Resident Evil: Outbreak Cheats

Resident Evil: Outbreak cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Resident Evil: Outbreak cheat codes.


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Easy Win Against Regis Licker
Firstly go and set off the alarm at reception this makes the other lickers run away for a while then run behind regis (hopefully without getting hit). From there you can just shoot her without the worries of the other lickers plus there should be a first aid spray behind regis.
Get 2 Magnums in OUTBREAK Scenario
This isn't really a cheat;just a game hint/tip!
It is to help the ones who can't get the bomb to go off and complete the level because of the zombies killing you and your party!

If you want 2 magnums instead of just a handgun or shotgun, this is how!

After you blow up the Gasoline truck and get to where you wait for the cop by "Apple Inn" you will be able to save inside the truck that the cop drove. In the save area there is 2 Shotguns and a Magnum to pick up along with ammmo and First Aid Spray. Then when you continue up the stairs to get to the footbridge there should be a window open. Go to it and press X and there will be another Magnum!

These will help stop some the zombies that will attack you when you are trying to pick up pieces of the device to blow up the infested street.

Good Luck, with the rest of the game!
Over Estimating 'Regis Licker'
When fighting the Regis licker almost all walkthroughs will tell you to avoid the other male lickers,instead try to kill them, there is also an advantage of david on your team. Make sure you have the "Stunrod" and attack it head on. when it shivers, run right under it and when its done killing the air, give 'er another zap. repeat this a few times and the weakest boss in the game will go down hard.
Solve the jewel puzzle in the General Manager's Room without getting hurt on Very Hard mode
On Verd Hard Mode in the Decisions, Decisions scenario, it is very likely you will get hurt in the General Manager's Room because 3 zombies follow you into that room.
Instead of solving the puzzle immediately, once you enter the General Manager's Room, wait for the 3 zombies to enter the room. Once they enter, immeidately leave the room to the Student Affairs Room.

In the Student Affairs Room, wait until you hear the door being banged on by zombies. Once you hear they banging, reenter the General Manager's Room. (The zombies will leave the General Manager's Room in the process)

Now, back in the General Manager's Room, no more zombies would enter for some time! You can now continue to solve the puzzle without worrying about the 3 zombies


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Audio Bonuses
MISC. BGM / Finish any scenario with 3000 or more bonus points.

MISC. VOICE / Finish any scenario with 3000 or more bonus points.

BATTLE BGM / Finish all five scenarios.

BELOW FREEZING POINT BGM / Finish the Below Freezing Point scenario.

DECISIONS, DECISIONS BGM / Finish the Decisions, Decisions scenario.

HELLFIRE BGM / Finish the Hellfire scenario.

THE HIVE BGM / Finish The Hive scenario.

OUTBREAK BGM / Finish the Outbreak scenario.

ALYSSA VOICE / Find all of Alyssa's Special Items.

CINDY VOICE / Find all of Cindy's Special Items.

DAVID VOICE / Find all of David's Special Items.

GEORGE VOICE / Find all of George's Special Items.

JIM VOICE / Find all of Jim's Special Items.

KEVIN VOICE / Find all of Kevin's Special Items.

MARK VOICE / Find all of Mark's Special Items.

YOKO VOICE / Find all of Yoko's Special Items.
Character Collages
To unlock the following bonus pictures:

