Rogue Galaxy Cheats

Rogue Galaxy cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Rogue Galaxy cheat codes.


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Unlockable Weapons
UnlockableHow to unlock
Desert Seeker IIBuy a lvl 11 sword, combine with Desert Seeker
Desert Seeker IIIBuy a lvl 18 sword, combine with Desert Seeker II
EarthshakerCombine a lvl 31 sword with Desert Seeker III


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Flame God's Stone
Absolute Zero Stone
Thunder Stone
Hoho Bird Feather
Dragon God Skull
Dreamflower Ash
Dream Mushroom
Snow Crest
Smoked Rainbow Newt
Electic Eel
Medusa's Locks
Queen Bee Stinger
Hellpot Flame
Myriad Branch
Barrier Enemies
To defeat barrier enemies, you must use the "Barrier Break Shot", which is given to you by Poccachio eventually in the story.
Breeding Insectors
Breeding insectors follow these general rules:

1. The new larva's family will match the parent with the higher rank.
2. If both parents have the same rank, the new larva's family will be the same as the male parent.
3. If the dominant parent is of rank 8, the larva will also be of rank 8.
Character Outfits
Deego - Destructo Attachement Chest on Mariglenn
Deego - Full Metal Jacket Complete MIO's Revelation Flow
Deego - Heavy Attachement Chest on Vedan
Deego - Longardian Armor Buy from Weapon Shop (Alice) on Zerard
Deego - Taurus Attachement Starting Outfit
Jaster - Captain's Uniform Finish Ghost Ship
Jaster - Desert Claw's Outfit Complete MIO's Hunter Ranking
Jaster - Desert-Dweller's Clothes Starting Outfit
Jaster - Jungle Coat Chest on Juraika
Jaster - Pirate's Outifit Finish Alistia Sidequest
Jupis - Hi-Tech Mobile Wear Complete MIO's Insectron
Jupis - Lab Coat Chest on Zerard
Jupis - Leather Wear Starting Outfit
Jupis - Riding Outfit Defeat Quarry : "The Shapeless Assassin"
Jupis - Vintage Wear Buy from Item Shop (Hanbarney) on Zerard
Kisala - Arina's Sleeve Complete MIO's Hunting Record
Kisala - Her Majesty's Attire Chest on Mariglenn
Kisala - Kisala's Swimsuit Finish Ghost Ship : Extreme
Kisala - Light Skirt Starting Outfit
Kisala - Phantom Robe Chest on Vedan
Kisala - Tribal Two-Piece Defeat Quarry : "The Rumored Ladyhunter"
Lilika - Royal Servant's Clothes Chest on Juraika
Lilika - Star Traveler's Outfit Chest on Rosa
Lilika - Stealth Clothes Win the Insectron S-Rank Tournament a second time
Lilika - Sun's Beloved Wear Complete MIO's Quarries
Lilika - Warrior's Clothes Starting Outfit
Simon - Cosmo Jacket Defeat Quarry : "The Voracious Wanderer"
Simon - Hand-Knit Sweater Bui from Item Shop (Corbis) on Vedan
Simon - Sho's Clothes Finsh Ghost Ship : Extreme a second time
Simon - Spacesuit Starting Outift
Simon - Traditional Worksuit Chest on Zerard
Simon - Zero-G Suit Complete MIO's Rare Items
Steve - Energy Armor Buy from Shop (Joshua) on Zerard
Steve - Izerium Armor Complete MIO's Factory
Steve - Reflect Armor Chest on Rosa
Steve - Titanium Armor Starting Oufit
Steve - Zeranium Armor Chest on Zerard
Zegram - Ebony Coat Starting Outfit
Zegram - Lupine Coat Chest on Vedan
Zegram - Midnight Cloak Complete MIO's Frog Log
Zegram - Swordsman's Gi Buy from Weapon Shop (Narcissus) on Mariglenn
Zegram - Wanderer's Coat Chest on Juraika
Used in the Factory, or in Revelation Flow

Super CPU
03 CPU
Chaos Chip
Space Compressor
Hyper-Gravity Sensor
Plasma Burst Curcuit
Biofeedback Curcuit
Consumable Items
Note: Some of the following can also be used in the Revelation chart.

