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Climbing Leventhan
In the final battle of the game, you'll have to climb Leventhan to reach him head and attack it. But climbing him can be quite hard, since there are lightnings that fall from the sky and, worst of all, when you get near the top Leventhan will show up his head and and his scales will start spinning around preventing you from climbing up. When this happen Leventhan will either try to bite you or shoot you with his breath.

So how to avoid all these and make it in one piece to the top of the dragon? The answer is simple, use the magic "Invisible" which will render you inmaterial for a while and will allow you to take no damage from Leventhan's attack.
When you are near the top and he shows his head, if you are invisible, just stay still until he bites you or finishes shooting you with his breath, then because of the magic, you didn't take any damage and you are now able to proceed to the top. So using the "Invisible" magic at the right moment will make climbing Leventhan a lot more easier.
Submitted by: Just a Shadow on July 09, 2007
Dealing with the Underworld
The enemies in the Underworld can be quite pesky because of their ability to turn immaterial and then walk right up to you and deal that 1 damage that takes away your S Rank. Here's how you deal with them:

Blizzard Potions.

The potion will freeze them even if they are still immaterial, which will also turn them material without the need of trying to absorb phozons. This also works great for the Odette boss battles.

Best of all, it uses Cubsbanes, which are plentiful in the underworld.
Submitted by: Crowmanhunter on December 30, 2013
Did you know?
Did you know that even if your POW gauge has run out and your character is dizzy, you are able to use magic and items?
If you accidentally run out of POW, take advantage of being able to use magic to defend yourself or heal your character with items to reduce the chances of being killed when you are dizzy.
Submitted by: Just a Shadow on June 16, 2007
Fate: Chapter 6 Belial and Beldor
This boss fight may appear to be impossible at first, but if you use Velvet's abilities properly (or you spam napalm items) you'll be able to defeat both enemies.

I recommend you to take out Beldor first, he is not much more powerful than a normal wizard, but he can be annoying. To take him out, hit the swords he launches at you back to him, that will stun him temporarily, now equip a Jupiter bangle and use Overlord (if you haven't got any of those, well you could use a phozon burst or napalm) and hit him as much as you can.

Now to do that, you must first get away from Belial, so that he doesn't attack you from behind easily. Wait for Beldor to appear near you and summon his swords and launch your attack, repeat as many times as necessary, until he dies.

Next is Belial: Belial still has the ability to let "junk" rain fall from the sky and eat you. Getting away from this attack is rather easy with Velvet, use her swinging ability to dodge the "junk" and get as far as you can from Belial. Of course, you need to get close to hit Belial, but it's better to attack him from behind, again equip a Jupiter bangle and use Overlord before launching your attack (or spam napalm items). It will take more attacks than Beldor to get this dragon down, but it is possible, you have defeated it before so you already know it's possible to kill.

¡Good luck!
Submitted by: Just a Shadow on July 04, 2007
Get more EXP for the psypher
For this, you will need the skill "Phozon Release". It releases 6 phozons for 100 MP. Absorbing phozons will give most MP between 0 MP and 100 MP (each will give you 10 MP in that area). So, if you "reabsorb" those 6 phozons you just released, you will need only 4 additional phozones to fill the first 100 MP again, that will multiply your EXP by 2.5 (or a little less, because you will go over the 100 MP every now and then, receiving only 9 MP for 1 phozone)

How to get most phozones by Alchemy:

For this you need 2 Materials, 3 Magnet Rings and 1 Habaneristo Mandragora. Both of these Items only cost 5 gold, if you buy them at the best place. Combine 1 Material with 2 Magnet Rings and 1 Material with only 1 Magnet Ring, resulting in a Materia 14 and a Material 7. Combine them, and you get a Material 98. Now combine that with the Habaneristo Mandragora for 30 phozones and an Xtra phozons, with gives another 15 phozons, 45 phozons in total. If you use this with the trick above, you get about 100-110 phozones for only 25 gold, or even only 15 gold, if you get the materials from the opponents. (they drop them a lot, if you attack them with the piercing attack (down + square button)

