Okami (PS2) Cheats

Okami cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Code Breaker Codes for more Okami cheat codes.


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Defeating Blockhead Grande
You have to charge him more than once and you'll need a whiteboard marker and a camera that you can shoot video on then play it back either slower or frame by frame. Also, put a 4 by 4 grid on the screen. This worked for me really well. Charge him and while the dots are appearing mark them really well with the marker (completely fill in the dots you make) don't try to remember it and let the stones fall. Do that over and over until you are sure that you have filled in 1 dot for each grid space. When that's done charge him again, and have your camera record the entire dot sequence (its easier if you have someone else record it and play it back). Then play it back or play it slowly while you hold down the R1 button. After each dot appears on the play back mark it RIGHT BELOW the dot you made so that the painted dot is overlapping the marked dot on your screen, THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. I got it on the 1st or 2nd try, so you might have to do it more than once. Hope this helped!
Easily Fill The Astral Pouch
Tired of searching for food? Well, after the Kamiki Village Festival, go to Mr. & Mrs. Orange's house, talk to each of them. Mrs.Orange Will Give You Some Cherry Cakes, and then keep talking to Mr.Orange, he will give you baked oranges on a stick 3 times. Use Sunlight Followed By Cresent. Reapeat The Process Till' The Astral pouch is full.
Finding buried treasures easily
Instead of looking for buried treasures in the day, do it during night, this way there will be a ray of light that will show you where is a treasure chest buried!
Okay, this is pretty easy. Obviously you cant jump off the island, but if you jump, then tackle the wall in mid-air the game will treat it like a wall and Amaterasu will backflip off. If you do it in the right place, with a bit of practice, you can squeeze through the small gap next to block head. PLEASE NOTE! You might not be able to get back, so be well-prepared!!!
Haruka's Revenge Contract
Here's some help in finding the monsters in Haruka's Revenge Contract.

1- Bulging Eyes the Despised: Close to Bingo.

2- Weirdo the Abhorrent: Around the entrance of the tunnel.

3- Death Fin the Repugnant: In the NE corner, behind the Origin Mirror.

4- Red Devil the Detested: In the upper area, left of the tunnel's exit.

5- Curse Gill the Repulsive: Near the bridge over the waterfall by Mr. and Mrs. Cutter's house.
how to find treasure shests in the day time.
If u look at the ground u can sometimes see something that looks like a ring. Dig it up.
How to get the Inferno Up-Grade
(Please note you must have access to sei-an city after the fog is lifted)
To get this powerful technique, first talk to the tea merchant at the start of Taka pass, he will say that a bunch of moles stole his prized teacup.

Next, go straight forward in the direction of the weird house on the map (DO NOT TURN BUT KEEP GOING FOWARD) and you will find a bunch of holes along the way, the moles will pop up and start a sort of mini-game (afterwards you can play for treasure) and you have to headbutt the mole dressing in blue 3 times, after that he will throw out a yellowish item, pick it up and go back to the tea merchant.

The tea merchant will thank you and give you some 'Golden Mushrooms' Next its off to Sei-an city. The first part of the city is where you get the technique, its located in a restaurant (you may need to search) but when you go to the far right of the building, you should see a giant pot-like thing with a chef below it, talk to him and give him the mushrooms.

Next is the tricky part, when the camera does a close up of the pot, quickly draw an infinity symbol (a sideways 8) and Moegami will appear shortly after, giving you the power of Firestorm!

My real user is Twilight_Okami if your wondering, message me if you'd like to say thanks.
Kusa 5 battle in gale shrine
when battling the kusa 5 try to buy as many exorcism slips as you can (large works best) use these and you should allow the battle to go faster/or weaken your oponent so much that you won't have to waste as much time finishing them off.
Masu's Monster Manifest
Here's some help in finding the monsters in Masu's Monster Manifest.

1- Dishonorable Tempest: Right at the origin mirror.

2- Foul Thunder: At the bell in front of Ankoku Temple.

3- Petulant Lightning: On the beach, and to the merchant's right.

4- Storm of Degradation: Around the alcove leading to the guardian sapling.

5- Shame Flasher: Near the animal lover and the pier's ramp.
Mika's Monster Notebook: "Special" monsters locations
Onimaru the Incorrigible: Shinshu Field, near the Nameless Man's house

Biwamaru the Vandal: Shinshu Field, immediately outside the Moon Shrine

Akuzo the Interloper: Shinshu Field, near the Nameless Man's kilns

Izo the String Cutter: Shinshu Field, on the beach by the Pyotechnist's house

Toya of the Short Temper: Shinshu Field, in the vicinity of the Origin Mirror.

NOTE: All these monsters can only be found at night.
Search for the areas of light.
During a battle. You can escape the fight to preserve you're health and energy. During a battle, search for a screen light around the walls. Attack it a couple times, a portal will open up to get you out of the fight.

This is very useful when you are low on health.
Susano & Kushui during the festival
This is a secret that can olny be done during the festival after killing Orochi. Go to the sacred tree in Kamiki Village. Go inside it and then follow the apth to the giant statue of Susano's ancestor.
The couple will be standing in front of the statue. There'll be hearts coming from their head. If you talk to them they will begin to mummble in embarrasment.
Teleport using origin Mirrors
Once you have saved the person with the poison coming out of his mouth, speak to him and you will find out he collects demon fangs. Get 80 then buy the pot. You will get a brush technique so when you draw a cross over a origin mirror and you can chose to go to any of the origin mirrors in the Game.
Wali's Record of Penance
Here's some help in finding the monsters in Wali's Record of Penance

1- Creeping Igloo: Right outside of Wali's hut.

2- Snowy Stigma: Close to the entrance of Yoshpet.

