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Ratchet: Deadlocked cheats, Codes, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

Command codes

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Mr. Sunshine skin


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2 player tag moves
Attack Boost-To do the Attack boost both player 1 and 2 must press L3 (left analog stick) over and over until a white like aura surrounds them which will give all their weapons and wrench increased power.

Shield-To activate the shield both players must press R3 (right analog stick) over and over until a sheild surrounds them which reduces damage they take.
armor fashion sense
Whenever you unlock a new armor, go to the pause menu, select extras, and select skins, you can switch armor with a push of a button. It will effect how the armor protects you if you haven't beat the game... yet.
Beat Ace
When you unlock the Liberator Tournament beat it before you turn it off because if you turn it off you might lose all your data
Beat inzone challenge easier and upgrade hunter mines
If you use only the hunter mines then all the enemies will go close to them and get blown up. This will only work if you keep hunter mines on if you want to upgrade them quickly. This worked well for me and it should for you. good luck.
Bolt multiplier remover
If you throw up a sheild and then walk through it once you get the bolt multiplier, THE BOLT MULTIPLIER WILL SET TO 1!!!
Clanks' Phrases
Go to the containment suite. Turn down the music and effects volume. You will be surprised by what the little guy has to say: His favourite HV shows, his opinion on Ratchet's suit, he even asks you whether he should wear cologne while going to discuss Turret schematics with his techbot friend!
Colorful weapon shots
When you buy a mega weapon rise it to v.99
and the weapon's shots will have different colors every time fired.
Defeat Shellshock
To defeat him,pull out your magma cannon.You should be able to defeat him without losing all your ammo.
To get a lot of money,kill a lot of swarmers and look good while your doing here is a tip.Be in challenge mode and have your dual vipers at lv.99.
Go to cheats and put gangsta gun on. Atatch your shock mod and as many speed,ammo,and aiming mods as you can. Go to the Deadlock station and go to the inzone challenge. This way you would probrably kill a lot of swarmers with 1 shot and win a lot of money.
Easier holo shield level up
If you're like me, and don't use the holoshield often, simply place as many exp. mods as you can and the shock mod on it and play the "End-zone" challenge on couch potato difficulty(you get more experience,and the power carries over). Throw some shields out and when the little triceratops things hit it, the shock mod will kill them. Since it kills them, you get even more experience, and the shock bounces to most enemies, but you may need to take out the stragglers with another weapon.
easy ace hardlight
To beat ace hardlight without taking a single hit you need the rocket launcher fully upgraded and need the time bomb omega mod. Once you start the fight instantly press the fire button. This'll cause ace to flinch and the time bomb will go off. After he makes all the copies of himself fire into the middle of them. The rockets will climg to 3 of the copies and will explode taking out the copies and a huge chnk of his health.
Easy bolts (challenge mode)
In challenge mode, I've found a good and easy way of earning millions easily. On the planet with all the snow (forgot the name), there's a challenge called "Whack A Swarmer". If you keep doing that challenge mode over and over again, you'll be rich. With 4 jackpot upgrades on my vulcan cannon (don't use the B6 blaster, the vulcan can do the job much better) and the bolt bonus to 20, I gained around 600,000 bolts every 2 minutes. That amount is pretty consistent because with the vulcan cannon, the one-hit kill swarmers won't get anywhere near you.
Easy Bolts and EXP
First, get to challenge mode. Unlock the Dreadzone challenge "Endzone". Get out the Holoshield and lay 4 right in front of the endzone. Stand in the endzone and shoot out a lot of Quesar Turrets. Get out any other weapon you want upgraded and just keep laying Holoshields and turrets. Chargeboot out every once in a while to get ammo and health. As long as you have a weapon in your quick select it will still get XP. Keep doing this to get MILLIONS of bolts. If you are successful, bolts will keep flying out at you and your multiplier will keep building up. You should get AT LEAST
1,000,000 bolts each time, if you are in challenge mode.
easy dread challenge
At the containment suite stadium go to the dread challenge called "zombie attack."When your in it jump on a exposive barrel.When you do that the zombies shouldn't be able to hurt you if you stay there the whole time.
Easy Kills For Beginners
All right, this works on bosses, minions, and everything inbetween. First you should start out with dual vipers and magma cannon. Once you advance into the game a little, you will come across a weopon vender. They sell poison mods at the first vender. Buy one. If you didn't get enough bolts, go through the battledome challenge again.

Note: You need to complete the battledome before finding the venders.

