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A hellovalota souls for the French guy
Ok its pretty late on in the game that you get this chance but just in case your weapons armour and gauntlet arnt quite maxed out yet heres an easy way to make it so. As Samonosuke (thats probly spelt rong spellinga aint ma strong point) unleashes the oni army to combat the army of genma to get a lot of souls simply lend them a hand.

You only fight basic genma and since they are so easy to kill it just makes it al the more sweeter. I stayed in this part for about half an hour and left with almost 30 full bars of red souls. Be careful though as they can surround you but keep presing square and your bound to get a few criticals for some yellow souls.

You really should do this here as when you reach Azuchi castle you'll need all the help you can get as you fight a clone of the guy with the sheild from onimusha warlords (the one you fight when you get shipuu and just before you enter the demon realm when Guildenstern stops ya ) and after him you fight the demon queen aka the woman who has insect legs on each side and was looking over the french slaves in mont saint michael, shes fairly dificult as like ranmaru she dodges your attacks unless you catch her off guard or stunned

BTW if you have mastered criticals or now how to get them easily on these type of genma the basic 1ns with swords and red hats then its really fun as they run at you in groups of about 10-15 and so you can rack up some major souls by doing repeated criticals and then just absorbing while the oni kill some aswell.

Having your own undefeatable army is so helpful
Counter attack
For people with a turbo controler
Set guard to turbo and this will increase your luck with the critical counter chain attack.
For those who are scared of dark places here is a sugestion:
Put your TV brightness up and if you want put more color on him too. This will make things much easy.(personally in the beginning i used this trick too but not anymore!!!)
Defeating Guard Dog
Note: This was done under the normal difficulty setting. First, stock up on magic for all your weapons. Then, stock up on all the Purple Souls. At the beginning, jump behind him after he attacks. Then, just waste the magic on him. Use every weapons magic until you do not have any more. After that, use regular attacks. Watch out for the ice attack. Most of the time the thunder magic from him is off target. After a few regular attacks, transform into the Onimusha and attack him hard. However, do not use the mega attack yet. After a few attacks, just before your magic runs out use the mega magic attack on him. If he is not defeated, then just attack him a few more times.

Defeating Nobunaga
When you are fighting Nobunaga when he is in his demon form, press Square(2), Triangle. This is a great combo move, but do not overdo it with him. When you absorb the darkness from his sword and you get it, remember that some of his moves cannot be blocked (such as the charge and the fireball moves). You can only block one or two. For the charge move, press Triangle at the last moment when he is on fire and you should dodge it. For the fireball move, just have enough space to run around.
Deflecting critical hits
Repeatedly tap Guard until someone hits you. And as soon as you see the flash, tap Square . Keep tapping Square to go from enemy to enemy, racking up multiple critical hits.

Demon Realm help.
When in the Demon Realm, try preserving the Onimusha power, when you recieve the five purple souls. When you're in harder-levels, it may be a bit rough to keep health up, especially if you're low on restorative items. If you've already traveled through a few levels and have recieved the ' Purple Vest ' for Ako, use this in more tough battles, and whenever at the end of a battle, your life is low, equip Ako with the ' White Vest ' and wait until your life is healed and proceed onward. And when you're fighting a larger crowd of Demons, equip the ' Purple Vest ' on Ako, and use the Chigo Special move( Earth Sword ) over and over, until they've departed.
Infinite Red Souls!
When you get the 10 point attack practice mode, you can get a hundred red souls each time you complete it. You can do this as many times as you want, so if you put enough time into it you could have all of Samanosuke's equip at max level early in the game (sort of early).
This only works for Samanosuke because Jaque dowsn't get this training mode.
Longer Ending
To get a longer ending, get all of Ako's vests.
Nobunaga Oda guide last boss for Samonosuke
The first thing I would do here is make sure that my armour was at level two minimum as god knows he can do some serious damage in the later battles.

If your armour isnt that higher level then talk to the frak wrapped in leaves and hell take ya to the dark realm, this can be very hard unless you have the white vest and the earth axe at max.

Anywho check every part of the dark realm and recieve the 8 red orbs then go to the chest that was at the start and recieve the bishaman sword (I have fond memories of that sword and a giant snake like thing) a little info on your prize, its triangle attack doesnt take up souls and it will kill almost any enemy in 1 hit but there are exceptions

If you still need more then just keep going to the dark realm as with the bishaman sword its a piece of cake if you need health dont waste herbs unless you really need to but try to hold out till the end and use the white vest to restore your health. Takes a while but its worth it saving the healing items.

