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Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Code Breaker Codes for more Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando cheat codes.


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Battling Megapede
Well, my name is Michael Li.In order to destroy megapede it is quite hard but you'll get the hang of it. Firstly, load the mini rocket tube and get the target ring correctly.Fire at megapede continuosly. But remember, everytime you destroy a part of it's body, it becomes a tank. Hopefully, Megapede destroyed from the relentless fire power.
Bolden As your 3rd cordenet
After you beat the game, and have insomniac museum on shortcuts, and finish Arinos, go to insomniac museum on shortcuts- and go back to ship and you have Bolden.

Warning: don't do this cheat when you are on arinos!
clank, now you see him. now you dont.
okay so on the planet were you get sent to that prison (not the first one the one were clank asks the bad guy if they have stuff for vegitarians) and at the part where clank realeeses the elevator and racthet finds another wrench. Well so you know how when you step on that elevator racthet goes up and you get a black screen then you play as clank instead of stepping on the elevator go into first person mode and start wall climbing up the wall you will reach the wrench and you will make it to the ship but NO clank !!!! and when you go to other places NO CLANK oh and also when you use those levatator pads to escape ratchet will fly on his own like clank is on his back WIERD i thought it was funny racthet sticks out his arms and goes WHEEE I CAN FLY he does not actully say that though.
Credits Cut-Scenes
After defeating the Mutant Protopet, wait for the credits to start showing. While the credits are on, press R2 to view another cut-scene. After the cut-scene, the credits resume. Press R2 again when this happens to see another cut-scene. After that, you will immediately see the Challenge Mode/Time Warp menu on the screen.
Crystals and Moon stones...
If you're one of those unlucky fellow blargs that've overseened an crystal or moon stone... (or two or three or five or...) ... then don't worrie Megacorp and Gadgetron will help you solve the problem... Just follow this easely insttructions step from step and you'lle end up with 100 crystals, 100 moonstones, two skill points and maby some Cheats or new paint jobs... (breathing pause)
Okey here it goes... ...:

1. Walk around; check the map. Then go to every place on the map, (in the deserted area) and travel there... If you not find what you're looking for follow step #2.
2. Air searhing; Use gadgetron's Visibomb or mega visibomb to search the area from air. You may not find what you're looking for straight away so use som visibombs and search in every direction... Remember not to stand in the middle of the desert or icey wilderness because of the local wild life, if you want to feel safe stand with the ship (not on top of it) or close to the megacorp shop, this makes you feel safer... If you yet can't find the crystals/moonstones only step #3 can help you...
3. Driving around; This method is easy, fun and can give you alot of raritanium. You may know what i'm talking about... Enter the vehicle and drive where the arrow points... Why you may ask, well because it guides you around the wilderness and don't forget to pick up some raritanium for the NICE RIDE skill point...

If non of these methods help you the ionly thing you can do is to start over again at #1. If it still don't help use emergency #4.

4. Emergency; JUST FORGET IT!!!!

(this tip whas precented by earlyer Gadgetron worker and new Megacorp worker sleva10... inventer of the Gothic Join Gun...)
decoy glitch
on makhtar nebula get out the decoy glove and throw them on the moving bridge that leads to the battle arena the decoys will start moving and eventuly they will dissapear then get the pulse rifle and zoom in and shoot all the remaing decoys more and more decoys will come and move around!!!
easily defeat the leader in shnibelak
just go to the planet and when you meet the giant robot go to your left ( where the tank and helicopter were). now throw a tankbot spider NOTE: you must have the spiderbot glove upgrade. now go near the robot and press square as fast as possible make sure to hit the robot do this until the time is up. NOTE: make sure not to touch the robot or the spider will explode.
Easy Training - Sheepinator
Ever Thought Training The Sheepinator Was Hard? Well, In Allgon City, Damosel, It Really Isnt! After The First Slingshot area, which is near the entrace to the city, there are loads of protopets coming out of the phone booths. Use the sheepinator here.
Easy Way to Beat the Mother Protopet
There are 3 things you need in order to beat the Mother of all protopet(Final Boss):

1) You must have vapourizer lvl2
2) You must have upgraded the Mini Tube rocket or any other Long distance gun
3) Optional: Bouncer lvl2

How to beat the Final Boss:

After the part when the protopet morphs into a GIANT Protopet, all you have to do is go to the edge and use the two weapons i mentioned then when all the ammo is gone just refill your ammunition by going back to the vendor, repeat this 20 times...
When you have done this 20 times, jump down and Voila!
The protopet's life has decreased HEAPS and all you have to do is grab any gun ie. Bouncer lvl2 and shoot it at the Boss and she's DEAD.