Put the acid mod on the dual vipers.Now this is the trick. Shoot the enemy with the dual vipers until poisond. Then switch to the magma cannon and finish it off. This way both guns get exp and your enemies are blown to shreds easier.
Easy level up and money
First beat the game and get the challenge endzone.If you have mega weapons they will go up quick and you willl get a lot of money because of the bolt multiplier.Just keep on doing it and you will have a lot of money and high level mega weapons
easy leveling
a really easy way to level weapons:

1. get the quasar turrets to lv 99
2. go to the endzone challenge
3. launch a turret and pull out whatever weapon u want 2 lv up
4. sit back and watch the destruction-the turret will kill everyone while your weapon lvs up!
Easy Money
Go to the "endzone" mission, prior to this you should get a miniturret launcer with as much money/exp mods you need. When you start the challenge throw about 3 in the front and about 5 anywhere else. Pretty soon you'll just see a wave of money. There's plenty of ammo and you'll get the most money if you beat the game and have the multiplier.(I once got 1million bolts in just 1 run!)
Easy money/easy upgrade for miniturret
to use this cheat you nead to beat reactor and then do the dread challenge endzone at the battle station place the turrets evenly spaced and watch bolts fly towards you if you have the sheild launcher give it the shock mod and place where they spawn also if you have the bolt multipler it realy helps. also give the mini turrets the shock mod. i hope this also works for you.
Easy Shield Upgrade
If you plant a shield in front of a turrent and start shooting it it will start to upgrade!
EAsy Win for 2 player
When playing against your friends Turn on inf ammo. Then find the hunter stalker mine launcher. Keep repeatedly firing it and watch out and try to avoid getting shot with this. I destroyed a Puma using this. Or use the holoshield or use the omnishield. I kept beating my friends while they were in Puma's.
easy, quick level
To get the landstaker on the first world faster you have to be in challenge mode. before You go down the cliff go to the edge where you can see the blue beacon. use the charge boots. you should make it to the other side. this may take a couple tries.
Endzone Enemy Invincible
When re-playing the EndZone challenge for levels and bolts, the small blue enemies that just keep walking and don't fire become invincible if they reach your endzone. This forces you to lose.
Exterminator Difficulty Level
To obtain the hardest difficulty level (5 stars), beat the game once.
Exterminator help (mainly challenge mode stuff and skill points)
I can't fully remember the attacks of most exterminators so i cant give you much help there except to hit them with powerful weapons but i can list a few attacks they use.
challenge mode stuff will have stars around it.

his most powerful attack is the one where he bombards you I suggest using a magma cannon or *harbinger* and keep strafing around him.

he is quite powerful and all my battles against him were won using high powered weaopns with huge blasts (like *harbinger* and magma cannon)
*skill point*: to get the skill point in challenge mode just hit him with the harbinger or mega supernova at least 3 times (moving forwards to hit him) if you are fast enough then you should win in -30 secs

he will slash you and charge at you very quickly then he will fly and become shielded and he will spawn enemies
*skillpoint* this is an easy one so you should be able to do it without help

ace hardlight:
he will shield and duplicate himslf so use a weapon like the harbinger this is also how you do the skill point vexcept you just keep moving
ez holoshield 2 99
buy 10 xp mods and use them all on the holoshield. go to the battledome and chose the first challenge. go to the turret and launch the shield. just don't EMP it. it will go so fast that the game can't keep up.
fast upgrades
When on challenge mode and when you get the Mega Vulcan Cannon go to planet
Shaar and pick Wack-A-Swarmer, then walk forward to get the Mega Vulcan
Cannon. You should get the weapon upgraded 5 or 10 times depending how
you are in your upgrade. faster with freeze mod and 7 XP mods.
First time through
The first time through the game you should start on the 1st or 2nd difficulty because later on in the game the difficulty drastically increases
Gameplay video
On the main menu were ratchets armor is being put on, instead of pressing start wait about 30 seconds and a gameplay video will start.
Map Mistake
After beating the Ghost Station and returning to the containment suite, you have to travel to the CONTROL LEVEL.

If you look at your map, the star will be on the Inter-planet ship. DO NOT BE FOOLED.

You have to take the Battledome Shuttle, just press triangle and you'll get the option.
Mini Turret, Holoshield and one other Wepaon level gain
Ok, if you want to help level up three weapons at once, then here you go. Go to the battledome in Dreadzone Station, pick the Endzone challenge as soon as it starts, take out your Mini Turrets. and shoot them everywhere then get by your red "Endzone and place Shields all around you til your blocked off, then take out another weapon and start shooting. The mini turrets gain EXP because they shoot victims and gain some, the Holo Shield also get some and your current gain some for every victim too. Also flip through your weapons and check your Mini turret ammo once in a while, because you might have more to fire off. Keep doing this, plus it gives a lot of bolts. I have 43 M now. And everytime your shields go down shoot up some more.
Money Storm!!!$$$$$ (more or 4 mil)
First you need a good quasar launcher (turret launcher) lvl 50 (reccommended and u need omarga mod). Equip the quasar launcher with shock mod.

