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NFL Head Coach Cheats

NFL Head Coach cheats, and Codes for PS2.

NFL Head Coach Cheats

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Better Player Performance
To allow your WRs and QB to have good numbers on game day, run either the 1 vs. 1 WR/DB Con or Pass Skeleton Con drill as your last practice before game day. This will allow your WRs and QB numbers to be almost their best for a game, and allows no time for them to drop before a game.

Submitted by: cheatcodeman11 on July 25, 2006
Double Sacks
This isn't a cheat, but more of a glitch. This can be good and bad. After a game, if your QB gets sacked, let's say 3 times, it'll show up as sacked 6 times in that game's stats. If one of your linebacker gets two sacks, it'll show up as 4 sacks in that game's stats. So yes--this glitch can be quite annoying, but helpful, at the same time.
Submitted by: chaos on March 07, 2007
Drafting Reggie Bush
When starting a new season, choose to coach for the Texans so that in the first year's draft you can choose Reggie Bush. Alternately, coach for a team that has one of the first draft picks and choose Reggie Bush if he is still not drafted when you get your first draft pick. If he has been drafted, reload your game and try again until he is available
Submitted by: cheatcodeman11 on July 25, 2006
Quick QB Improvement
In practice Call Hail Mary vs. 46 Engage Eight. Use your first string offense and your third string defense. Your QB will complete the pass easily because there are only 3 DBs covering 4 WRs. Because of this, his rating will go up quickly.
Submitted by: Cpash on July 25, 2006
special names
Here are some names that will help you in the game during the season enter these names when creating your coach:

Superbowl always played at home: Hometown Hero

Clown body: Red Nose

John madden body: John Madden

Santa clause body: Merry Christmas
Submitted by: Chad and Protoman on December 24, 2006