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Alcatraz Amps
To exit Alcatraz, you must restore the electricity. The switchboard consists of three rows of six switches, each with a number on the right hand side.

By talking to everyone required, you'll find out the following; That the first and third row of switches correspond to, from the left, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 amps, respectively, while the middle row switches correspond to 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 amps, respectively. In short, the board looks like this;

[1][2][3][4][5][6] - 15A
[6][5][4][3][2][1] - 7A
[1][2][3][4][5][6] - 10A

All you need to do is flip the switches that add up to the correct amount of amps. The simplest way to do this is as follows;

[1][2][3][#][#][#] - 15A
[6][#][4][3][#][1] - 7A
[1][2][3][#][5][#] - 10A
Cat Coin Locations
This is by no means a complete list, but here are the earliest locations at which I was able to collect Cat Coins.

Mackerel - Arkham University, or pretty much anywhere.
Octopus - Carribean Pirate Fort.
Scallop - Machu Pichu (Wariche).
Shrimp - Aito Cave.
Bream - Garland Residence, Alyosh.
Doll's House
Once you have Ricardo's first three Muse Items and Gate is open, speak to Al Capone in Chicago to unlock the Doll's House.
Frank's ultimate weapon (Spicy Skewer) and skills
When you get to Roswell for the first time, you meet Britney, The pink Ninja. She asks about a hazardous material and as the scroll thingy says, X marks the spot. go to the room far from the left when you first entered the lab and find the barrel with an X mark on it and you'll get Frank's second skill, the Seismic Wave.

Then head over to Las Vegas and go to the right side of the hotel. Britney should be there and with her, a new puzzle to finish. the Ninja there is a tricky one since he multiplies and you have to pick the right guy. if all goes tricky, try picking the second to the last guy on the right. it works for me all the time. Then you get the Demon Bomb as a reward.

Then head to Moana and Britney should be there. You have to go to the Aito cave after speaking to her to capture 3 Ninjas. it's pretty easy to find them She'll give you clues anyway. After finding the ninjas, you get the skill, Fast Snowball.

Then after, head to Rio Janero and go to the slums area in where Britney again shows up. this time, you'll be unlocking a new place called the Ninja Hideout or something like that. Go talk to the headmaster of the Village and go to the northern part of the village. there, you would play this Mini-game and you have to fly within the given number of range the old women tell you. there are all 9 of them but in order to beat the mini-game, you have to get the secret scroll. to get it, once you land on the third platform, head over to the next ladder and talk to the girl. usually she says go 120 but instead, make it 160 and fly. You'll go to a secret place and get the scroll from the red box and continue with the flying.

Once you get to the last part, Frank will be facing a battle with The Head Jonin one on one so be careful, he is tough as i can tell, My Frank was Level 45 when i defeated him. Once you beat him, a cutscene will occur and you shall receive the Spicy Skewer Weapon.

Note: Britney appears in Rio De Janeiro, in the slums area after the Gate is opened
Garland Mansion
You need to go through the gates in the following order to unlock the curse.


Walking through gate VII will allow you to exit the mansion, and can be reached after walking through gate II.
Garvoy Valley
Once you have all four fetish statues for each of Shania's first three fusions maxed, speak to the village elder in Moana to unlock the Garvoy Valley.
Golden Tinny
This is the final pit fight battle, and is one of the trickiest in the game.

Equip one or two characters with the Poison ring effect, and another with Apathy. Equip them all with Replacement Men accessories.

The only way to damage the Golden Tinny is with Poison. Normal poison will inflict 1000 damage per turn, while Deadly Poison will inflict 2500. The effect will only last for five turns. Golden Tinny will kill your characters with one attack, and his double attacks combined with his speed will easily knock out your entire team. Hence the Replacement Men, which will revive your characters on their next turn.
Good ending and Shania's fetish statues locations
In order for the player to get the good ending you must get Shania's ultimate Soul Fusion, Tirawa, but get the Spirit of the Sun (Tirawa), you must also have all of the fetish statues for all of Shania's fusions maxed out at level 5.
So here are the locations for all of them:


Eagle Statue: This one is the first that Shania receives. Zonda will give it to her at the Grand Canyon early in the game.

Swan Statue: Complete the Sasquatch UMA quest of Natan's.

Owl Statue: Clear the App Beast Med II Pit Fight Battle.

Hawk Statue: This will be in a chest outside the Vegas Hotel. It'll be to the right along the path.

Wolf Statue: This is given after you get Tatan'Ka.

Bear Statue: Talk to Samuel in the Caribbean. You can get this for trading in five of the No. 23 snapcards.

