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Ratchet & Clank (PS2) Cheats

Ratchet & Clank cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Ratchet & Clank cheat codes.


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its a white world after all
After defeating drek use the full health temporary invinsiblity cheat which is comet strike(4 times)flip back, full second crouch,flip back,full second crouch,comet strike(4 times) then on planet Quartu after finishing the under water challenge the water will be electric and there will be a life or two waiting for you get them and jump in the water and every thing will go white untill you lose a life. it only works if you have full health.Warning the noise is terrible.
2 Beat the Patrol Bots on Oltanis
If your having trouble with the Patrol Bots of Oltanis, best thing to do is to throw out, Agents of Doom, and then press the R1 button to duck.
Their electricity will go over your head and the Agents will do the dirty work for you while you sit in safety eating Oreo's.
Be sure you're not standing on a raised portion of the ground, or the electricity will hit you even if you duck.
Ever had toasted Oreo's? Yummy
3 top tips
You want to know the reason for collecting gold bolts? Go to Otlantis orbit and after the battle with qwark go to the tower on the left. Wall jump up and go on the elevator. This is the gold weapons room. 4 gold bolts and normal bolts will purchase upgrades for weapons. The gold weapons room warp pad will also appear on planet novalis after beating the game.

After getting the hologuise off Kalebo III go to Blackwater city and equipt the hologuise and then enter the hoverboard race with the hologuise on. instead of being on a hoverboard you'll run instead of on a hoverboard.

Do the hologuise trick and then equipt the taunter. Stand under lots of crates. Then put an object on the O button. Leave the game on overnight and then in the morning you will have lots of bolts. Guarranted 89% of the time to get a R.Y.N.O.

NOTE: leaving the playstation on all night(just one or two nights are ok) will stuff up the laser on your playstation 2 therefor no games work
Affording all weapons easily
Okay, these weapons you should buy ASAP:
Glove of Doom

All the rest:
Wait until you get the raritanium on hoven, then trade it for the the thing that gives you a discount at vendors. Then buy the following weapons ASAP - Visibob Gun, Tesla Claw, Drone Device (optional), Walloper (Optional).
Exploring as Ratchet
Get the O2 mask from Pokitaru, then go to the Blarg Station (nebula g34). Go to the place where you get the hydrodisplasor, then you will be exploring as Ratchet!
Fast Win
The easiest way to win against the bosses like Drek and the snaggle tooth are to have the weapon R.Y.N.O ("Rip Ya A New One"). One Blast of This Baby can take out one full level of an enemy life.
Flying Fire
This tip requires the thruster pack and gadgetron pda. Equip the PDA, then boost jump (or stretch jump) then press circle. Ratchet and Clank will disappear, but the fire and smoke from the thruster pack are still there.
Get Lots of Bolts
To do this you have to go to the Giantclank planet and go to the giantclank platform and turn into giantclank, then fall off. After your invincible, defeat the robots and die. Last defeat them over and over again.
Gold bolt on Veldin
After you defeat the second tank, turn around and look left. You will notice a blue shield. Use the Taunter and lure the froglike enemy onto the switch, the shield will deactivate.
Golden Bolts
On the resort level go into the water and over to where you end up on the first trip on the fairy. jump of to the left and go to the wall. Dive and you will see a cave go into it. You will need a heli pack upgrade to continue!
Grind Rail On QUARTU
when you first get to the planet youll see that ROBOT, when you do destroy it after you do that you go inside (NOTE: You Will Need The Hologuise)After you go in get to the very end and use your heli-pack.
you can go right or left but DONT fall off and you will grind the side of it.

It Might Sound Stupid But Its Fun!
Heli Vs. Thruster
It will be better to use the heli-pack more than the jet-pack since the heli-pack does a higher [R1 + X] jump. Only equip the thruster pack for invinso-locks.
Hell Yeah!
The women had you speak to get into the races in blackwater city has weird ability to make her boobs grow. To make the grow do Side flips and Backfilps in front of her.
how to get gold bolt on last level
go to the portal n stand on the ledge then get out the tauter n press circle the frog in there will step on the platform n open the portal for u if u go inside there will be a gold bolt
How to get R.Y.N.O. really fast
On the planet Quartu, go to the place where the scientist can supersize Clank. Do so, and head to the Combat Mech arena. When all the Mechs have been defeated, kill yourself and repeat.
Invincibility on Rilgar
Complete only the first half of Blackwater City (ie don't do the hoverboard race.)
Return after you have acquired the O2 mask from Pokitaru.
Equip the O2 mask from your gadgets menu,
and you cannot be harmed by the exterminators or tanks spraying the green fog.!

