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Dynasty Warriors in Samurai Warriors
This is a fun little quirk for fans of Koei's best-selling battlefield game. In Create-An-Officer, if you give him/her a name from Dynasty Warriors like Zhao Yun, Sun Jian, Sima Yi, Xu Huang or another male name, the character will receive a huge boost of attack power in one weapon, usually the sword. Female characters like Zhen Ji, Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao and Nu Wa will be at 30 for all weapons. The only exceptions are Diao Chan and Zhu Rong.
Help on abyss mode
It helps if you keep 2 saves. Save it in abyss after three stages, then after another three stages, save it on a different memory card. Then swap back to the old memory card, do three more stages, save it on that. (its hard to explain). Then swap memory cards, and do another three stages etc. It saves you from going back to the start everytime you die. If you do die and you lose one of your datas, copy your other data onto that memory card, and you'll have two datas again.

Also I would advise you to use the items that give you extra health, extra musou, extra attack and extra defense.

K.O bonuses give you more time if you need it.

Hope this helps anyone who is struggling with this.
helpfull hints
Alternate costumes
Successfully complete Story (Musou) mode with any character, then highlight that person at the character selection screen and press Circle. Note: Press Y in the Japanese version of the game.

Get a 100% completion with all fifteen default characters and a created character. Then, choose the alternate costume for your character, and all your opponents will also wear their alternate costumes.

To unlock four more models for a created character, train a new general and get any weapon to an attack rating of 55 by the fourth month. Defeat the Strike Ninja that appears to challenges your school, the complete your training. This may be done up to three more times to unlock a total of four new models for your created character.

Play as Goemon
Successfully complete Okuni's campaign to unlock Goemon.

Play as Keiji Maeda
Do Kenshin Uesugi's story mode. When you get to the Siege Of Gifu castle level, a mission will appear saying to eliminate Keiji Maeda. Do not do this. After you complete the level, you will appear in Gifu Castle. When you reach the fourth level, Keiji Maeda and Nobunaga Oda will be waiting for you. Then, kill Nobunaga Oda to complete the level. When you finish the Showdown At Kawankajima level and the credits end, a screen should appear stating "You have unlocked Keiji Maeda."

Play as Kunoichi
Successfully complete Hanzo Hattori's and Shingen's campaigns to unlock Kunoichi.

Play as Magoichi
Successfully complete any character's campaign to unlock Magoichi.

Play as Masamune Date
Successfully complete one two character's campaigns to unlock Masamune Date.

Fight against Masamune Date
In new officer mode, constantly do riding. Eventually Masamune Date appears, gets agitated, and decides to fight you.

Play as Nobunaga Oda
Successfully complete Oichi's, Magoichi's, and Noh's campaigns to unlock Nobunaga Oda.

Play as Noh
Successfully complete Ranmaru Mori's campaign to unlock Noh.

Play as Okuni
Successfully complete Keiji Maeda's campaign to unlock Okuni.

Play as Ranmaru Mori
Successfully complete Mitsuhide Akechi's campaign to unlock Ranmaru Mori.

Play as Shingen
Successfully complete Sanada's campaign to unlock Shingen.

Use the Death element on your weapons
Collect all five volumes of "The Book of Five Rings" with a created character to have the ability to use the Death element on your weapons.

Quick stand from falling
Press L1 immediately to stand quickly from falling.

Body Guard Manual
In the new officer campaign in the Siege Of Osaka on Yukimura's side, successfully complete all of the objectives until Yukimura charges into the enemy camp. Once he charges, follow him and there will be an ambush inside the enemy's castle. After you successfully repel the ambush, a special item will appear on one of the right side gate captains. He moves slowly to the east -- you should be able to catch him on foot.

Kankestuba Saddle
In Sanada Yukimura's summer campaign at Osaka, follow all the missions up to and including and preventing Date Masamune from entering the castle. A supply team will appear from the gate in the west of the center and move towards the gate east of the center. There appears to be a time limit for getting this item (possibly about fifteen minutes).

Matsukaze Saddle
In Takeda Shingen's stage, Attack On Azuchi Castle, defeat Akechi Mitsuhide then enter the castle from the east side. Defeat Maeda Keiju within one minute of when he appears. As soon as you do so, the supply team will appear next to Maeda Katsuie's position and move towards the gate next to Niwa Nagahide's position. Go there and cut them off. They will disappear rather quickly -- to run there, ignoring all other enemies.

War Ration
To get War Ration easier, first use a male or a female model. Name him or her Kunoichi (most effective if you used a female model). You should start with a Jump of 115 to 118. Then, play burst, where you must solve the maze using only sword (because sword increases jumps). Try to complete the stage without getting hit, with at least 1:00 to 1:12 remaining. You then should have a rating of "Great" or "Good", and Jump should increase about 3 to 4. Keep doing this until you get 130 Jumps and Goemon might appear. Watch out for the gun in expert; it may kill you in three shots.