Now onto Nobunaga. The first fight you'll be in onimusha mode but don't worry it doesn't run out. I took this opportunity to gloat as Nobunagas attacks can't hurt you as its just as if your blocking constantly. So just take your time and toy with him before killing him easily but now a last5 boss couldn't be that easy and so now he gets his own back for me gloating.

He transports you to a demony realm place platform and hell turn into a devil like thing that resembles ifrit from Devil May Cry 1. He'll summon these 4 things that look like plants that will block your attacks for him and to make things worse you can't kill them straight away.

They have four attacks two lasers and two energy balls. The balls are blockable but the lasers are not

1) they line up above Nobunago and shoot an energy ball at you one at a time, they do this a two time minimum.

2) they will circle round you at all four corners and each shoot a ball at you, this is easily dodged and quite a relief.

3) They will line up two on the bottom two on the top and shoot a laser at you one at a time,fairly easily dodged but if one gets you then the next will two however this will knock you down and then they can't get you.

4) Just like the last one only they fire four lasers at once, pretty hard to dodge but luckily itll only hit you twice maximum but its vertually imbossible to get hit twice unless your trying which is bloody stupid

Anyway hack away at the protectors though block when nobunaga swings at you with his pretty sword and when the blockers attack absorb the souls and when you get 5 of a certain type Im not sure which youll power up and be able to kill them, unleash everything when this happens but dont forget to block. The blockers will each give a yellow soul to absorb so yay

Do this twice and Nobunaga won't bring them back and you'll be up to part two. Here he will mainly just attack you normally if you stay close however at times his big pretty sword will glow a certain colour then run as hes about to use an elemant attack.

there are three of them and they are as follows

1) The pretty sword will glow green meaningg he is using wind. He doesn't seem to use this alot on me however its really annoying just because of how close the dodges seem. He will summon 3 twisters that will come after you so just keep running away and they'll dissapear

2) The pretty sword will glow pink/red meaning he's about to use fire. This is really quite easy to dodge however it can get you once or twice. He will stab his big pretty sword into the ground and a line of fire will follow you for a breif moment but as I said its easy to dodge

3) The pretty sword will glow blue meaning he will now use lightning. This is by far the easiest to dodge as long as you stay away from him as he will take a swipe at you aswell. This is just a copy of the two headed dogs lightning attack but with lots more lightning.

Just keep attacking him, block his swipes and run when the sword glows and evetually he will drop his big pretty sword and this is your chance absorb souls and after a while the screen will freeze and two things will happen.

1) He will transform into a bigger harder demon and he will have long wav hair which gets in the ay of seeing his attacks

2) You will get his big pretty stronger sword which believe me is stronger than the onimusha sword.

Now he has 4 attacks I think whioch are 2 are short range 2 are long range

1) The first attack the uses and i think he only uses it once. He charges himself in flames and then rushes at you similar to the two headed dog only as far as I'm aware you can't dodge so have health restorers.

2) The second attack he usually uses on me. He will create a group of fireballs and the fire them at you in close succesion. You can only block two in a row and itd be stupid to try and hit them back unless your an expert at timing so just run mainly.

3) His third less frequent attack, his two handed slam. As the name suggests he takes both hands and brings them down on you. However, instead of blocking you can siply use the triange attack to jump up as his fists come down and it will miss while you attack.

4) His favourite attack when it comes to me he will simply throw two punches at you, sound simple? its not. If you are close to him then its a @#?&£%$ to run from and you can only block one punch

Well just keep on attacking him and only stop when you notice an attack building (you will come to recognise them quickly) and especially look out for the two punches. After a big enough arse kicking he will fall down onto one knee and you wil, have won, now sit back relax and enjoy the ending


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After beating the game once
Adventures of Heihachi (Heihachi Buraiden) mode
Successfully complete the game. Heihachi (Honda) is now selectable.

Genma Puzzle mini-game
Solve all the puzzles in the game to unlock the Genma Puzzle mini-game.

Oni Shooting mini-game
Successfully complete the game on the normal difficulty setting to unlock the Oni Shooting mini-game.