If repeating the steps mentioned dosen't work then refer to the following:

1) Repeat it 5 more times just in case.
2) If your bolts is low... then use the teleporter and hop into the ship and do any arena challenge
3) Put your head between your legs and hope for a miracle... ;P
Easy way to kill yetis on grelbin
Use the mining vehicle to ram them. Sometimes the vehicle will jump over them, if it does you can then use it to dig on top of them. Doing so will usually kill them in 2 or 1 hits.
With there being so many of them they can destroy the vehicle pretty fast causing you to go back and get another one. This might be a time consuming tactic but at least it saves you from dying and wasting bullets.
Extra Killbots
If you feel that 12 Killbots are not enough, such as on planet Grelbin, you can deploy 4 of them, and then go to the vendor and restock. You will have four floating and 12 waiting to be deployed making for a nice 16.
Faster Weapon Upgrade
On your first or second time through, buy a bunch of upgrades. Then go to Allgon City. Jump up on the platform after you kill the robots who shoot electricity bolts. Wait for 5-6 protopets to get around you, then shoot them making sure there are at least 2 alive. They will reproduce very rapidly. Then you can shoot them again. You can upgrade weapons quickly using this method.
First Person View
Beat the game once to unlock First person veiw.
Force Field facade
When you use the glider with a force field activated, the field deactivates...thus wasting a field charge.
funny glich at the imsonica museum
at the imsonica museum get the red car with the 87 on the side then go next to the teleport which take you to the test zone get out the car and put it next to teleport go though the teleport and you will be drivering the car but not in it or you will be standing in the car and you can shot your weapons
(hard to driver)
get rich quick scheme
(must be done in challenge mode)
first you need to upgrade the plasma coil to the plasma storm then go to grelbin and head to where the mining car and a big group of protopets are.
get out your plasma storm but dont kill any of the protopets, run along the wall directly behind the mining car and into the room so that \"Continue Point\" comes up on the screen. now kill all the protopets with your plasma storm (should take 1-2 shots if fired well) so your bolt multiplyer goes up, then jump in the mining car and ride it down to the bottom. jump into one of the icy pools left behind when you kill one of the big monster things and kill yourself, making sure you dont take any hits (itll become apparent why in a moment). now you should respawn in the room next to where the protopets are. you must kill all the protopets with your plasma storm again reapeat this process till your bolt multiplyer is up to 20. when you kill the protepets now, they should give you around 30,000 bolts. i know its long and complex but its worth it.
Getting moonstones
When trying to get Moonstones on planet Grelbin,use the Tesla claw to break out the stones.It only takes two shots to do this,it is quicker than bashing them with the wrench and leaves less time for the YETI's to attack you.
Giant Protopet
When you are fighting the Giant Protopet at the end, you cannot stand by the Megacorp vendor and hit him, it won't effect him. You have to use the swingshot to get over to him, then you can fight.

Correction by Lexmarkx11:
You can kill the protopet it'll just take a long time.
giant Protopet monsterpedia entry
to get the info for the mutant Protopet, defeat it and timewarp back before you defeated it. press start, then go to help, monsterpedia. go waaay to the end to see it stats
Gladiator Arena Hint
If you want to win a "LImited Weapon Challenge" in the Gladiator Arena in four simple steps, here's what to do:

1. Enter the challenge.
2. Go into the middle of the arena, so that all the enemies circle around you.
3. When an enemy tries to attack you, jumpout of the way. Instead of attacking you, the enemy will attack another enemy if the two enemies were close enough.
4. When there are a few enemies left, finish them off with the weapon required for the challenge.

*^NOTE^* You might lose some Nanotech while attemting this trick. Time your jumps carefully so that the enemy doesn't hit you.
How to get Monsterpedia info for the Giant Protopet
When you have defeated the Giant Protopet, you get an option to restart into Challenge Mode or Time Warp before you beat Quark (= Protopet)
Select the time warp.
When you are returned at the game, pause it and go to Help, Monsterpedia. Go to the very last page and there you'll see all info of the cute, giant Protopet.
how to kill the enemies easier on the planet dobbo
When you get to planet dobbo you need to have the lava gun it will help kill the robots it only take 2 hits it will help get through the level quicker and it will level up your lava gun
HUGE Shortcut on Boldan (Silver City)
If you want to skip the majority of Boldan, then go to the grind rail. When you get to the construction part, hit the leftmost elctrical thing, and glide to the land, as if you were going to the Insomniac Museum. Then, go to the purple cube shape. If you have not beaten the planet before, you should see a platinum bolt. Then just walk into the cube and you will fall down, just before the part where you walk down the building. I would suggest you get a decent weapon out or some synthoids as you will land into a group of enemies.
impossible challenge
Required weapons and armor:
-sheepinator or walloper (wastes no ammo which preserves the other weapons required)
-decoy glove ( to make half the levels REALLY easy)
-a few explosive weapons (to make enemies in cage match fall dead)
-rocket tube (the mega rocket tube is easier)
-shield generator (optional but makes the megapede easy)