Bison Statue: You'll get this after you defeat Malice Edna.

Horse Statue: This is given for clearing the Basic Beastology IV Pit Fight battle.

La Sirene's

Orca Statue: You'll get this right after defeating La Sirene.

Whale Statue: This is a lottery Prize at the Caribbean.

Shark Statue: Defeat Kerufe to get this.

Dolphin Statue: Complete Natan's Tihozhodhi UMA that is at the Caribbean.


H'uararu Statue: Garvoy Valley; Near the entrance. Head to the right and look at the upper portion under the bridge for it. It'll come up as "?"

Hotoru Statue: Garvoy Valley; Down the path where you first find the Oak Ladder. Just hug the walls until you find a "?" sign and you should get it easily.

Shakuru Statue: Garvoy Valley; Near a ruined building with the bridges. Explore the area a bit and it'll come up as a "?"

Chahuru Statue: Garvoy Vallery; At the alter where Shania received Thunderbird. It'll be on the left side just below the center. Search for a "?"

After getting the Tirawa fusion for Shania just continue with the game as normal and you'll get the good ending.
Hilda's Ultimate Weapon - Mag. Key Hilding
After Gate is open head to Chelsea, in New York. Speak to the man outside the Erick theatre, who speaks of a vampire bat, then head inside to face it in battle. After defeating it, you will recieve Hilda's Mag. Key Hilding.
Hilda's Weekly Arts locations
In order for Hilda to learn more abilities for her magic arts option, you'll need to hunt down the Weekly Arts magazines which were written by the Great Q. Inside each one will be one new ability that Hilda will be able to learn:

Weekly Arts 1
She'll start with it. Slim Hilda will learn the Thorn Whip skill.

Weekly Arts 2
This can be obtained from a man in Rio. However, she'll need to be in the Pink Bat form in order to receive the weekly arts magazine. If she is, she'll learn the Energy Charge skill for her bat form.

Weekly Arts 3
When in Moana, she can talk to a little girl inside the building nearest to the exit. She must be in slim Hilda form in order to receive the magazine. When she gets it, she'll learn the Pumpkin Bomb skill.

Weekly Arts 4
This one is also in Moana. Have Curvy Hilda talk to a man that is near the Elder's house beside the docks. She'll get the Happiness Gift skill for Curvy form.

Weekly Arts 5
You'll need Slim Hilda for this one. Go to Harlem and talk to a far man on the streets. Hilda will then get the magazine and the Floral Ray skill for her slim form.

Weekly Arts 6
Have Hilda in her curvy form and head to Chicago. Near the Four Deuces there should be a man that's standing on the side road that wasn't there before. Have her talk to him and she'll get the last magazine with the Full Bloom skill.
Johnny's Ultimate Weapon - Cherry Bowie
Talk to Roger Bacon in Roswell after the Gate is open, and he'll ask you to find him a copy of N.Y. Heaven. Head to Alcatraz, and Mao will receive a copy from Ness in the Kitchen area, near the cells. Take it back to Roger to get Johnny's ultimate weapon.
Lottery Members
12. New York, Upper West Side
11. Chicago, near Save Point.
10. Roswell, to the left of the spaceship.
9. Carribean pirate fort, on the deck of the Pirate ship.
8. Las Vegas hotel, room 812.
7. Rio de Janeiro, on the left of the first area.
6. Outside Elder's house, Moana.
5. New York, Times Square.
4. Arkham lab, right side, first floor.
3. New York, Harlem.
2. Lolama, Elder's House, Moana Village.
1. Lottery Chairman; complete He-Man Sushi Contest sidequest.
Mao's Ultimate Weapon - DragonSpring
In Chicago, speak to the man near the alleyway to hear about a strange person hiding. Head into the backroom of the Whitby, nearby, and talk to the man hiding behind the crates to recive Mao's DragonSpring. Gate must be open.
Melt Crest
Once you\'ve found every stellar in the game, equip each of them to a stellar chart. There should be just enough spaces.

Complete the Pit Fights to get the Shield Crest, and place it in a non-elemental level 4 slot, on the stellar chart equipped to Johnny. Talk to Lovecraft again, and he will upgrade it the Melt Crest.
Muse Items
Fade-Fast Flower - Ricardo starts with it.

Old Man's Diary - Talk to the old man in the newspaper office in Rio de Janeiro, then head to the Four Deuces in Chicago and talk to the old lady near the front desk. Finally, head back to the newspaper office and talk to the editor.

