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cheap player but excellent skills

start a master league team or if u've already got one thats ok aswell, play a cuple of games so u've got sum money to get players with, decide what player your going to get (but don't buy im yet) save the current game and exit to the main menu, go to edit mode to edit player and find the player u want to get for your team, go to his ability and put all his stats to 1, then exit edit mode making sure it saves the data, load your master league team and go and buy your player, u'll notice when you buy the the player you can get him for less than 200 credits, once u've baught him and he's on your team, save your game and exit again to the main menu and go to edit mode again, go to edit player and find the player you hav just baught and go to his ability and put his stats upto 99, exit edit mode making sure it saves the data, load your master league team and go to formation and your player will hav all ability's full. just think you got him for less than 200 credits, this works with any player on the game but doesn't work with created player's that u've made, hav fun with the ultimate team!!!
Verified by: hodgy1986 Submitted by: hodgy1986 on September 13, 2004

Flick up

To flick the ball up flick the right analog stick down, then up, the player should chip the ball just infront of him. You can score some great goals like this, for example, flicking the ball over the defender, and unleashing a powerful first time volley. GOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!
Verified by: Y2K Submitted by: readingfc_fan_13 on April 21, 2004

j j okocha chip

Press down on the right analouge stick and then up quickly to chip the keeper or take it past a player.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: CHEATmaster321 on February 12, 2005

real names

Here are some real names of players:

I will submit more names in the future.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: gonzab on September 25, 2004

Real Names

Here are some more real names:

clintzman:klinnsman(i'm not sure if it is writed this way)
von bankoast:van bronkhorst
von mistelroum:van nistelroy
hatan yain:hakan yakin
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: gonzab on October 09, 2004


To do the zidane spin:Spin round r3=Right analog stick

to do the Okocha flick: r3=flick up and over players head

then press r3 to do a manual pass
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: tom afctu on November 30, 2004


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Changing team player stats

I personaly do not agree with any kind of cheats, but I think I should share this with you.

One easy way to upgrade any team (except for Master League team)implies using the 4-digit code in the Edit Mode.

You should select any number bigger than "1100" and try to find your favorite team. The first 56(?) are for national squad teams and from then are the others. I.E Sporting Clube de Portugal (Esportiva) is upgraded with "1110" code.

In opposition, it also possible to downgrade any team using also the 4-digit code, but starting from "2100". For Esportiva the downgrade code is "2110". As you can see, the last 3 digits are always team related.

Please notice, that changing team player stats will change also national team players data. For instance, if you upgrade Manchester United team stats up to the maximum, you will have one Barthez unbeatble in the French national squad, get it? Besides I don't know if it is possible to reset team stats to default. Hence, use this cheat with caution.
Verified by: ala_ayala, tidus04 Submitted by: Serafas on January 12, 2004

