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The Michigan Street Circuits
Here, I'm not going to offer any specific advice for corners, just some general tips for surviving the urban warfare that characterises online races on these street tracks.

Know the track: More than anywhere else, this is important. Even I've been known to get disoriented and try and turn down the wrong way of a street because I think I'm driving a different version of the track. Keep the concentration up, and check the map.

Be conservative and smooth: Smooth driving (with appropriate use of the handbrake) can help you a lot. Many drivers seem to bounce off the walls and hope for the best, but over a race distance, or even over several races consistency will pay off.

Leave margin for error: Because of the crashes and random factors at play here, it pays to leave yourself a little room to allow for your mistakes, and other people's. There may be a crashed car round that blind turn, so allow yourself a bit of lee-way to react to it. Keep an eye on the map.

Race with your head, not the seat of your pants: Again, because of the small margin for error, it's often easier, and safer, to pressure opponents into mistakes, than to barge past and risk ruining your own race. A big red arrow floating about at the bottom of the screen is quite a distraction and it can be enough for a lesser driver to get flustered and try too hard, then crash. A similar trick can be applied defensively. If someone's all over your tail and looks like an erratic driver, then try a sucker move. Brake slightly early into a turn, and don't defend the inside. Usually the over-exuberant driver will sail straight past your inside into the barrier. They bend their car, and you don't have to worry about them taking you out. The risk is always that they pull it off, but sometimes it's better to take that risk than risk a crash. It's also hilarious when they do fall for it.
Track Tip - Eastern Creek
A longer track than the other two, this does, however, share Hidden Valley's feature of a tricky, multi-apex final turn leading onto a long straight. In fact- the turn is easier than it may seem at first, it's just a question of setting yourself up right.

You approach the final section having just come out of the right-hand hairpin under the electric cables. Keep the car left and take a fairly normal straight-ish line through the right-left "S". Run the car out right, and then look for the end of the painted kerb on the right. When this runs out, that's your cue to turn the car in. The elevation of the turn is such that on the left, there's an obvious apex point that seems to stick out and be a little sharper than the rest of the turn- this marks your clipping point quite well, so aim to drive smoothly through, the apex, power on, still turning.

From here it's just a case of smoothly winding off the steering to get the car accelerating down the straight. You'll be flat-out all the way through the sweeping left to the first hairpin, which is why it's important to get a good run out of that final turn.
Track Tip - Hidden Valley
Like a lot of the V8 Supercars tracks, Hidden Valley has a long, flat, front straight and a twisty back section. What we're concerned with is the final few corners, as there are about five apexes you'll go through in about ten seconds, if that, and as it opens out onto that long straight, exit speed is absolutely critical to lap time.

A very gentle right-left zigzag precedes this final complex of corners. Keep the car on the right-hand side at the exit, then take the first two gentle left apexes. This is pretty quick. Don't run too far out to the right, as the road is about to kink that way, and we want to straighten out the braking area or the final two bends.
Track Tip - Laguna Seca ,The Corkscrew
One of the most famous corners in the world, the corkscrew is an iconic corner. Blind on entry, then falling away to nothing- it's a real test, no matter what you're driving.

The kink in the braking zone means you have to approach the turn in the middle of the track, and brake across it so the car runs to the right-hand edge. Picking your braking point can be tricky. The most common mistake is to get the entry wrong, by either going in too fast, or taking too much inside kerb for the initial left-hand turn. The key is to take a relatively conservative approach to this first section of the bend, so that the car is settled and in position to use the bowl of the track to propel you out of the right-hander and down the hill.
Track Tip - Road America Turn 11
Turn Eleven is a scary affair in the faster cars that take it, particular the XKR pan-am, as it has a lot of horsepower, but not the downforce of the US1000 open-wheeler. However, this turn can catch out even the experienced driver in a Skyline if concentration is not applied. Another bend requiring an early turn, it's also a bend that requires faith. The car will squirm about a decent amount as it traverses the uneven surface and as the driver, you need to maintain your steering input and believe that the car will get through the turn. Trying to correct for the squirming is the usual reason for people getting out of shape.
Track Tip - Road America Turn 6
There's a bump in the braking zone for turn five but for the most part that won't cause you difficulty, as it's straight. Turn six, however, has a mid-corner crest that will cause the car to "fall out" of the turn. The bridge is another cause of difficulties here, as it distracts a lot of drivers into missing the turn-in point. You need to turn in to this bend while you're still underneath it. The key to this turn really is an early turn-in.
Track Tip - Sandown
This is another short track like Hidden Valley, this time set out around a horseracing track. The main subject is going to be the section at the end of the backstretch with the fast, blind left into the twisty braking area for the very sharp left that follows. I also want to add a little about the final S-bend.