Easy items
An easy way to get items is to play the Abyss survivor game. If you get Hanzo up to rank 20 with a level 4 weapon, you can run through the dungeon fairly easily. It is best if Hanzo has level 2 or 3 "healing items are stronger" skill. Also make sure Hanzo has the mastery skill where True Musou is always available. If the weapon has the Flame element on it, the Musou will make jets of fire around Hanzo. If you run through the tower sub-levels directly to the next staircase down (not killing a lot of peasants), you can clear the floor in about a minute and a half. After three sub-levels, you can save or continue. If you go deeper, the items get better, but the opponents get more difficult. If you see an officer that is not blocking the stairs, kill him as he normally has healing items.

Easy experience
If you are using a level 4 weapon you can claim better experience, even if you are not skilled. Use the Charge Attack power on an officer. When he is dizzy, attack him with Musou and you will get 1,000 experience after he is defeated.

Easy health
When you are fighting and your health is red, run in circles and let your Musou charge by itself. Then, turn around and do your true Musou attack. Repeat this until there are enough people for you to handle, the enemy officer is dead, you find health, or you get health because of a dark elemental weapon.

Regain horse's full health
Whenever your horse is about to die or has some damage done to it, get off, then get back on. The horse's health will be full again.

Guan Yu and Dong Zhou reference
When you are inside Osaka castle, on the first floor you will find pictures of Guan Yu and Dong Zhou from the Dynasty Warriors series on the wall. Note: Try to find all the rooms in the first floor.

Two Kunoichis
Go to free mode, then select Kunoichi as your character. At the "Pick A Scenario" screen, select Yukimura's Tale. Then, select the first stage. When you start the level, another Kunoichi will appear behind you. The one that appears behind you is Yukimura's officer.

Enemy strength
The game has the enemy strength set on the characters level. For example, if you have a level 20 character on a level 1 character's level, the enemy will be more than the strength that the level 1 character can take. This makes the opposite true. If you have a level 1 character, then hard levels are made easier to compensate. Use this glitch to your advantage. Take a character with a level 4 weapon, restart him or her at the options screen and use the character to get his or her level 5 weapon. The AI will be on easy mode, and their attacks will be almost nil. However, you can use your level 4 weapon and tear through their forces with no problem. This makes those near impossible missions very easy.

In-game reset
While playing the game, press Start + Select to return to the "Fight" menu.

Easy third or fourth weapons
An easy way to receive a decent third weapon or your fourth weapon for anyone is to play through Hanzo's story. Then, in free mode, play the Ueda Infiltration under the hard or chaos difficulty settings. You will receive some good items and weapons. Note: Do not try this unless your character is strong or you already possess a decent weapon and items -- Kuniochi is difficult.

An easy way to get a level 4 weapon is to go to free mode under any difficulty setting, then select Okuni's Tale. Go to the final scenario on part A. Complete the mission, and at about the third level there will be a large octagon-shaped room. In the center is a platform. Go all the way to the other side of the octagon to find a break in the handrail. Jump on the platforms to the center get a level 4 weapon. Then, complete the rest of the stage.

Another easy way to get a good fourth weapon is to have a second player with you in free mode. Player two should be a rank 1 character, because the game sets the difficulty somewhere between the levels of the first and second player. This makes killing generals a bit easier.

To get high level 4 weapons (for example, 40+ Attack, Life, Defense, etc.), play through story mode with Hattori Hanzou and Goemon. Go to "Free Play", then Goemon. Select "Goemon's Tale", and play Osaka Intrusion. Find all treasures on the first floor. The "Valuable Item Found" message will appear. Return to the start of the level and pick up the item. It is a Guiding Doll. Note: There are more treasures than the amount required; find them all. Finish the mission, and you will get the Doll. Next, switch the difficulty to Hell (chaos), go to "Free Play", and choose the character for which you want a good level 4 weapon. Select "Hattori Hanzou's Tale", then Ueda Infiltration. All you need is the Guiding Doll equipped, along with any other accessories, and a level 3+ weapon. Note: Kunoichi is rather difficult; you may want a high level character. Gather all information on all levels of the castle (along with all treasures that appear on your map, thanks to the Guiding Doll), then proceed to the last floor (sub-level 5). Get the final treasures, then proceed into the room with the secret letter. After the mission, you should receive multiple items with high stat boosts and two to four weapons, also with high stat boosts.

