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Neopets: The Darkest Faerie (PS2) Cheats

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Unlockable Stage
The Brightvale Library is a little difficult.But all you do is In the left corner right next to the door where you come in there is a switch.All you do is step on that switch,and the bookshelves will move,allowing you to get to one of the giant sparkling books up high.After you read that book,the bookshelves will move again allowing you to get to another,but different book that you need to read. After you read that one,the bookshelves will move again,and once more and then you can get to the book in the middle of the Library and after you read that book,Roberta,or Tor (whoever you are at this point) will have all the information he or she needs.After that you will have a new destination to get to.Good luck with the rest of your Journey!
UnlockableHow to unlock


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a secret petpet
Certain petpets can help you by making your power or defense or magic or life stronger. There is a secret petpet in the game that can make everything stronger! He is in market town, in a little crack in the buildings. He eats a lot though!
Altador/1st part of park shrine - Drackonack maze
This part aggravated me, but I figured it out. The trick is to get through the maze without getting hit by the drackonacks. I know, easier said than done. You do not need meerca potions for this at all and you do not have to worry about freezing the giant drackonack on the button.

First, freeze the Giant Drackonack by attaching a water mote to your sword and holding down the attack button to power it up. After he's frozen, step on the pressure switch. Then make your way through the maze, being careful not to get hit by the other drackonacks. Freeze each one you come across without being hit and the gate should still be open when you get to it. You may want to go through the maze a few times to get familiar with which turns to take. Also, use the corners to peek around so you can try to sneak up on them.
Beating the Snake Monster in Bogshot
You must jump onto one of those platforms. When the monster surfaces, face it. Now, here is the tricky part. When it hisses at you two times, the second you hear the second his, defend yourself. If it hit the shield it will be paralyzed. Use Tor and use his jump pound attack. Do this until the snake destroys some of the platforms. Do the same except this time you can get turned to stone. Just dont face the snake and when you hear the 2 hisses, quickly defend and face the monster. Then use jump attack. Heep doing this until you defeat it. You WILL need allot of baggus and healing items.
Black Knight
When facing the Black Knight, you have to jump out of his sword slashing at you 3 times, then his sword will get caught in either the chandelier or floor, then attack him in his armpits or back, where a purple glow shows.
To find the Bogberries you have to defeat the monster in Bogshot and look around for the other red and white Bogberries .These berries will cure the people in Bogshot and Bridge Builder Brendel so he can fix the bridge to Brightvale so you will be able to get to Meridell to get Fyora's rod.
Bogshot Swamp
First to get the white bog berry you have to find a mini island and on it is the bogberry. The second one you have to hop on the platforms then see if you can find another island. Then for the last bogberry you have to fight the Plague Serpant. It's really a Darigan Hissi though. Here is how to beat it:

First, jump on a platform. The Plague Serpant will come up from the water and hiss. With Tor, you hold up your sheild after it hisses twice. If you hold it up at the wrong time he will use poisen gas. If you time it right he will hit your shield and fall over. You can either hop down and hit him or switch to Roberta and blast him from the platform. After a bit he will destroy some platforms. Keep doing that. After a while there will be only one platform. Now, he can freeze you. Do the same thing. When he dies, you can get the bogberries
Bubble Bubble Saves You From Trouble
In Act Two, there is a fountain in Faerieland. Inside are a whole lotta bubble motes. Go in and out constantly and you'll have a lot of them. That helps you out a lot when the minions are in the tower.
Buying Stuff
When you need to get a shield don't buy it. Get it in the arena. You don't lose anything if you lose to them so you can buy more stuff later.