Assuming you got cleanly out of turn four at the start of the backstretch, the car will be doing some serious speed as you climb up toward the blind left-hander at the top. The marker boards are your friends here, just before the car reaches the "50" board, lift the gas a little and turn in. That bit is tricky, but this next part is harder. Try and keep as straight a line as possible as you come down through the wiggly section beyond the crest- everything here happens very quickly. You'll want to be on the left of the track as you go past the cones on your right, which is the braking point- see screenshot- but on the right-hand side of the track by the time you're done braking and ready to turn in.

This is a sharp, 2nd gear left, so beware of spinning the wheels on exit and wasting speed. The final "S" bend is worthy of mention really as a place to apply previous lessons- the line here is very similar to the S-bend at Nuremberg/Norisring detailed above , so what you learned there, use here. Sacrifice speed in the first turn to gain it in the second...
Track Tip - The Donington Fling
Another track with a lot of elevation changes and fast sweeping turns, Donington is a really fun track to drive, but it can be hard finding the line. This is critical for the whole track, but hardest for the two turns at the eastern edge of the circuit, McLean's and Coppice. Both these turns have a distinct crest in them, making the line different to what it would be if the corner were flat- also the crests mean that, if you're playing from an on-car view, you won't be able to see the whole corner- McLean's exit is blind, and you have to make the turn-in to Coppice before you can see it.

You approach McLean's sweeping left and uphill- very fast if you've had a decent run through the "Old Hairpin" at the bottom of the hill. Keep the car right up against the kerb on the left as it tightens, then take a late, sharp entry to the turn. The crest is right on this late apex, so we want to the car to be going as straight as possible while passing over it. That was fairly easy, but Coppice is a leap-of-faith. The approach isn't so fast, as it's just a short uphill chute from McLean's, but as you can see from the pic, the track just disappears over the crest. Keep the car left and be ready for a quick brake-shift-turn. The turn-in point is about halfway between the crest itself and the 50m board. If you get it right, you'll just miss the inside kerb and the car will head to the outside edge of the turn as it opens out onto the straight. A good run through this turn is very important, as mistakes will leave you wide open to attack at Fogarty's chicane up ahead.
Track Tip - The Nuremberg Waltz
Proof that everything can be turned to good purposes, the short track that runs round the 1930s podium at Nuremberg offers a simple, but intense challenge, as the lap is short, simple, just two hairpins and an S-bend, and the walls unforgiving. The hairpins are simple enough, you just have to take the classic late-entry, late-apex, approach and be gentle with the power on exit- so it's the s-bend we'll look at here.

This is a section where exit speed is important, so that means two things- late entry and smooth exit. Get the car as far over to the left as it'll go on approach- that means with the car on the left of the yellow line. You need to turn in fairly late and sharp, to that the car's practically done the 90-degree turn in the width of the track, so the car's ready to go left in a much wider, smoother arc. Turn left smoothly, taking a bit of kerb, but being careful not to upset the car.

Getting the car sideways on the exit will scrub off speed and leave you open to attack on the next straight. Smoothly let the car run all the way out to the wall, onto the lighter- coloured bit of road with the square paving stones. Get off the slabs before it turns to grass, and get ready for the next hairpin.


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All cars and bonus championships
RZQXJGTK (bonus code 0194)
EJEUBCQP (bonus code 0798)
TKDSGHLB (bonus code 1171)
GXZCYULV (bonus code 1335)
FRKBMNAN (bonus code 1802)
LEWAHNZR (bonus code 3687)
HZOLAQEZ (bonus code 3803)
RZQXXYMT (bonus code 4494)
TKDSKZJQ (bonus code 4571)
VRWZWIIE (bonus code 4707)
OTNUUYYY (bonus code 6068)
CJYXVUOI (bonus code 6266)
UDFCGFCM (bonus code 7018)
NYOOTWCF (bonus code 8426)
GXZCDRMQ (bonus code 9535)
All cars and default championships
RZUDIVLI (bonus code 0194)
AFRDKGIT (bonus code 0798)
NXJGYAMQ (bonus code 1171)
LRCHMRVV (bonus code 1335)
HZOLQCKO (bonus code 1802)
IHYGFPXE (bonus code 3687)
FRKBPWYY (bonus code 3803)
RZUDKZJQ (bonus code 4494)
NXJGXYMT (bonus code 4571)
KTQMDZYI (bonus code 4707)
VTFLCBEN (bonus code 6068)
TNXEPYHV (bonus code 6266)
REGOYRSP (bonus code 6626)
TSCNJDRS (bonus code 7018)
NYOOTWCF (bonus code 8426)
LRCHBQJ (bonus code 9535)
All FMV sequences
WVUMRQMJ (bonus code 8426)
BAAAQEPU (bonus code 7018)
NXJGMLMX (bonus code 6266)
KRCQTBPU (bonus code 6068)
HZOLMXZN (bonus code 4707)
TNXEQPNS (bonus code 4571)
IVMJKYMO (bonus code 4494)
VRWZMNGW (bonus code 3803)
CUWALIEL (bonus code 3687)
KTQMSHYI (bonus code 1802)
RQPJVUDH (bonus code 1335)
TNXEUBUX (bonus code 1171)
IVMJYXVK (bonus code 0194)
RQPJZZOU (bonus code 9535)
Double engine power for all cars
BYHYFQWV (bonus code 0194)
CWVFUETA (bonus code 0798)
OTNUNSYX (bonus code 1171)
LBHXHAUV (bonus code 1335)
VJMECNYO (bonus code 1802)
KVYNPWYY (bonus code 3687)
NYSGFPXE (bonus code 3803)
BYHYWIIE (bonus code 4494)
OTNUDZYI (bonus code 4571)
NYLLXYMT (bonus code 4707)
TKDSPYHV (bonus code 6068)
AMYKCBEN (bonus code 6266)
LLNWPZNW (bonus code 6626)
NULPUXTH (bonus code 7018)
LLNWUGXT (bonus code 8426)
LBHXBAAA (bonus code 9535)
Easy win on Surfers Paradise
On Surfers Paradise if you take a couple of risks then you can easily win. You just need a little bit of school.