To get third or fourth weapons, first choose free mode. Then, choose the character you want. Select Mitsuhide's Tale, and finally choose Gifu Infiltration. Go through the stage until you get to the floor where you fight Ranmaru Mori. Go out to where he is located, then go to the right side of the room. Attack the crate on that side to get a new weapon. This should give you a third or fourth weapon.

Use the following trick to get level 4 weapons for low level characters easily. First, get Shingen and go to his story mode. When you get to the Siege Of Azuchi Castle level, thwart the fire attack, beat Mitsuhide to Nobunaga, then let Mitsuhide join your side. After this, let him die while he is withdrawing. Then, kill everyone remaining and you will unlock the Kawanakajima Showdown level. After completing Kawanakajima Showdown, go to free mode and get any general. When you start, go directly down to the bottom left where Keiji is waiting. If you wait until he attacks he is noticeably more difficult. He is still easy, but gets more annoying if you wait. Kill him and get his weapon, then kill Kenshin to complete the level. This works almost all of the time. If it does not work the first time, keep doing it.

Level 5 weapons
You can earn a level 5 weapon on any difficulty setting:

Hanzou Hattori

Weapon: Night Fang "Underworld"

Stats: Base Attack 46, Night Element, Musou +40, Ranged Attack +45, Movement +42, Jump +32

In the battle of Mikatagahara, the general objective is to withstand the Takeda army's battle formation. Once the stage starts, lure Naitou Toyomasa and Yamagata Masakage forward and defeat them. Then, defeat Oyamada Nobushige and immediately move towards Baba Nobufusa's location. Defeat him without letting Hirote Hirohide get defeated. Anayama Nobukimi and Takeda Katsuyori will come towards you; defeat them as well. You cannot allow any of your allies be defeated. Infiltrate the enemy camp using the ninja route, then take all the enemy gates and the supply team will appear. They appear slightly to the east of your home camp and move west. Defeat the captain for the weapon. Shingen will start retreating once you take all of the gates. It may be prudent to wait until your allies are close to his camp before taking the last gate to get in his way.

Keiji Maeda

Weapon: Jeweled Halberd of Heaven

Stats: Base Attack 50, Lightning Element, Life +50, Attack +46, Mounted Attack +44, Musou Gain +25

In the Test of Kawanakajima defeat all enemy generals and subgenerals except for the commander. The supply team will show up in the southwest and move towards the north exit point. Defeat the captain for the weapon.


Weapon: Kushinada

Stats: Base Attack +45, Ice Element, Life +37, Musou +45, Ranged Defense +49, Jump +29

Kunoichi's weapon is very easy to get, because you do not have to kill anyone.. In the Rescue Of Ueda Castle, reach the fifth floor in less than three minutes without defeating any enemies. A precious item report will appear. Go to the northwest, and the weapon will be in one of the rooms there.

Masamune Date

Weapon: Periwinkle "Mikaboshi"

Stats: Base Attack 46, Ice Element, Attack +45, Mounted Attack +35, Musou Gain +32, Attack Radius +39

In the Intrusion of Honnouji, arrive at the temple before Mitsuhide. Defeat Mitsuhide's generals, then defeat Mitsuhide himself. Next, defeat all of Nobunaga's generals and subgenerals. Complete all this without any of your own generals having lost and the supply team will appear in the temple, running for Nobunaga's exit point. Defeat the captain to pick up the weapon.

Mitsuhide Akechi

Weapon: Sacred Sword "Futsumitama"

Stats: Base Attack 47, Lightning Element, Attack +42, Musou +37, Defense +46, Attack Radius +28

In the Battle of Yamazaki upper version, first defeat Nakamura Kazuuji and the guard captains on Tennouzan . A mission will appear to assist Matsuda Masachika towards the south. Do so by defeating Nakagawa Kiyohide and Takayama Shigetomo. Next, clear the Tennouzan of enemies quickly before the Maeda Keiji charge or enemy reinforcements events show up about five minutes into the battle. If you do so, a supply team will appear near the enemy commander, heading towards the cave up north. Defeat the captain for the weapon. Note: You cannot let your guard captains on the Tennouzan die.

Nobunaga Oda

Weapon: Aramasa of Orochi

Stats: Base Attack 48, Night Element, Musou +45, Attack +26, Mounted Attack +49, Attack Radius +35

In the Battle of Okehazama, defeat the two front-line guards of the Imagawa army. A mission will appear to assist Hideyoshi. Ignore it and let him be defeated. Next, defeat Imagawa's generals until he has two remaining. Hanzou will show up and run towards the enemy base as support. Get to the base first and the supply team will appear near the southwest, near Hideyoshi's original location. Defeat the captain for the weapon. Hanzou is extremely fast. You will probably require a horse (preferably Matsukaze).