Increase every team members' ability stats by 5 points

Use these four-digit codes on the Enter Code option, which is available in the Edit Mode.Password Effect
1094 AC Milan
1105 Ajax Amsterdam
1080 Aquitaine (Bordeaux)
1042 Argentina
1095 AS Roma
1114 Athletico Madrid
1055 Australia
1000 Austria
1078 Azur (Monaco)
1118 Barcelona
1085 Bayer Leverkusen
1086 Bayern Munich
1001 Belgium
1108 Benfica
1096 Bologna
1087 Borussia Dortmund
1079 Bourgogne (Auxerre)
1043 Brazil
1097 Brescia
1063 Bruxelles (Anderlecht)
1002 Bulgaria
1031 Cameroon
1116 Celta Vigo
1112 Celtic
1098 Chievo Verona
1024 Chile
1050 China
1056 Classic Argentina
1057 Classic Brazil
1058 Classic England
1059 Classic France
1060 Classic Germany
1061 Classic Italy
1062 Classic Netherlands
1045 Colombia
1038 Costa Rica
1003 Croatia
1004 Czech Republic
1005 Denmark
1117 Deportivo La Coruna
1124 Dinamo Kyiv
1077 East London (West Ham)
1046 Ecuador
1032 Egypt
1006 England
1109 FC Porto
1112 Fenerbahce
1106 Feyenoord
1007 Finland
1008 France
1123 Galatasaray
1009 Germany
1010 Greece
1088 Hamburg SV
1089 Hertha BSC
1011 Hungary
1099 Inter Milan
1051 Iran
1012 Ireland
1013 Italy
1039 Jamaica
1052 Japan
1100 Juventus
1067 Lancashire (Blackburn)
1082 Languedoc (Marseille)
1101 Lazio
1084 Lens
1073 Lloyd (Manchester City)
1069 Merseyside Blue (Everton)
1072 Merseyside Red (Liverpool)
1040 Mexico
1033 Morocco
1014 Netherlands
1034 Nigeria
1076 North East London (Tottenham Hotspur)
1065 North London (Arsenal)
1015 Northern Ireland
1016 Norway
1092 Olympiakos
1093 Panathinaikos
1047 Paraguay
1083 Paris St. Germain
1102 Parma
1048 Peru
1103 Perugia
1126 PES United
1017 Poland
1018 Portugal
1064 Praha (Sparta Prague)
1107 PSV Eindhoven
1113 Rangers
1115 Real Betis
1119 Real Madrid C. F.
1120 Real Sociedad
1081 Rhone (Lyon)
1019 Romania
1020 Russia
1054 Saudi Arabia
1090 Schalke 04
1021 Scotland
1035 Senegal
1022 Serbia & Montenegro
1023 Slovakia
1024 Slovenia
1036 South Africa
1053 South Korea
1025 Spain
1111 Spartak Moscow
1110 Sporting Lisbon
1026 Sweden
1027 Switzerland
1074 Trad Bricks (Manchester United)
1037 Tunisia
1028 Turkey
1075 Tyneside (Newcastle United)
1104 Udinese
1029 Ukraine
1041 United States of America
1049 Uruguay
1121 Valencia
1030 Wales
1125 WE United
1091 Werder Bremen
1068 West London Blue (Chelsea)
1070 West London White (Fulham)
1066 West Midlands Village (Aston Villa)
1071 Yorkshire (Leeds United)

Verified by: tidus04, hodgy1986 Submitted by: Ronaldo77 on March 15, 2004

Increase or decrease all team ability stats by 5.

Use these four-digit codes on the Enter Code option, which is available in the Edit Mode. Password Effect
2999 All teams receive a 5 point sdecrease for each of their players' ability stats
1999 All teams receive a 5 points increase for each of their players' ability stats

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Ronaldo77 on March 15, 2004

Real Team Names

Here are the real team names of some teams, I'm not to sure about them all. I'll put a * by the ones i am not sure of.

Trad Bricks - Manchester United (i support these)
Old Firm Green - Celtic
Old Firm Blue - Rangers
Lancashire - Blackburn Rovers
Chamartin - Real Madrid
Lloyd - Manchester City
Merseyside Red - Liverpool
Merseyside Blue - Everton
North London - Arsenal
West Midlands Village - Aston Villa
North East London - Tottenham Hotspur
East London - West Ham United
Azur - Monaco
Prague - Sparta Prague
West London White - Fulham
West London Blue - Chelsea
Tyneside - Newcastle United
Cataluna - Barcelona
Lisbonera - Benefica
Guardalquivir - Real Betis
Stadhuisplein - PSV Eindhoven
Museumplein - Ajax
Abruzzi - Udinese
Umbria - Perugia
Athenkos - Panathinikos
Peloponnisos - Olympiakos
Weser/Wesr - SV Werder Bremen
Westfalen - Borussia Dortmund
Rekordmeister - Bayern Munich
Hanseaten - Hamburg SV
Hauptstadt - Hertha Berlin
Bruxelles - Anderlecht
Yorkshire - Leeds United
Bourgogne - Auxerre
Aquitaine - Bordeaux
Rhone - Lyon
Languedoc - Marseille
Ill De France - PSG (Paris St-Germain)
Nord - RC Lens
Rhein - Bayer Leverkusen
Ruhr - FC Schalke 04
Longobardi - Brescia
Lomabardia - Internazionale
Emilia Sud - Bologna
Veneto - Chievo Verona
Esportiva - Sporting Lisbon
Peurto - FC Porto
Naraja - Valencia
Constantinache - Fenerbache
Byzantinobul - Galatasary
Marmara - Dinamo Kiev
Galicia Norte - DLC (Deportivo La Coruna)
Galicia Sur - Celta Vigo
Manzanares - Atletico Madrid
Valdai - Moscow
Donosti - Real Scoiedad

