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Ratatouille (PS2) Cheats

Ratatouille cheats, and Codes for PS2.


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Xtreme Cheats
Enter these at the cheat menu
1.Easy difficulty-Pieceocake
2.No damage from enemies-Shielded
3.Move undetecded by enemies-Spyagent
4.Fart when jumping-Ilikeonions
5.Headbutt insted of tailswipe-Hardfeelings
6.Multi-player mode-Slumberparty
7.All concept art-Gusteauart
8.All championship modes-Gusteauship
9.All minigames-Mattelme
10.All videos-Gusteauvid
11.All bonus artworks-Gusteaures
12.All dream worlds-Gusteaudream
13.All slides-Gusteauslide
14.All items in Gusteau's shop-Gusteaucombo
15.5000 Gusteau points-Gusteaupot
16.10,000 Gusteau points-Gustteaujack
17.50,000 Gusteau points-Gusteauomni
(cheat 17 has to be bought with points)
18.Hard enemies-Deepfryer
19.Bouncy cheese-Boingspawn
20.Blue cheese-Skycan
21.9,999 cheese-Saycheese
22.All recepies-Anyonecancook
23.All nobrand-Gimmeallyagot
24.Rat wrath-Limburger
25.Multi-player races-Raceison