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Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 Cheats

Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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"Easier" Way to Beat Showdown 1 & 3 and Other
If you wan to make showdown 1 and 3 a little bit easier follow this tips:
-Use Yoko.Z
-Take recovery pills over herbs and first aid spray
-Know how to use her crawl ability
-Get as many anti-virus pills as possible
-only use handgun ammo and malee weapons on everyone except thanatos r[save all other ammo for him(and later bosses if in #3)]

You can use some of these to fight almost everything else (to not get hit or get a bug off you).
4,767pts in elminations
Beat Elimination 1,2,or,3 in hard mode and survie
and try to kill all enimies whitin time limit and you should get 4,767pts
Alternate Costumes 1
Cost: 1000pts
*Kevin B
*Alyssa B
*Cindy B

Cost: 3000pts
*Cindy C
*Alyssa C
Alternate Costumes 2
Beat Showdown 1 or B1 Extreme battle to get Alyssa E

Cost 30000 pts.
Cindy E
Alternate Costumes 3
Find the requirements SP items to get:
*Alyssa D
*Kevin C

Cost 10000 pts.
Cindy D
Axe+Big plant= Ouch
When in the flashback scenario remember to take the axe from the floor. "if you dont know where to find it, another partner character will always pick it up" This is probobly the most powerful melee weapon in the game, and against the Axeman and Huge plant it realy is harder to lose rather than win,btw,it will kill the spore spitting plants in only three swings, and plant zombies in two.
Extra's - 10000Pts
Nightmare Mode - Complete all Scenarios in Very Hard difficulty
Extra Battle A-3 - Complete Extra Battle A-2
Extra Battle B-3 - Complete Extra Battle B-2
Extra's - 2000pts
Hard Mode - Complete End Of The Road
Extra's - 3000pts
Very Hard Mode - Complete all Scenarios in Hard difficulty
Extra Battle A-1 - Complete any 2 Scenarios
Extra Battle B-1 - Complete any 3 Scenarios
Extra's - 50000Pts
Infinity Mode - Complete all Scenarios in Very Hard difficulty
Extra's - 5000pts
Extra Battle A-2 - Complete any 4 Scenarios
Extra Battle B-2 - Complete any 5 Scenarios
AIPC Amount Set - Complete End Of The Road
Free showdown and elimination
Only on online if you do not have showdown 1-3 and elimination 1-3 ask some one on online if they have it play it and complete it and you will have it for free on online and offline.
how to get a one hit kill weapon
when playing a game have George and yoko.z in your team why? because if you take Georges capsule shooter and combine it with yokos anti viral pill, it can kill zombies in one hit! although, it cant auto aim enemies, but it is really handy, especially in infinity mode!!
Is There A Doctor In The House
In Flashback be George Why? because hes has the medical kit to creat capsules like.
GreenHerb+MedicalKit=Antidonte Capsule.
RedHerb+MedicalKit=Hemostat Capsule.
BlueHerb+MedicalKit=Recovery Capsule.
Blueherb+Redherb+greenherb=Large Anti Virus
You Need a RECOVERY BASE to make a recovery Capsule.
Mixed Herbs or double the same herb double the effect.like example Recovery Capsule Well IF you Were To Like mix 2 of the same herb you'll get Large Recovery Capsule Which means double heal
Jean's Desk
Kevin Only: On Desperate Times in the room where everyones desk is you should find a desk which needs a code to open.(not the safe)The code is 0325.
Keep all unlcoked file1 costumes
IF you have played file1 and already spent a vast amount of points on costumes in file1 and want to keep them without obtaining and spending points on file2 then do this.

Have a memory card with file 1 and file 2 data on it.make sure the costumes you want on file 2 are already bought on file 1. then do data convert for file 1 to file 2.

