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Red Faction cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Red Faction cheat codes.

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Red Faction Cheats

Hint: Instant Killsubmitted by freakysevern
The auto aim aims your gun at the enemy's torso. If you turn it off and aim any weapon at someone's head, it kills them instantly. This even works on the multiplayer!


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heaps 'o' fun in multiplayer!
In the multi player area where there are two bases use the rocket launchers to dig a hole in the ground. Trick your opponent into going down and they will be stuck!!!! (Heaps more fun on younger brothers!)
Multiplayer Fun
In "The Lobby" go to the posters downstirs and blast them with a Rocket Launcher/Fusion Rocket and a hole will be there, go in it and up the stairs, and you will see the guns you see when you blast through graffiti.

In "Warlocks" go out of your but by the exit, turn left and have rockets. Blast away at the wall until you use 12 Rockets, then blast to the right for 5 minutes, then right again, and you dug a tunnel to the enemy base

Tip: With the gun that shoots through walls, stay near the exit of the tunnel and blast your opponet.

In "The Lobby" go up stairs and blast at the walls, if you hit to roof , aim lower or try a different wall, until you dig into the other side, I did this and surprised the person by staying IN the tunnel

Easter eggs

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Hidden Goodies in Multiplayer Levels
Go to a multiplayer level, and look for paintings, signs, or even posters. (For example, yellow X's, Water Reclamation sign, "Eos Rules!" graffiti, "Protecting Today, Preserving Tomorrow" poster, and many more! You'll notice them.) You'll find many goodies to blow the epic sauce out of other players. (For example, Remote Charges, Fusion Rocket Launchers, Heavy Machine Guns, Rail Drivers, Precision Rifles, Flamethrower, Med Kits and Environsuit Armor, and whatever you find. I do not believe I discovered them all.) Have fun!
Hidden Submarine
After you flee the destroyed Geothermal Plant #4 and head down to the submarine bay, steal a sub (and never forget to have explosives so you can get to the control terminal), and head down to the first grotto, it's really big and you'll meet up with another submarine that you have to destroy. Look on the left when you come in. Blow a hole in the crack, and go through it. Up at the surface, should be another submarine for the taking. It has full ammo, and full torpedo ammunition. It'll help you when you play Impossible.
The Artifact's Artifact
Yup, the name says it all. In the area called The Artifact, there is a pit with geysers that make them wild looking cats burn. After that room, there should be a cylinder shaped room with a dead guard (that had a flamethrower) on the floor. When you enter the room, look to your right. See that small hole? Take out your rocket launcher, and fire away at it. Now, there should be a hallway. Enter it and go into the next room. Look at the middle, you should see a platform. Go and stand in the middle of it, wait a couple seconds and you'll here a weird rumbling noise. A second later, it says you picked up 1 fuel canister and a Fusion Rocket Launcher. That's The Artifact's Artifact, a Fusion Rocket Launcher. Keep it for when you really need it, like blowing away Capek, or obliterating them annoying as hell mercenaries up in the highest point, or the big room below it, Command Center, or even getting through The Shooting Gallery alive, then down that little hole. It's basically an emergency in the Shooting Gallery.
This Easter Egg may work once, I've never tried doing it the second time (in one saved game, of course). Enjoy it!


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Final Boss Tip
When confronting Masako in the Aesir Fighter, fly over to one of the support branches below the roof of the complex. The best one is above where Masako comes out. Shoot her vehicle from here so when you fall out, you will land on it. Now, you have a good sniping view of her. Walk to the edge of it to get her right under it. Then use the rail driver to break her energy field. From this point, it'll be cake. Just jump off and blow her away with the heavy machine gun.
Red Faction Cheats, Hints, and Tips
Easy Way Through Electric Fence On 2nd Level:
When you are in the room with the guys in the towers shooting at you kill them and then go to the room with the rock crusher tank and drive it into the next room where there should be a electric forcefield type wall and just drive the tank through it.

BMF Location:
In Deathmatch: Lobby...Go upstairs and grab the rocket launcher, now go to the wall facing the lobby (youre still upstairs) start blowing up the wall and make a hole to the roof where there is one of those BMF's at the top!

In Deathmatch: Lobby you can get the rail driver, flamethrower and fusion rocket launcher by blowing up all of the posters in the main lobby area. Happy apocalypse!

Secret Rooms:
In the lobby, as you go up any ramp, blow a hole in the wall with a rocket launcher wherever there is writing on the wall. There will be a secret room in each writing spot. there are two flamethrowers, a rail driver, and a fusion rocket launcher. Also: The lobby multiplayer level, you can reach the third level of the lobby (the roof) by blasting through the wall of the ramp. There is a railgun and fusion rocket launcher up there. You will know if it is the right side of the roof if you can see arches on the other side of the wall.