(Note Green Slugs and giant fish can still bite you!)
Levitating Ratchet
to make Ratchet glide along the ground, tap R1 twice. (simple,no?) if you want Ratchet to stop, press the x button
(you need a thruster pack for this.)
More Nanotech
On planet Orxon with Ratchet, as you go to the cliff with the gadgetron vender go to the left and up in that building. Go through all the obsticles and you can find a dispenser that gives you a maximum of 5 total hit points for 4,000 bolts. After you get that one you can get one that gives you eight total hit points for 30,000 thousand bolts.
No 02 Mask Required
I found this cheat during the swim an planet rilgar, blackwater city. While swimming, you have the oxygen meter which is going down and down. So what you do is you play an in level movie, then it thinks that your on land, so you then sink to the bottom, then it refills your oxygen meter, while your underwater. No 02 mask required!
Nuiscaunce turrets on Umbris
The turrets on planet Umbris can be easily defeated. Just use the Morph-O-Ray! Also the mines can be beaten the same way.
other way to get bolts far away
Use your suck cannon to suck up far away bolts.
PDA disclaimer
When using PDA, the ammo is 10x more expensive then using a normal vendor. If you HAVE to use it, stock up on bolts first.
Quick Money
If you are saving money for a weapon, just keep falling off the edge and then the enemies will come back. Then kill them to get more money!
simple hey!
Secret gamplay videos
On the main menu (start screen) instead of pressing start, wait about 15 seconds and a secret gamplay will start. There are three videos so do it three times. enjoy!!!
Small quick enemies
The best way to defeat the small quick enemies is either your wrench or the Pyrociter. Just equip the Pyrociter and start spinning and they will die soon. Glove of doom is also a good alternate way to beat them also...
super easy money!
Go to a planet with a hover board race on it,you will notice that every time you get a new high score or new best time you get bolts,at first go your worst on the track and do 1 flip/trick,and keep getting better and better, you get about 100 bolt each high score on new best time, every time you reset the console it deletes the new times even if you save it! this is how i got enough money to buy the rhino!
swingshot on the wrong hand
in the movie where you get the swingshot you will see tha Ratchet is putting the swingshot on left hand but in the game he has on right hand weird
The ameiobod monsters fight for you on blackwater city when the gourds come out to attack you
you dont have to fight the ameiobod monsters the guards fight them for you but it only happens when they are close to eachother.
The Annoying "Forcefield" Gold Bolts.
Hello! This is how you can get the 2 "Forcefield" gold bolts, 1 on Rilgar and the other on Oltanis Orbit.
In Rilgar on the way to the Hoverboard Races,after the big green room with alot of green slug monsters, there is an area with red forcefields.Right next to the square you start on there is a gold bolt next to you,but the switch is broken.To get there you must get to the end of the maze,then stand on the rising platform.If you look towards the Gold Bolt you will see that you can jump on top of the walls.Do that and walk from one wall to the other.You must be VERY CAREFUL not to fall off.
The Oltanis Orbit one is in the room where the green acid is rising up and down and there is 1 platform that the acid dosn't reach.If you look to your left while standing on that platform you will see a gold bolt behind a forcefield.To reach this Gold Bolt you must destroy every generator in the station.
The O2 Mask
The O2 Mask will allow Ratchet to breath underwater, survive the rigors of space and even keep him alive in poisonous atmospheres.
This Mask auto-equips whenever it senses that you need extra oxygen or, if you prefer, you can equip and wear it anytime via the Gadget configuration screen.


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Easy Skill Point on Planet Drek Veldin Fleet
Once you have completed the swimming course go to the portal which leads you to the place you found the codebot.Wait for about 5 seconds and you will get a skill point for doing nothing except going through a portal!
Glitch man
on planet novalis once you cross the bridge there is a stack of boxes sometimes there is a little bomb dude he will come out only once every new game.Hope this helpes.
Weird lighting glitch
In a couple places on each planet(I think a couple) if you take out the blaster and shoot it at a certain spot, it will light up. But it goes away. But if you crouch, shoot the blaster, the press [] to throw your wrench, it will stay lit. i did it and it worked, try to see how light u can get those spots. On Novalis, i got the black ship completely white in some spots.