Girl's Letter - Speak to the girl in Moana village, who wishes to write a letter, then leave and re-enter to speak to her mother. Head to Arkham University, and talk to the man standing outside Gilberts Office, then head to Alcatraz prison. Speak to Warren, on the second floor of the North cell block. Head back to Moana and talk to the girl, to recieve an item to deliver, then return to Alcatraz and talk to Warren again.

Unfinished Score - Complete the Doll's House sidequest.
Natan's Gun Fu skills and UMA Hunts
UMA Hunts are available from the Shaman in the Grand Canyon after the dungeons where the monsters are located have been opened. This side-quest must be completed in order to get Natan's Gun Fu skills

Location: Grand Canyon (in the area between the 2nd and 3rd set of
totem poles).
Lure: honey
Reward: Rapid Shot

Location: Carribean Sea ghost ship (in the cabin across from the
overturned boat)
Lure: Grapefruit
Reward: Slug Shot power up

Location: Chichen Itza (B5 Floor, behind a pillar toward the center, be careful, there are two UMA triggers here, the leftmost one is a fake)
Lure: Field Rabbit
Reward: Rapid Shot Power Up

4) Rogotu Muhere

Location: Aito Caves
Lure: Dust of the Morpho Butterfly, Grapefruit, Maiden's Black Hair,and Goldstone.
This is the first multi-lure hunt, so it's harder than the previous hunts to complete.
From the first passable blue seal in the Aito caves follow the path, ignore the cave opening on the way, when you come to an intersection, take the cave to your immediate right, you'll cross a bridge over the water and come to the mouth of another cave and seal guarded by pillars. In front of the pillar to your right an UMA icon should appear, set up the morpho butterfly dust here.
Now backtrack to the intersection and take the next opening to your right, at the next branch take a left and then another left soon after that. Follow the path up an incline and you should
emerge on a bridge over the area where you put the first lure. Head straight across and follow the only available path until you get to another branch, ignore it and continue straight for now. Take a left at the next branch to an area with three sets of pillars. Examine the last statue on the left side for another UMA icon and
place the maiden's black hair lure here.
Head back to the last branch and keep right this time. Follow the path to the next branch and head down, keep left on this path and then take the cave that appears on the left right before the blue seal that guards the way back. Examine the red pillar to the right for another UMA icon. Place the grapefruit lure here.
Now return to the hallway and head back the way you came, this time keeping right at the intersection. Use the red platform in the cave
at the end of the hall to teleport into the final part of the dungeon. Head north from the platform into an area with a save point. Save your game then head north to the area where you fought Derugett and examine the spires for an UMA icon. Place the last lure (Goldstone) here to initate a boss fight.
Reward: Slug Shell Power Up

5) Skyfish

Location: Uyuni Salt Lake
Lure: Dust of the Morpho Butterfly, Flypaper
This is a multi-lure hunt, but quite a bit simpler than the last. First head to the 6th floor of the Uyuni Salt Lake dungeon (the room with the lighted blue star at the center). The worst part of
this UMA hunt will be reactivating the puzzles if you're coming back to this area after the game events have finished here.
When you get to the star, an UMA icon should appear near the base of the star's northmost spire. Place your morpho butterfly dust lure here. Now head up to the next floor and save your game before going into the room where you fought the boss. If you don't have 1 or 2 stock on everyone, go back and get it. It's impossible
to catch Skyfish without a combo of some kind (usually a double). As you approach the altar, you should stumble on another UMA icon. Now place your Flypaper lure at the UMA icon and you'll be pulled into another
boss fight.
Reward: Rapid Shot Power Up

Be sure to talk to the shaman again after recieving your usual reward.
At this point he'll declare you a master and tell you to go after "the UMA King, an UMA even among UMA!" So Unidentified is this UMA that the shaman doesn't bother to tell you where to find him
Head over to Arkham University and talk to the female student standing by Gilbert's old office. She'll tip you off to the next location you
need to scour: the library.

In the library you'll find a new key item: a file with information about a past hunt for the very UMA you're tracking. Reading the file will open up a new set of UMA information on the final UMA in Natan's UMA option set, along with opening Natan's secret UMA Hunt area, the
Giana Plateau.