1.first know that every fifth match it changes between cage match and floor match
2.beat the first five rounds then a cage match will happen.
3.defeat enemies with explosive or electric weapons as they usually make the enemies fall to their death.
4.in the rounds 10,20,30,40, and 50 PRIOR to defeating last enemy in cage fire a decoy.
5.defeat remaining enemies while protecting decoy in cage.
6.during ground matches enemies swarm under decoy, unable to destroy it.
7. bring out your ammo-less weapon and enjoy
8. repeat process until 59th round
9. beat the megapede using rocket tube(works best and quickest) to remove sections of megapede and killing them individually, all the while dodging or using shield generator to survive homing bombs.
10.once beaten you get a skill point and a cheat(snow dude) is unlocked
Impossible Challenge.
Everyone says that you need the best armor in the game, 80 health, and the ryno to beat the impossible challenge.
well, you don't.
All you need is the black Sheepinator and NOT 80 health.
You can easily kill everyone there with the Shepinator, and the health will let you have nanotech upgrades that will refill your health.

P.S. this does not apply to challenge mode
Insomniac Museum
On Planet Bolden: Silver City, ride the power lines to the construction site, but don't jump on the first steel beam. Instead make sure you're on the left power line and hit the transformer. As you hit the transformer, press jump, and execute a heliglide over to the left where the city is. Now make your way to the street and follow it to the end to find a lone building towards the South of the map(you pass underneath this when continuing with the power lines). Make your way either left or right around the building. At about half way, try to walk through the building and make your way to the center (you may have to jump through). Start to jump, and the immediately center the camera (Press L1 and R1 at the same time) because you'll have to take out a several Thugs. There will be two teleporters in the building, one that goes back to the ship, and one that goes to the Insomniac Museum. Take the one to the museum and enjoy!
Insomniac Museum
Go to planet boldan. grind the rails until before the rails on the construction site. when you get to the power line before that rail, hit the left power thingy and when you fall off glide down to the road below. thre will be a large building far away. to save time getting there use the charge boots. when you get to the door, it will be a shutter-type door. go to the right of it and jump on the ledge. Run along the ledge until you fall through the floor. Dont worry, its perfectly normal. walk through the building and jump. You still wont be able to see yourself, so zoom in. then when you get to an intersection. throw a mini/megaturret. it will start shooting because there are enemies there. keep thrrowing turrets until the heat dies down. when there are no enemies there anymore, you will see a teleporter. go in it. you will now go to the planet "Dantopia" for some reason. Congratulations! you have reached the insomniac museum! now look out for many things cut from both r&c games, the hardest electrolyzer puzzle, and you can even make your own infiltrator puzzle!
Jak and Daxter poster
In one of the levels there should be a poster of either Jak II or Jak 3.
Killbot killjoy
Anytime you enter a teleporter or flash-elevator with Killbots deployed, they will be lost when you are able to regain control over Ratchet.
Maim Chainblade
How to defeat "Chainblade" without inflicting any damage to your person…

First get the decoy glove, and throw one right in front of "Chainblade", now you would think that "Chainblade" would destroy it in a couple of hits but, it actually just keeps on swiping at the decoy so you are free to do what you want to defeat it. You can even use your wrench!

(it might not work if you dont put it in front of "Chainblade")
On the level where you have to destroy the gohst ship if you have a nuke weapon whit you'r ship when the ghost comes back to pysical form blow it up with the nuke cannon this is a trick for those who are havig trouble at this part
Moonstone and Crystal help
The creatures you face in the desert and on the tundra yield little to no profit. Instead of fighting them to your wit's end, do what I do.

Once you have the upgraded shield, killbots, turret, and the decoy glove from R&C#1, you can run through the barren landscapes breaking open the crystals and moonstones and not even bother stopping to kill the beasts that only give back a fraction of your ammunition costs. Just deploy a few "automated" killing solutions when needed and you reap the full benefit in a quarter of the time.
over 100,000 bolts
You will need the bolt multiplier and killonoid to do this. Go to planet damosel and go forward
until you get to two swingshot targets swing down to the platform you can see below once you land, quicky get out your killonoid and move over to the right hand side of the window and turn around and let your killonoid shoot the protopets. Once they are all gone they can leave behind over 100,000 bolts!
Platinum Bolts
Platinum Bolts are the rarest form of currency in the Bogon galaxy. They are used for trading with merchants who will attach special upgrades to your guns.
There are 40 Platinum Bolts to collect.

These are the locations of all the Platinum Bolts:

Planet Oozla: 2 Platinum Bolts
1. Right after purchasing the Tractor Beam from the scientist you
will need to use it to move the pillars into position to climb the tall cliff. Instead, move the pillars to the opposite side to the cliff and climb up there to the Platinum Bolt.

2. Take the path that you first take to get to the Tractor Beam after you have done all the missions. After the the rocks in the water keep looking on the left for a dragon to ride on and it will take you to a cave where you can get a Platinum Bolt.

Maktar Nebula: 2 Platinum Bolts
1. After the part where the limousine takes you near the cranes, get to the upper level by shimming along the wall to the stairs. Its on the right, where the crane is attached. Alternatively, wait until you have Clank then double jump up the wall.