Easter eggs

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Larger purple woman
On planet Riglar, when you get to the raceway plaza and the purple woman who can enter you, do side flips in front of her. She will magically grow in size and still be that size when you win the race.
more bolts
I found this out, first use the morph-o-ray and turn an enemie into a chicken notice how they lose some bolts now use the suck cannon and suck them up and more bolts will come out of them, not to many but some

(great way to get the R.Y.N.O and other weapons for sale)
Planet Batalia Skill Point (easy)
On Planet Batalia, when you get to the part where the Plumber asks you to shoot down the ships, except the task and get in the turret. Next, turn the turret left. Stop moving the turret when you see a gray thing behind an odd
"shining reddish-orange shield". Shoot the shield, and it will announce that you just earned a skill point. <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/coloredsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />


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Do the following after defeating Drek and entering the goodies screen and perform:

Big Head (Clank)

Flip Back, Hyper-Strike, Comet-Strike, Double Jump, Hyper-Strike, Flip Left, Flip Right, Full Second Crouch.

Big Heads (Enemies)

Stretch Jump, Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Stretch Jump, Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Stretch Jump, Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch.

Big Head (Supporting Characters)

Flip Left, Flip Right, Flip Back, Flip Back, Comet-Strike, Double Jump, Comet-Strike, Hyper-Strike.

Big Head (Ratchet)

Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Stretch Jump, Full Second Glide

Full Health Gives Temporary Invincibility

Comet-Strike (4 times), Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Comet-Strike (4 times).

Mirrored Levels

Flip Left, Flip Left, Flip Left, Flip Left, 3-Hit Wrench Combo, Hyper Strike, Double Flip Right, Flip Right, Flip Right, Double Jump, Full Second Crouch.

Trippy Trails

Wall Jump (10), Double Jump, Hyper-Strike.
2 Beat Chairman Drek-Blast and Devastate
At the end of the game, the two best weapons to have at your disposal for dispatching the Dastardly Chairman Drek, are the Blaster and the Devastator.
Keep another weapon that many be low on ammo such as the Pyrocitor, and among the three should be enough to make Victory yours

Jumping the floating platforms is another matter entirely

But thats another cheat entirely, the Super Duper Moonnie Jump

That code is of the CB form.
2 Beat Kamikaze Bots, Use the Walloper
The Kamikaze Bots on planet Gasper, [the ones that run toward you and explode] are such a nuisance. The best weapon to use against them is the Walloper.
it takes em out in one hit, and stops them from exploding in front of you.
2 beat mines on qwaurks obstacle course
In Qwaurks obstacle course there are mines which if you get close to you chase after you then self destruct. They are a nuisance, So, there are two ways to beat them.
1. you can blast them with the blaster and the decastator( not recommended as devastor ammo is expensive).
2. you can put down a mine and then use your taunter to call them towards you and cha-ching they are blown up.
If number 2 fails it means that you have not put down enough mines or have not put them in thwe right place. If you do find your self being chased by a mine then put down a mine in front of you and run past it and itwill be destroyed
2 Beat the Bounty Hunters of Batalia
There are some Blarg Bounty Hunters on Batalia that hide underground. The best thing to do with these elusive enemies is use the Mine Glove to throw a mine next to their hiding places.
When they pop out to attack, the mine will get em every time.
2 Gold Weapons Locations
You have the option of getting your Gold Weapons in 2 places. One involves beating the game, and the other does not but has a much smaller Selection.

Beat Game:
This way involves beating the game. When this is done, get to Novalis and when you get off your ship, there will be a white transporter. Go to where it takes you, which is basically right above you, and there will be a large selection of Gold Weapons to choose from.

Non-Beat Game: This was involves getting to Olantis Orbit and beating the entire level, and unlocking the transporter at the beginning. When this is done, take the transporter and it will take you to where you received your newest ship. Look around and you will see a large tower over a bridge. Go up to it and wall-jump up to the elevator. Then take that to the room with a small selection.

3 Good glitches (i found)
On Orxon (the green gas planet) go keep going until you get into the lab part. Look for a platform with 4 boxes stacked in the corner and a frog. Jump on the boxes and jump over the wall next to you, you will be out of the level!