Location: Giana Plateau
Reward: Soul Bullet
Viewing the remains at the entrance to the area will give Natan even more UMA information. To start, take the path to your right, ignore the UMA icon that appears for now and take a left at the first branch. Examine the skeleton lying at the end of the path for more information on your hunt. Now return to the first area you entered and this time take the path to your left, follow the short branch that appears on your right and examine the flower for "Daphne's Fruit". Keep heading down the main path to the North, further on you'll find a Medi-Refine at the base of a big rock on the right side of the path. Shortly after the rock is an area where the path branches 4 ways, check the left branch for another corpse and to see a scene of something watching you from the bushes. Now when you return to the intersection an UMA icon will appear: place the Goldstone lure here then take the path to the north. When it branches, take the path to the left and examine the water's edge in front of the waterfall for
an UMA icon. Use the Maiden's Black Hair lure here then turn around and this time take the right branch. Examine the plant to the right side of the path for a "Hit Area Expand". Not much farther up the path, to the left, is another UMA icon. Set your morpho butterfly dust lure here. Keep following the main path, ignoring the branches for now. To the right side of the path (near the far right of your navigation map) you'll find a "Ramp Fiber". Continue along the
main path, ignoring the branches until you read the wide clearing on the lower right-hand side of your navigation map. You should pretty much walk over your next UMA icon (in front of the short
palm tree in the upper right corner). Put your Fly Paper lure here. Then continue on to the right waterfall area where you should find another UMA icon. Maiden's Black hair goes here.

Now head back to where you started and save your game.

Now go back down the right path, ignore the UMA icon that appears and continue north through the first clearing. At the next intersection, examine the tree at the center of the fork for an
UMA icon. Put the "grapefruit" lure here and you'll be pulled into a battle. After the battle, a cut-scene will play.

Now head down the right path to the next intersection and then take the hard-to-see short left branch. Examine the rock for an UMA
icon and place the honey lure. You'll be pulled into another fight.
Another cut-scene will play

The next spot is at the very top right corner of your navigation map. Take the right path from this clearing to the waterfall and examine the water's edge for another UMA icon. Use the Field
Rabbit lure here and you'll have another fight on your hands.
One more cut-scene will play

Now head back down to the clearing where you left the Grapefruit lure and this time keep left (to the path that runs parallel to the top path on your navigation map), head down the path, on the way you should find a "Meteor Mask" next to a rock on the left side of the path. Continue down the path and check the right side as the save point comes into view ahead for an "Angel Souffle". Now go ahead and save your game before heading North into the area that seems to glow gold. If you've got pocketwatches, equip them, this
boss likes tight ring and fake ring.

When Mudobukan is dead, head back to the Grand Canyon and collect your reward from the Shaman, Natan's last Gun Fu skill: Soul Bullet.

NOTE: You can return to the area you fought Mudobukan after and examine the shining item on the ground to recieve the "Clear Crest" stella.

Replacement Man
Unlike in previous Shadow Hearts games, the Replacement Man will now revive you on your next turn. Your entire party can be dead, and you won't lose as long as someone is scheduled to be revived. They'll wake up with only 1hp, but they'll be able to move immediately, and if you revive someone before the replacement man does, it won't break.

This makes them far more useful than previously - for instance, when fighting the Golden Tinny, if you manage to inflict poison on it, and it kills you, it'll waste about five turns (and 5000 hit points) waiting for you to wake up.
Shania's Wild Mist
Shania's Wild Mist can be found in the ruins of a house in the Garvoy Valley. You should be able to see it shining on the ground.
Snap Master 1, Masatoshi
You can find him to the north of the save point in Chicago. He'll request the following snaps.
  1. 007 (Tonakh) x3
  2. 008 (Maii) x1, 009 (Argen Tabisu) x1
  3. 013 (Prison Guard) x1
  4. 026 (Petty Gangster) x1, 027 (Gangster Hoodlum) x1
  5. 054 (Ikeheon) x3, 058 (Tamaris) x3, 064 (Len) x3
  6. 060 (Ispus) x3, 061 (Lailai) x2, 062 (Phobos) x2, 063 (Bokrug) x3
  7. 075 (Golden Tinug) x1
Snap Master 2, Samuel
You can find him on the Caribbean Pirate Ship, near the kitchen. He'll request the following;


  • 004 (Sorgei) x3, 005 (Gagu) x3
  • 015 (Womp) x6
  • 018 (Sirius) x1, 019 (Betelgeus) x1, 020 (Acteau) x1
  • 023 (Heinz) x5
  • 036 (Dicteo) x2, 047 (Chakmol) x3, 048 (Saskachilli) x3, 062 (Phobos) x5, 097 (Gresiru) x8
  • 058 (Tamaris) x3
  • 091 (Seymaria) x5

Snap Master 3, Sociable Pissarro
Sociable Pissarro can be found in a car, on the second screen of Rio de Janeiro, on the left hand side, just past the journalist's office. He'll request the following;

  • 004 (Sargei) x3, 005 (Gagu) x3
  • 015 (Womp) x5
  • 018 (Sirius) x1, 019 (Betelgeus) x1, 020 (Acteon) x1
  • 023 (Heinz) x5
  • 036 (Dicteo) x2, 047 (Chakmol) x2, 049 (Cabracon) x2, 062 (Phobos) x2, 097 (Gesiru) x2
  • 058 (Tamaris) x3
  • 091 (Seymauria) x5
  • Tinkerbell's Code
    If you return to Johnny's apartment in New York after unlocking Chicago, Lenny will tell you that a package has arrived. Unfortunately, to open it, you must solve the following puzzle.

