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Predator: Concrete Jungle (PS2) Cheats

Predator: Concrete Jungle cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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OK!Here is a small tip.When your taking care of those dummys who coppied your technology. First DUDE! He is right were you start grab him and take him to the building attched to a sidewase ladder (it is next to YOUR building were you start).Then you will see a red glowing triangle there you will skin him. Seconde DUDE!! There will be another dude were you got the first dude take him and run to the right of your building keep going or follow the rode you will see a purple marke that says monster. Jump on that and there will be more platform jump on them and to the building on your right same thing red triangle = Skining tyme!!!!! Last but not least the third dude. HOLD ON ONE MOMENT BONUS!!!!! SEE THE DORK WITH THE CLAN EYE ABOVE HIS HEAD KILL HIM!!! THIRD DUDE! Find a car parking building neer the sea there you will find him on the roof and you will see the KILL HERE TRIANGLE!!!! thats how you kill the coppiers. Uylessis are another story. Just sneak up on them from behind them and jump!
Did you know?
Did you know that in DEAD MAN WALKING. When you do the gun trade thing after you finish go to the tall building with the charge box, there will be a building diagonally to it jump to it and look at the grid it says DEADMEN. But in SKINTRADE the same building it says EL HONGO. Trust me my sister pointed it out.
Ok! When You are running after HUNTER, watcha gotta do is this. When you start runnig after HUNTER stop running once and a while and throw your SMARTDISC at him. After you do this a few times You will be at the fighting grounds. Let the SAMURAI dudes take care of him till the all drop dead, because if you don't you will might accidently kill them.Then HUNTER will be after you. First let him run and you dodge him.To dodge press and hold R1 and move.Then he'll be just be standing there.Use your LEV 3 MAUL (you will find this in the new flesh)on him then he will go invisiable just switch to tech mode to see him.Then when he is tired again use your LEV 3 PLASMACASTER This will help a lot. When HUNTER is missing most of his health he'll run to the big hand.IT WILL HAVE A YELLOW/GRAY platform underneath it. This is were the FINAL showdown goes down.Use everythig you got to Kill him. Here is one VERY important thing.DON'T FALL OFF!!!!
Killin'em fast and easy, no strings attached
This is a helpful fact that I recently discovered in my attempt to kill the bad guys quiker without taking on any damage. It seems to work on any boss no matter what there level of significance, although it isn't affective against large groups unless you can stun the other party members. Once locked onto and opponent quickly jump over them and get behind them. As soon as you're behind them hit them with your melee weapon, I prefer the maul because it does the most damage, and proceed to beat the crap out of them. Try to avoid doing a full combo because it causes hesitation in you attack. If you can attack fast enough with out hitting the end of a combo you can attack until your opponent is dead or until you know them off there feet. Once again this doesn't work as well against groups, but if done properly against an individual opponent you can kill them without them ever being able to turn around and getting a hit in on you.(not very affective against the ulysses robots, I know I've tried.)
Upgrades can be found on these levels.

Ritual= Copycat.
Clan= The Machine Men.

Ritual= Dead Men Walking.
Clan= Rescue.

Standard= Death In The Family.
Ritual= The Monster Squad.
ClanTen Thousand Ways To Die.

Standard= Sink The Shipment.
Ritual= Rescue.
Clan= The New Flesh.

Ritual= Under The Gun.
Clan= Hot Time In The Old Town.

Smart Disc:
Ritual= Rescue.
Clan= If It Bleeds...

Spear Gun:
Ritual= La Famiglia.
Clan= Rescue.

*You can not upgrade the power of the traps*


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Church and A Few Bonus Missions
In the 1st level kill the Irish boss(easy to locate so I don`t need to give you help).In Copycat go to the end of the level(where the water is)and kill the bum.In La Famiglia no bonus mission but a sweet speargun upgrade at the top of the mansion.In Under The Gun find 3 large trucks.1 is to your left on the ground where you start 1is in the parking lot(sowy I fagot where the last one is).In A Night To Remember where you hunt down 5 guys kill all the people in the windows.In Extinction Event rush past the 1st guys quickly open the gate and kill the Irish police chief O`Brien.Now for the church level after Dead Men Walking (4-got the name)just use your "plasmacaster" on them(there are 4 recharge points on the top).Also if you like fun get your plasmacaster at lv.3 then charge it as much as you can and fire at the crowd.
How To Beat Hunter(1st and 2nd time)!
When you fight him the 1st time just hold him off `cause the samurai will help then just get the swordsmen close enough to attack.To hold off Hunter just run away and dodge his discs.Level Complete.Believe me yeah,I died 7 times but somehow I beat the game!Now for the last level.Follow slowly and carefully(when you play you`ll know why)when .He
waits throw your discs. And don`t fall off that statue of that guy,the final show down takes place on his hand.And there you have it.
Police Hovercraft+Tips On The Samurai Fights
In Prey of the Clan you have to kill SwiftKnife,LongSpear,and StoneHeart.If you see a police hovercraft you can shoot it down with your plasmacaster.+Well,my advice would be:Just keep hittin` also when they go invisible switch to tech vision.Another tip if you run away look out for their throwing stars(or Shurukin or Shurikin oh who the freak cares).`Nuff said.
Quickly Now!
In "Dead Men Walking" go and stop the 6 drug carriers and stop the arms deal fast before it says mission failed so do it quick!This may also happen in other missoins I don`t know (i fergot again)
Weapon Upgrades-LOT`Z OF `EM!
In the level(I think it`s called Rescue)get one of those guards(carry not kill)and carry them to the retinal scanners(you might wanna play this more than
once `cause ya` may not get `em all.)1.Pick up a guard.2.Take them to a retinal scanner.3.Kill the "Monster Squad"member.4.Claim your prize and trophy.5.Go to next door.6.Repeat.
Itsa`cinch easy as pie.
When to Becareful Around Allies And When Not To
In Rescue(I think)You`re supposed to free your fellow predator brethren you can hit them as much as you want.On the other hand in the last level your samurai palz can die(sukz dusunt it).So if you like hitting them don`t over do it.I`m sayin` this because they`re a great help.Hope this helps dudes and dudettes!