3- Stalking Blizzard: At the bottom of the frozen waterfall.

4- Cold Remorse: Near the small island on the frozen pond.

5- Frozen Penitence: The opposite end of the fence, by the merchant.
Walk on water(okami)
once oyu have collected al least 100 demon fangs go talk to the emprorer of sei-an city he will have a water tablet once you buy the tablet you will be able to walk on water(not a very big game tip but oh well)
Water Sprout Technique 2 (mermaid coin brush technique)
Anytime after you have completed the Dragon Palace go back again and enter the palace. Take a right down the corridor with the guard who says sorry about blocking you and lets you in. Go in and dig in the middle where the light is. It will open up a hole and now for a small minigame of sorts, but its worth.
You need to lead her to the very bottom, but they start you at the bottom, so you need to get all the way up and then lead her down. To get up start at the far right corner and start going up. Use bomb a lot (the quickest way is to place the bomb IN the squares since it will then detonate right away) and then when you reach her you need to use bombs to lead her down and use wind to get her over spiky ones. When she does get to the bottom dig where she indicates and the spring pops up.
Talk to the big lady again and she mentions how there is no whirly swirl. They then start running around in circles and you are then indicated to draw a swirl.
This swirl technique is "water sprout technique 2" which is equivalent to the mermaid coins! YAY!!!

Easter eggs

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Ice Statues in Kamui
Go to the dojo in Kamui. There will be a big pile of snow close to it. If you power slash it enough times, a large ice statue of Issun will appear! Destroy it with Inferno and go into the dojo and come back out. The pile of snow reappear. Now, if you power slash it enough times again, a statue of Sakuya will appear! This can be repeated for different statues.
Street Fighter Move
In the beginning of the game in Kamiki Village after you assist Ms. Orange with her pole, you will be invited to her house to eat cherry cakes, but only during the night. When you go and speak with her she will perform a Shun Goku Satsu before she makes the cakes. That is one of Akuma's techniques, a character from the Street Fighter series.
Viewtiful Joe Pose
When with Onigiri Sensei get him to switch into his training mode and he'll strike a pose that is similar to one used by the titular character from another Clover Studios game, Viewtiful Joe.


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Brush up-grades: Rain up-grade
To get the rain up-grade, go behind the queen's shrine where you will find a pond. An attendant will tell you to honor the queen's memory. What you are supposed to do is to use waterspout to on all 4 of the rocks rising out of the water towards the lake.
The you'll receive this brush upgrade

Cherry Bomb Lvl 2 & 3
Cherry Bomb Lvl 2: In the second island to the left of catcall tower, destroy the rocky ground and go through the hole, there you will find a "fountain" where you can make offerings, offer a total of $120000 and your cherry bomb technique will level up! Now you'll be able to draw 2 bombs at once.
Cherry Bomb Lvl 3: It's in Kamui behind the Guardian Sapling. Underground, like the others. Select the third option 3 times, to offer a total of $300000. Now you can draw 3 bombs at once.
Instant Kill Parry Attack
Equip a reflector as your secondary weapon. Time the parry(triangle button when a reflector is equipped as a secondary weapon) just before an enemy attack hits you and you'll counter it killing many enemies instantly.
Loading screen trick
In Okami the are two types of loading screen, the first one is a trail of paw prints followed by a picture of Issun and the other one is a white screen with the message now loading.
In the first one (which is the long loading screen) press X to see big paw prints instead of the smaller ones, by making the whole trail of big paw prints a demon fang will appear on screen and you'll obtain it.
In the second type of loading screen press the X button as fast as you can to get another demon fang.
Each time you do this correctly those demon fangs will be added to your inventory.
New Game+
After the end of the credits at the end of the game, you are asked to save for a new game. All weapons except the 5th of each type transfer over. Peace Bell, Lucky Cat, Wood Mat, and Ink Pot are the only Holy Artifacts that transfer over. Brush techniques do not transfer over. But stats do transfer over.
Okami Jukebox
This feature will be unlocked by completing the game once
Power slash Level 2 & 3
Power slash Lvl 2:Third island to the left of catcall tower, either dig or use a cherry bomb to destroy a rock and make a hole on the ground, enter trough it. You'll find a "fountain" where you can make offerings, select the third option 3 times and your celestial technique Power Slash will level up!
Now you'll be able to cut steel rocks.
Power Slash Lvl 3: Powerslash Lvl 3 is at the lake where the Ark is. Run about 3/4 of the way up the left path and look for a ledge to the lower right. It costs 360,000 yen. Now you'll be able to cut all the diamond rocks.
Turn Oki people into wolves/humans
To turn a Oki person into a wolf, draw a circle around them and they wil transform. To turn them back to humans, draw a cirle again.
Unlockables after finishing the game
Depending on the end of the game evaluation you'll get different unlockables.
Kamic Returner: Complete the game once.
Kamic Transfomer 1: Complete the game once.
Kamic Transfomer 2: Complete the game once.
Stray Bead: Complete the game once.
Invincibility: Find all 100 Stray Beads
Kamic Transfomer 3: S-Rating for "Deaths"
Kamic Transfomer 4: S-Rating for "Enemies Defeated"
Kamic Transfomer 5: S-Rating for "Money Gained"
Kamic Transfomer 6: S-Rating for "Demon Fangs Found"
Kamic Transfomer 7: S-Rating for "Praise Earned"
Kamic Transfomer 8: S-Rating for "Praise Earned"
Kamic Transfomer 9: S-Rating for "Praise Earned"
Secret Theatre: More than 31 hours of play time
where to find gen's missing gear
defeat the running guy in shinsu field...
i got it before entering yamato's ark... i think defeating him 3 times in a race will do... remember to exit shinsu field every time you defeat him....