Heal Potion
Tri Heal
Max Heal
Perfect Heal
Recharge Drink
Tri Charge
Tri Elixer
Tri Resurrection
Perfect Reviver
Divine Healing
Divine Blessing
Wake Up Drops
Relaxing Aroma
Hot Breath
Stamina Extract
Paralisis Cure
CO2 Powder
Stealth Pills
Strength Star
Guardian Sphere
Brave Symbol
Divine Protection
Attack Seal
Guard Seal
Trap Canceller
Deego's Costumes

  • Taurus Attachment
  • Heavy Attachment
  • Longardian Armor
  • Destructo Attachment
  • Full Metal Jacket
  • Deego's Max Stats
    HP - 999
    AP - 301
    Main Attack - 340
    Sub Attack - 338
    VIT - 384

    These stats are achieved by reaching level 99.
    Easiest way to defeat mimic.
    First you have to change your party command to 'step back' or else it will disturb you to fight it. You monographic shot and blast it straight to the mimic. When the platform appears, just bounce all the way on the mimic until it dies. P/S the monograpic shot will not effect mimic in ghost ship.
    These Gems are used either in the Factory, or in Revelation Flow Chart.

    Lapis Lazuli
    Fire Stone
    Dark Oynx
    Nebula Opal
    Seventh Moon
    Stella Crystal
    Hunter Coin Prizes
    1. Hunter Coin x7, Dazzling Halo
    2. Hunter Coin x5, Gustraiser
    3. Hunter Coin x5, Treasure's Sway
    4. Hunter Coin x3, Prominence Shield
    5. Hunter Coin x3, Battle Feed x5
    6. Hunter Coin x3, Strength Star x2
    7. Hunter Coin x2, Storm Shield
    8. Hunter Coin x2, Flame Shield
    9. Hunter Coin x2, Scylla Breath
    10.Hunter Coin x2, Hyper Crystal
    20.Hunter Coin x1, Perfect Elixer x5
    30.Hunter Coin x1, Chaos Vulture
    40.Hunter Coin x1, Deep Squid
    50.Hunter Coin x1, Perfect Elixer x2
    Insector Types
    There are a total of 17 types/families of Insectors in this game:

  • Knife Beetle
  • Bazoo Beetle
  • Staggy
  • Catterpillar
  • Hopper
  • Mantis
  • Flutterbug
  • Springtail
  • Stingbee
  • Lady Beetle
  • Dung Roller
  • Flipperbug
  • Itsahorse
  • Hercules Beetle
  • Faerie
  • Bombsnail
  • Silkspider

    Each family consists of 8 ranks of insector.
  • Insectron Feeding Tips!
    This is majorly important to the developement of your Insectrons. Below, I have devised a chart of information to help you decide what to feed your picky little insects. Keep in mind that HP and LIFE are completely different. LIFE is the amount of food the insect will accept before it stops growing.


    Primeval Beef --- Str + 2 --- Life -1

    Fire Stone --- Str +2 --- Life -1

    Ruby --- Str +2 --- Life -1

    Diamond --- Def +2 --- Life -1

    Pirate's Grog --- Def +2 --- Life -1

    Dark Onyx --- Def +2 --- Life -1

    Sticky Gum --- Knockback +2 --- Life -1

    Juriakan Coffee Beans --- Confusion +2 --- Life -1

    Smoked Rainbow Newt --- Cut +2 --- Life -1

    Electric Eel --- Explosion +2 --- Life -1

    Hard Candy --- Throw +2 --- Life -1

    Ultra Spicy Pepper --- Poison +2 --- Life -1

    Yago Milk --- HP +1 --- Knockback + ---1 Confusion -1 ---Cut +1 --- Throw +1 --- Poison +1 --- Life -1

    Seventh Moon --- HP +1 --- Knockback -1 --- Confusion +1 --- Cut +1 --- Throw +1 --- Poison +1 --- Life -2

    Endesia --- HP +2 --- Strength +1 --- Knockback +1 --- Confusion +1 --- Cut +1 --- Explosion +1 --- Throw -1 --- Poison -1 --- Life -2

    Stella Crystal --- HP +2 --- Def +1 --- Knockback +1 --- Confusion +1 --- Cut -1 --- Explosion -1 --- Throw +1 --- Poison +1 --- Life -2