then save your data and you will have every costuem youve unlocked in file1 now on file2.
Kevin in Desprate Times
You Could only be Kevin to open jeans drawer
with 0325. And the other players cant do this
And you Could Open Kevins Locker with only kevin
New NPCs in File 2 - 3000pts
Complete Desperate Times Scenario - Ben Bertolucci
Complete End Of The Road Scenario - Carter
Complete Flashback Scenario with an Illusion ending and complete the sub-quest - Reagan and Reagan B
Complete Flashback Scenario with the truth ending only with Alyssa - Kurt and Kurt B
Complete Wild Thing Scenario - Patric & Lloyd
New NPCs in File 2 - 4000pts
Complete Desperate Times Scenario on Hard mode - Nathan and Samuel
Complete Desperate Times Scenario with Kevin type only - Marvin Branagh
Complete End Of The Road Scenario with good ending by bringing her to the helicopter - Rinda
Complete Flashback Scenario - Al and Al C
Talk to him in Observation Deck, then talk to Patric or Lloyd - Austin
New NPCs in File 2 - 5000pts
Complete Desperate Times Scenario - Fred, Andy, Jean and Tonny
Complete End Of The Road Scenario - Rodrigez U.S.S.
Complete End Of The Road Scenario on Very Hard - Arnold U.B.C.S
Complete Flashback Scenario with Good ending with any character - Dorothy
Obtain ALL 260 SP items! - Ms. White, Ms. Peace and Ms. Water
New NPCs in File 2 - 6000pts
Complete Desperate Times Scenario on Very Hard with any character - Rita
New NPCs in File 2 - 8000pts
Complete Flashback Scenario on Very Hard mode - Axeman and Al B
Safe combo
On Desperate Times, Easy Difficulty, You start near double doors, after going through them, Check for the document on the bench, At the end of the document, the numbers highlighted in green are to be used for the safe in office room of the police department.
Showdown 1
In showdown 1 the 3rd monster will die from 2 clips from a normal HANDGUN, the 4th will die from a 1 ROCKET LAUCHER and 2 HANDGUN ROUNDS to the back of the head.
Sound - (1000pts)
ETC BGM - Complete all Scenarios
Desperate Times BGM - Complete Desperate Times Scenario
End Of The Road BGM - Complete End Of The Road Scenario
Flashback BGM - Complete Flashback Scenario
Underbelly BGM - Complete Underbelly Scenario
Wild Things BGM - Complete Wild Things Scenario
Sound - (2000pts)
Alyssa's Voice - Collect Alyssa's specific SP Items
Cindy's Voice - Collect Cindy's specific SP Items
David's Voice - Collect David's specific SP Items
George's Voice - Collect George's specific SP Items
Jim's Voice - Collect Jim's specific SP Items
Kevin's Voice - Collect Kevin's specific SP Items
Mark's Voice - Collect Mark's specific SP Items
Yoko's Voice - Collect Yoko's specific SP Items
stop virus for a short while
to stop the virus gauge for a short ammount of time, use a recovery item and ur gauge will freeze for a little bit then resume.
Unlock costumes easily
Heres a short tip on unlocking multiple costuems while using the same amount of points.

first you need enough points for a costume you want, for example 3000 points. now go and buy a costume. for example Cindy:B. now you have cindy B.

next get out of collection mode but DO NOT allow it to save and if you have auto save on make sure to turn it off and start over.

now use data convert to transfer data from file 2 to file 1. after that go to options, then load your data. now you will not have Cindy:B. but you will have yor points back.

so go back to data convert and transfer file1 data to file 2. you will now have Cindy:B AND the 3000 points so you can buy another costume!

this works with ANY costume in file 2 except for

Cindy\'s, Alyssa\'s, and Yoko\'s costume D and E and Kevin, Mark, Jim, George, and David\'s costume C.

it works with EVERYTHING else.
Yoko's special attack
If you just tap L1+x unarmed with yoko you will push and fall to the ground, if you hold it and release then you will attack with a powerful push and not fall to the ground.=)


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Don't Fight the Elephant in Wild Things
For those who didn't know that you don't have to fight the elephant, well.. Heres a little cheat.

In order to not fight the elephant without killing it, trap it in the stage, and then as soon as the movie where it shows the gate closing is over, walk out the door,

When you need the. emblem thing (excuse my horrorable typing, I'm lazy right now) get the alligator key and unlock the door. It should lead you to a concourse place, walk back to the elephant stage, and you'll be on the other side of the gate, grab the emblem and run out as soon as possible,
This is so you DON'T have to waste time killing it,
It will stay in the gate for the remainder of the game.

Though! You STILL have to fight a creature at the end. He'd be alot easier, though. He is the lion, Max. (As it said in a note when playing Mark)

All you have to do is make sure everyone is shooting at it, and it will die faster.
Fight with the stalker instead of the elepahnt (Wild things)
To fight with the stalker, (male lion) as the last boss in wild things, either kill the elephant before going to the last part, or then, arrest the elephant in the cage. IF you arrest it, and get out of there, he won't break trough it. But if you stay there, it will break out!!
Ignite a bomb without a lighter
When you have a molotov cocktail but no lighter, give it to the A.I. and tell them to use it. (This only works offline)
Less damage.
To suffer less damage from zombie bites, when the zombie grabs you, press triangle, circle, x, and press the direction buttons (up, down left, right) as fast as you can.

To see if it worked, if you did it correctly, your character, should have pushed the zombie away right after the command vibration.
Plate location for desperate times level
All 5 Plates
E: Autopsy Room
N: Autopsy Room
H: Waiting Room
V: Kennel
E: Witness Interrogation Room
N: Witness Interrogation Room
H: Autopsy Room
V: Autopsy Room
E: East Office (locker)
N: East Office (locker)
H: Kennel
V: Witness Interrogation Room
E: Waiting Room
N: Waiting Room
H: Witness Interrogation Room
V: East Office (locker)
E ~ V: Holding Cells(need secret file)

v-very hard