Also when you go to save Illusen, there is a negg shop on the way there. DO NOT STOCK UP! Why? Because you'll find a bunch of negg plants in the forest so you can just chop them, wait for them to grow then chop 'em again. There are neggs there if you haven't figured that out.
Clovers at Cogham
In Act 3, when you are in the Abandoned Mines at Cogham, you can find a four leaf clover. (Yes, you can find a four leaf clover in the mountains.) Keep in mind that all of this should be done before you save the people of Cogham. As you approach the outside entrance to the mines, look to your left and you should see a patch of clover. Walk around in the patch to find a four leaf clover. This must be done before you clear up the clouds above Cogham. Once you have completed your tasks inside the mines, this patch of clover will not be there. Don't miss your chance to be a little lucky!
Deals After The Darkest Knight
When you want to buy the new armour in Market
Town, don't fork over the neopoints to buy anything yet! After you defeat The Darkest Knight, go back into Market Town and go into any shop. The price of the item will be much cheaper than before! Now you don't have to save up thousands and thousands of Neopoints for the new
armour you want.
Defeating the Darkest Faerie
When you've gotten to the point in the game when your about to defeat the Darkest Faerie,
She will blast Fyora's Rod into the ground.
Faerie Land will start to fall, and you must defeat the Darkest Faerie in a time limit
of 3 minutes. Otherwise, Faerie Land will fall ontop of Meridell and both lands will be destroyed. So how do you defeat her in 3 minutes? Use my tips and find out!!!

First, the Darkest Faerie will summon her minions to come and attack you. You MUST defeat all of her minions before you can take a shot at beating her. Once you've gotten rid of all her minions you must attach a SuperNova mote to your sword and leap up and slash her. After a while you will be able to play as Roberta and
shoot the Darkest Faerie with SuperNova magic balls. Good luck!

Defeating the Gelert Assassin
When you face the Gelert Assassin in the tree tops (right before you give the fairie back her green amulet) The Gelert Assassin suddenly decides he wants to fight you personally. Switch to the girl and equip a SuperNova to all three slots for maximum damage and to protect yourself. Normally this is a bad idea but his primary attack is deflecting YOUR attack back at you!. Thats why you equip defence equal to what you're throwing.

Using Tor will result in a speedy death.
Defeating the Juppie Monster 2nd time
When you get to the juppie monster in act 3, he has way more health. Use Roberta. When it looks like he's chewing on something, run left and right. He'll start spitting out stuff like Flower Monsters do. When he's about to come down hide a ways away with a purple juppie in between You and him. He will hit the purple juppie. When he comes back up he gets tired. This is your chance to attack. Hop that helped.
Easy Minion death using a special mote
Isnt it hard to defeat the minions? Doesnt matter what element they are, but either way you look at it, the deaths are slow. Thanks to my cousin, we found a mote that will help you.

Simply pick Tor or Roberta and go to your mote selection. Then equip a bubble mote to your wand/sword.

Bubble gets the job done right! It takes out a great amount of health.
Escape neverending staircase
See those quiggle statues? Look at the hands. If the hand is pointing up, go up. If its pointing down, go down. When you pass the next statue, look at its hands. Follow the directions the hands point until a door appears at the "end" of the stairs.
Finding all the Knight in the Glade
This part trips everyone up at some point. You can find atleast 1 or 2 knights and then your stuck. And the longer your in the glade, more more frustrated you get.
First find Sir Torak. His cage is by a tree across the bridge. After saving him go across the bridge with the save game point. You'll be facing a tree. To find Ebard (he takes forever to find) go to the left of the tree past the ledges into a small cave area. After saving him to find Cadmere, go back to those ledges you passed and climb up the vines and across that ledge. Now to find Laurence. Go back to that tree and go right this time into a cave area and go up there. TADA! You just found all the knight! Now hurry to rescue Illusen.
Finding legand Jerdana: Part 1
First is the part to GET to jerdana! Then you go down the stair well (which takes a while), you'll come to a room filled with little zappy chambers.

Now if you did what I did, you probably saved the game and started jumping on the colored button like objects infront of the chambers. and you realized nothing was going to happen.

What you must do is step into the chambers and enter the area's. And agian, you probably explored each one and made a pick of what you wanted to do first. AGIAN! I'll do a short(maybe long) little walk though on each chamber.

