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Phantom Brave Cheats

Phantom Brave cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

Phantom Brave Tips

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change main character on Phantom Island
First get on the big green tree on the side of the house
(cant make it?- try picking up a weapon using tryangle button and putting it the top of the house and jumping on it then to the tree). you will then receive a spellbook. pike up this spell book, walk over to the desired character and press R2. Voila.
Submitted by: Ash-kicks-ass on September 30, 2004
creating characters
if you want to create a lion or a scrabbit you have to kill 20 or more of his type certain creatures it only takes one kill e.g titlist or old man
Submitted by: jman on October 05, 2007
Get expensive skills quickly.
Ok, there are one way to get quickly expensive skills like Qhickattack, Return, Speed Saver, etc, that cost you arond 500'000 mana or 1'000'000 mana.
You need to have a bottlemail around level 300 at least, create a random dungeon with level 850+, give that random dungeon a title "Filure", then have that bottlemail high speed, 4'000 SPD at least, then have Marona summon the bottlemail in an item with high mana, you can find with 50'000 or 100'000 higher, the bottlemail most have an 100% Obtain Rate, once summoned, wait the 3 turns for the bottlemail, then is removed, you get that item with a lot of mana, then have Marona to summon anyone get "Quickattack" and "Return", then escape, fuse the items collected to the character and the character most have a lot of mana, then you can get expensive skills with that, same to increase item stats like ATK quickly.
Submitted by: DLZ Ramash on May 06, 2007
Get good MANA
Keep doing missions/fights until u get "505" or more BOR, then "create" a "dongeonmonk phantom" then go into a dungeon where there is high possiblities of getting loads of MANA
Submitted by: DEANO on February 12, 2005
Get rid of the Sulpur's lv 2000, protections
This you can only do it, if you are willing to have some Dark points, not much, only 4 dark points.
In the Game Cleared save, when you fight Sulphur again with Lv 2000 and 4 protections.
If you want to get rid of his protections quickly, only summon low Lv phantoms in the protections and kill them before Sulphur attack you, with this, you don't have much problem with him, when you do that, kill him as quick as you can.
Submitted by: DLZ Ramash on May 06, 2007
Improving your weapon greatly by fusion.
To increase a weapons ability far greater than usual you require:

1) The title failure.
2) Two very good titles of your choice.
3) Your weapon you want to increase and another.

First grant your weapon the title failure making its stats drop dramatically. Then grant the weapon you're going to use for the fusion a decent title raising it's stats. When you combine it you'll notice a great difference.
Submitted by: Kenshuma on April 11, 2006

Phantom Brave Cheats

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Beating Extra Map Bonuses
To unlock Extra Map 1, just beat the game once.

Extra Map 2 - Beat Extra Map 1
Extra Map 3, Etna, and Flonne (Fallen Angel form) - Beat Extra Map 2
Extra Map 4 - Beat Extra Map 3
Extra Map 5 and Laharl Beat Extra Map 4
Mid-Boss - Beat Extra Map 5
Myao - Beat Extra Map 8
Extra Map 10 and Baal - Beat Extra Map 9
Extra Map 7 - Beat Extra Maps 1-6
Submitted by: Krunal on January 30, 2005
Bonus Characters
Baal: Complete Extra Map 9.
Etna: Complete Extra Map 2.
Flonne (Fallen Angel form): Complete Extra Map 2.
Laharl: Complete Extra Map 4.
Mid-Boss: Complete Extra Map 5.
Myao: Complete Extra Map 8.
Submitted by: DragonFang on May 24, 2005
Changebook and Bottlemail
Stack at least 4 characters on top of either Marona's house or the tree next to it. Now stack a few more characters next to the 4 character stack, so you can jump on top of the highest stack. Once on top, jump a few times and you will get a message indicating that you have received a Changebook.

Now leave Phantom Island and return. Stack the characters again and do the same thing you did to get the Changebook. This time you will get a Bottlemail instead. This is a very useful character for confining, as it usually has a 100% obtain rate.
Submitted by: DragonFang on May 24, 2005
Easy level up
(Use the Change character cheat with this also) Take ash and kill the green phantom. then talk to Marona. ask ker to make a character. Dont make one. quit and the green phantom will be back. repeat it and you can level up!
Submitted by: Ash-kicks-ass on September 30, 2004
Hidden Bordeaux at Phantom Island
At each of these locations on Phantom Island there will be 100 Bordeaux.


  • on top of Maronas house

  • elevated land on hill behind house.

  • corner of map

  • niche behind Maronas house in the water.

  • circle of stone in front of Maronas house.
  • Submitted by: DragonFang on May 24, 2005
    Misc Cheats
    Extra Map 6 - Clear a random dungeon with 30+ floors, with Level 300+ enemies on the bottom floor
    Extra Map 8 - Clear a random dungeon with 50+ floors, with Level 500+ enemies on the bottom floor, and have unlocked Extra Map 6
    Extra Map 9 - Clear a random dungeon with 99 floors, with Level 1000+ enemies on the bottom floor, and have unlocked Extra Maps 6 and 8
    Submitted by: Krunal on January 30, 2005
    Snakish Sword
    In the tutorial called "Lifting and Throwing," the game will demonstrate how to lift and throw using a powerful Snakish sword. This sword never appears elsewhere in the game, and has techniques you can only learn from that sword. You also only have this one chance to grab it.

    To get the sword for your own, confine the Bottle Mail character to the sword instead of lifting it like the demo told you to. Let his three Remove turns run out and the sword is yours.
    Submitted by: Krunal on January 30, 2005
    Unlocking the Unknown Phantom (Whisps)
    You'll be able to create Whisps (the type of character that the Unknown Phantom is) if you kill them at least 20 times. The easiest way to do so is to repeatedly kill the Unkown Phantom at Phantom Island. After killing him the 20th time exit Phantom Island, when you reenter you will get a message indicating that you can now create Whisps.
    Submitted by: DragonFang on May 24, 2005