On planet Kerwan (the train level) keep going until you get to the first escalator, get to the upper side and jump on one of the platforms on either side. Now you should be able to walk into a little gap. (both sides), now wall jump off of the inner wall and hyperstrike, you will be on a higher platform, now keepwall jumping back and fourth and you will get on top of the building!
Beat Drek easily without the R.Y.N.O.
Just use the Devestator, Telsa Claw, PDA, Telsa Claw, PDA, Telsa Claw, PDA, and keep going until you beat him. You'l win in no time. I beat him on my first try only losing 3 life.
Bogus Swingshot Glitch
I found a very weird glitch on Metropolis. On the train riding part of the planet about one third through you will see a swingshot below the train. You can grab onto this but it will take a lot of timing. If you manage to do it your swingshot will disapear into your inventory and you will fall to your death.
Bolt Crank
These Bolts sticking out of the ground are called Bolt Cranks, and they are used to open doorways.
Thankfully, Ratchet's OmniWrench8000 is compatible with the Bolt Crank and you only need to press the [Square] button to attach the Wrench to the Bolt and then move the left analog stick in a counter-clockwise position until the doors open.

Viola !
Bolt Grabber
The Bolt Grabber is one of Gadgetron's most popular gadgets. Once worn, it permanently attracks any bolts that are in the general area of Ratchet, without the need to fetch them.

if you want loads of bolts go to blackwater city enter the hoverboard race as a robot with the hologuise ON and then you should b able to walk the race then you can go to the bit where there is a shelf with crates on it get the taunter out the stand under the shelf then hold the O button and bolts will rain on you
If your still trying to get a lot of bolts for the R.Y.N.O. Go to the planet you get it Rilgar. Go to the race track w/ the holiguise. if you remember in the race there was a shelf of tons of boxes go there.
For some reason in the race if u get like five boxes and turn around and go back to tne boxes they reapear. But if u go to the big shelf of boxes,with the taunter stand right under and since ur not looking at the shelf they keep coming!. if u have autofire great!. but if not gust get something heavy to hold the O button down.
Bomb or Mine Glove
If an enemy is charging straight towards you, try using the Bomb Glove [or preferably the Mine Glove] to take them out.
They tend to get caught in the blast and thrown back, which gives you enough time to hit them again before they recover.
Two free hits, usually is enough to kill most enemies.
Gadgetron CodeBots are necessary for opening Invinco-Vaults. These rare "keys" can only be used once, as there is always one CodeBot for each vault. The CodeBpt will automatically unlock the Invinco-Vault when you come upon it.
Concerning the "leave PS2 on all night 4 bolts" cheat
If you activate the Hologuise before entering the Rilgar racetrack, You can walk around on the track. Go to the big jump before the last one where there is a big pile of bolts on the platform. Although you can't reach them, you can use your taunter to birng the bolts down. You will find there is infinite bolts. However, many people say, "stick tape onto the controller and leave all night" but there is a problem with this. Games have known to have been broken by being just left in the PS2 running for 4 hours straight. the result is that a burned ring appears on the disc making it unplayable. Those who want to risk it, may do so, but keep this in mind.
Ratchet will find a variety of different Crates thoughout his adventures and these wooden ones are the most common.
Filled with Bolts [the currency of the universe, of course], busting them open with the OmniWrench 8000 will reveal their bounty.
Defense Drones
When sniping, doing so, often places you in a vulnerable position, prone to attack.
To allow for this weakness in your defenses, throw out some Defense Drones.
They will soak up the damage while you lay out the fire power on all the baddies you encounter.
Devastator or Visibomb
Snipe difficult enemies when possible.

If an enemy is too tough for you, take it out at a distance, with the Devastator or, if you have it, the Visibomb gun.

This is an especially viable strategy to use on the Blarg Elite troops on the planets Veldin and Kalebo III.
Easy Bolts
Before you enter the hoverboard race on blackwater planet equip the hologuise you will start the race on you feet walk around until til you see a platform with a'lot of boxes ontop of it right next to there is a ramp position yourself ontop of the ramp facing the boxes you will not be able to see the boxes then equip the taunter and hold on. The taunter will break the boxes and the bolts will come to you. This will take a long time if you're trying to get the ryno. I held the button down with a piece of electrical tape for about 3 hours and came back to over 250,000 bolts
Easy Money
After receiving the metal detector, go back to previous planets and search for hidden Bolts. Not only does the metal detector help you find more, but the planets' items also respawn after you leave it.
Easy SKILL POINT on Rilgar
Return to Blackwater City after you have obtained the Morph-O-Ray from Oltanis.
Equip the O2 mask from your gadgets menus.
Go DownTown, Walk right up to the tank and morph it into a chicken. "Cluck Cluck!"
Gadgetron Crates
Ratchet will come across his share of Gadgetron Crates on each planet he visits.
These Crates, marked by the letter "G" on their sides, have the latest in Gadgetron ammunition stored inside.
What's inside is fairly random, although Ratchet will usually get ammunition for whatever weapon he is currently equiped with.
Gadgetron Vendor
The Gadgetron Vendor is a virtual one-stop shopping center that is set up on every planet throughout the solar system.
Here Ratchet & Clank can shop for the latest Gadgetron high-tech weapons and ammunition using the Bolts they find along the way to purchase the goods.