Secret training mode mini-game
Successfully complete normal training mode, then complete the game to unlock the secret training mode mini-game.

Ako's Black Haori
Successfully complete Issen/Oni training to unlock Ako's Black Haori.

Skip FMV sequences
Successfully complete the game. When playing the game again, press Start to advance past any intermission sequence.
alot of stuff


Unlockable Titles

There are certain titles that can be attained for exceptional performance during the game. These titles will appear under the grade you earn.
Get This By Doing This
Bravery Finish the game without ever saving.
Critical Use Criticals to kill 40% of your enemies.
Explorer Find the 23 Tengu treasure chests.
Speed Finish the game in 5:00 or less.
Offense Kill 3,000 or more enemies.
Defense Take less than 5,120 damage.
Costume Unlockables
Get This By Doing This
Samanosuke Special Outfit #2 Have an Onimusha Buraiden saved file in your memory card
Panda costume Complete the Secret training mode
Michelle's secret costume Finish game once with best ranking(Onimusha).
Special Costume #1 for Samanosuke Complete the game with Samanosuke having higher marks than Jacques.
Alternate Method for Samanosuke's Special Costume #1 Complete the game with Jacques wearing his special costume.
Special Costume for Jacques Complete the game with Jacques having higher marks than Samanosuke.
Alternate Method for Jacques' Special Costume Complete the game with Samanosuke wearing his special costume #1.
Panda Costume Start game with an Onimusha Blade Warriors/Buraiden save file to unlock Samanosuke's Panda costume at the start of the game.
Unlock mini games
Complete the game while achieving the following requirement will unlock mini games. You can select the mini games from the menu once you unlock them.
Get This By Doing This
Heihachi Buraiden Finish the game once on any difficulty
Shooting mini game Finish game once on 'Normal' difficulty
Puzzle mini game Complete all puzzles in the normal game
Secret training mode Complete normal training mode once and unlock it after finishing the game
Extra modes/difficulties
Unlock extra difficulties by completing the following requirements.
Get This By Doing This
Ultimate mode Complete the shooting mini game
Issen mode Complete game on hard mode once
Devilish/Oni Hard mode Complete Issen mode once
Hard mode Complete the game on normal mode once
Easy mode 'Game Over' three times in normal mode, and easy mode will be unlocked
True Ending
Get This By Doing This

True Ending Get all Haori for Ako

Secret weapons
To unlock the three maxed weapons from Onimusha 1, complete the game once while achieving the following requirements. And you should start a new game with the three secret weapons which will be found at the same street where Samanosuke first transfer into the future. Remember, you still need to finish the game after you meet the requirements. At the end, you will unlock them. And you can use them from the next new game and on.
Get This By Doing This----------
The three swords from Onimusha 1 ! Simply collect the 3 key items from just the Phantom Realms at Underwater Temple and Mont St. Michel.

Find the Bishamon Sword

Before your last encounter with Nobunaga, go to the save point at the bottom of the stairs to the temple. Look to your upper left. The crazy hanging man is right there. Move a little closer and you'll be, once again, warped to the demon world. Here, you'll have to find 8 red orbs to unlock the chest. Once you do, The Bishamon sword is yours.
Fast Life Recovery
When you have Ako's White Vest equiped rotate the right analog stick and your life will replenish at least 2 times faster.
Alternate ending sequence
Increase all seven Haori of Ako to the maximum to view the alternate ending sequence. This requires all Kodama to be found.
Bravery: Successfully complete the game without saving.
Critical: Kill over 40% of your enemies with critical hits.
Defense: Take less than 5,120 damage.
Explorer: Find all 23 Tengu chests.
Offense: Kill over 3,000 enemies.
Speed: Have a completion time of less than 5:00:00.
Bishamon Sword and Ultimate Whip
In the 3rd shadow realm, you can get the best weapons in the game. They are both on the first floor, but you have to get either 8 red orbs(Samanosuke) or 8 blue orbs(Jacques) on the other floors to unlock the chests that they are in.
Michelle's alternate costume
Successfully complete the game on the normal difficulty setting to unlock Michelle's first alternate costume.

Michelle's second alternate costume
Successfully complete the game with an "Onimusha" rank to unlock Michelle's second alternate costume. Alternately, play the game with a memory card with a saved game from Onimusha: Blade Warriors.