Blue: A maze a ziplines! Just like in the part 2 of the eyeball maze!!! Just bounce on the trampolines and get on teh ziplines to make it to the eyeball on the other side. When you get there, walk infront of it and hit it or blast it(depending on the character) for it to close.
Red: Oh my! Fireballs falling from the sky! Notice the darker colored paths? YEAH! Follow those and dodge those fireballs to get to the other side and get to the eyeball. When you get there, walk infront of it and hit ir or blast it(depending on the character) for it to close.
Yellow: Meh. This one is a toughie. If you did what I did, you eaither A. Used speed of merca to run to the dark colored areas or B. just tried you're luck. You'll learn that its tough. Well this one you can cheat on. Notice the lines dividing then little squares? Walk SLOWLY on those and becareful. Thats the way I did it. If you find another way then DO THAT! Then get to the other side and find the eye ball! When you get there, walk infront of it and hit it or blast it(depending on the character) for it to close.
Green: ANOTHER HARD ONE! I cant tell you how to do this, but i can tell you how to work it. Move around the blocks and kill the minions that come out. Now get to theh otehr side and find the eyeball. When you get there, walk infront of it and hit it or blast it(depending on the character) for it to close.
Light purple: Just find the eyebal and hit it...
Dark purple: follow t he dark colored squares while in the cloak. Then get to the otehr side and find the eyeball. When you get there, walk infront of it and hit it or blast it(depending on the character) for it to close.

Then you get down with those, those buttons that you saw come up. Move them inside the chambers and open the door.

PART ONE IS COMPLETE!! Part 2 coming soon!
Finding legand Jerdana: Part 2
Part 2 to my part 1. Maybe a part 3. WHO KNOWS! Now as stated in part 1, you've probably made it out the door from the chamber room in the Hero's Rest area. When you step on the platform outside the door, it starts falling. OH NOES! No worries though! Just wait until you get to thedoor at the bottom. When you get out, you'll notice that theres a large center figure (hexagon, pentagon, octagon. I'm not sure!). You'll see 6 areas. Check the map and remember what doo you start at. Run through each area.

In each area, you must find a floor switch that brings up rings of the platforms. But watch out for the magical minions that wanna eat you! A cloak may help but it all depends.

Ok! Thats about it for now! Just step on the completed platform and continue you're journey! Part 3 coming soon!
Finding legand Jerdana: Part 3
Stated in my last one, you've obliviously completed the center platform in the Hero's Rest area. Now that you've gotten on the platform, its falling! OH NOES! No worries though! Just wait until it hits the bottom!

Now you're in a magical area where Jerdana's statue is standing in the center. Now those evil little button things have returned!

First switch to Roberta. Look around at each little statue button things with he symbols. This is just like the elemental mote chests. Match each color with the right mote.
Blue is bubble
Red is fire
Yellow is light
Purple is shadow
And the other one is wind.

HORRAY! You finally rescued Jerdana!!! Now go on and continue to the Hall of hero's and head to Faerie Land for the final battle!
Finding the legands before Altador
No a cheat not a glitch. The legands appear through out the game! And I'm here to tell you where they are...

Kelland: The techno at the beginning of the game (Act 1) who gives Tor the amulet.
Fauna: The cleaning servant. She instructs you on picking up the Miamice.
Torak: Tor's knightly teacher. The holder of Man at Arms.
King Altador: Randomly appears in the game.
Jerdana: Give Roberta the amulet in act 2.
Skeilth: The merchant in the crossroads to Merridale and Brightvale.

Well, thats all i do believe. Make sure you look out for them becuase they are important people.
Fyora's Spellbook section
After you return to faerie land and have fyora's rod got to the library.Beat all themonsters it makes it easier. Go to the endless staircase door and look right. the elevator is now going faster and lower, when it comes down get on it. when it reaches it's stopping point cross the little bridge to the next elevator, once it stops get off and your in the spellbook section of fyora's library.Ther is just a brute a couple more minions but i thought it was cool up there.
Gelert Assassin
If you've got to the assassin in the tree tops (giving the farie back her charm) switch to ether Tor or Reberta. Equpit them with a supernova to all three slots for maximum power and defence.Make shure you have lots neggs and juppies!
Gelert Assassin
Do NOT by any means use Roberta on this fight. He deflects her attacks easily. I tested this fight using a different character both times. Tor won, Roberta died. It seems like Roberta's only true fight is with the Dark Faerie Sisters.
Getting Neopoints
If you hit the grass near the rocks and the random bunches of grass you will get neopoints. It can be as little or a lot. Make sure you explore the farm thouroughly before leaving to find the hidden treasures. The corn stacks also give Neoppoints if you hit them with the sword.

