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Ridge Racer V Cheats

Ridge Racer V cheats, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Ridge Racer V cheat codes.

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Ridge Racer V Cheats

Cheat Codes
These codes unlock specific cars, you won't have to do it the old fashioned way of placing 1st in specific races.

Danver Spectra50's Super Drift Caddy
Kamata AngelusMcLaren F1 (highest top speed)
Rivelta CrinaleDevil Drift
Solort RumeurVW Beetle (super grip handling)

Intro Effects During the Introduction Sequence, use L1 and R1 to change visual effects. Press R1 once to switch to black and white, press R1 again to add a yellow tint, press it again for a blur effect (to remove jaggies). L1 cycles through effects in the other direction.

Third Person View Onscreen Display Press Select while driving in 3rd Person View to show onscreen info.

Duel Mode In Standard Time Attack GP, place 1st in lap and overall time.

50's Super Drift Caddy Place 1st in the Danver Spectra race in Duel Mode to unlock the Super Drift Caddy in free run, time attack, and duel modes. You can also use "Danver Spectra" as a code to unlock it the easy way.

Devil Drift Place 1st in the Rivelta Crinale race in Duel Mode to unlock the Devil Drift in the same modes. You can also use "Rivelta Crinale" as a code to unlock it the easy way.

Get VW Beetle Place 1st in the Solort Rumeur race in Duel Mode to unlock the VW Beetle, which features its super grip handling ;). You can also use "Solort Rumeur" as a code to unlock it the easy way.

99 Lap Mode Place 1st and set the top score in each race of the Time Attack GP in Extra Mode. Or race a total of 999Km to unlock this mode. Complete 99 Lap mode to reduce your car number to 01 and allow you to choose your own car numbers in design mode.

Pac-Man Mode Race for over 3,000 kilometers in total distance to unlock a special Easter Egg: a red roadster driven by Pac-Man himself!

Onscreen display
When racing in Third Person Perspective, hold Select.