On some of the corners a the AI cars slow down where they dont necceresarily need to.

On the first corner use the inside of the curb on the exit to the corner and you won't need to slow down.

On the second corner you can take it at full whack or just less than full whack if you take the straightest line possible.

When you get round to the far side of the track there is a section of curvy track with barriers jutting out across the grass.

When you get to them let go of the accelerator and try and take the straightest line possible, when you get to the last one, accelerate out of it and you should have gained quite a few more extra seconds on your opponents.
Front wheel drive becomes rear wheel drive
BYHYFQWV (bonus code 0194)
CWVFUETA (bonus code 0798)
OTNUNSYX (bonus code 1171)
LBHXHAUV (bonus code 1335)
VJMECNYO (bonus code 1802)
KVYNPWYY (bonus code 3687)
NYSGFPXE (bonus code 3803)
BYHYWIIE (bonus code 4494)
OTNUDZYI (bonus code 4571)
NYLLXYMT (bonus code 4707)
TKDSPYHV (bonus code 6068)
AMYKCBEN (bonus code 6266)
LLNWPZNW (bonus code 6626)
NULPUXTH (bonus code 7018)
LLNWUGXT (bonus code 8426)
LBHXBAAA (bonus code 9535)
Loch Rannoch A and B Shortcut
On the Loch Rannoch rally courses which appear in the Bowler Land Rover Wildcat championship there is a shortcut.

About halfway round the course is a farm house and by that farm house is a gate.

If you go through that gate you go through a yard and out another gate and back onto the track.

This cuts out a hairpin on the track and usually gains you about 3 or 4 seconds race time.
No damage
VWXUUETA (bonus code 0194)
EZXYFQWV (bonus code 0798)
CJYXHAUV (bonus code 1171)
ILKGNSYX (bonus code 1335)
VRWZULGR (bonus code 1802)
FQLNGHGS (bonus code 3687)
KTQMNLEY (bonus code 3803)
VWXUQPNS (bonus code 4494)
CJYXKYMO (bonus code 4571)
FRKBNMUE (bonus code 4707)
AMYKURRW (bonus code 6068)
TKDSCSHC (bonus code 6266)
GFNPJDRS (bonus code 6626)
XGAAYRSP (bonus code 7018)
GFNPIDBY (bonus code 8426)
ILKGJIGV (bonus code 9535)
Track Tip - The Zandvoort Shuffle
Zandvoort is one of the most challenging tracks in the entire game. You're nearly always climbing, or falling, sweeping one way or the other around the sand dunes. Every corner on the track is worth of comment- with the fast sweeping sections at the "top" of the track (on the right-hand side of the map) being notable for their very indistinct braking and turning points, but what we're looking at here is the part that often causes most trouble, the very sharp right into a hairpin left that seems to have escaped from a rally stage somewhere.

You'll approach the turn near max speed in 6th gear, if you've had a good run out of the previous turn. Keep the car well over to the left and follow the gentle left sweep of the road. There's a small brow that obscures your view of the upcoming turn, so keep an eye on the marker boards. You want to be on the stoppers a bit before 100m, and turn in where the line that's been laid down shows. You should still be on the brakes on turn-in, but off them just as you apex the right. You need to be as close to the kerb as you dare, but don't hit it, as it'll upset the car and you need all the control you can muster.

Smooth driving goes pretty much out of the window here, you've really got to throw the car at the left turn, again staying off the kerb. You'll be in 2 nd gear at this point. The hard part is over, just smoothly exit the turn now- run out to the right, and get ready for the final two super-fast turns to complete the lap.