Also, after you enter meridel and the package is recovered talk to the people nearby. One of them is selling treasure maps for the worlds you will have to visit. Sometimes they cost 100np other times 300 np.
Getting out of the "Never ending Staircase"
Ok. There's a lie here. The stair case DOES end. But where does it end? GOOD QUESTION!

If you were stupid like me, you probably ran down and kept hearing the weird sound. And you ignored it and all the little rascialy devil Harris's chasing and barking at you. Well, you obliviously learned that no matter how fast or how far you go, you just get no where!

This tip has been submitted a bagillion (not a real number) times. When you hear that weird sound, turn towards the wall. You'll see a Quiggle statue posing and pointing. If he's pointing up, go up. If he's pointing down, go down.

Now I'm pretty sure that the statues point the same way the whole time. So it may go something like up, down, down, up, down, up, down, down. I could be wrong though so dont try it that way.

For most people who coldnt under stand the chat speaky one, hope this helps and good luck with the rest of your journey!
Getting to the Glade Village
In act 3, you have to get Illusen to get through the wall into Meridell. After the gelert assasin destroys the lift, stand near where it was, and look up. There should be a sort of pole in your view (you have to be looking at the glade village). Use the rope gun (target then R2), and it should pull you up. Then turn around and there should be another pole above you and so on.
Gnarfas Glitch
This is a very good glitch. When you are fighting Gnarfas, keep an ear out for a buzzing sound twice in the battle. He will lose large amounts of health!
Golden Grass
There are several places where you can find that oh-so-wonderful golden grass. This is a list of a few of these places.

Act 1:
Location: On Tor's farm, in one of the back fields, there is a patch of "g" grass.
Location: On the way to Meridell, across the bridge, there are stalks of g. grass behind a boulder to the right.
Location: In Drackon Ridge, there's some g. grass near Douglas the Drackonak Hunter's house. It's hidden behind a couple of trees.
Location: In Meridell Village, right next to Gamon's Shoppe of Curious Wonders, there is a patch of g. grass behind a tree.
Location: In Illusen's Glade, out of sight and just off the pathway are a few stalks of g. grass.

Act 2:
Location: This is the only place in this level where you can find the g. grass. Right next to where the faerie dust is found, off to the right, is another patch. This is an easy patch and shouldn't be too hard to find.

Act 3:
Note- You can go to all the places in Acts 1 and 2 plus a few more new areas!
Location: At the beachy spot where Tor and Roberta meet, next to the save point, is yet another couple of stalks of g. grass.
Location: Just outside of Market Town, to the right of the waterfall, you can earn big bucks with these g. grass stalks.
Location: In the Bogshot Swamp, after defeating the sludgies and collecting the baggus, there are four stalks of g. grass.
Note- Explore Brightvale Village for lots more of g. grass.

Act 4:
Location: In the Park District, as soon as you enter the park, turn right and follow the stream until you get to a tall tree. Next to the tree is a bunch of g. grass.

Hopefully you will be rich by the end of the game. There are many more spots where you can find golden grass, but these are the quickest and easiest. I hope this information helps!
Golden Grass in Act 2
If you don't want to wait for the grass to grow back, then if you go into the library and then walk back out the grass will have grown back. This takes a while but you will eventually get the money to buy anything in the Vanishing Tower. Hope this helps.
Goodies at Tor's Farm!
In Act 1, when you are at Tor's Farm, there are three fields. There are goodies in two of these fields. The fields you should go to have fences around the entrance. In one field there is a shed, go in and open the chest and you'll get some neopoints. In the other field, there looks to be a crumbling well or something. In the cornfield, near the well, is a big hole. Jump down the hole and open the chest. I believe you get some neopoints, but it could be something different. *I would wait until after you get the package from Dad before you do these so you'll already have all the other little quests out of the way. **If you can't find the hole to get into the well, just run around in the well, you'll jump over the hole when you get to it.
Help on the Sewer Shrine (most commonly asked)
I see this EVERYWHERE! Everyone seems to be asking that magical question. NO ITS NOT "WHERE'S WALDO!"! Its "How do i get past the gosh darn sewer shrine!". I know it takes FOREVER! Maybe an eternity, but if I can do it, i think you can to. I will do a WHOLE little walk though for this.