To activate a Gadgetron Vendor, just walk yp to it and press the [Triangle] button. An on-screen menu will appear, offering up the current selection of weapons and ammo available.

To buy a weapon, gadget or ammo, highlight the corresponding icon on the bottom screen and press the [X] button to confirm the purchase.

The cost of the item is displayed in the left-hand screen while the amount of bolts you have is displayed in the top right corner.

When buying ammo, press the [X] button to choose the item, then use the left analog stick or digital pad to choose the amount.

When you are finished shopping, press the [Triangle] button to exit the Vendor.
Gold Weapons
After you defeat Drek, go to planet Novalis and you will see a transporter right when you get off the ship. Press triangle on the transporter and it will tansport you to a room with gold weapons. Each gold weapon is 4 gold bolts and a certain number of regular bolts. Each gold weapon is basicly an upgrade of the regular one.
Grab Loose Bolts
Use the boomerang attack with the wrench and if it gets near any loose bolts it will bring them back to you. It's a neat and easily ignored trick in the game.
Heaps Money Real Quick!
Go to the Robot plant on quartu and turn clank into giant clank!
Use 1 of the above Cheats and fall off
you become invincible TADAAA!
Now kill all the ultra mechs(not to mection helicoptors) you will collect bolts automatically!!!

When all Enemies are elimated, Fall off and do again, Repeat untill u have enough bolts

I got 150,000 in 10 hours!!!

hover without jet pack
To hover without jet pack, equip jet pack then go into hover mode (tapping L1 twice) then WITHOUT pressing X or going out of this mode in any way change to heli pack and da da! This is a well known cheat but easily missed.
How To Get The 2 Gold Bolts In Blackwater City
The first gold bolt is past the secret passage that starts to flood with water. You will not be able to get past untill you get the O2 Mask. The second gold bolt is in the laser maze in the corner. It seems impossible to get it because the switch to open the lasers is broken. So,you need to go to the man hole at the end of the maze. Jump on it and wait till it goes up. Jump on top of the maze and work your way into the square with the bolt.
In addition to displaying video, Infobots give coorinates to new planets that Ratchet & Clank have yet to visit.
You can pull up the Map screen by pressing the Select button and then pressing the [R1] and [L1] buttons to cycle through the available planets.
Invinco Vault
The vault which you have to use the codebot on (you get the codebot on Drek's Fleet) is right next to the Giant Clank mini game arena on Planet Quartu. There is tens of thousands of bolts and a gold bolt behind the door.
invinsicability as giant clank
In the level where you can be giant clank and fight the super mecs before going in to fight them fall off the side of the bridge near the gate to the ring and then you should be invinsible
Magnetic Wrench
Note: This also works with the Vacuum Gun. Perform a Comet Strike at far away Bolts. If the wrench passes near them, it will attract the Bolts to you. This is especially useful around water or Bolts that are across chasms.
make giant clank invincible
when you are giant clank in quartu.
go near the entrance to the "stadium" but fall off the edge. if you come back as giant clank you will be invincible
Max Health
Beat Drek and go to the goodies screen and do these moves in this order: Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike.
Mine Glove, Taunter Combo Punch
The Taunter activates dormant mines from the Mine Glove, giving them a longer range. It also makes enemies run towards you. Toss out some mines, use the Taunter, and watch as the mines rush toward the baddies, which are running toward you.
When they meet, it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside, having dispatched your foe.
More Bolts
More Bolts
After completing Gemlik Base leave and go back. First break the boxes to your right, then walk back to the transporter and go to the fighter hanger. Turn right and break the boxes there. Now go in the closest door and down all the steps to the elevator. Go down at the bottom the door will not open use your wrench and keep hitting the door you will keep getting bolts.
If you swing your OmniWrench at various plants they will fall apart and give you bolts. The same applys for some machines.
There is no way, unfortunalely, to get the RYNO any other way than saving up. But the best levels for bolts are:
Kalebo 3
Oltanis orbit
secret places
there is a secret cave in the first level go down to the part whare the river is (you neeed the hydro pack with clank and 02 mask)then you dive down and press R1 to go faster and keep on going till its a dead end then swim up and go in the cave.(there are those green monster things there so bring weapons)
the second place is whare the resort is with the mutated fish and stuff swim down and it is somewhere there so you need to go up and there is a button so you press it (thruster pack required) andgo across the bridge
As you enter a blarg ship press circle with the hologise on, to be standing on the ship [will die after while]
Stuck on Bolts!
As you are on the race track, there will be some boxes that you can get over and over again, because if you get them you will run off the rode. Find the perfect position for your controller and put a rubber band on it to hold it in place. Leave your system on all night to wake up to Bolts and a lot of them. You can leave it on longer for more!
Suck Cannon
Use the Suck Cannon while on the planet Pokitaru. On that planet, the path to get the Oxygen Mask, is treacherous.
The best weapon to use is the Suck Cannon. Stand at the bottommost part of the Resort Owner's raft and hold down [circle] to activate the Cannon while pointing it at the Resort Owner. The Puffer fish will almost leap into your Cannon, making the path a breeze, to contiune on.
Swim in Blackwater city
all you have to do is use the hologuise on the taxi that takes you to the race arena thing but when you try to to step of at the end of the ride you fall down then you start swimming!(your welcome to all you people who have wanted to swim in black water in blackwater city!)
swimming glitch
when you are on black water city for the firt time, go over to that place where you have to swim through that big flooding tunnel. press the button for the water to rise, but just stay still. when the water almost reaches the top of the room, jump a few times, and, If done correctly, you will pop out into this big black area with buildings and lights just popping out of nowhere (the big watery tunnel should be right below you. DO NOT DIVE!!! you will instantly drown, since FOR SOME REASON you cant get back out of the water once you go down! just swim around and look for anything farmilliar, such as quarks trailer or your ship. this cheat can only be done once (i think.)
The Gadgetron PDA
The Gadgetron's Personal Delivery Assistant. can be deployed anywhere for instant ammo delivery.