Of course, you should use that trick in chapter 7 areas, because each phozone will give you 70 EXP there, or even 77, if you equip the Mind Stone, giving a total of about 8000 EXP for only 25 gold!
Submitted by: Meteor on March 17, 2009
How to increase the carried over score
Choose any stage and get as worst score as possible, then check the status screen (L2)you'll see that the carried over score will be something 100 or more, this way you can get S Rank easier and get more money.
Submitted by: Precept on May 03, 2011
Opening chests easily
To open chests with just one hit, use the piercing attack of your character, which is performed by pressing "down" + "square button". This attack will open the chest with just one hit.
This is specially useful with chests that are dropped by the enemy, because they disappear after a while if you don't hit them and open them.
Submitted by: Just a Shadow on June 30, 2007
Preparing yourself for "Armageddon"
Before starting the final book "Armageddon", the game suggests you to re-vist each character book to prepare yourself for the final battles.
I strongly recommend you to do so, because it will help you a LOT. Of course, it will take some time, but using alchemy to make useful items such as Painkiller, Unlimited Power, Napalm, Healing Potions, Elixirs, etc will provide you with a great advantage against the final bosses.
Also you'll be able to level up your character's psypher & HP all you want. I advice you to level up until you learn the magic "Overlord" (if you don't have it already), it will prove to be useful when combined with an "Unlimited Power" potion and a "Painkiller" potion.
Submitted by: Just a Shadow on July 04, 2007
In the Epilogue of "The Pooka Prince", you'll face the slimes enemies in many areas of Titania. If you attack them with Cornelius sword you will only deal 1 point of damage. To take them out easily I recommend you using napalm.
So before proceeding with the story of the Epilogue, go to an area with a bunch of Onionne Mandragoras and get as many as you can, because the mix to make napalm is: Material 2 + Onionne = Napalm.

By using napalm on the slimes you'll be able to kill them in one hit and save a lot of time.

Also, there is another alternate way to kill them easily, which is attacking them when you are transformed into a frog. In that form you will deal a lot more damage to the slimes. You can turn into one either by being attacked with the "frog" spell of the sorcerers or by using a "Metaromofosis" item.
Submitted by: Just a Shadow on June 21, 2007
Troll Molars
Many people doesn't know where to get this item, which are used in the game for either alchemy or in the restarant/café.
The only way to get Troll Molars is to go to Winterhorn Ridge and fight the yeti-like enemies that appear in that area.
To make the Trolls drop a chest, you must use the DOWN + SQUARE attack on them, if you have a Lucky
Stone equipped it will be easier, since the chances of enemies dropping items will increase.
Submitted by: Just a Shadow on July 09, 2007
True Ending
In the final book, the one called "Armageddon", you are able to choose which character to play as in each chapter (5 characters; 5 chapters).

If you use the following order you will get the True Ending when you finish the game:

Cornelius ->Oswald ->Mercedes ->Velvet ->Gwendolyn

Submitted by: Just a Shadow on July 04, 2007
Velvet's swinging ability
Velvet's swinging ability is not only useful to get away from the enemies faster, but it can be used to dodge enemies attacks, this is because while the swinging animation is performed Velvet can NOT be damaged by any attacks! This means you'll be invincible during the swinging.
Use this ability to dodge those attacks that cannot be escaped from by running or jumping. It will help you to survive in bosses a lot.
Submitted by: Just a Shadow on July 03, 2007

Odin Sphere Cheats

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Back to Alice
Tired of re-setting your console every now and then just for you to be able to revert to another story?
Theres a better alternative for that, press L1+L2+1+R2 the press Start+Select while you are in the middle of your gameplay in a particular story.
This will take you back to alice which will enable you again to pick a different story.

It is advised though to save your game first before doing this.
Submitted by: Grandwing on January 22, 2008
Heroric difficulty is a difficulty where your HP never increases and to unlock it, you have to
obtain all texts, recipes and alchemys.
Submitted by: LvilleCard4Life on June 02, 2007