2. You need Clank to get this one. Go to the Jamming Array. Jump on top of your limousine and look for a platform behind it. Jump onto it, and onto the jump booster. It will boost you to it.

Planet Endako: 2 Platinum Bolts
1. On the second time you have to use the crane to move the blocks around, move the big grey block into the second room near the locked door to the left (if you don't know where this is go into the room and look along the left wall). Then, get a bomb box and place it on top of the grey box. The bomb will blow the door open allowing you to get inside and get the Platinum Bolt.

2. When you first see the Thugs-4-Less Helicopter continue going along the path. You will find a ledge at the end which looks like it goes off into nothing. The Platinum Bolt is just off of the edge. Go off the edge and onto the ledge below to get it.

Planet Barlow: 2 Platinum Bolts
1. In the hoverbike races, after the water part with the double ramps take a sharp left at the corner over the border.

2. Once you have gone through the water you have to swim through, go out and look back at the building. On the right is a ledge you can shimmy on (if for some reason you stop half way move the camera so you can see Ratchet's back). Once you have gone all the way along the ledge drop off onto the platform and, using the Swingshot, swing across to the cave. Inside is a Platinum Bolt.

Feltzin System: 1 Platinum Bolt
1. In the race against Ace Bunyon, go threw all the rings and you will get a Platinum Bolt.

Planet Notak: 3 Platinum Bolts
1. Go down the elevator at the start and choose the path that doesn't take you over the bridge. After the second helicopter go over the small bridge and look for a Megacorp sign, break it and there is a Platinum Bolt inside.

2. Go across the bridge at the start, turn left and go around the outside of the buildings until you find it in a corner.

3. Go across the bridge, and turn left into a room where you need the Thermonator. Continue along this path until you get back outside again. Kill the hovercannon and Chickenbots and go up the first ramp to the right. Turn right here and activate this dynamo. Quickly run back along and up the second ramp, over the hole between the two platforms and into the room. In here is a Platinum Bolt.

Planet Siberius: 2 Platinum Bolts
1. When you get to the first bridge cross it and kill the enemies. Jump over to the other side to the right and kill those enemies. Then, go down the lift and use the Tractor Beam to bring the moveable platform up the lift. Position it right at the end of the platform near where the bridge is and jump on the platform to get into the garage where the Platinum Bolt is.

2. At the top of the first lift jump and glide around the buildings in the left and come to land on top of a building on the other side which is fenced off. Jump of this building and go around the corner to recieve a Platinum Bolt.

Planet Tabora: 3 Platinum Bolts
1. Go along the far border of the desert and look for it. The Charge Boots from the Megacorp Games on Joba are useful here, or you can use the Gravity Boots to get the hovercraft down from its podium.

2. When you are exploring the mining facility, use the Thermanator to freeze the see-saw the wrong way (so you can't get to the rest of the area). Climb up the see-saw and go through the opening to get a Platinum Bolt.

3. The reward for completing the glider course is a Platinm Bolt.

Planet Dobbo: 2 Platinum Bolts
1. In the Glider course pull up as soon as you reach the final room. The Platinum Bolt is in the middle of a diamond of pipes at the top of the room.

2. Once you have killed the Hovertank and destroyed the two Sentry Guards, go around the building to your right (killing the rest of the guards) and launch a Spiderbot into the vent of one the small rooms. Navigate down the vents and into the room at the bottom. The Spiderbot can't pickup the Platinum Bolt for you, but it can press a pad on the floor that opens a door for Ratchet to go through.

Hrugis Cloud: 1 Platinum Bolt
1. Go threw all the rings in the race.

Planet Joba: 2 Platinum Bolts
1. After the first turret and up the ladder. Use the Swingshot to swing over to the other side. Go along the rest of this path and open the door to a room. This room contains the Platinum Bolt.

2. As soon as you get the Levitator fly straight up to the tall tower
on the left and the Platinum Bolt is on top.

Planet Todano: 3 Platinum Bolts
1. At the end of the tour the robotic Fizzwidget goes into a small room and teleports back to the start of the tour. Follow him into the room and inside is a Platinum Bolt.

2. In the first room with an Inspector Bot, look up for a hole in the wall at the other side of the room. Arrange the columns to get up there.

3. In the room with the Inspector Bot and the Sentry Guards that teleport in after you kill one of them, move the column to the conveyor belt and launch a Spiderbot into the vent. Navigate up the vent and into the room at the end. Use the Spiderbot to press the pad to deactivate the shield that stops you from going in.

Planet Boldan: 3 Platinum Bolts
1. After opening the door keep going straight and take the left path. Go into the area and turn right and look for a Spiderbot opening, launch one in there to open the door to get the Platinum Bolt.

2. After the Armor Vendor and walking down the building, and the loop da loop. Go up the elevator and look back down around where you came from. There is a platform with a Platinum Bolt on it. Glide down to get it.