To use it, simply equip the device and press the [Circle] button. The Gadgetron sales screen will appear and be at your service instantly!
The Tesla Claw
Using state-of-the-art Electrostatic technology, the Tesla Claw is the pinnacle of Gadgetron weaponry.
The Claw is capable of sending a powerful, medium range stream of charged particles at your nearest foe, destroying itt with deadly efficiency.
To use this charged-up weapon, just press and hold the [Circle] button.

The Tesla Claw will auto-seek a new target whenever its current target is obliterated.
Tips, Tricks n Codes
To Get commercials:
To get the COMMERCIALS section of the Goodie Menu, get every one of the 10 Golden Weapons after completing Ratchet and Clank

Get the sketchbook:
To get the SKETCHBOOK you have to finish 15 of the 30 Skill Points

Get the Making of the game movie:
To get the MAKING OF RATCHET & Clank video feature, you have to get every one of the 10 Golden Weapons after you finish the game.

Get the epilogue:
To get the epilogue you have to finish every one of the 30 Skill Point Challenges.

See the Captain Qwark commercial:
By waiting until the credits end upon finishing the game you will see a funny commercial starring Captain Qwark.

The Magnet Ratchet:
While using this item whenever you knock an enemy of a cliff of some sort, their bolts will return to you.

Cheat mode:
Beat Drek and do one of the following combos at the GOODIES menu to unlock the following cheats :


Unlock Big head mode for Clank:
Push Flip Back, Hyper-Strike, Comet-Strike, Double Jump, Hyper-Strike, Flip Left, Flip Right, Full Second Crouch.

Unlock Big head mode for enemies:
Push Stretch Jump, Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Stretch Jump, Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Stretch Jump, Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch.

Unlock Big head mode for NPCs:
Push Flip Left, Flip Right, Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Comet-Strike, Double Jump, Comet-Strike, Hyper-Strike.

Unlock Big head mode for Ratchet:
Push Flip Back, Flip Back, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Stretch Jump, Full Second Glide.

Unlock Temporary invincibility whenever health is full:
Push Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike, Comet-Strike.

Unlock Mirrored levels:
Push Flip-Left, Flip-Left, Flip-Left, Flip-Left, 3-Hit Wrench Combo, Hyper Strike, Double Flip Right, Flip Right, Flip Right, Double Jump, Full Second Crouch.

