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Samurai Warriors 2 (PS2) Cheats

Samurai Warriors 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Great way to get kills
An easy way to get kills is to use the characters third charge attack. To use their third charge attack you must hit square three times and then triangle once. This will send enemies flying because each characters third charge is built like this.

Happy KOing
Instant KiIls
To instant-kill anybody you want,If an enemy is fleeing go up to him and kit no matter how full his life is he will die in just one blow.
Play as Kojiro Sasaki or Katsuie Shibata (Bodyguards)
Ever wanted to play with Kojiro or Katsuie? If you did, all you have to do is select Nene, set your bodygaurd to either Kojiro or Katsuie (after unlocking them in survival mode), start the stage, then hold R1 and press triangle x3 (three times) since these two guards are considered to be officers using Nene\'s special move R1+triangle+triangle+triangle will turn her into that guard.

Note: She might not turn into the guard if there were other officers. For example (If you were fighting Tadakatsu and Mitsunari was fighting him with you, you migh turn into either Tadakatsu, Mitsunari or your guard).
Unlocking Characters
Saika Magoichi - Beat Musou Mode with Akechi Mitsuhide
Hattori Hanzou - Beat Musou Mode with Fuuma Kotarou, or Have Sengoku Musou 1 save on memory card before starting the game
Inahime - Beat Musou Mode with Honda Tadakatsu
Shima Sakon - Beat Musou Mode with Ishida Mitsunari
Toyotomi Hideyoshi - Beat Musou Mode with Ishida Mitsunari
Maeda Keiji - Beat Musou Mode with Naoe Kanetsugu
Nouhime - Beat Musou Mode with Oda Nobunaga
Azai Nagamasa - Beat Musou Mode with Oichi
Oda Nobunaga - Beat Musou Mode with Saika Magoichi
Date Masamune - Beat Musou Mode with Saika Magoichi
Naoe Kanetsugu - Beat Musou Mode with Sanada Yukimura
Shimazu Yoshihiro - Beat Musou Mode with Tachibana Ginchiyo
Honda Tadakatsu - Beat Musou Mode with Tokugawa Ieyasu, or Have Sengoku Musou 1 Moushouden save on memory card before starting the game
Nene - Beat Musou Mode with Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Takeda Shingen - Beat Musou Mode with Uesugi Kenshin
Uesugi Kenshin - Clear Musou Mode with Naoe Kanetsugu, or Have Sengoku Musou 1 save on memory card before starting the game
Okuni - Clear single-player Sugoroku mode
Mori Ranmaru - Complete Mori Ranmaru's request on 1F, Akechi Mitsuhide's request on 11F, Akechi Mitsuhide's request on 21F, and Mori Ranmaru's; Unlock him in Mugenjyou Mode
Miyamoto Musashi - Unlock all other characters, not including Okuni and Ranmaru.
Unlocking Hell Difficulty
Hell Difficulty - Beat Musou Mode with Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu.


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Buy things for free

There is a glitch that allow you to buy things in the store and then get back the money you spent on whatever you bought. To do so, do the following.

First, pick a general in Musou Mode and go into a stage. As soon as the stage starts, save (Midgame Save and then Save from the main menu) and then exit the stage from the menu).

Now choose 'resume' from the main menu. On the preparation screen, press X to cancel and return to the menu. Now select Free Mode and choose a different character from the one you picked earlier. Go into the shop and buy whatever you want. If you still have money left over, return to the character select screen and pick a different character and buy even more stuff. Once you're out of money, return to the stage select screen and soft reset with Start+Select. Upon doing so, you should find that you have all of your money back, but all of the skills/bodyguards/horses you bought will remain in your data!"
List of Stages in SW2
Battle of Anegawa
Battle of Hasedou
Battle of Honnou-Ji
Battle of Kanegasaki
Battle of Kawanakajima
Battle of Komaki-Nagakute
Battle of Kyushu
Battle of Mikatagahara
Battle of Nagashino
Battle of Odani-Jyou
Battle of Odawara
Battle of Osaka-Jyou
Battle of Osaka-Wan
Battle of Sekigahara
Battle of Shzugatake
Battle of Tedorigawa
Battle of Ueda-Jyou
Battle of Usa-yama
Battle of Yamazaki
Nagamsa Azai - ultimate Musou

Nagamasa Azai
Weapon; LAnce
Musou; Constant Stabbing
Lvl musou; Constant Shockwaves

(do not use stabbing and shockwaves at the sme time since they do the same damage, the only difference is that stabbingcan lock an enemy officer into place, but will prevent you from moving but shockwaves will have a bigger range, the same attack rate, but will send enemy officers flying, so by stabbing - stand still and by shocking run around kill them

If you fully train Nagamasa Azai and then learn him Awekening 2 or 3 (3 preferly) You'll have the ultimate musou in game. Close up to an enemy officer, at any difficulty, a musou charged up abit over 2 can kill any officer on one musou even, tadakatsu Honda on Chaos. Not lvl 3 since it will charge the enemy away. This is some hints how 2 use the musou correctly;

1; Enemy officers; Do not charge your musou fully up since it willsend the enemy flying, stun the enemy officer then use the musou close up, don't use any regular combo slashing, only musou stabbing. A normal enemy officer will be down in;
Novice; At once
Easy; At once
Normal; At once
Hard; 3 seconds
Chaos; 3 seconds

Tadakatsu Honda and other over charged officers will die at the exact time in chaos.

2; Crowds, enemy troops;
Lvl 3 musou, use it and don't do anything else then running around, when u have runned eight steps u can press square many times to use his run attack. this will not send troops flying but instantly kill them at any other difficutly then Chaos, where you need two of his shockwaves
Tokugawa Ieyasu
Weapon: Projectile shooting spear

Special Move(s): Shoots a cannonball type projectile and another special move is the firing of 5 projectiles.

Stages: Battle of Anegawa, Battle of Mikatagahara
Unit Types Available
The Following are the known enemy types available within SW2:

Bomb Ninjas
Healing Ninjas
Long Spears
Sky Ninjas
Strike Ninjas
Unlocking Dream Stages
Normally, the requirement to unlock someone's Dream is to clear his/her Musou Mode. However for some characters, you need to clear another character's Musou Mode (Sometimes including Dream) as well to unlock them.

Magoichi Saika's Dream - Beat Masamune Date's Musou Mode as well.
Mitsunari Ishida's Dream - Beat Kanetsugu Naoe's Musou Mode as well.
Oichi's Dream - Beat Nouhime's Musou Mode including Dream as well.
Yoshihiro Shimazu's Gaiden - Beat Yukimura Sanada's Musou Mode including Dream as well.
Kenshin Uesugi's Gaiden - Beat Shingen Takeda 's Musou Mode including Dream as well.