3. After completeing the planet, go back to where the cinematic starts with the robotic Fizzwidget. Use the Swingshot to get up to the rim of the dome and go along the rim to get the Platinum Bolt.

Planet Aranos: 1 Platinum Bolt
1. When you find your ship, jump off the edge and glide toward the buildings and you'll see the Platinum Bolt.

Planet Gorn: 1 Platinum Bolt
1. Go through all the rings in the race.

Planet Snivelak: 1 Platinum Bolt
1. After going along the grind rail path and boost jumping across to the bridge and vendors. Look to the right when facing the bridge for the dynamo and platforms. Scale the building until you get to a room with the Platinum Bolt in it.

Planet Smolg: 2 Platinum Bolts.
1. In the part with all the crates in the warehouse use the dynamo to
turn the crate and jump up on top. You will see two crates that are
close enough to use your wall jump. Once on top you can see a Platinum Bolt. Jump between the crates on your right, then Stretch-Jump to the Platinum Bolt.

2. At the third Levitator pad stop and fly towards the really high
platform to your left. The Platinum Bolt is on top.

Planet Damosel: 2 Platinum Bolts
1. Freeze the water in the bank fountain with the Therminator and grind
the frozen fountain onto a platform with a Platinum Bolt. Take the taxi back.

2. Once you have the completed Hypnomatic use it on one of the Receiver
bots on the roof on the Megacorp Pyramid. Bring the bot down to the
front wall and put it in the exact middle. Detonate the bot and it will
reveal a Platinum Bolt in a hidden alcove.

Planet Grelbin: 3 Platinum Bolts
1. Out in the snowy wastes look on your map for two parallel lines. The
Platinum Bolt is right next to them. Look carefully.

2. At the end of the water area, dive deeper in the last water chamber
to find another little chamber. Enter it and rise to the top. Grab the Platinum Bolt.

3. Enter the tunnel behind the Armor Vendor and take the second left.
Use the Hypnomatic on the bot to open the door. Grab the Platinum Bolt inside.

Planet Yeedil: 2 Platinum Bolts
1. The very first bridge is a suspension bridge and you can grind the
supports up to the top and grab the Platinum Bolt.

2. After the room with waves of Troopers and a Hovertank there is a
column with a Tractor Beam target. Move the column and climb the stairs
to the grind rail. Ride it to the Platinum Bolt at the end.

Ratchet plays Sly & Jak
On booting the game up, you'll see Ratchet and Clank sitting in a chair playinga a videogame (the Press Start screen). Ratchet will be playing levels from the original R&C game and this one... leave it run for a few minutes and he'll start playing other Sony platformers Sly Racoon and Jak II.
Secrets in Insomniac Museum
In the Insomniac Museum, from where you start go to the back wall. There is an Electrolizer puzzle there. Solve it, and you will open two doors that are next to it. Go out through either of these.

Go to the transporter that leads to the big building where Ratchet's moves were tested.
Go to the right of the transporter and jump around the pillar. Then go around the corner.

You will come to "the Gravity Tower"- a hidden section of the museum. It's just a big thing that you walk on with your Gravity Boots.

If you go around the corner again you will come to an unfinished area with nothing but a Help Message that you can't use.

Also, if you go near the end of the platform with the Gravity Tower and look out you will see a strange-looking object. Use the Fusion rifle and you will see that it is your ship without wings.
See Jak2 on screen
In ratchet's appartment if you look at the Plasma TV you will see an altered picture of Jak and Daxter on the screen
Snow Skin
To unlock the snow skin, beat all 60 levels of the "Impossible Challenge" in the Arena in the Megacorp Games.
Top 3 tips
Found on the first planet, aranos.

Found on the desert level when finding a way out of the desert caverns.

Found back on Aranos when escaping jail as Ratchet.

If you have the visibomb, and you are trying to stop the big protopet, from the lab shoot a visibomb at the animal, always refuel at the megacorp vendor next to you.

On silver city, Todano, take the rail challenge (WHERE YOU GET TO SLIM COGNITO) get hurt on purpose and glide to the island on the left. Go down and find the building on a cliff. Of course it is locked. Go left and then straight. You will fall through the floor. Go right and jump up through a grey box. Use the telsa barrier and go to the warp pad that says INSOMNIAC MUSEUM many extras will be here.
Unlockables with skill points
These are the cheats you can unlock:

Ratchet with a big head- 5 skill points
ratchet in a tux- 7 skill points
Clank having a big head- 10 skill points
levels are mirrored- 12 skill points
NPC's have big heads- 15 skill points
Ratchet in a clown suit- 20 skill points
enemies have big heads- 25 skill points
(look at chainblade!!!)
beach ratchet- 30 skill points
snowman guy- beat imposible challenge
upgrade fast
need to upgrade some weapons and fast? the best thing i found to do it is go to grelbin (the snowy one) after resucing angela and use the protopets up where the mining car is. kill a few then let them respawn a few times. im not sure why, but with nearly every gun this upgrades it faster than usual.
Weird thing on the roof.
In the Insomniac Museum, go to the gravity tower around the back.