Hidden Pit:
In the Deathmatch: Installation XJ5, you can get outside to the pit! here is what you do Grab the rocket launcher and jump down turn left...see the archway above? Blast a hole in the wall below the doorway and start building a tunnel straight to the open window. One might ask why do all this work when you can just go to the archway above and start blasting around the window? Well it doesn't work for some reason...there is like an invisible wall which wont let you pass Once you make the tunnel all the way through, you can look down into the pit below If you drop down, you will always die! Turn to the left or right and blast a hole big enough to jump into (you make the hole on the outside of the wall). Jump into the hole and then make another hole straight in front of you but down a little ways. Now that you have made another hole, jump into it. Make sure the hole isn't to far down or you will die from the fall. Repeat this process until you have reached the bottom of the pit. I must remind you that it is next to impossible to get back up once youre down there.

Kill Bots Easily:
(Deathmatch) Any round that has a bridge, launch a few rockets at the floor to make a several holes. The Bots will run over it and either get stuck or fall through to an uncertain but unfortunate doom.

Bottom of the Badlands:
Usually the only way you see the bottom of the Badlands level is when your falling towards it, but you can reach the bottom with your trusty rocket launcher.Simply blast a hole in a wall, then start blasting your way straight down, or if you prefer the safer way blast your vertical path from a distance. The best way to get down your "hole" is to face down and go backwards and when you start to fall go forward and you should land on the next level downwards. When you get there, make sure you notice the graveyard of bodies that have fallen from above, and remember, its quite impossible to get back up...

More Geo-Mod Coolness:
On the deathmatch level Badlands, you can destroy the whole upper bridge, just destroy all three ends of the bridge with your rocket launcher, and make sure there are no pieces of the brige connected to the wall, and you will get to see the entire upper level fall and break on the lower bridges!

Take No Prisoners:
You can actually hold a Merc "hostage", sort of. How to do this is quite simple. There is a silver door opposite the Merc cafetirea in the Merc base. Go through this silver door and you'll find yourself in the Merc restroom and shower room. Behind you the there is an unarmed Merc, wait for him to walk over to the sink, he will then turn around and stare at you. Pull out your Precision Rifle and shoot him ONCE in the foot. He will then run around for cover like the scientists and tech's do. He should eventually stop and crouch down covering his head. If you go staight up to him pointing your gun at him he will start to speak to you like scientists and techs do. Here are a few of the things he say's "I'm not gonna beg for my life!" and "Go ahead, kill me, I can take it!". Thoes Merc are'nt so tough after all!

Unlimted Riot Shield:
You collect the riot shield when it is badly damaged you save the game quit the load it again then you will have a new riot shield.

Causing Trouble:
You can meet the friendly Ultor guard and the unfriendly miner. The friendly Ultor guard is in a small room in the abandoned mine just at that bit where you hear a miner say "come on before those guards catch up". Look for a silver door and enter it. He'll give you ashort bit of advice before he is shot by other guards. The unfriendly miner is the one who comes to find you at the crash site. Shoot him in the foot and he will try to blow your brains out with his shotgun! (sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't.)

Traps For Bots:
On the multiplayer level badlands grab a rocket launcher and start shooting a line across the base of the bridges above once they are mostly destroyed leave them there and wait for some bots coming along to walk across the bridge and they'll get stuck in the pit and will keep trying to run forward into the middle of the bridge then all you have to do is pick your weapon of choice and kill them like shootin fish in a barrel.

2 Player Teaming in Badlands:
First get a rocket launcher with lots of ammo. Then find an X on the wall and blow it up! After that, have a second player and yourself team up by blowing deeper holes in the wall...... Then if you wanna' have lots of fun, get a rail driver, sit down in the hole and blow away all opponents with it!

At the waste disposal plant on multiplayer, come off of the lower bridge where you would find remote charges. Turn to the smaller wall and keep blowing up the wall with them. If you throw them high, you can jump up to the next level up. If you throw the charges down, you will see water. Keep going, and you will end up in the underwater area where you would normally find the fusion rocket launcher.(NOTE:YOU MUST HAVE A WHOLE CRAPLOAD OF CHARGES TO BE ABLE TO REACH ONE OF THOSE DESTINATIONS)

Four Fusion Rockets:
In one pickup! First pickup a Fusion Rocket launcher and blow yourself up with it. Then go back to where you died and pick it up. When you have it you will see it says 1/3 in ammo!

Cheap Kills:
On bots in the factory multiplayer level use det. Packs or the rocket lancher to dig a hole in the floor in one of the halls. Dig the hole deep enough so it's about your height in the game. Then run around for a while. When you come back there should be 2-3 bots in the hole (depending on the#of bots you are playing with). Free kills b/c the bots won't realize that you are shooting them due to a programming error.