Yukimura Sanada

Weapon: Fire Lance "Susanoo"

Stats: Base Attack 47, , Fire element, Life +50, Musuo+27, Attack+48, Defense+38

Defeat 1,000 enemies in the Summer campaign of Osaka. Clear the following missions: Luring the two generals in front of your cannons, returning to home base, and preventing Masamune Date from entering the castle. At this point, the mission to charge into the enemy camp will appear. Take this opportunity to defeat as many enemy generals as possible and build your kill count. Then, charge into the enemy camp and continue towards 1,000 opponents. A supply team will appear near the southwest of the map and move towards the east gate of the castle. Defeat the captain for the weapon.
how to get sanadas 5th weapon!
On yukimuras osaka-summer level, get 1000 kills and do all the missions with out failing and at the southwest of the level you will see a supply captain. Kill him and you will get the 5th weapon!
Lu Bu Encouter
on the 30th Floor on Abyss mode you can fight lu bu at the end of the 30th floor
sorry if that did not help
tank rider
ok this may not be a cheat but a tip but it dose not look like koei wanted this to happin but. on the level Siege of Osaka(on the sanada side) compleat the first mission(lure the enemy to the sanada-Maru) and wait till the enemy sends out a portable cannon, run and it square on the back of the cannon to nock off the rider there you can hop on it like a horse, you can use it(fire or the crossbows on the sides).there you have it now you can ride this baby ill the end of the level.
ther are two tanks in the game:

normal cannon tank: Siege of Osaka- Summer(top,New players tale)after compleating the first mission the cannon brugade will apear,stop on of the tank and defeat the person on the tank NOT the tank itself. Square will release bolts from the side cross bows. Triangle will fire the cannon.

Soupped up tank: Siege of Azuchi Castle(Oichi's tale) there are two location to get the tank on is the lower left corner where you start out,injure Yoshinari Mori(DO NOT DEFEAT) he will then flee and open the lower left gate, head north to a strong gate it will open when nere in side is the tank. Square wil use the double cannon and triangle will speed the tank up and wack nere by enemies.the second location is unlocked after Nobumori Sakuma is defeated.

Note:if the yellow bar(on top of life bar)is depleated then the tank will be Eliminated!
Training levels perfects
The following is tip on how to get 100 points on training levels:

riding: complete 2 laps with 1min still on the clock, and have 50-100+ kos

archery: earn 30 ko's and have 80+ accuracy

melee: have 300+ ko's and a 10+ combo

burst: complete the course with 1min on the clock and have 30 ko's

some of the requirements may +/-
Unlockable Characters
Unlock new officers by doing the following:

Saika Magoichi: Clear any campaign
Date Masamune: Clear any two campaigns
Takeda Shingen: Clear Sanada's campaign
Kunoichi: Clear Hanzo Hattori's and Shingen's stories
Maeda Keichi: Clear Kenshin Uesugi's story
Okuni: Clear Keiji Maeda's story
Ishikawa Goemon: Clear Okuni's story
Mori Ranmaru: Clear Mitsuhide Akechi's story
Noh: Clear Ranmaru Mori's story
Oda Nobunaga: Clear Oichi's, Magoichi's, and Noh's stories
Unlocking new officer models
To unlock new officer models:
You must have an attack higher than 50 with any weapon by the end of the first four months.
A Strike ninja with some lackeys will come by and threat to tear down the dojo. Defeat him a certain number of times and unlock the following:
Defeat him, Unlock
One time Armored Male
Two times Armored Female
Three times Preist [male]
Four times Preistess [female]
Defeating him more than four times gives you nothing.


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Additional 'Special" Names for New Officer Mode
Damascus- all stats increased.
Sakon- Sword & Spear attack power bonus
Musasibou- Sword, Spear, & Horse attack bonus
Kato- Sword & Spear attack power bonus
Honda- Sword attack power bonus
Different CAW Stats
Enter the following names in CAW mode to randomly change stats:

Easy AI in Chaos Difficulty
This cheat will get have the AI on easy but the real mode will be on chaos. This affects ONLY the AI not the HP defense or attack. This is similar to the one in DW4:XL

1.Start a game in Chaos or Hard difficulty
2.Save game and exit
3.Go to options and change difficulty to easy.
4.Restart the saved game and the AI will be changed.
Samurai Warriors Unlockable: Musket In Edit Mode
To unlock the musket in edit mode you have to get to expert on archery and complete expert with a rating of PERFECT. Then select Archery again and Magoichi will appear and challenge you. Defeat him and your edit character will have musket. Note: This may only work on the Japanese version of the game.

Magoichi can kill you very easy when he get to low life and he becomes almost invulnerable to all attacks, the best tactic in killing him is to get your self on red life and keep running away from him until your muosu is full, then use your muosu attack on him this should kill him if Magoichi is on low life.