Shadow of the Colossus Cheats

Shadow of the Colossus cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Shadow of the Colossus cheat codes.


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Colossi locations
Each individual Colossus can be found at the following map coordinates:

1: F-5
2: F-3
3: E-2
4: G-5
5: H-4
6: D-6
7: D-1
8: G-6
9: D-3
10: B-4
11: F-1
12: G-2
13: E-6
14: C-2
15: G-1
16: F-8
diffrent colored agro
brown agro-Upon completing all the time trials in Normal Mode the ability to load the game with Agro's coat color turned to brown (instead of the normal gray-black) by pressing and holding the square button at the title screen while loading a game is unlocked.
white agro-Upon beating all of the time trials in Hard Mode, the player may choose a white coat color for Agro by holding circle at the title screen.

Faster Argo
If you tap back on the left analog stick and hit X, Argo will pull back on his hind knees and burst from his position to immediate full speed.
faster Health regeneration #2
If you have time to stop while your low on health,insted of just crouching pet Agro and your health bar will increase faster.
Flying...for a little bit
If you find a bird flying anywhere, jump and hit the grab button, you will grab on to a birds leg for a short time, and fly until the bird gets too low.
In shadow of the collossus if you want to increase your health bar look up in the trees every time you pass one. Sometimes there will be fruit in the trees. Shoot the fruit down with your bow and arrow then switch to the hand and pick the fruit up like you would a lizard by crouching. You health bar will then increase. The increase isn't substantial but it adds up after a while. My health bar is almost 2/3 to the other edge of the screen.
Getting on Agro faster
During colossus fights you probably don't have time to put yourself right next to Agro and push the triangle button to get on him and ride, so there is a faster way to do this.
What you have to do is simply jump in the direction of the right/left side of Agro and hold R1 button, Wander will climb up and ride the horse.
I love hunting
If you pull out your bow and arrow you can shoot animals all but argo.You vcan shoot birds,lizzereds and if your fast turtles
Ico reference
Have a saved game from Ico on your memory card to change the diamond-shaped mark on Agro's head into the "I" from the Ico logo.
After you beat the game once, if you load the same game again after you have beaten it, you will start all over again. It will tell you its a 2nd came with a insignia on your save file. Now in this file go to the back with all the statues, go up to one and press X to pray and go into time attack mode.

For ever two time attacks you beat, you get a item. Normal mode has a different set of items from Hard mode, so try both!

