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Shadow of Rome Cheats

Shadow of Rome cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

Shadow of Rome Tips

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Armor Upgrades & Secret Costume-Agrippa

Fortus Rex-Successfully reach 300,000 total Salvo points.

Talon Aegis-Successfully reach 800,000 total Salvo points.

Secret Costume (Gorilla Suit)-Successfully complete the game.
Submitted by: Wurd on January 27, 2008
Eat Food Faster
Tired of getting stabbed behind while you're eating? Eat fast by repeatedly tapping Square!
Submitted by: NeoEmpire on February 24, 2005
Gold Fortune Coins
With Octavianus knock out all the guards in that level. The last guard you search will have a Gold Fortune Coin, which costs more (16) than the Silver Fortune Coin.
Submitted by: NeoEmpire on February 24, 2005
To get 300 salvos easily, completely devour three pieces of meat throughout the fight.
Good luck (if you charge an attack from a scimitar and then you hit them, you will take of their left arm; do this when their groggy and they will lose their head. This is good too then chunk into the crowd.)
Submitted by: almighty agrippa on August 30, 2005
Mini Game: Great Escape
Normal Events must all have a gold ranking before this mini game becomes available.
Submitted by: Mishtram on January 16, 2006

Shadow of Rome Cheats

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Activating Survival Mode
To activate the Survivial Mode, you must get at least a silver rank in all the events that the difficulty is normal on.
Submitted by: Mishtram on January 16, 2006
Game: Duck Fling
To unlock this game, get silver on all hard ranked events.
Submitted by: Mishtram on January 16, 2006
Octavius: 'Hide Where?' and distractions
Octavius is far more useful hiding. The best way to hide is to find a nearby urn, closet, ect, until the threat passes. They never check these areas, so you are out of sight.

However, if you whistle as a distraction to get them to come out, they will come within two meters of where you were standing, so be prapred to move and give yourself lots of leeway if you do so.
Submitted by: Mishtram on January 16, 2006
tornado maximus
to get this killr kombo,
you need to be equipt with a halberd (preferably a grand halberd) go to the enemy and start attaking with the square button, if you are lucky, you will start spinning around with the helberd and u inflict mass damage.

ps for more salvos, try killing the enemy with a supra move. u get a different supra move with each waepon, but u need to kill them with the move . (mauls arnt included, for those, kill the enemy with a downward hit.)
if u need help with anything, email me at street_spider12@yahoo.com.au
Submitted by: almighty agrippa on August 02, 2005
Unlock special costumes and haircuts for Octavianus
Buying a certain number of items from the vendors in the city gates area gets you special items that get delivered to your house as Octavianus. To access these, select them from your Drawer.

Chameleon suit - Buy all items from all vendors
Crew Cut - Given from start
Mr. Onion Head - Buy at least 5 items
Pansa's Robe - Buy at least 10 items
Splitting Head Ache - Buy at least 20 items
Submitted by: Jax06 on November 10, 2005