    The boxes contain the numbers 1 to 9, without repetition.. The numbers along the outside indicate the sum of each row or column. For instance, it's fairly easy to deduce that the box on the lower left must contain the number '1', and that the box above it must contain a '2'.

    As you can see, the numbers in the row which contains 2 and A adds up to ten. Therefore, the three boxes must add up to ten, which means that 'A' and the other spare box must add up to eight. 7 and 1 have already been used, as has 2, so 6+2 isn't an option. 4+4 isn't possible. Therefore, the two numbers in that row must be 3+5. Since the colum that contains A must add up to thirteen, and 3+10 isn't possible, then that column must be 5+8. So you can fill in the 3, 8 and 5.

    Finally, you can see that there are only three numbers to fill in. The only numbers left are 4, 6 and 9. '9' is obviously in place of B, and 4 must be placed in the same row, since 9+4 = 13. 6 goes in the last remaining place.

    Two Endings, One Playthrough
    The difference between the two endings is triggered by one simple action - getting Shania's Tirawa summon in the Garvoy Valley.

    The easiest way to see both endings is to complete everything up that point, leaving the Garvoy Valley for last so that your characters levels will be as high as possible. Make two saves - one before, and one after defeating Tirawa - and complete the game on both to see the different endings.

    The only thing you cannot do before receiving Tirawa is unlock Purgatory, since it's only by defeating Tirawa that you unlock Pampered Mary's secret Snap trade, which is the only possible way to get 115 unique snaps in one playthrough.
    Ultimate Armour - Frank
    After visiting Gate at least once, head back into Roswell, and talk to Dr Strange, near where the shop guys are hanging out. He'll hand over Frank's ultimate armour, the Phoenix Suit.
    Ultimate Armour - Hilda
    Win the final lottery against the Chairman (after the Sushi subquest) to get Hilda's Funny Peach.
    Ultimate Armour - Johnny
    Speak to Lenny after Gate is open. If you have completed all of Tinkerbell's quests, you will receive Johnny's Liberty Ghost.
    Ultimate Armour - Natan
    Beat the Pit Fight battle Beast God Thesis II to get Natan's Arkin Apron.
    Ultimate Armour - Ricardo
    Walk over 10,000 steps, and after Gate is unlocked, you will receive Ricardo's Charo Passion from the Walking master.
    Ultimate Armour - Shania
    After opening Gate, speak to Captain Lafayette in her room on the Caribbean Pirate Ship. Answer ten questions correctly to recieve Shania's Nigvast.
    Unlocking Purgatory
    Once you have 115 unique snaps, talk to Masatoshi in Chicago. Once he hands over the holy water, head to the Garland Mansion, and sprinkle it over the painting in Graham's office. This will open the Purgatory dungeon.


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    New Game+
    Complete the game and save. Load this clear game data and you will start a new game with many of your previous things like cards, fusions, enemies in library, and more.

    Purramount Pictures
    Mao needs the following Cat Coins to defeat the various opponents, and unlock her various skills.
    1. Meowminator - 5 Mackerel
    2. Sammo Meow - 5 Mackerel, 10 Octopus
    3. Ryuryu - 5 Mackerel, 5 Octopus, 15 Scallop
    4. Judo Mistress - 5 Octopus, 10 Scallop, 20 Shrimp
      Great Martial Artist - 5 Mackerel, 5 Octopus, 5 Scallop, 5 Shrimp, 25 Bream.
    Theater Mode
    Complete the game once to unlock theater, which gives you the chance to see all the cutscenes.

    Ultimate Armour - Mao
    After completing the Purramount Pictures sidequest, and the Gate has opened, head to room 904 of the Las Vegas hotel, where Meowmara will sell Mao her ultimate armour, Cat Gold Medal, for twenty of each Cat Coin.
    Unlock Purgatory
    To unlock the secret dungeon Purgatory, have every single enemy besides the ones in Purgatory Snapped. Then head to Chicago and speak to the Snap Master there. He will give you a Item. Go to where you get Johnny's Awaker form. Enter the room with the fireplace and inside here, examine the emblem above the fireplace to be warped to Purgatory.