Items are things for example like strength masks, invisible cloaks, and spears of thunder.
Just a little relaxation... a pond, cave, bridge, and beach!
Who says life on a lonely, forbidden land with your girlfriend dead and the fact that you have to perform a perilous and seemingly impossible task to get her back on your shoulders can't be a somewhat relaxing life? Ha. Well, there's a BIG pond in the south east corner of C3 on the map's grid. There are many things you can do here. You can dive in, jump in with Agro (he's so cute!), and swim with fish! To do this, simply swim under water close to one. There are plenty of them. Also, there are turtles. Sadly, they're indestructible, but messin' with them's fun! On the way, try to catch a bird, cuz you get the opportunity a lot. If you save at a temple, it will be shown on your map. If you're in the mood for a tour of the wondrous land, you can go to the snake colossus's cave through the nearest entrance to the pond. Go to the very back of the cave and turn left. Keep going along the wall until you find the first cave exit/entrance. Go through this passage. You'll come out in the light and the temple will be to the left. Go straight until you find a path that declines and follow it. Sorry this is long, by the way. Keep going, keep going... jumping off the side of the path will speed things up. Just keep going DOWN! Finally, the path should quit going down and be flat. You'll be in a trench. Get out of the trench to find a lovely plane. Not airplane, either. You see a fruit tree? Yeah, well go to it. By the way, I'm leading you to the white, sandy shores of the beach. You'll like it. After you have reached the tree, go to the very nearby ridge. *THIS PART IS OPTIONAL* Turn left and walk along the edge until you see it: the broken bridge. Don't worry! Agro can gracefully put this scary sight OUT of sight. Just trust your mount. After this, there is one more. Now that you're satisfied, turn around and do it again. Once you cross both, turn left. *If you DIDN'T do the previous step, go RIGHT on the ridge's edge.* Go along the edge for a minute and you'll find a down-going path. Follow this path to the bottom, and there you go! You're at the beach! I named it Agro Beach in honor of your brave and trusting friend. Sorry this was long, but I just wanted to make sure you got there. Hope you liked it!
Lizards increase your energy bar
If you happen to run across a save alter search around for a lizard with a white tail. if you eat it your energy cirlce will increase slightly. There are also several "secret" white tailed lizards found in areas besides alters. A few I know of:
1. When you enter the southern half of the land go east as far as you can go. There should be an alter with a large tree near the cliff overlooking the sea. If you look down the cliff from the tree you will see a ledge with a lizard on it. *warning* if you jump down to get the lizard you will seem stuck. Look to the north and you will see a ramp you can jump down to.
2.Near the broken seal area there is a rock formation that obviously isn't natural. a lizard crawls amongst the rocks.
Normal Time attack secret items
To get secret items all you have to do is complete the time attack rounds. Every two rounds you will be given one of these items
Whistling arrow- turns collossus away.
Cloak of Strength- better damage to collossus
Mask of Power-Better damage to collossus.
Lizard seeking stone- detects lizards when within certain range.
Fruit tree map- lists locations of all fruit trees.
Cloak of deception- makes you invisible and collossus cannot see you.
Mask of strength- better damage to collossus.
Flash arrows- arrows that explode. can do damage to collossus of shot at vital but cannot be used to finish off a vital.
Also when you get the last item you will be able to change the color of your horse by holding square when selecting a load game from the title.
pet Agro
to pet agro, take out your hand and go stand next to him and press O. he will then start to pet him and whisper something that is hard to make out
Powerful attack
While fighting a Colossus, press Triangle, R1 + Square to do about twice as much damage as a normal hit. Make sure you do not fall off the Colossus when doing this move.

save temples
wanna stop but don't wanna beat a colossus to do so? well here are all the save temple coords.

C-4(upper right corner)
F-4(front of the shrine of worship[the place u start in])
G-4(due north of the horse colossus)
B-5(bottom right corner)
C-5(bottom right corner)
D-5(due east of 1st colossus and due north of the 6th)
E-5(in the woods)
F-8(after 15th colossus)

p.s: all save temples have wht. tail lizards(these lizards give u more grip)
Secret Garden
If you have enough stamina, you can climb the Shrine where you start off. Simply go to the back of building (outside) and look for vines. It it a difficult journey, but the secret garden is nothing really other than with fruits that LOWER your stamina, only reason you would go here is if your stamina circle is taking up too much screen space.
secret garden and the gateway bridge
Secret Garden? yes secret garden. when u get there, either by beating normal, hard, and both time attacks(normal and hard) or the other way(look under secret garden on this site) there is one. But be forewarned, don't eat the fruit! it significantly lowers your health and grip. also there is no colossus up there.

Gateway Bridge? thats wat i call the long bridge u cross in the intro movie. you can reach it and cross all the way across to the gate but I'LL save u some time u can't go through so have fun
Stamina bar Growth
If you find any trees, look up and see if you can find yellow fruits. Take out your bow, and shoot it, eat it and you will get more stamina.
If you are having trouble finding where the collossus are, by holding up your sword in the sunlight by holding O, you can determain by moving the analog stick until the sunlight reflecks one light in that direction. go there.


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Alternate introduction sequence
Turn on the game and let the introduction sequence begin where your character is riding Agro. Press Start so that the title screen appears. Allow the game idle and a new introduction sequence will appear. This time, the setting is where you last saved a game. It will show your character resting or sleeping at the altar. Then, Agro will start walking away and begin to run and roam all over the open area. Additionally, save the game after completing it. Turn off the PlayStation 2, then turn it back on. Allow the introduction sequence to begin, where your character is riding Argo. Press Start so that the title screen appears. Allow the game to idle, and a new introduction sequence will begin. Instead of Argo roaming all over the world, you will now follow a hawk, soaring over the canyons and plains
Brown Agro
Defeat all sixteen Colossi and get all items in Normal Time Attack mode. Then at the title screen, hold Square.