Then, u need the dread challenge Endzone.(one of them at the station).

1.start the challenge.
2.throw the turrets in front forming a barrier.
3.you stay behind and dont get hit. u need X20 to get 4 mil or more.

4.last until the end and you get a lot of cash!!!
P.s. you will enjoy the part where all the bolts fly to you!!!
Mr.SunShine for Online play
go to Insomniac games.com inlist in the free comunity and get Mr.SunShine code for deadlocked and a code for Dan on up your arsinal...{make sure your username is the same at comunity as online name}!!!!
omnishield upgrade
2 upgrade your omnishield really fast go on any level/mission with a turret add 10 experince mods on & throw some shields out and repeat. this method will take only a few mins.u will never run out of ammo beacause every time u upgrade it increases your ammo.
quick level up
When you get the holoshield find a turrent and get rid of all the enemies near the turrent. deploy a shield get in the turrent and start to shoot the shield. When it goes away deploy another and keep doing this. If you do your holoshield should level up faster than normal.
Shaar Skill Point Help.
On Shaar, when you have to complete the skill point without taking any damage to your landstalker, first complete the mission on foot, only capturing one node, then collect your landstalker and finish the level, you will be able to pass through the rest of the mission untouched if you have disposed of everyone.
Something fun with the Stalker Mine Launcher
This is something fun you can do with the Stalker Mine Launcher. If you let a laser or a bullet it the mine, it blocks the attack from getting to you. This is useful when attacking Beam Turrets and Landstalkers.You can use this to get up close to something and let the mine touch the target without needing to shoot it out of the gun.
Super easy bolts
Go to endzone challenge and equip any weapon and equip it with the shock mod. The shock should hit all of the small enemies and kill them on contact. Do this repeatedly to get at least 250,000 bolts each time you go in and complete it. This is also good to rack up experience on weapons and yourself in the process. Using the holoshield launcher is heavily recomended.
The Landstalkers' Horn
This is a nice little easter egg this game has. When you're driving the landstalker, tap the L3 (left analog stick) button to sound a horn.
Upgrade the Holoshield alone.
all you have to do is put out a few holoshields and then shoot them with a turret. it counts as experience!! and if you put the xp mod on then it will go even faster!
VERY easy bolt making stategy
Okay, here is what u need to do:1)Go to the Endzone game. 2)make sure you have a holoshield launcher,Mine launcher, and a weapon of your choice. 3)place 2-3 shields infront of the box thingy, the place as many mines as you can around the field. 4)When you run out of ammo, use your other weapon for protection and run out into the field to get som more ammo.
Keep on doing this for about 30 minuts and you'll be rich. One time i woke up at about 9 and started doing this and at about 3, I had about 35,000,000 bolts.

P.S. It helps if u have turrent launcher!!!
try to change weapons fequently to got a lot of xp for all of them, and not just one


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Eviscerator Glitch
When he charges U slashing go near the edge of The arena if done correctly he will stay in that spot only shields once or thrice (3) times and flip in place no rockets or laser beam then feel free to get that skill point

Easter eggs

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A liltle bit more defence
Fisrt you should go to a misson that has a node crank in E.G planet Shaar or Orxon) put the sheild on the bot then jump up to the middle of the top of the sheild you will fall in then you will get a liltle bit of sheild time LOL <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/wink.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> happy cranking lol


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Beginner's Cash
This is a good cheat for if you are just starting and is preferred to be used in co-op mode. On the first mission of Sarathos, the leviathan planet, when you start hacking two orbs small swarmers will start popping out of the ground. They will keep coming until both orbs are hacked. You can quickly gain experience and bolts by hacking just one orb and going in a frenzy. This is not a good idea in single player because the swarmers will eventually overwelm you.
Bigger meteor lighting effect
on planet stygia, if you enter the "METEOR LIGHTING" weather cheat, you will get a bigger meteor lighting effect
Codebreaker cheats
If you have a codebreaker 7.0 or higher you can type these cheats down:

Infinite Health:
3E29F7A5 F3B135E0

Quick Bolt Gain:
253B334E B212E825

Super Quick Bolt Gain:
029734D2 DA420A3D

Max Bolts:

