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Radiata Stories cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Defeating Gerald
Gerald can be real tough if you're not stocked with HP items and low lvled. His atk dmg is really high and if you're careless, you will be defeated easily. His Volty can give 950dmg, so I suggest you lv up to lv50 so that your high HP can withstand his Volty Blow.

If you wanted to take the risk and fight him when you're still green, buy Toadstool Powders from Rose's shop and poison Gerald early of the battle (It may take multiple times to poison him). You can circle around him and wait till the poison kills Gerald, but you won't last long because he can activate his Volty anytime.
Easy Restoration & EXP
Kick anyone twice to start battle in the city. If you take some damage, talk to Miranda that is just running around the city and she will heal you to full while gaining many exp.
Easy Statue kills (Cool weapon!)
In 1-Handed sword training # 18 and 19 the exp is great and easy to get, for levels 20-30 try 18 and 30+ try 19

The easiest way to beat them, with herbs and Cresent Blade, go into a corner, wait for them to mob you, hold parry, and then use cresent blade(or cross slash, to take less dmg as it is faster) as a counter, and about 3-5 of them will get hit while you took only 1-2 blocks/hits. it gives you alota damage if you time it wrong, beacause sometimes they will hit you slowing your attack, and then slaughter you. This is a easy meathod but be careful

In the fight with Natalie there is a chance to get "Glory Edge" wich is 47 dmg, Wind Element, And causes paralize. Awesome kick a** weapon
Get strong help early.
When you first join theater vancoor, find and talk to Aldo. He'll introduce himself, and if you keep talking to him he'll say the you could never get any use out of the book of fairies. Well, you can. Get some flee balls because you'll probably be a low level and not able to take down all the enemies in the septem region. as soon as you can move about freely where ever you want to, fight your way to the septem region, and avoid all battles due to your assumed low level. If necesary use the flee balls i told you to get earlier. Then work your way to the three houses, and there should be a treasure chest between two of them. Open it to find "The Book of Fairies." Now, go back into town and find Aldo. Talk to him, and he'll take the book, read it, then join your friends list.

Another strong ally to have in the begining is Alba. He stands near the gate in the Beast Pit. talk to him, and he'll ask you if you're a higher-up in Theater Vancoor. He'll fight you for you to prove it. He's pretty strong, but you can stop him from attacking in mid-strike by hitting him instead. He's got horrible defense, so take him out easily. Once you win, go home and sleep. Go talk to him the next day and fight him again. Beat him, and he'll be added to your friends list.
Leveling Up Fast At Early Stage
You must be Lv20-30 to do so. Lv30 the safest. Equip a one-handed sword (Best get the sword from the Dead End armory at the Beast Pit). Go to the Theater Vancoor 2nd floor Training Area and practice on the statues.

Train until you reach part 16 where you must fight 6 guards. (Have higher HP and ATK, but more EXP, make sure you're stocked with HP items). Repeat this training and you will soon lv up really fast. Equip the item that gives extra EXP (buy from store with the pet tiger) to maximize the exp received. You will get 2000-4000exp for each battle, but if equipped with the item, you will receive more exp.
Lvl Up Faster
When you are about the lvl of 30-40 i'd say if you have any skills that is.("Just Kiddin") But anyways you get the one handed sword training to lvl 19 the second to last lvl were you will fight many female and male knights they are very weak if you have good armor well you but the order of your slashes depending on the weapons amount of slots. Right slash Left slash Cross Slice and the Cresent blade which is the last move fo the one handed sword. It should be able to take most of them out with about three to four combos of it and it will take out multiple enemy's.you will also need the Exp Increaser that you get from the shop near the east gate i think. The one with the tiger. The you should be able to get at least 6000 to 7000 exp. which would give you enough exp to go to at least lvl 60 in no time.It would take about 4 maybe 6 times beating it depending on your lvl at the moment.
Play both stories without starting a new game
This is probably painfully obvious, but there are probably people out there who could benefit from it. Here goes.

Right after you see the Earth Dragon get killed, make a backup file of your data, and save to both OFTEN. You should be able to get two files that are at the part where Ridley asks you to join her.

Now the decision of joining her or not is very easy, seeing as how you have two files! Just join her on one, and don't join her on the other.

By the way, be careful not to save to the wrong file and overwrite your other quest if you do this.
Slow but easy money at beggining of game
At the begining of the game, when you first leave your room in radiata castle, you will notice a guard at the door. Kick him, each time you kick him you get 1 dagol.
Water Dragon Tip
To face the Water dragon with no problem at all in the dragon lair dungeon is to first, go to room A, travel to you find a chest with the Ancient Axe, one of the strongest weapons in the game. Now go back to the begging of the dungeon and go to the room with the weird symbol. (You'll know because it doesn't have a letter in front of it) In this room you'll have to fight the water dragon. It shouldn't be to hard, the technique here is to hit and run meaning fun behind him at the side, when he faces you run around him and hit him. He has fast attacks but you should be able to avoid them. One attack that is hard to block is his tidal wave, if you see a tidal wave starting at one side of the screen, then face in front of it and block, if your lucky you should be able to dodge it. Another attack he has is deadly, he'll create a water prison around you or one of your party members doing damage and slowing him down. Once you beat him you'll get a lot of exp, but no money.


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Easy Dagols and VIP Badge
To get the VIP Badge (gives 25% discount in shops), fight the Dagol Tortoise in Dorse Region in the bushes near the path to Gobling Cemetery. It could be stolen or dropped by the turtle but the chances are very small. Equip 2 Beckoning Cats and put Dwight and Anastasia in your party to raise the chance of dropping the badge. Put Alba in your party for the stealing purpose.

To easily get dagols later in the game, buy a Pluto's Trophy or 2 (Sam Patty's Accessory Shop). These add 50% of money earning. Now beat the Dagol Tortoise which gives 8888 Dagols plus your trophies will give you about 12,000+ dagols each time you fight but you wil, noly get 1 exp.
Paya Paya and Solieu Village Records
To get the Paya Paya Dance music record, kick Pinky twice and beat him (right before the Vampire Club in Beast Pit).

To get the Solieu Village music record, kick Adele (your sister) twice and beat her.

To play them, just use the phonograph in Jack's House below the bridge.
Tri-Emblem Skill
This can be obtain by beating Ethereal Queen at the end of the secret dungeon, Dragon Lair Cave. She is the final boss you wil, fight in this game and the hardest among them all.

Beat her and you will get the skill. When maxed, you can get 50+ in atk, def, eva, luck and life.
To get Valkyrie, beat the game once in any sides. Kick any of the Journey Pig Statues around the cities. You will uncover a secret dungeon called Dragon Lair Cave. After solving the Element Maze, you wil, fight Valkyrie. She is easy as your party are immune to her attacks. She only have 9005 HP so this wouldn't be a long fight. Beat her and you will have her as a playable character.