You will see that part of the tower spirals up. Go up this part till you reach the top.

When at the highest point, walk directly up so you're standing on the thin part of the walkway.

Jump off and glide onto the roof.

In the distance, you can see a strange object.

Go over to it for a better look.

It isn't solid, you can walk right through it.

It also looks a bit like a saucepan.

What is it???
Why the mega Mini-Nuke costs as much as the Zodiac
Well, when you upgrade the mega mini nuke, you have the best crowd clearing weapon in the game.
No, the zodiac is not better, because of the ammo cost, when you use it you are open for attacks, AND, I've discovered that sometimes it DOESN'T clear every enemy off the screen, THATS RIGHT it doesnt. megacorp must have a million lawsuits pending. As i was getting to, the mega/ultra mega nuke gets better blast radius, the ammo costs less and i admit that there is a delay after you use it, but during that delay, you can still use your wrench! so, if you are in challenge mode and trying to save up one million and-a-half bolts, get the mega mini-nuke
Wrench Trick (Challenge Mode Only)
This trick allows you to scale walls and other obstacles with only the wrench and "First Person Mode" active ("First Person Mode" is in the specials menu after you beat the game once). Now, the first thing that you need to know is that if you double jump and use a "Comet-Strike" (you MUST have "First Person Mode" active to do this) you will rise a little bit higher in the air. Therefore, if the wrench is thrown continuously and rapidly you could fly! In order to do this, just double jump facing a wall that is in range of a "Comet-Strike" and continuously tap the wrench button. You will then scale the wall!!!


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Black Sheepanator Without Upgrading
Warning. There is no known way to reverse this.

Enter challenge mode and get all weapons. Then, play sheep blasters/invaders. Beat the game again and you should get the black sheepanator without having to upgrade the original weapon.
Climbing Walls!!
Well, first beat the game to unlock First Person Mode. Then, go to Endako. Walk to a tower with a smooth surface, then double jump. Make sure that you are a step away from the wall, then keep pressing square fast. You will be climbing the tower!<img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Easter eggs

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Dobbo Nano-tech Upgrade Made Easy!
You know that really difficult nano-tech upgrade in the Glider part of Dobbo in the Testing Facility that everyone says is so hard to get? Well I found a much easier way to get it!
Note: You will need to be in Challenge Mode (thus unlocking First Person Mode) to do this.
If you go into FPM, double-jump towards a wall, and repeatedly press square, you should be able to climb up walls!
Jump down from the Glider area (the bit with the movie and where you start the Glider) and go over to the hover platform that takes you up to a platform. It doesn't matter whether you go onto the platform but I think it makes it slightly easier. Go into FPM and do the wall-climbing trick on the wall with the black (flashing red) lines on, keeping next to the yellow edge of the glass. Keep going (and keeping left - but not too left) until you get to the top. You should be able to see through the wall. If not, go left (still mashing square). Then, get out of FPM and quickly hold X to glide. Glide to the nano-tech and viola!
This may take a few tries but it should work. Hope it helps!


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2 Cool Cheats
1. Must have black sheepinator and its challenge mode
When you land on planet aranos(first mission) use the black sheepinator and turn all enemies to sheep. It should be easy to get bolt multiplier

2. Get the best wrench and do the chainblade challenge in normal mode keep hitting him and he'll jump back with each hit. That's an easy way to do wrench ninja Blade to Blade
beat the final boss without getting hurt
stay where the vendor is and shoot th protopet this will take very long.
Big Wrench
A way to get a giant wrench in the game is to find a teleporter, press the triangle button to teleport, and right before the teleportation commences, throw your wrench. You will end up in the destination with a giant wrench. (Note: Once you die or use your wrench in any way, it will go back to normal.)
Challenge Mode
To when you beat the mutated protopet on planet Yeedil, you will be given the choice to go back in time or play challenge mode. If you choose to start a file of challenge mode, here are some things you should know:
-Enemies are tougher
-A new weapon, the "Clank Zapper" is available. It is needed for the "weapon envy" skill point
-Mega weapons are available. Buying one gives you more ammo for that weapon, and then upgrading it gives you even more ammo
-All your Gadgets will be gone except for the charge boots
-Moonstones and Crystals can be traded for ten times as much, and the numbers of them you have collected are reset
-The bolt multiplier
The Bolt Multiplier multiplies the number of bolts you get from defeating enemies. It can go up to 20, but if you get hit, you have to start over at one.
To raise the number your bolts are multiplied by, you must defeat enemies.

Multiplier | Enemies you need to kill
1 | 0
2 | 1
3 | 2
4 | 3
5 | 4
6 | 5
7 | 6
8 | 7
9 | 8
10 | 9
11 | 10
12 | 11
13 | 12
14 | 13
15 | 14
16 | 15
17 | 16
18 | 17
19 | 18
20 | 19
Challenge Mode and Secrets
After completing the game, Challenge mode and a lot of other features are open to you.