    Sanchez Fruit --- HP +3 --- Strength +1 --- Defense --- +1 --- Life -3

    Mellow Banana --- HP +5 --- Life -1

    Nebuala Opal --- HP +5 --- Life -1

    Lapis Lazuli --- HP +5 --- Life -1

    Battle Feed --- No attribute, just EXP
    Insectron Tournament rewards
    Rank E:
    First Victory - Battle Feed (5)
    Second Victory - Sanchez Fruit (1)

    Rank D:
    First Victory - Feed Formula (5)
    Second Victory - Max Heal (1)

    Rank C:
    First Victory - Murakumo Type-S (1)
    Second Victory - Elixir (1)

    Rank B:
    First Victory - Devil Forks (1)
    Second Victory - Perfect Heal (1)

    Rank A:
    First Victory - Grand Calibur (1)
    Second Victory - Tri-Elixir (1)

    Rank S:
    First Victory - Demon Medium (1)
    Second Victory - Stealth Clothes (1)
    Third Victory - Perfect Elixir (1)
    Items to make in the Factory
    Justice Ray
    Devil Forks
    Deep Drill Fingers
    Dreadnought Cannons
    Twin Tornado
    Crescent Moon
    Heavenly Guide Bow
    Odin's Spear
    Homing Shooter
    Trap Canceller
    Exelion Shard
    Dues Shield
    Unconscious Guard
    Mind Guard
    Freeze Guard
    Daze Guard
    Shock Guard
    Paralize Guard
    Poinson Guard
    Flame Guard
    Tri Elixer
    Divine Blessing
    Perfect Reviver
    Stealth Guard
    Brave Symbol
    Attack Seal
    Guard Seal
    Insector Trap III
    Rearing Cage III
    Maid Robot Betty
    Assembler III
    Jaster's Costumes

  • Desert Dweller's Clothes
  • Jungle Coat
  • Pirate's Outfit
  • Desert Claw's Outfit
  • Captain's Uniform
  • Jaster's Max Stats
    HP - 1014
    AP - 328
    Main Attack - 306
    Sub Attack - 329
    Vit - 383

    These stats are achieved by reaching level 99.
    Jupis' Max Stats
    HP - 999
    AP - 312
    Main Attack - 338
    Sub Attack - 323
    VIT - 381

    These stats are achieved by reaching level 99.
    Jupis\'s Costumes

  • Leather Wear
  • Vintage Wear
  • Riding Outfit
  • Lab Coat
  • Hi-Tech Mobile Wear
  • Key Locations
    Earth Key: The chief's tent on Juraika
    Star Key: Angela's Bar on Vedan
    Sun Key: The old man's house in Johannasburg on Rosa
    Kisala's Max Stats
    HP - 999
    AP - 387
    Main Attack - 303
    Sub Attack - 317
    VIT - 381

    These stats are achieved by reaching level 99.
    Lilika's Max Stats
    HP - 999
    AP - 395
    Main Attack - 337
    Sub Attack - 332
    VIT - 383

    These stats are achieved by reaching level 99.
    Lilika\'s Costumes

  • Warrior\'s Clothes
  • Stealth Clothes
  • Royal Servant\'s Clothes
  • Star Traveler\'s Outfit
  • Sun\'s Beloved Wear
  • List of Important Characters
    Captain Dorengoa
    Dr. Pocacchio
    Miyoko and Chie
    Professor Izel
    Used in the Factory, or in Revelation Flow.

    Energy Charger
    Tachyon Motor
    Military-Grade Battery
    Moebius Battery
    Pressure Pump
    Cyclonic Pump
    Walkie Talkie
    Retro Boombox
    Speaker Pod
    quick! reload!
    if you are having trouble running out of shots too fast or reloading slowly you can speed it up slightly buy carrying two of the the same gun, the moment one runs out of shots, switch to the second, bam, same gun, fully loaded, it gets troublesome carrying the same two later when you are merging them but keeping two powerful firearms avalable at a time has saved me from alot of nasty stuff (for example the Cave Bandit)
    Rare Item Names
    Luvanda Blade
    Shiska's Necklace
    Lepognon Mammoth Tusk
    Mirror of Truth
    The Animals of Hades
    Character Mug
    Arbin's Chalice
    Rakshasa Heart
    Maid Robot Betty
    Revelation Items
    The following are JUST for revelation. There are more revelation flow items bit they have more then one purpose.