Alyssa - Finish any 3 scenarios with Alyssa - costs 500 points

Cindy - Finish any 3 scenarios with Cindy - costs 500 points

David - Finish any 3 scenarios with David - costs 500 points

George - Finish any 3 scenarios with George - costs 500 points

Jim - Finish any 3 scenarios with Jim - costs 500 points

Kevin - Finish any 3 scenarios with Kevin - costs 500 points

Mark - Finish any 3 scenarios with Mark - costs 500 points

Yoko - Finish any 3 scenarios with Yoko - costs 500 points
characters Extera outFits and skins
Yoko D outfit
(Senerio - outbreak) note: must be yoko might have to be on normal
all you do is go to the door near the staff room but instead go up to the door were the pipe is under the bed. now click on the lockers at the end of the bed and near the window and a SP should be there and when you beat the lv it should say a new costume is unlocked in collections menu.
Alyssa's Red Dress outfit
Collect Alyssa's Sp items: Red Dress, Stiletto Heels, Red Lipstick
Alyssa's Street Scene Outfit Collect
Alyssa's Sp items: Sportswear Top, Sportswear Bottom, Sport Shoes, Women's Sunglasses
Complete "Hellfire" and Collecy Ren's ID Tag Point Cost-5000
David's "Urban Zironi" Costume
David's Special Items: Leather Pants, Lapel Shirt, Leather Jacket, Boots, and Masculine Pendant
Doctors(Doctors 1,2, and 3)
Complete "The Hive" as any character Point
Complete "Hellfire" as any character Point
Frank Complete
"Decisions, Decisions" as George Point
George's "True Tenderness" Costume
George's Special Items: Cargo Pants, Sport Sunglasses, Brown Inner Wear, Outdoor Shoes,
and Yellow Raincoat
Complete "Hellfire" and Collect Charlie's ID
Tag Point Cost-5000
Complete "Decisions, Decisions" on
Very Hard Mode Point Cost-10000
Complete "The Hive" on Very Hard Mode Point
Jim's "Basketball Star" Costume
Jim's Special Items: White Tanktop, Rare Basketball Shoe, Favorite Uniform, Wide Shorts, and Autographed Ball.
Kevin's "Lucky Cowboy" Costume
Kevin's following Special Items: Western Boots, White T-shirt, Wrinkled Cigarettes, Faded Blue Jeans, Leather Belt, and Cowboy Hat.
Mark's "Sandals Father" Costume
Mark's Special Items: Brown Belt, Shorts, Polo Shirt, and Sneakers.
Complete "Below Freezing" as Yoko Point
Mr. Color (Mr. Green, Mr. Black, Mr. Blue, Mr. Red, and Mr. Gold)
Collect all Special Items Point Cost-100,000
Nurses (Nurses 1 and 2)
Complete "The Hive" on Hard Mode Point
People of Raccoon City (Men 1-5)
Complete All Scenarios Point Cost-10000
Complete "Decisions, Decisions" on Hard Mode Point Cost-3000
Police Officers (Eric, Elliott, Harry) Complete "Outbreak" on Hard Mode Point
Police Officers(Raymond, Aaron, Dorian, Arthur)
Complete "Outbreak" as any Character Point
Scholars (Scholar 1 and 2)
Complete "Below Freezing" on Very Hard Mode
Point Cost-3000
U.S.S. Special Forces Member Complete All Scenarios with all Characters Point Cost-5000
UBCS (1 and 2) Complete "Decisions, Decisions"
as any character Point Cost-8000
Complete "Outbreak" on Very Hard Mode Point
Clock times
Very Hard2:50)
Crack the screen
This can only be done in the "Below Freezing Point" scenario.
Go to the B5F Emergency Passage.
Collect the shotgun at the end of the tunnel near the vent.
Proceed forward near the small vent and stand there.
Aim the shotgun at the TV screen, then aim the shotgun.
Tap the down botton quickly then fire BEFORE your shotgun aims COMPLETELY DOWNWARD.
Bullet holes will appear on your TV screen XD.
Difficulty Levels
Unlock Hard Mode - Finish all five scenarios on either Easy or Normal difficulty.

Unlock Very Hard Mode - Finish all five scenarios on Hard difficulty.
Elevator Cheat
In scenario THE HIVE other than the code to make elevator go to b2f you can make it go to roof.
The code is: 0930.
If you are playing with Kevin you will find a policeman there which will give you SUBMACHINEGUN.
Free health items from George in Decision, Decision Scenario
To get a free health items from George, first you must make sure that there is no George type in your group. Activate the elevator and go to B2F. Look for him there injured and laying on the floor and talk to him. He will give you Large Recovery Medicine and 2 Large Anti Virus for free.
Gallery Unlockables
Kevin\'s Character Collage: Complete any 3 stages with Kevin.

Mark\'s Character Collage: Complete any 3 stages with Mark.

Jim\'s Character Collage: Complete any 3 Stages with Jim.

George\'s Character Collage: Complete any 3 Stages with George.

David\'s Character Collage: Complete any 3 stages with David.

Alyssa\'s Character Collage: Complete any 3 stages with Alyssa.

Yoko\'s Character Collage: Complete any 3 stages with Yoko.

Cindy\'s Character Collage: Complete any 3 stages with Cindy.

Kevin\'s CG Image: Collect all of Kevin\'s SP items.

Mark\'s CG Image: Collect all of Mark\'s SP items.

