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NFL Quarterback Club 2002 (PS2) Cheats

NFL Quarterback Club 2002 cheats, and Codes for PS2.


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Unlock Bernie Kozar
Throw 5 TDs with one player in a single game.
Unlock Boomer Esiason
Throw 15 passes to one reciever in a single game.
Unlock Dan Marino
Throw 50+ TDs in a season by one player
Unlock Jim Everett
Unlock Jim Everett simply by breaking a recond in QB Challenge.
Unlock Jim Kelly
Have a 105 QB Rating in a single game, with a minimum of 20 pass attempts.
Unlock John Elway
Rush for 2000+ yards by one player in a season
Unlock Phil Sims
Throw 500 passing yards in a game.
Unlock Steve Young
Throw 5100+ yards in a single season by one player
Unlock Troy Aikman
To unlock Aikman beat 7 other QB's in the QB Challenge!