of using the dark messenger attack, he might use other attack that won't instantly kill you.

In other words try to attack all the turns you can, using magic and accessories to buff up your physical attack, improving your weapon attack power, using items that double your attack power but have judgement rings effects, etc will help you a lot on bringing down his HP the fast as possible.

Like I previously said, you won't get any special reward, he doesn't gives you much EXP or money, buy he does gives you 5 souls for every element, that's something.
Keith's Demon Sword
You can only do this after having got the Earth Gravestone.

Go to Bistritz with Keith in your party, and talk to Nina. She will tell you about a strange light on Keith's castle. So go there, and check the basement (coffin room) of the castle.

You'll find a golden bat there, talk to it. After some dialogue you have to fight it with Keith only.
It gives you 5 free turns to beat it without being hurt. Just try to complete Keith's Judgment Ring. Don't try to be perfect if you can't. It'll be easier if Keith's level is 35+.
When the 5 turns are over, it'll give you an extra turn if you couldn't kill it yet, but if it is still alive after the fifth turn, it'll kill Keith with a instant-kill attack.

With the Bat defeated Keith will get the Demon Sword, his ultimate weapon.
Margarete's Confession
In order to active Margarete's Confession, go back to Rouen before setting foot into Neameto.
Enter the church through the backdoor. Then head to the main hall. A cut-scene will trigger about her confession with Yuri and she gives you the Pearl Ring.
Margarete's Ultimate Armor
You must max out the steps with the Pedometer first, then return to the Silent Peddler, he'll give you a Leather Suit for her. Which is Margarete's ultimate armor.
Seraphic Radiance fusion
In order to get the final fusion, you must have gotten all Fusions (including Amon) and you have to have beaten the Cave Temple and Ancient Ruins, and got the Codex of Lurie, go to Roger's house
and speak with him to trade the Erotic Book for the Pulse Tract. Examine the Pulse Tract and head back to the Ancient Ruins. The path this time is as follows: Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, Blue, Red and Light Blue.
Go down the stairs and open the chest for the Stone of Rebirth. Examine it. Now go to the Graveyard and to the place where you fought Fox Face, examine the whole place and then leave. A cut-scene will trigger and you'll have to fight Yuri's Dad. Defeat him and then you'll fight Seraphic Radiance.

With Seraphic Radiance defeated, Yuri will now be able to fuse into Seraphic Radiance fusion monster.
The most powerful fusion monster that there is.
The Good Ending
In order to unlock the Good Ending you must trigger the following events before going to Neamato.

First, to make things easier, get the Oath Grail from Joshua in the London Rats Hideout in London, after Alice's "trip" to Rouen.
Now examine that item and read the description, now if you follow the order that the Grail has written on it, the battles with the 4 masks will be easier.
So the right order is: Grail Mask, Gold Mask, Staff Mask and Sword Mask. If you follow this order, the masks won't be able to use their special skills that cause judgment ring status effects, making the battles a lot more easier to win.
Now fill your malice amulet at max (red color), so that the masks attack you during random battles, and put Alice in your party. The Gold and Sword masks are immune to physical attacks, so you'll need magic users to take care of those two. And the Grail and Staff masks are immune to magic attacks, so you'll need good physical attackers for those two.
After taking care of all four, take Yuri to the Graveyard and examine a small tombstone that has sprouted up in the lower left next to one of the element tombstones. If you don't do this, you'll regret it later!

Continue with the story of the game, head back to the London Rat's Hideout. Go upstairs, you'll see a conversation between Halley and his mother. Go back down and to the Nemeton Monestary to talk to Roger. He'll let you rest and Alice will wake up again in the Graveyard.
With Alice check the small tombstone you previously examined with Yuri. Now go and talk with the Masks for some cut-scenes. If you've done everything right, when Alice has to fight with Atman, Yuri will come and help her, if not you've made a mistake and you won't be able to unlock the Good Ending.

The fight with Atman isn't too hard, but make sure you have Will Power accessory equipped on Alice, since Atman likes to reduce her SP a lot. To put it simply, Alice should take care of healing tasks, while Yuri fuses into the strongest fusion monster he has and starts to hit Atman until he is dead.

Now with Atman dead, you have set everything needed to unlock the Good Ending. So when you finish with the events on Neamato, you'll see the Good Ending.

For some extra content check the small tombstone later and talk with the 4 masks, you'll receive the Seven-Eyed Mask as a prize.
Unlocking the third spell of a Level 3 Fusion Monster
Level 3 Fusion Monster have a ????? instead of their magic skill in the third slot of their special skill menu. So to get the third spell of a Level 3 Fusion Monster, you must fuse into that Level 3 Fusion Monster and let your Sanity Points deplete, so that Yuri goes berserk, when berserk Yuri's will use the third spell of the Fusion Monster and learn it!
Unlocking two new dungeons
If you have the Emigre Manuscript, examine it and a new dungeon will appear on the map of London, the Cave Temple.
You get Zhuzhen's best weapon, the Holy Peak Staff for completing the Cave Temple dungeon.

And, if you have the Book of Rituals and had examined it, the Ancient Ruins locations will appear on the Europe Map.
For completing the Ancient Ruins dungeon, you'll get the Volt Snipe, Halley's best weapon.
Unlocking two new dungeons
If you have the Emigre Manuscript, examine it and a new dungeon will appear on the map of London, the Cave Temple.
You get there for first completing of dungeon puzzle "Mantle of Shivering" strongest armor for Keith.
But when you examine Emigre Manuscript again, you can go dungeon puzzle again but another ways than 1st time. But this time on the end welcomes you Boss "Cherubim". For defeating this guy you receive Zhuzhen's best weapon, the "Holy Peak Staff".