Jim\'s CG Image: Collect all of Jim\'s SP items.

George\'s CG Image: Collect all of George\'s SP items.

David\'s CG Image: collect all of David\'s SP items.

Alyssa\'s CG Image: Collect all of Alyssa\'s SP Items.

Yoko\'s CG Image: Collect all of Yoko\'s SP items.

Cindy\'s CG Image: Collect all of Cindy\'s SP items.

CG Picture of Character: Complete all Scenarios.

Alternate Character Design 1 & 2: Complete all Scenarios as All Characters.

CG Picture of Creature 1-10: Complete all Scenarios.

Alternate Creature Design 1-5: Complete all Scenarios on HARD mode.

Outbreak Image 1 & 2: Complete Outbreak once on any difficulty.

Outbreak Image 3 & 4: Collect all of the non-character specific SP items in Outbreak.

Below Freezing Point Image 1 & 2: Complete Below Freezing Point once on any difficulty.

Below Freezing Point Image 3 & 4: Collect all non-character specific SP items on Below Freezing Point.

The Hive Image 1 & 2: Complete The Hive once on any difficulty.

The Hive Image 3 & 4: Collect all non-character specific SP items in The Hive.

HellFire Image 1 & 2: Complete Hellfire once on any difficulty.

HellFire Image 3 & 4: Collect all non-character specific SP items on HellFire.

Decisions, Decisions Image 1 & 2: Complete Decisions, Decisons once on any difficulty.

Decisions, Decisions Image 3 & 4: Collect all non-character specific SP items on Decisions, Decsions.
Getting 4000 Bonus Points Or More
It's possible to get between 4000 and 10,000 Bonus Points for a scenario, depending on what actions you take. The following factors are what affect your overall score:

1. Finishing a scenario without getting hurt and without using weapons can get you the "No Damage" and "No Weapon" bonuses, worth about 2000 points each.

2. Finishing the scenario as quickly as possible increases your bonus point allocation. For example, getting through 'Outbreak' in under ten minutes will get you an 'S' rank worth tons of points.

3. Difficulty levels factor in as well. The harder the mode, the more points you'll get for successfully finishing a scenario.

4. Keep your partners alive. How many survivors you have with you when you finish a scenario determines part of your bonus score.

5. Pick up every file and perform every goal action possible when going through a scenario. The percentage of goals you perform factor into bonus point allocation, even if you've already done them before.
Glitch: Delay "Exploding Truck" FMV in Outbreak Scenario
In the "Slope Along the Canal" area, do everything as you normally would. After the two cutscenes where your character tosses the lighter (and it's after effect) are shown, jump into the water. However, once you've landed in the canal, do not move at all. The next cutscene featuring the "Exploding Truck" will not activate until all the characters (online), or your own (offline) have moved. If you don't move at all, this allows the other players to access the sewer without being hindered by the Truck cutscene.
No Partner Mode
Finish all five scenarios on the Very Hard difficulty setting. Purchase price is 10,000 bonus points.
Unlocked B4F Passway Shutter Door - B482 or D580 or A194

Unlocked B5F Computer Room - A375 or J126 or C582
Secret Ending In Outbreak Scenario
Van Ending: To do this, first go to the bridge area and stay there. Let your friends use the bomb to end their game. Because of this, you are left behind and you can't go to the Main Street. Go back to the van area and go to the back of the van. The camera angle will be different and enter the van to see the Van Ending.
See Bob as a zombie
To see him as a zombie you must be in a Very Hard difficulty in Outbreak Scenario.
Carry him through the roof but there has to be a Mark type in your group.
Instead of seeing Bob doing suicide, he will become a zombie and will try to kill you.
See Yoko as a zombie
First play in "Below Freezing Point" as any character except Yoko.
After the Monica cutscene and you pick your routes you might see Yoko as a zombie.
On Easy, you can see Yoko as a zombie on B7F Labratory.
On Normal, you can see Yoko as a zombie in the chemical storage room.
On Hard, you can see Yko in the B6F Break Room. On Very Hard, you can see Yoko in Chemical Room.
Unlock everything in Collection mode
This will require a copy of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.

Using the data conversion mode, import everything you unlocked from Outbreak File #1. Then, take your Outbreak File #2 data and export it back to File #1.

This will unlock everything for purchase that you may have not already accessed. This includes everything that would have normally required all SP items to unlock (Matchstick Men, Voice galleries, etc.)