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: cena_fan on March 13, 2005

Reduce a teams stats by 5 points each.

Go To Edit Mode -> Edit Player -> Enter Code and enter the following four-digit codes when prompted. Handy if your friend picks the same team and annihilates you all the time.Password Effect
2094 AC Milan
2105 Ajax Amsterdam
2063 Anderlecht
2042 Argentina
2065 Arsenal
2095 AS Roma
2066 Aston Villa
2114 Athletico Madrid
2055 Australia
2000 Austria
2079 Auxerre
2118 Barcelona
2085 Bayer Leverkusen
2086 Bayern Munich
2001 Belgium
2108 Benfica
2067 Blackburn
2096 Bologna
2080 Bordeaux
2087 Borussia Dortmund
2043 Brazil
2097 Brescia
2002 Bulgaria
2031 Cameroon
2116 Celta Vigo
2068 Chelsea
2098 Chievo Verona
2044 Chile
2050 China
2045 Colombia
2038 Costa Rica
2003 Croatia
2004 Czech Republic
2005 Denmark
2117 Deportivo La Coruna
2124 Dinamo Kyiv
2046 Ecuador
2032 Egypt
2006 England
2069 Everton
2109 FC Porto
2122 Fenerbahce
2106 Feyenoord
2007 Finland
2008 France
2070 Fulham
2123 Galatasaray
2009 Germany
2112 Glasgow Celtic
2113 Glasgow Rangers
2010 Greece
2088 Hamburg SV
2089 Hertha BSC
2011 Hungary
2099 Inter Milan
2051 Iran
2012 Ireland
2013 Italy
2039 Jamaica
2052 Japan
2100 Juventus
2101 Lazio
2071 Leeds United
2084 Lens
2072 Liverpool
2081 Lyon
2073 Manchester City
2074 Manchester United
2082 Marseille
2040 Mexico
2078 Monaco
2033 Morocco
2014 Netherlands
2075 Newcastle United
2034 Nigeria
2015 Northern Ireland
2016 Norway
2092 Olympiakos
2093 Panathinaikos
2047 Paraguay
2083 Paris St. Germain
2102 Parma
2048 Peru
2103 Perugia
2126 PES United
2017 Poland
2018 Portugal
2107 PSV Eindhoven
2115 Real Betis
2119 Real Madrid C. F.
2120 Real Sociedad
2019 Romania
2020 Russia
2054 Saudi Arabia
2056 Saudi Arabia
2090 Schalke 04
2021 Scotland
2035 Senegal
2022 Serbia and Montenegro
2023 Slovakia
2024 Slovenia
2036 South Africa
2053 South Korea
2025 Spain
2064 Sparta Prague
2111 Spartak Moscow
2110 Sporting Lisbon
2026 Sweden
2027 Switzerland
2076 Tottenham Hotspur
2037 Tunisia
2028 Turkey
2104 Udinese
2029 Ukraine
2041 United States
2049 Uruguay
2121 Valencia
2030 Wales
2125 WE United
2091 Werder Bremen
2077 West Ham United

Verified by: tidus04 Submitted by: Ronaldo77 on March 15, 2004


please can you tell all the skills you can do on
pro evolution soccer 3
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: david on August 30, 2004

Zidane/Marradonna Turn

While you are on the ball, rotate the left analouge stick 360 degrees. Depending on the players ability, he will then spin a full circle with the ball.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: bluenose alex on May 31, 2004