Unlock Trippy trails:
Push Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Jump, Double Jump, Hyper-Strike.

Get easy money:
Take the metal detector and go back to previous planets and search for hidden Bolts. You will not only find more bolts, but you will find more bolts when you go again because once you leave the planet the items will return.

Using your Magnetic Wrench:
Do a Comet Strike at far away Bolts. When the wrench passes near them, it will attract the Bolts. You can also accomplish this cheat with a Vacuum Gun.
O.k.Do get easy bolts,just play the Giant Clank minigame at the robot factory planet.I did this for 2 or 3 hours and I got enough bolts for the R.Y.N.O
Walking in water
You need to comlete the game at least once. While you ar in water, press START button and select: GOODIES-IN LEVEL MOVIES. Select one of them and press X. Then immediately press triangle buttom and return to game. You Will be abble to walk in watter. It is good to use this hint on planet Rilgar or on planet Novalis.
Just be carefull not to swimm too high, cause you will fall down.
Walking on walls
This glitch may be obvious to some but here it is:
When using the magneboots on a metal track, you can move off the track at some places, and walk on the walls. If you ever stop walking, you will fall of the wall.

I have tried this glitch at many places but the only one i remember now that it works on is the one on planet Orxon when you go as ratchet. At the end of it while walking down, you should be able to walk to the right and get off track and onto the wall.
Water efect
When you are on plaanet Pokitaru, go where is the gold bolt. Go to the edge of waterfall. make double-jump and then pres L1 button. If done correctly, your screem will be blue,like the water
Weapon and Gold Weapon Prices
Cost:You get it at the beginning of the game automatically
Range-Use at close range.
Tips: This weapon is best used and most effective at close range. Use this
against smaller enemies such as toads or peckbots. This weapon is also great
when you are conserving ammo because it can pretty much kill any enemy in the

Cost:Free, at the beginning of the game
Ammo-40 bombs
Ammo cost:5 bolts per bomb
Range- close to medium range
Tips: Use this weapons when you are conserving ammo or trying to take out a
crowd of enemies at once. This is a great weapon to use when the enemy is at a
disadvantage,like when you can throw a bomb on the other side of the water
where the enemy can't attack you.

Cost:2,500 bolts
Ammo:240 cans of fuel
Ammo Cost:1 bolt per cell of fuel
Range:Colse range
Tips: Use this weapon at close range because it can't reach anything outside
of close range. Use this weapon for some of the bigger enemies. This
flamethrower type weapon works just like an automatic gun. It just keeps
letting fire loose until you run out of ammo. This weapon is also great
because it only costs you 240 bolts to fill the puppy up.

Cost:2,500 bolts
Ammo:200 bullets
Ammo cost: 1 bolt per bullet
Range: Use this weapon whenever the red icon turns green on an enemy
Tips: Use the manual targeting for this weapon also. This works great to kill
enemies across cliffs or on another side of a gap so you don't have to worry
about them when you get on the other side. This weapon should be used on any
enemy you encounter because it is one of the most effective guns in the game.
It is also very cheap to refill!

Cost:7,500 bolts
Ammo:10 doom eggs
Ammo cost:40 bolts per egg
Range: any range
Tips: This weapon works just like the bomb glove only little explodable
critters come out of the bomb and explode any enemy that come in contact. Only
there is one difference. You can alway use this weapon for any range because
the little critters will follow you if they haven't killed a guy, or they will
just seek out any enemy at any distance. These guys can't get over ledges or
cross any type of gap though so be aware of that.

Cost:free, you find it in the level where you get the doom glove.
Ammo:5 small enemies
Ammo cost:free
Range:close to medium
Tips: This weapon sucks up a nearby enemy and gives you ammo to kill other
enemies. Suck in as any as you can and shoot them out at larger enemies. This
weapon is one of the funnest in the game. The only ammo you need to buy is the
enemies that you fight, and there are plenty of those!

Cost:2,500 bolts
Ammo cost:free
Tips: This weapon attracts enemies to you. I don't know why you would want to
do that but owell. This weapon is pretty cool to lure enemies into some
suprise attacks by your agents of doom. Use this at close range so that the
enemy can hear it and follow it. This weapon is great for attracting enemies
over cliffs and such.