Control intermission sequences
During all intermission sequences, the view can be moved and zoomed in. You can also allow the game to idle during the introduction sequence to see Agro exploring the world without Wander. This sequence can also be controlled. Use the Right Analog-stick to change the angle and R1 and R2 to zoom in and out.

Faster health regeneration
If you've taken a lot of damage in battle, and don't have time to stop and gain your life back, while walking, cycle through your weapons continually, and your life bar will rise just as fast as it would if you weren't moving.
Kill the Doves!
Having Trouble Killing those Doves? Well once you get flash arrows you no longer will. All you have to do is stand away from the doves, yet not far enough where you have to charge your strength Circle, and not to close so they'll fly away. just have your Flash arrows out then press square, Do not hold

they will be gin to fly then siddenly fall. Congradulate your self by shooting many arrows into the Dove's life less bodys
To get Hard Mode you have to win the game. Also when you win the game you can do time attack mode by praying in front of the tablet in front of the temple.
Reminisce mode
Go to the corpse of the Colossi and press Circle to pray. In this mode, the graphics will change to an old film appearance.

Secret Garden
Successfully complete all four modes and have a large amount of stamina. Then, climb the back of the temple you first started in. Climb up the ivy and follow the trail all the way up and around the ledge to the right. Jump across at the other end of the ledge to reach the next set of ivy. Continue on until you get to another ledge above that you must climb around. Once at the other side of this ledge, climb to the right then shimmy across another ledge that leads behind a column. Jump to the ivy-covered column, then continue climbing. The ivy will lead to a walkway. Climb the stairs and walkway to the left of the garden. A sequence will begin and the seventeenth Colossi will appear. Defeat the Colossi to open the path to the top of the temple. Note: Eating fruit from the trees in the garden causes damage.

It is possible to reach the Secret Garden early. Find the patch of ivy behind the Temple you start at (almost directly under the huge bridge you came in on). If your grip meter is high enough, you can just jump straight up the side until you reach the first ledge, which has a small patch of leaves on it. Position yourself directly under that patch of leaves. Continue to hold Grip/Duck and jump straight up. Your character will immediately duck in those leaves, allowing you to refill any lost grip. Then, continue around and up the side until you reach the path leading to the garden.

so i was walking arown looking for barrys and what not and i found a lake in c-3. i was like cool lets see this so i go in in and im swimming arown and i see all of these samon!so i go under-water and as im holding R1 i grab one of thos samon! it was cool it took my on a letting trip arown the river
Time Attack Mode
Successfully complete the game to unlock Time Attack mode.

Time Attack Mode Bonuses
You will be give a bonus item for every two Colossi defeated in Time Attack mode. On the Normal difficulty setting, the following bonus items will be unlocked, in order:

Whistling Arrow: Distracts a Colossus
Cloak of Force: Sword damages a Colossus more
Mask of Strength: Inflict greater wounds to a Colossus
Lizard Detection Stone: Detects white tailed lizards
Fruit Tree Map: Reveals the Fruit Trees on map
Mask of Power: Inflict greater wounds to a Colossus
Cloak of Deception: Invisible to a Colossus
Flash Arrow: Explodes when hits Colossus
Brown Horse: Hold Square to start game at the main menu to get a brown horse
While playing Time Attack mode on the Hard difficulty setting, the following bonus items will be unlocked, in order:

Harpoon Of Thunder
Sword Of The Sun: Light beacon operates in patches of shadow
Fruit Tree Map: Reveals the Fruit Trees on map
Shaman's Cloak: Increase defense and lessen damage
Lizard Detection Stone: Detects white tailed lizards
Shaman's Mask: Increase defense
Cloth Of Desperation: Parachute for safe landing
Queen's Sword From Ico
White Agro
Defeat all sixteen Colossi and get all items in Hard Time Attack mode. Then at the title screen, hold Circle.