Part one: The eyball maze! DX
This is hard. First when you get to the part, your character you're playing as(tor or roberta) will step on a black switch. An eye ball will open up where the exit is. You must find a tan-ish (or light cream brown) eyeball switch to press. When you do that, the eye ball with close and the bridge will open. Now you have to do the same for the next one. The 2 mazes after than get harder and harder. The 3rd, you must put on the brown cloak. Then step on the black switch. The eye ball will open and look around. The big brute minions will start walking around. Try not to get in there veiw, becuase if they hear or see you, the other switch wont work and you have to attack the minions before you can restart. The 4th has 2 bridge switches and you must do the same. But remember, DONT GET IN THERE VIEW! Or elese you must attack them and restart.

Part 2: The Kellend the Quick statue
This one's tough and i cant give to much out for this but just kinda guide you through it. When you enter, you'll see another eyeball (THERE THINGS ARE EVERYWHERE!). It will tick and start to close. You'll have 50 seconds to get to the switches and stop the bridge. The first one takes a while but its easy. First move a few boxes and jump off the cliff. I know, it sounds stupid, but when you come back, the boxes are already moved. Then move the other box all the way forward and twice to the side and jump off. Then run though to the last box that you moves, jump on and cimb over to the switch on the wall. After that, the door will open back up and you play as roberta on the jumpy trampolines. Be careful on the ledges becuase if you're not, you may fall off. When you get across, flip the switch and the door opens up. Then you go back to tor. His part is a little eaiser. First jump on the trampolines. Time the jumps to you can make it on the next one. Then you get to the highest one, jump on the zipline. Then time your drop so you land on the trampoline below it. Then contine on that until you see a (very poorly built) bridge. The flip the switch there. Now you're done with Tor. The you finally play as roberta with what appears to be hard. Its not hard! But you must act quick becuase it takes a while! Fist when you get to the top, jump on the zip line. When you get in veiw to the one next to it, press X and point the analog stick left. That should get roberta to the next one. Then climp the trampolines agian. Thewn you get to the highest one, face towards the wall and jump up there. Get on the zip line and drop when you reach the ledge. Then when you get on the next zipline, jump to each one. So its left, then right and drop when you get a little past the wall. Then turn around and flip the switch.

HORRAY! If you past that then you're done! Save your game and talk to kelland!