Buying Upgrades Doesnt Decrease Bolts:
4DD2752D 02991E7B
F340A4C3 D632B68E

Buying Upgrades Increases Bolts:
4DD2752D 02991E7B
822D6069 9447C40C

Quick Dread Points Gain:
3340BD16 1A0B05E3

Max Dread Points:

Infinite Ammo (All Weapons):
41850722 35C8B95E
59979967 AA462F65

Max Blue Medals:
2F868CF8 5831C895

Max Green Medals:
A4D64B78 90182EEF

Max Orange Medals:

Max Black Medals:
905E367A C0D60D2D

Unlock All Cinematics:
E9D5AEEC 7D05B752

Max Wrench Upgrades:
8398B18E 656734A9

Always Low Play Time:
9401375B ACA4D0F5

P1 Press X For Moon Jump:
3A49A4F7 C46500BD
546B39D3 A53D27B7

To Do these cheats type in this code

Enable Code (Must Be On):
B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
69D1C0B7 6EB50327
92F1F34D 92AEA8FB
813F804F CDA8B83B

I gopt these cheats from www.cmgsccc.com
dual rapters 99
first put 2 speed mods 4 experinece mods and 2 bolt mods and the rest ammo mods and the freeze omgea mod. Then go to the zombie attack challenge keep picking up the dual rapters and shoot like theres no tomorow you get like 500,000 bolts each time you finsh the challenge.
easy wins in all modes
first play through the game on easy mode till u get to end of game then save
then load on higher diff level since the game thinks its just replaying the level
some of the tough enemies will not appear or be fewer then they would have been if you started a new game
i did this and got really easy wins on all diff levels finished it all in 1 day
plus you skip the movies since they wont trigger till you start a new game
Free B-6 Obliterator
I found out this cheat when I started over my game. If you start your file (including the beginning movies and the targeting practice) in co-op, then you and your partner will be given three guns; Dual Vipers, Magma Cannon, and B-6 Obliterator. When you get through qualification, save the game and reload the file in single player and you will have the B-6 Obliterator free of charge.
Glamour Stars
To obtain glamour stars beat dread challenges
Jak Skin for Online Mode
Are you wondering how on earth you see Jak online sometimes? You want him for online? First, get yourself a cell phone. One that can play games. Order Ratchet: Going Mobile. When you manage to beat the game, you'll recieve a cheat code to unlock Jak for online mode in Deadlocked!
Play As Ninja Ratchet
To play as ninja Ratchet you have to get all the skill points and exterminator cards.
Quick Bolts
TOURNAMENT: I think it's Vindicator or Crusader challange... I fogot which challenge.

Go on the challenge "Endzone", then start and take out your dual vipers/raptors. Now keep on shooting swarmers and other enemies down. It is better if you have jackpot mod for your weapons like when you reach v10 of your dual raptors. On challenge mode it really gives you lots of bolts. You will earn up to 5,000,000 bolts once you finished (only if you keep on firing swarmers with weapons continuously).
Rapid Upgrades
Go to the End Zone challenge and pick a weapon you want to upgrade; anything works except for the Holo Shield.
Just fire at will and your weapon will rocket over at least ten levels.

If your upgrading the turrents.... well it's insane. They upgrade almost all the way to the maximum in one play though.
Skill Point Cheats
Here are the cheats you unlock when you collect certain numbers of skill points:

HUD Color........5 Skill Points
Gangsta Guns...........10 Skill Points
Mirrored World.........15 Skill Points
Remove Helmet...........20 Skill Points
Exterminator Bot Heads..........25 Skill Points
Super Bloom..........35 Skill Points
Super Morphing Freeze Wrench........45 Skill Points
Weather...........60 Skill Points
Kill Quark!............105 Skill Points
Color Blind.........120 Skill Points
Morph Mod on Vehicles.......140 skill points
Turrets Mod
You should put the freeze mod on the miniturrets because it makes it very affective, especially with a group of them
Unlock Mr.Sunshine and Vernon for multiplayer
Create a profile in Deadlocked. Afterwards, go onto www.insomniacgames.com and register your same exact name as on Deadlocked. On the Community Page, your own personalized cheat codes will appear. In Deadlocked, go into your "Edit Profile." Hold down L2 and type in your codes.
Unlockable Cards
There are some cards that you can unlock by doing some tasks:

Vox card -------- Get all Skill points
Vox's Pet card -------- Complete all missions on highest difficulty
Ace Hardlight card -------- Earn 400,000 Dread points
Eviscerator card -------- 100 Max Nanotech
Reactor card -------- Buy Mega version of all weapons (Challenge mode)
Shellshock card -------- Buy all weapons and Omega mods