Sketchbook - Beat game once, then enter challenge mode and it should be in the Cinematics menu
Challenge mode - Beat the game once.
Mega Weapons - Buy from vendors in challenge mode, after getting a weapon's second form.
Rejected Commercials - Get all weapons and modifications
Most of Secrets Menu - Play challenge mode
Rest of Secrets Menu - See above, get all weapons second form+mods. Does not apply to Clank Zapper, Gagetron Weapons, R.Y.N.O II or Zodiac. These can h
Ultra Weapons - Upgrade from Mega Weapons.
Change Rathet's Skin Tone
Go to planet Tabora and do the Glider part. Start to glide and crash deliberatly. when you respawn again carefully turn around on the spot and slowly come towards the end of the tunnel. Ratchets skin tone should change from dark to light.
Free Weapons
If you have a completed game save of Ratchet & Clank (if which you acquired the weapons) on the memory card you saved Going Commando to, you will get the 5 returning weapons for free.
How to get to the insomniac museum, without setting the clock
Enter 1st person mode, and double jump to a wall. Keep pressing the spuare rapidly, and you can go up a wall. Go to Silver City. Go to the second elivator and kill all the emenies. Go to one of the glass walls on the RIGHT. You will go on this road and there will be a big shack on one of the roads, and go on and keep on the ground on the LEFT side of the shack. Go to the very end and try to go behind it and jump on the gray thing, you will jump through the gray thing, and you can go under the shack. You will hear gun fires from thugs. Jump up and you will be near a teleporter that will lead lead you to go the insomniac museum. ;D
Insomniac Museum - Non Glitch Method
This method of getting to the Insomniac Museum is one of two ways that Insomniac intended for people to find the museum. The first way is to beat the game with the appropriate level of completion. The second way is to be at the right place at the right time, as described below.

The right place is on the planet Boldan, in the courtyard near the big clock, on the top of the fountain. The right time is 3am PST by the PS2 clock which should also be 3am as shown on the big clock mentioned above.

So, into the specific details: I suggest you try this after you have unlocked the electric fence and cleared out the enemies in the two courtyards that are to the left once you pass the electric fence. You don't want to get shot while trying this! The fountain that you need to stand on is closest to the clock and it is the only fountain in the immediate vicinity. Don't confuse this with the pair of fountains in the opposite courtyard. To get there from your ship, go through the deactivated electric fence, up the walkway and turn left. Walk to the end, into the room that you opened with the switch that has two stairways leading up and out of it. Take the left stairway and the fountain will be straight ahead of you in the courtyard. There is no water running in the fountain; it is just a stack of what looks like bird fountains of decreasing size. Stand in the center of the transport pad in the top of the fountain when the clock nearby chimes 3 (at 3am) and a message will appear saying ''Press Triangle to go to museum'' or something similar. Press Triangle and you will transport to a hallway with some bad guys. This is the entrance to the museum.

There has been some controversy over how exactly to do this, people having various problems, etc. so I think more detail will be of use. Obviously if your PS2 clock is set right, go there at 3am, duh. I have verified that this works if you are in the center of the transport pad while the clock is chiming 3am. I do not claim that it works any other time outside of the few seconds while the clock is chiming. In fact I went back a few minutes past 3 and the transporter did not work at that time. I also do not claim that this is the only time that works. However, I have personally verified that this works when the PS2 clock is at 3am PST, and many others have corroborated this.

If you do not feel like waiting until 3am, do the following:

Reset PS2 clock to 2:55am and your time zone to PST. Now, load the game and get to the abovementioned fountain before the clock strikes 3. Follow the rest of the directions above. If you need more time set the clock earlier than 2:55.
Mini game before getting all weapons
If you use the Dynamo on the lamp on the table in Clank's Apartment, Endako, the minigame Sheep Invaders pops up. You usually get it when purchasing all weapons.
Odds and Ends
Random Stuff menu:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Random Stuff" menu.

Space-ish Wars, Credits, First person mode:
Successfully complete the game to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.

Sheep Invaders, Endorsement Deals:
Collect all weapons to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.

Making of movie:
Collect all weapons to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.
Note: This is only available in the NTSC version of the game.

Paintings, Rejected commercials:
Collect all weapons and all mods to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.

Clank's Day at Insomniac:
Collect all weapons, mods, and skill points to unlock this option at the "Random
Stuff" menu.

Insomniac Museum:
Collect all weapons, mods, and skill points to unlock this option at the "Shortcuts"
menu from the "Special" menu.

Get all Platinum Bolts then go to the "Special" menu. From there go to "Shortcuts"
and scroll until you see the "Insomniac Museum" option. The museum has things
that did not make it into the game but are very interesting.

First-Person Mode:
Defeat the final Boss to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.

Challenge mode:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Challenge mode" option.