See? Its long but he's your only hope of getting to theh Darkest faerie.
Hidden Tower Wand, act 2
In act 2, if you get the meowclops and get the hidden tower to appear, you will find some very expensive items in the tower, specifically, a very powerful wand (the Witch's Wand, I think?) for 7,000 neopoints, a faerie dress for 8,000, and a golden negg for 5,000 (I may be a bit off with the prices, but that's not important) IF you have the patience, wait until you build your practice wand, then go to the golden grass near the faerie dust statue and blast it, collect the money, wait for it to grow back, then blast it again, etc. I got different amounts each time, between 60 and 450 points, but generally it was 250 or 300 every time. If you have something else to do while you wait for the grass to grow, like a book or handheld video game, it helps. You can get the 7000 for the wand fairly quickly, and if you have a bit more patience you can get the negg and the faerie dress as well, but the wand is most important. It will REALLY help your game to start with nearly the most powerful wand in the game. I was killing most bad guys in act 3 with one or two blasts at most. And don't worry about losing it when the next "upgrade" wand shows up- You won't actually get the training wand in Brightvale castle, and you won't even see any wands for sale in any shops because you've already replaced them with a better one.
How 2 get 2 the Darkest Knight in Market Knight
ok so this part is hard it took me almost 3 weeks just 2 figure it out. Ok so what i did was i only defeated the 3 knights at the beginning so i can enter, then i ran past all the other ones, except the ones at the Black Knights Keepgrounds those i also defeated. Ok this is the part i got stuck on well what you do is there is a saving thing next 2 the door there are stairs well climb up them and then towards the left there is a latter and then you climb up that latter. You should see a giant pole touching the sky well use Tor and hit the pole. The pole will fall and you can grab on and climb over it like monkey bars. Then you see this huge gap in between the ground and the other side well you cant jump across so what can you do? Well there is a part of the wall that is chipped off, well grab on 2 that and then climb across. Once you do that you then fall into a minions jail. Well dont fight the minions just run to the latter and then youll be back up there again. Then there should be a narrow part where there is 1 knight and a minion well dont fight them just run into the door right there. But whatever you do do not jump because you will die. And all you have 2 do is press r1 and use the left analog 2 run fast and then you can pass through all the knights without having to waste your life. Dont defeat them just run, and eventually you will be in the room with the darkest knight. Just follow the other tips to defeat the Darkest knight.
How to beat the knights to get to Market Town
The knights guarding Market Town are hard to beat. You can attack all you want, but only very little of their health own. Use my tips to beat them. First, use Tor. Then equip a Fire, Lava, or light to his sword, shield, and armor. Then wait for the running knight to attack. Here the effects of each mote:
Fire: Sets the knight on fire
Lava: Protected by lava rock. Sets knights on fire
Light: Strikes knights and takes out some of their health.
I recommend he dies; pick up the items he drops. Then you have to battle 2 knights at once. This is real hard, but you can make it work! Just use a fire or lava to distract them. Then use light to kill them faster. That way, you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I know this took a while to read, but its all worth it when you get in.
How to get big money from bogshot village!!!
Have you ever noticed the stick laying on the ground in Bogshot village? How about the three poles sticking out of the grond? Well, after you complete a quest for a little kid where you rescue another little kid from a giant slorg, the kids from the village race mortogs and you can bet on the one that you think will win.
Infinite Fire
All you need is to go back into Tormund's parent's house. Go to the fireplace and find the fire mote. It keeps reappearing. It gives you 100 fire mote everytime.
Killing Werelupe Bone Throwers
The fastest way to defeat bone throwers is to equip a fire mote to your shield. When they throw the bone, hold up your shield and it'll deflect it back at the Werelupe. It takes out a huge chunk of health.
Legend in Arena District!!!
This is EASY to do!!!

Step 1: Go to Arena District!!! (of coarse)
Step 2: Go inside the Colloseam.
step 3: Step on the square on the left and fight the enemies.
Step 4: Step on the square on the right and defeat the enemies.
Step 5: Step on the square in the center and then kill the remaining enemies.
Step 6: Go in the door and save the Legend and reap the rewards!! HORAY!!!
Step 7: Basck in the glory of your victory!!

Tip: Use Tor for the Brutes and Warriors. Use Roberta for the Wizards, magicitions, and any other flying enemies.
Tip: In the lanterns next to the guy who gave you the 500 neopoints are a Lava and fire mote.

Look Up!!
on level three once you are back in faerie land go to the hidden tower.. Look up and change to Tor there and alot of those hooky like things for his Rope Gun. Shot at ona and there are alot of items up there!
Lots of SuperNova motes and Neopoints!
When you are inside of Cogham find the mines there are a lot of things you can break to get points and there is a spot where there is a SuperNova then just leave go back and there it all is again!
Money :D
When you are in the Castle in Brightvale, if you haven't noticed, there are pots everywhere.There are 25 neopoints in each pot.(If you are Tor)Break them with your sword. It may not be that much,but it all adds up.Don't forget to get Roberta's better wand while you're in the castle either!
motes of drackon ridge
when you are on level 1 go to meridell and go to the path to drackon ridge the very 1 house you see go in it then you can buy all the powerfull motes.
Mute Glitch: Watch out all bogshot people!
I discovered this a while ago and not sure what caused it. But if you get this glitch, you can stop it.