Jacuqe's alternate costume
Successfully complete the game on the normal difficulty setting to unlock Jacuqe's alternate costume.

Panda costume
Successfully complete secret training mode to unlock the panda costume. Alternately, play the game with a memory card with a saved game from Onimusha: Blade Warriors.

Different Costumes
Cowboy Suit(Samanosuke):
Beat the game with a higher score as Samanosuke or beat the game using Jacques's special suit.

Special Suit(Jacques):
Beat the game with a higher score as Jacques or beat the game using Samanosuke's cowboy suit

Panda Suit(Samanosuke)
Beat the Oni Training minigame (beat all the training things, then finish the game to get it)
or have data from Onimusha Blade warriors on your
memory card.

Get an S rating on normal or hard mode.
Easy difficulty
Intentionally lose the game two times on the normal difficulty setting to unlock the easy difficulty setting.

Hard difficulty
Successfully complete the game on the normal difficulty setting to unlock the hard difficulty setting.

Critical (Issen) mode
Successfully complete the game on the hard difficulty setting to unlock Critical (Issen) mode. In this mode, only critical hits can kill opponents.

Oni Hard mode
Successfully complete the game in Issen mode to unlock Oni Hard mode.

Ultimate mode
Successfully complete the Oni shooting mini-game to unlock Ultimate mode. The game will start with Sam having the Bishamon sword; Jacque having his best Oni Musou; infinite arrows, bullets, infinite Oni power, thirty Medicines, and ten Talismans.

Have the Raizan, Enryuu, and Shippuu
To get the weapons from Onimusha: warlords, get the Thunder seal, Fire seal, and Wind seal from the dark realms, then finish off the game. When you play a new game after that, instead of your weapons disappearing when get sent to France, you will get to keep them.
Infinite Genma Souls
After going through the first set of double doors where the Oni Army is fighting the Genma, before using the Firefly to go up the short cliff, have the Genma and and Oni Army men on the wall of the short cliff and you as close as possible to the doors on the other side of the field. The supply of Genma infantry are infinite and Oni Army can take care of them by themselves. While they are fighting and nowhere near you, tape down Circle and allow the game to run. The souls will come to you, and you can get as many as desired without interruptions from the Genma. For a slightly faster collection, have Ako's Blue Vest equipped. Note: The process of getting a lot of bars filled of souls will take a long time. Also, when the soul count reaches 9,999, release Circle. This gives you an additional bar (or perhaps more) filled automatically. Then, tape Circle again. Given enough time you can have 99 bars worth of souls.

Note: This trick only works for Samanosuke. Once you obtain the Ten-Point Slash Training Scroll, play under the beginner difficulty setting multiple times. Each time you finish, you should come away with one bar, or close to it. Do this until you have the desired amount of souls, or until you max all your equipment.
Max Out Health
Complete the game on the "Hard" difficulty setting and then restart, during your new game enter the following:

L1, L2, R1, R2, Circle, Square, Square, Triangle, Circle.
Oni Musou
Have Jacque go through the Phantom Realm in Honnouji.
Regain health
Equip Ako's White Haori, then stand still. Additionally, when Ako's wearing the White Haori, rotate the Right Analog-stick. Ako will move faster to regain health quicker, depending how fast you can rotate. Note: Do not not use it while you have five Oni Orbs.

Original Onimusha swords
Successfully complete the game with all three items from the Phantom Realms. Then, start a new game to have all three swords from the original Onimusha. Alternately, play the game with a memory card with a saved game from Onimusha: Warlords.

Bishamon sword
Successfully complete the game with the "Onimusha" rank. Alternately, get the Bishamon sword in the Phantom Realm in Honnouji when Sam goes to the past.
Ultimate Mode
To get the ultimate mode, beat all the levels of the Oni Target Practice minigame.(beat the game in normal mode to get it) In ultimate mode you start with the Bishamon sword and Ultimate Whip, all your weapons will be at MAX level and have unlimited magic, and your characters will each have a bunch of ultra medicines and charms. NOTE: You have to turn it on in the special features thing.
Use less magic during magic attacks
This trick requires the gauntlet for Sam/Jacques to be at least level 2. Charge up the gauntlet (press R1 firmly) to at least two and unleash a magic attack. With the purple vest on Ako you can do about five magic attacks in a row instead of four.