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Primal cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Tarot Cards
This is a list of all the Tarot Cards in Primal.

Ace of Pentacles: Ferai Aspect
Ace of Cups: Undine Aspect
Ace of Swords: Wraith Aspect
Ace of Wands: Djinn Aspect
The Fool: Jen
The Empress: Arella
The Emperor: Abaddon
King of Pentacles: Herne
King of Cups: Adaro
King of Swords: Raum
King of Wands: Iblis
The Hierophant: Lewis
The Lovers: Jen + Lewis
Justice: Chronos
Queen of Pentacles: Devena
Queen of Cups: Aino
Queen of Swords: Empusa
Queen of Wands: Malikel
The Hermit: Shaman
Strength: Scree
The Hanged Man: Watcher
Knight of Pentacles: Jared
Knight of Cups: Glakk
Knight of Swords: Eliabeth
Knight of Wands: Goliath
The Devil: Belahzur
The Tower: Nexus
The Star: Abdizur

All of these Tarot Cards are needed in order to complete the game.


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16 Vikt Interview
On the Bonus C line, input LORDOFCHAOS
Bonus E
Unlocks all bonus materials [A through D], plus War of the Monsters trailer.

Breaking Down The Wall
Passing through this wall is easy... and fun.
Look for a circular stone nearby and have Scree grab it and carry it to the top of the small hill to where the groove in the ground begins. Release the stone, and enjoy the coming destruction.
Crossing The River
When you reach a palce in the Villa where the only way out is a vertical shaft too deep for Jen to safely drop down, send Screeto climb down the wall.
Once he crosses the river, send him eastward into the ruins, past the other side of the broken stone bridge.
Pass through the mill. You'll see a tree on the other side. Push the tree over the river.
Then, Jen can cross.
Easykill Cheat
At any menu screen, hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 for a few seconds, then the "Magic Codes" screen should appear. To enter each letter of the code, hold X to select the letter and then press Left or Right to cycle through the alphabet. When finished, press Square to activate the code. Triangle exits the code screen.

Easykill Cheat - KILLSWITCH
Escape After Scree's Battle
You may not know how to open the coliseum's heavy door after Scree takes the form of Abdizur and defeats Belahzur. Get Scree to repossess the stone from Goliath's form and use his strength to open the east gate.
General Suggestion when Stuck
When stuck in a certain section of the game try to find a wall for Scree or a ledge for jen to climb.
Watch Jen's and Scree's faces closely. Sometimes, they will indicate a puzzles answer.
Avoiding combat at times, is the best solution.
Get The Rope For Jen
You'll find yourself as Scree, in a tower and in need of a rope for Jen. Will eventually encounter a room with three urns that you can pick up and move. Place all three on the area of weak floor that can't support the weight.
At the Main Menu, simultaneously press and hold L1,L2, R1, R2 for 5 seconds until the Magic Codes submenu appears.
Hightlight "Invulnerability," press and hold X, enter MONSTROUS as a code, and press "Square" to confirm the code. If you entered the code correctly, you'll be invulnerable when you begin a game.
Magic Codes
At the Main Menu, Options, or Bonus Materials menu, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 until the Magic Codes menu appears. Hold X on a letter and press Left or Right to change that letter. Once you have entered one of the following, press Square to accept the code. Press triangle to go back to the previous menu.

Invulnerable MONSTROUS




Scree'sHidden Passage
In the second room outside Jared's cell, there's a wall Xcree can climb to find a secret passage. On the other side, he can open the door to the right so that Jen can enter.
There is a locked door in the opposite direction. To unlock this door, find the key in the area indicated in the tip posted above. Or ask Scree, and he will tell her/Jen where to locate the key.
Unlock Solum Scenes
At the "Magic Codes" screen, enter the code.

Unlock Solum Scenes - MOONPOOL
To open the cheat menu, press L1, L2, R1, R2 and holding them for 5 seconds at either the main menu, or bonus materials menu there will be a hidden menu titled Magic Codes. Various options are here with a series of letters. To change a letter, highlight one and press X and use the directional buttons to change the letter.

OBLIVION in the last bonus area ''Bonus E'' and press square, then triangle to back out of the menu. Enter the tarot card gallery and then exit and a list of bonus materials should be present, enjoy!

DEMONISE Makes Jen/Scree invulnerable to all enemies

SNOWFLIGHT Solum scenes become unlocked in scene select

CHARYBDIS Aquis scenes become unlocked in scene select

FLINTLOCK Aetha scenes become unlocked in scene select

SUNSTONE Volca scenes become unlocked in scene select

ARCANUM Tarot Gallery: all cards become unlocked

MORTIFIC Easy Kill: Enemies die after a single attack

SEABREEZE Bonus A: Opens 'actors featurette' video

AURORA Bonus B: Opens up all bonus videos

PSYCHOSIS Bonus C: Opens up all bonus videos

MIRRORY Bonus D: Opens up all bonus videos

ASCENDANT Bonus E ('F'): Opens up all bonus videos
Watch Where They Go
During one of the cut-scene's, watch where the guys are headed. You'll need to know this, later on in the game.