You know about the last bog berry. The black one. And you have to defeat the hissi to gain it. The tip to defeat him is to listen for the double hiss and hold up your sheild. Well heres the mute glitch. If you get it, the hissi wont hiss, roar, or anything. He'll stay silent, which makes it difficult to battle him(it was for me...)

Here are the two things you CAN do.
1. Battle him out. If he stands still and then lunges forward, hold the sheild up.

2. If your game is saved before, just jump somewhere deep and just suicide yourself. You'll go back to the save game and you can start over.
Neo Points in Abondoned Mine
When you go to the abandoned mine you will find a kind of light-ore. When you see a pink one, break it and you will get around 600-900 Neo-Points.
Opening Gear Door in Ancient Sewers
When you near the end of the Ancient Sewers, you will come across a door that requires levers to be pulled so it'll open. Smash open the wall to the right of the door so you have a clear view of the gears. The order you pull the levers in is: left, right, left and back(near the place you entered the room).
Park Shrine
This is the second easiest legend to awaken. First, go to the center where there are minions, a button on the floor, anf four mortogs. Herd the Mortags onto the button and you can go through the gate. This one is a little harder. There is a giant whatever-it's-called and it can and will attack you. Lure it onto the button and you have two choices. You can either use a potion of meerca speed and race through and hope he'll still be there, or you could make it easy and freeze him, and to make it even easier, use a potion of meerca speed again. Now you'll have to do the same thing you did in Act One, saving Miamice. It's the same amount of Miamice, too! Get them into the box then go into the darkness. There is a small light in the middle and lure the evil harris (es? I dunno) onto it. They turn normal. There are six, and you can't be in the light while they are. Now you'll be in the hardest task ever! Herding Whinnies. Haha. Herd them onto the button and awaken Fauna!
Save Before The Boss Battle!
Boss battle glitches are very common.. Some are good, some or bad, to save in case you get a Bad one!
Save Mayor Jurgin!
This comes in handy when you are at the Abandoned Mines in Cogham. Don't go through all the trouble of saving every last person. The only villager that you have to save is Mayor Jurgin. Once you save him, you will automatically be transported back to the entrance. Forget about saving anyone else. It doesn't matter. Once you return to the village, everyone will be there waiting. Even the people you didn't save will be there.
Secert place in Cogham!
OK, first of all, go to Cogham. You know where the 2nd save game point is right??? Well, go to where the closest bridge is. Walk SLOWLY and look constantly look to your right. then, yo should see a ladder. jump down, cut down the golden grass and go into the tunnel... you will have another 1000-2000 when you come out!
Secret Place
I know there are some people dumb people running around as the lead of a minion parade.

I discovered a pipe in Act 4 behind the Colluseum(at least I think it was) and I was not doing safety first and I jumped in and discovered a hidden sewer.
Shield at the start of the game.
Go to the battledome to fight.
When you win, you get a shield.
Get a fire mote at the start of the game!