And, if you have the Book of Rituals and had examined it, the Ancient Ruins locations will appear on the Europe Map.
For completing the Ancient Ruins dungeon 1st time, you'll get "Gold-Threaded Coat" strongest armor for Alice.
And when you examine Book of Rituals again, you can go dungeon puzzle 2nd time, but again a different ways than before. In this run on the end welcomes you Boss "Seraphim". And for defeating this guy you receive "Volt Snipe", Halley's best weapon.
Yuri's Ultimate armor
Right after battle on Sunset Hill in the Graveyard, where you obtain "Seraphic Radiance", go to the graves and back on the Sunset Hill. There, behind the tree is chest now. And you find there Father's Coat. Yuri's strongest armor.
Yuri's ultimate weapon
You can do this AFTER getting the Codex of Lurie. But you also have to have been to Neameto at least once, talk to Roger, he will want to you to help him with an experiment. You have to operate the machine, with a Spin Ring 10, it can be pretty tough, but be patience and you'll get it right.
The reward is the Nightbird Claw, Yuri's ultimate weapon.
Zhuzhen's ultimate armor
Go back to Rouen and enter the inn. Enter the room just left of the staircase, you'll find Meiyuan there. Meiyuan gives you a letter from Qiuhua. She writes to you about what happened to Kawashima and Kato. Now Kato is in very bad state, as he regrets that he couldn't protect Kawashima from being killed by her father. Then Meiyuan will give you the Coat of the Adept, the ultimate armor of Zhuzhen.


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Dark Gravestone Location
Located inside the Blue Castle on the top tower floor.

The Dark Gravestone is obtainable after defeating Yuri in the tower. You must walk all the way back up to the top floor after defeating him to obtain it.
Destruction Stone Location (Amon Fusion Soul)
Located under the Nameton Monastary ruins. Drops out from the large fire pit in the middle of one of the rooms.

This is the stone needed for the secret Amon Fusion Soul. You must open all treasure chests in the underground ruins to obtain the Destruction Stone. It isn't too difficult to figure out the puzzles to open the chests so I will leave that to you. Just remember to return to the fire pit after opening all chests to pick up the Destruction Stone. If not you will be missing out on one of the strongest Fusions in the game! After you get the stone you can go ahead and fight Roger Bacon. After he has taken enough damage he will fuse into Amon. Defeat him as Amon and the Amon Fusion Soul will be yours.
Earth Gravestone Location
Located in Bistriz; once again after learning about the real Roger Bacon.

Go to Nina's house and there will be a blinking spot in front of the house. Search it, then go inside and speak with Nina. Leave the village and return once again and examine the blinking spot. This time you will get the option to watch it. Do so and Yuri will water the spot. Go inside and talk to Nina. Leave the village once again and continue the process. Sooner or later Nina will move out of the house. She will then give you the Earth Gravestone.
Fire Gravestone Location
Located in the Mental hospital; inside the Spade room.

After opening the chest in the Spade room and picking up your reward simply search the chest a second time to receive the Fire Gravestone.
Getting all Fusions at the beginning of game.
Play through the whole game. Once all the credits have finished, wait a minute or two, and a save-your-game prompt will come up. Say yes, and it will be saved as 'Clear Data'. Now load the 'Clear Data', and you'll begin the game with all the fusions you had, your library filled, and you can compete against your old score.
Getting to Kowloon.
No-one else has put this in, so I will. When Alice is talking to Dehuai, (Before you save Kawashima) answer all Dehuai's with the first option. After this, save Kawashmia, then go to the Smuggler's Boat. Go on deck, and you will be asked if you want to set sale. Say yes, and you'll head to Kowloon Fortress.
Light Gravestone Location
Inside the *real Roger Bacon's house.

It's located to the right of the vending machine and is obtainable after the *real Roger Bacon has revealed himself.
Requirements for level 3 Fusion Soul
Unlike the level 2 and 3 Fusion Souls you must do a little something extra for the third and final Fusion Souls. The two things you must do are maxe out the particular element for that Fusion Soul monster and pick up the Gravestone for the corresponding element. 70 element points are needed to completely max out an element.
Water Gravestone Location
Located at the Roen hotel; after learning about the real Roger Bacon.

Go to the hotel at Roen and walk up the staircase. You will overhear a couple arguing about something. Continue walking up the stairs and enter the door on the right. Talk to both the man and woman and the man will let you know that he wants to speak to a priest about what kind of engagement ring he should get the woman.

Now enter the church through the back door and enter the second confession stall. The man will enter the oposite side and confront you on what he should do. Tell him to get her a diamond ring and he will then leave. Go back to the hotel and the man will then sell you the Water Gravestone for 3000G.
Wind Gravestone Location
Located in Prague. The bartender of the town has it.

The Wind gravestone is a little more tricky to obtain. First you must pick up some tissues. You can easily get some by purposely losing to a Lottery Member. Then go to Prague and speak with the townspeople and they will inform you that the bartender has been in the bathroom for a long time and they're beginning to worry. Next, go in the men's bathroom and search the stalls. The bartender will tell you that there is no toilet paper. Yuri will then give him the tissues and you will receive the Wind Gravestone in return.