    Ancient Scroll I
    Ancient Scroll II
    Ancient Scroll III
    Captains Sock
    Spirit Bell
    Rose of Passion
    Skull Necklace
    Cursed Mask
    Silver Bangle
    Lunar Ribbon
    Cumulus Pendant
    Magic Lipstick
    Mirror Unit
    Star Earrings
    Premiere Toy Box
    Alluring Lamp
    Nebuladon Egg
    Mermaid's Scale
    Crystal Staff
    Galactic Compass
    Lucky Clover
    Forbiddon Add-On
    Sealing Sunsphere
    Dark Music Box
    Trumpet of Glory
    Seven-Star Swords
    Here's the list of all 7 Seven-Star Swords:

  • Desert Seeker
  • Ixion
  • Cosmolore
  • Great Caesar
  • Pride of Kings
  • Duke Nightmare
  • Pegasus Lord
  • Shields In Rank Of Protection
    Fire Shield
    Flame Shield
    Prominence Shield

    Ice Shield
    Freeze Shield
    Blizzard Shield

    Electro Shield
    Thunder Shield
    Plasma Shield

    Wind Shield
    Storm Shield
    Typhoon Shield

    Spirit Shield
    Saint Sheild
    Dues Sheild
    Simon's Max Stats
    HP - 999
    AP - 305
    Main Attack - 313
    Sub Attack - 326
    Vit - 382

    These stats are achieved by reaching level 99.
    Simon\'s Costumes

  • Spacesuit
  • Cosmo Jacket
  • Traditional Worksuit
  • Hand-Knit Sweater
  • Zero-G Suit
  • Sho\'s Clothes
  • Special Swords
    These swords are under the rare/special category, but aren't a Seven-Star Sword:

  • Libra King's Sword
  • Zeo Sychros
  • Sword of Sin
  • Dorgenedge
  • Steve's Max Stats
    HP - 999
    AP - 399
    Main Attack - 304
    Sub Attack - 319
    VIT - 384

    These stats are achieved by reaching level 99.
    Steve\'s Costumes

  • Titanium Armor
  • Reflect Armor
  • Zeranium Armor
  • Energy Armor
  • Izerium Armor
  • The Ancient Fairy
    Item: Zipangu Axe
    Hunter Points: 16000
    Drops: Unicorn Hatchet
    The Cave Bandit
    Item: Stella Crystal
    Hunter Points: 18000
    Drops: Winter\'s Chill

    Note: Be prepared before fighting him, as he\'s a real pushover
    The Desert Idol
    Item: Alluring Lamp
    Hunter Points: 13500
    Drops: Typhoon Shield
    The Envoy from On High
    Item: Sealing Sunsphere
    Hunter Points: 12000
    Drops: Demon Rouser

    Note: You need to be of Hunter Rank 5+ for the question mark to appear. It starts with a Barrier
    The Jungle Master
    Item: Cursed Mask
    Hunter Points: 45000
    Drops: Heavenly Guide Bow

    Note: He gives off the HIGHEST points among the quarries. Remember that beast you fought in Rosa at the beginning of the game? You need to do the same thing to this guy before you can damage him - destroy the crystal on its head
    The Labyrinth Terror
    Item: Nebuladon Egg
    Hunter Points: 17500
    Drops: Sealing Sunsphere, Dark Music Box, Trumpet of Glory

    Note: It starts with a Barrier
    The Raft to the Underworld
    Item: Dark Music Box
    Hunter Points: 12000
    Drops: Pluto Drivers

    Note: HIGH defense alert. Bring lots of hp-restoratives
    The Rock N Roller
    Item: CO2 Powder
    Hunter Points: 12000
    Drops: Evil Breath

    Note: It has a shield barrier at the beginning of battle
    The Rogue Pirates
    Item: Lucky Clover
    Hunter Points: 19000
    Drops: UFO Attack Set

    Note: Instead of 1, you\'ll be facing 3 enemies. Three. Annoying. Little. Punks.
    The Rumored Lady Hunter
    Item: Magic Lipstick
    Hunter Points: 16000
    Drops: Tribal Two-Piece

    Note: He\'s an ape, so watch out for his rolling attack. You need Kisala and Lilika in your party for the question mark to appear
    The Seaside Terror
    Item: Pirate\'s Grog
    Hunter Points: 12000
    Drops: Vice Predator
    The Shapeless Assasin
    Item: Smoked Rainbow Newt
    Hunter Points: 13500
    Drops: Riding Outfit
    The Sin-Steeped Drifter
    Item: Myriad Branch
    Hunter Points: 17500
    Drops: Mist Edges