Snow skin:
Play the Impossible Challenge in the Megacorp Games Arena and win all 60 levels.
Paint Jobs
Super Paint Jobs - 10 skill points
Space storm - 10 skill points
Warp Streak - 10 skill points
Supernova - 10 skill points
Silent Strike - 15 skill points
Solar Wind - 15 skill points
Dark Nebula - 15 skill points
Scoop Nose - 18 skill points
Neutron Star - 19 skill points
Star Traveler - 19 skill points
Lunar Eclipse - 25 skill points
Clowner - 25 skill points
Plaidtastic - 29 skill points
Prepster - 29 skill points
Insomniac Special - 29 skill points
Split Nose - 29 skill points
Paint Jobs - 3 skill points
Pass through walls in Insomniac Museum
A glitch in the controls of the Snivelak car allows you to pass through walls:
First enter the car and collide head on with a wall,
Press and hold X L1 R1 and LAnalog (down), the front of the car points up and raises slightly, then moves into the wall and drops down (if not release X then hold it again)
Next release L1 and you pass through the other side of the wall.

This gives access to a few sections of the museum that usually can't be reached one of these voids is behind the curved wall near the car.
Random Stuff Menu
If you want to check if you have completed the game, check this menu.

Random Stuff Menu - Enter Challenge Mode
Sheep Blasters - Get all skill points
Clank's Day at Insomniac - Get all weapons, mods, and upgrades
Endorsement Deals - Get all weapons, mods, and upgrades
Space Invaders - Unlock the Random Stuff Menu
Paintings - Unlock the Random Stuff Menu
Ride the Rocket Glitch
At the weapon facility on Planet Todano destroy 3 of the rockets farthest away from the main building. Get onto the top of the building and glide over to the last rocket and try landing on the tip. Go to Zoom-in mode and look down at the rocket and use your wrench until it takes off. You will be able to see all of the planet from a very high distance. The rocket will then explode. You can either glide or fall down (you choice) without dying.
Ship Paint Jobs
Unlock paint job at Slim's:
Clowner paint job: Get 25 skill points
Dark Nebula paint job: Get 15 skill points
Insomniac Special paint job: Get 29 skill points
Lunar Eclipse paint job: Get 25 skill points
Neutron Star paint job: Get 19 skill points
Paint Jobs paint job: Get 3 skill points
Plaidtastic paint job: Get 29 skill points
Prepster paint job: Get 29 skill points
Scoop Nose paint job: Get 18 skill points
Silent Strike paint job: Get 15 skill points
Solar Wind paint job: Get 15 skill points
Space storm paint job: Get 10 skill points
Split Nose paint job: Get 29 skill points
Star Traveler paint job: Get 19 skill points
Super Paint Jobs paint job: Get 10 skill points
Supernova paint job: Get 10 skill points
Warp Streak paint job: Get 10 skill points
Skill Point Rewards
Big Head Ratchet - Earn 5 skill points
Ratchet in a Tux skin - Earn 7 skill points
Big Head Clank Get 10 Skill Points
Mirrored Levels - Get 12 Skill Points
NPCs have big heads - Get 15 Skill Points
Clown Suit - Get 20 Skill Points
Enemies have big heads - Get 25 Skill Points
Beach Boy - Get 30 Skill Points
Spider bot shooting glitch
If there are enemy's near by, you can hold in X to charge a strong fireball-type attack but don't launch it!! While holding X, start holding in [] as well and the spider bot will start shooting in crazy directions. Remeber there MUST be enemy's around to do this
start at where you were at a spase mission
when you're doing a space mission, press L1 and R1 at the same time to go back to where you started at the beginning of the mission! the enemy ships DON'T RESET!!
Super Height
First you go into first person mode. Then go up to a wall( Most suitably a flat wall )and jump.
Right after you jump keep using a wrench attack against the wall. You will keep rising if you click the wrench attack button fast enough, until you hit a ledge or reach the top of a building.

This cheat is mostly used to get to things or places you normally couldn't reach.
Wall-Climb Glitch
First you need first-person mode. In first person mode, stand just far enough away from the wall that you won't wall jump. Then double-jump, and at the height if the jump, quickly press []. Continue mashing [] as fast as you can and moving up, down, left, or right. If done correctly, you will be climbing along thw wall very fast. Theonly problem is that you can't see very well were you're going. Observe the wall before attempting. This can be used to get the nanoboost on Dobbo, get to the Vukovar races without Clank, get the first gold bolt on Siberius without using the tractor-beam, etc.
Want the Insomniac Museum without Skill Points
Firswt, you go to Silver City and go to the grinding section of the level. Start grinding, as you are grinding keep an eye on the left side of the screen. Eventually, you will see a garage type building. At that point, you must get off of the grinding rails by getting hit by one of the electric posts. As you are falling off, use your glider to get to a segment of land that is all around the garage. Once you are on the segment of land, go towards the garage. When you get there, go around the left side of it. Walk straight, then you will fall beneath the floor, go a little bit to the right and jump up. You will be inside the garage. On one side of the room there is a portal leading back to your ship, on the other side there is a portal leading into the Insomniac Museum.