Cost:7,500 bolts
Ammo:50 mines
Ammo cost:5 bolts per mine
Range: trap
Tips: This is a mine that works great for luring enemies into traps. Use the
taunter and lure enemies into your mines. This is a great 1, 2 combination.
This is just the trap combo you need when big enemies are lurking around the
corner or if you want to save ammo.

Cost:10,000 bolts
Ammo:20 missiles
Ammo cost:50 bolts per missile
Range: medium to long
Tips: This is one of the most effective weapons of Ratchet and Clank. This
launcher can destroy anything its fired at. Use this at medium to long range
with manual target to take out enemies much easier. It is hard to realize that
the ammo on this puppy goes quick because you are having so much fun with it.
Make sure to consereve with this one because ammo does cost alot of bolts.
Also, this weapon is great for taking down flying enemies.

Cost:7,500 bolts
Ammo cost:free
Tips: This weapon is great for when you are conserving ammo on other weapons.
This boxing type weapon can take out any enemy with one hit. It is electric
powered and very powerful. Use this at close range because its a boxing mit
and boxing mits aren't for long range. This weapon is also verty effective
when taking out a group of enemies, and there is no cost for ammo!

Cost:15,000 bolts
Ammo:20 missiles
Ammo cost:100 bolts per bomb
Range:all ranges
Tips: This weapon is one of my favorite. Use this at all ranges because it is
most effective at all ranges. Always go into first person shooter when using
this gun because you can control the missile much easier. Yes you get to
control the missiles! Use this on enemies waiting for you in a distance, or on
enemies that are getting to close to you. Try not to use often though because
its 100 bolts per missile!

Cost:7,500 bolts
Ammo:20 decoys
Ammo cost:10 bolts per decoy
Tips: This weapon sends out a exact replica stuff up doll of you. Use this
especially when you want to conserve ammo. The enemy attacks the doll instead
of you. Giving you an window of oppurtunity to escape. You won't need to use
this alot, although the decoy is very funny looking.

Cost:7,500 bolts
Ammo:10 drones
Ammo cost:40 bolts per drone
Tips: This weapons puts a six headed shield aroung you, protecting you from
any attack that might come your way. When each drone gets hit, they explode
giving you one less every time they are hit. Use this device when you
vulnerable. This also works great when you are ambushed by many enemies at
once. This is a great defensive weapon.

Cost:40,000 bolt ( 30,000 with persuader)
Ammo:240 electric volts
Ammo cost:1 bolt per volt
Range: close to medium
Tips: this weapon sends out a huge line of electricity at any enemy nearby.
This weapon is great on some of the larger enemies and works the best at
medium to close ranges. The ammo doesn't cost that much either.

Cost:free, you find it in the same level as the telsa claw
Ammo cost:none
Tips: This weapon turns any enemy into a chicken, even tanks! this weapon is
real fun to use, and there is no ammo for it. So you can use it as much as you
want without wasting any ammo. Works the best at close range because the ray
doesn't reach anything outside close range. Great weapon to have fun with!

Cost:150,000 bolts
Ammo:50 missiles
Ammo cost:20 bolts per missile
Range:any range
Tips: This is the only weapon that beats the devestator. It fires many
missiles at a time and is very useful when its time to fight the chairman. Buy
This thing of the black market guy in Blackwater city. This weapon can be used
at any range just like the visibomb gun. It is an awesome weapon and you will
definetly get your bolts worth.

The golden weapons enhance all of your weapons mechanics. From range to more
damage from the gun. It is 4 gold bolts and alot of regular bolts to get each
weapon. So you will need 40 golden bolts and alot of regular bolts.

BLASTER-20,000 bolts +4 gold
BOMB GLOVE-10,000 bolts +4 gold
DECOY GLOVE-10,000 bolts +4 gold
DEVESTATOR-60,000 bolts +4 gold
GLOVE OF DOOM:20,000 bolts +4 gold
MINE GLOVE:10,000 bolts +4 gold
MORPTH-O-RAY-20,000 bolts +4 gold
PYROCITOR-30,000 bolts +4 gold
SUCK CANNON- 10,000 bolts +4 gold
TELSA CLAW-60,000 bolts +4 gold

The shop in which to find these golden weapons are in 2 locations.


This shop is in a high building towards the end of the level. It is down the
run way where you beat Qwark in the jet fighter battle. The tower has a jump
slot. Use the jump technique to move from one wall to the other until you get
to the small platform above. Then take the elevator.


This place is here when you beat the game and play it a second time over.
There will already be a transportation pad right next to your ship. Go into it
and you will be in the secret room.