    Note: You need to jump and attack to damage him
    The Steel Shipwright
    Item: Cyclonic Pump
    Hunter Points: 14500
    Drops: Grandius

    Note: He\'s an Ogre-type and you know what that means. Yep, you need to hit its head to damage it.
    The Tomb Guardian
    Item: Mirror Unit
    Hunter Points: 8500
    Drops: Guardian 44
    The Tower Matador
    Item: Perfect Reviver
    Hunter Points: 9800
    Drops: Wicked Moon

    Note: You need to be of Hunter Rank 20+ for the question mark to appear
    The Tower Predator
    Item: Perfect Elixir
    Hunter Points: 13000
    Drops: Genocide Beams

    Note: Watch out for its freeze attacks
    The Voracious Wanderer
    Item: Primeval Beef
    Hunter Points: 10000
    Drops: Cosmo Jacket
    The Wayward Phantasm
    Item: Crystal Staff
    Hunter Points: 12000
    Drops: Prominence Shield

    Note: You won't be able to get Crystal Staff until very late in the game
    The Winged Traveler
    Item: Hoho Bird Feather
    Hunter Points: 15000
    Drops: Archfiend's Blade

    Note: You need to have Jupis as main character for the question mark to appear
    Zegram's Max Stats
    HP - 999
    AP - 335
    Main Attack - 334
    Sub Attack - 334
    VIT - 382

    These stats are achieved by reaching level 99.
    Zegram\'s Costumes

  • Ebony Coat
  • Wanderer\'s Coat
  • Lupine Coat
  • Swordsman\'s Gi
  • Midnight Cloak
  • Cheats

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    Bait for capturing Insectrons
    Sanchez Fruit
    Mellow Banana
    Sticky Gum
    Hard Candy
    Yago Milk
    Juraikan Coffee Beans
    Ultraspicy Pepper
    Primevevil Beef
    Pirates Grog
    Royal Fruit
    Dark Emperor
    Dark Emperor is a one-of-a-kind Insector, hence a very powerful one. Its regular attack does knockbacks and flips. Its special attack hits a single enemy within two squares and it\'s infinite.

    To obtain the Dark Emperor, you need to beat the Ghost Ship Extreme level to obtain the Royal Fruit - bait for Dark Emperor.

    Place the Royal Fruit inside a trap cage and place it in the Gulza Sanctuary in Mariglenn.
    Guard Symbols
    You can equip these Guard Symbols to your characters instead of a shield to provide small elemental protection to the corresponding type, and other status ailments.

    Unconscious Guard
    Mind Guard
    Freeze Guard
    Daze Guard
    Shock Guard
    Paralize Guard
    Poison Guard
    Flame Guard
    Stealth Guard
    Kisala\'s Costumes

  • Light Skirt
  • Phantom Robe
  • Arina\'s Sleeve
  • Tribal Two-Piece
  • Her Majesty\'s Attire
  • Kisala\'s Swimsuit
  • Metals
    The following are used in the Factory, or in Revelation Flow.

    Iron Cube
    Iron Board
    Carbon Alloy
    Revolva Alloy
    Izerium Alloy
    Conductive Liqui-Metal
    Chameleon Particulate
    when starting a NGP to unlock all previously costumes in to a new game,hold down the r1 button while hitting the newgame option from the title screen
    The Fallen Monarch
    Item: Alexander Sword
    Hunter Points: 22000
    Drops: Piercing Genius

    Note: You need to be of Hunter Rank 10+ for the question mark to appear
    Captain's Clothes - To get Captain's Clothes, clear the Ghost Ship level.
    Dolgen Edge - To get Dolgen Edge, clear the Ghost Ship level.
    Ghost Ship Extreme level - To unlock the Ghost Ship Extreme level, use the Key to the Underworld.
    Ghost Ship level - To unlock the Ghost Ship level, complete the game at least once.
    Jupis (Alternate Outfit) - Once Jupis joins your team, you can return to Zerard and get a new outfit for him at the shop in the Main Fountain area.
    Key to the Underworld - To get the Key to the Underworld, successfully finish the Seventh Mystery challenge.
    Kisala's Swimsuit - To get Kisala's Swimsuit, complete the Ghost Ship Extreme level.
    Truth of the King - To get Truth of the King, complete the Ghost Ship Extreme level.