After you get the sword, go to your house's fireplace, you will see a floating fire ball, which is the fire mote.
Sneak Through the Bazaar District
There is a way to get through the Bazaar District without being caught by monsters. This is a round-about way of getting to the shrine, but it's worth it.
Before doing anything, I suggest putting on the brown cloak. Start by walking down the flight of stairs to the right (the stairs that are connected to the Hall of Heros building). Once you are a the bottom, go down the closest street, but be careful. When you see the brown monster, stop and look to the right. Walk straight to the city wall and turn left onto the street. Continue along on the path and don't turn left. Follow this same street until you have the choise to go left or right. Turn right and walk directly through the circular paved walkway. Do not walk toward the monsters. Follow this path yet again, but stop at the bottom of the steps. Turn left and walk into the Bazaar building, which is on the right. Go straight through the building and immediately turn right. Walk up the steps and you have found the entrance to the shrine.
If you have followed the instructions correctly, then you should still be alive and healthy, and possibly even have a few more motes.
Speed it up
Speed of Meerca is one of the second most useful potions. If you didn't know, you can actually use it to help yourself complete the Brightvale Obstacle Course in the time limit.
Spiders? what spiders?
Some zones (like the mountain pass) have pesky spiders. Just equip a lava mote to Tor and use the power attack (hold down and release the attack key). This will put a lava defense shield around Tor that kills small spiders instantly and large ones in three hits. This allows you to travel at a leisurely pace.
Spinning Attack - Training
Once you figure it out it's beyond simple, but I like others thought the trainer was telling me to spin in a circle and attack. What you need to do is RUN in a circle and press attack - it's a common mistake with many people.
Stock up before the Glade!
I'm telling you this now for your own good. In Act 1 your instructed to go to Illusens Glade to rescue the knights and save the Earth Faerie Illusen. Theres a few things you need to know:
1) Once you rescue Illusen and the Darkest Faerie takes over, ALL SHOPS CLOSE UP! If you have only a few juppies, neggs or chokatos left, you got a mega problem. Because once you go into the castle to warn the King, the knights will attack you, and they are not nice people!
2) Stock up before hand! Get some neopoints and purchase Juppies, Neggs and Chokatos before you head out to the Glade. Get a bunch!
3) Stock up and use your natural resources! You may run out of health supplies in the Glade while searching for the knights and getting attacked by Werelupes. Fortunatly the Glade is loaded with Neggs and Chokatos. Just chop the stuff down, run away and come back later.
Take my advice on this. Stock up and use your resources.
The Black Knight
When you get to Market Town, you find you have to defeat the Black Knight. When you get to the Speech scene he'll roar out laughing. If you have The Potion of Speed, use it. Jump in front of The Knight and he will swing at you. Make him swing at you three times, but jump out of his way. His sword will then be caught in the ground, or chandelier. Hit him in the armpits. Roberta is best for the job. After a while, he'll stop to breathe after every swing. Then, hit him in the back.
The Darkest Knight
You can't use just one character to defeat the Darkest Knight! Lead him around the room with Tor until his sword gets stuck, then switch to
Roberta as fast as you can to blast him in the glowing purple spots. The spots to hit The Darkest Knight is under his arms and on his back.
In just a few minutes, you can progress past the Darkest Knight!

*HINT*: Stock up on your foods and potions before you challenge The Darkest Knight.
Also equip your wand (As Roberta)
with a Light or Sun mote, and equip your shield (As Tor) with a Smoke or Dark mote.
The Hidden Tower
In Act 2, get the Meowclops (one-eyed cat) and go the the left staircase. There is a large platform with nothing on it. Or so it seems...

The Hidden Tower will appear. You don't have enough money for it now, but in Act 3 I promise you'll have enough to buy the whole tower. By the by, the Meowclops is gone in Act 3. If you don't use the Meowclops in Act 2, no Hidden Tower.
The Last Knight
There is a hidden cave in Illsens garden. As soon as you enter stay to the right and its against the wall not viewable looks like the wall

TIP: Go to the negg shop before finding the last knight and stock up as much as possible cause after you free the last knight and save The earth faerie you have to go to Meridell to warn the king and there are too many obstacles and things that will try to gang up on you and kill you so be prepared.

REASON: After you find the last knight everything all the shops and and such are closed and you have to complete your mission with whatever supplies you have left.
The Skeleton Draik
While you are going after Fyora's Rod in the lower dungeons of Meridell Castle, you will have to face a giant skeleton Draik. First, make sure you have a powerful water mote and a powerful lava mote. Now, wait for when he spits out orange or blue fire balls. After a while he'll stop shooting the fireballs. Look at his ribcage.
If it has a yellowish-orange fireball in it, equip your sheild with a fire or lava mote and block his fire attacks. Tor is best to use. While he is dazed, equip your sword with a SuperNova mote and wack him as many times as you can. Next time, watch for a dark blue fireball
in his ribcage. Eqiup your sheild with a Powerful
Water mote and block his attacks again. Continue
this until his life meter runs out. Be sure to explore around after you defeat him. You get
ancient armour in one of the chests you open!
*TIP* Go behind the falling fire and look around. On a platform right behind the lava flow, you will see a Lava mote!
Tor and Roberta
OK, here's a few tips about when to user Tormund and Roberta, and when not.

Always user Tor when you are.....
1. Fighting minions that DON'T fly
2. Cutting down grass
3. Defiting the Ixi Chiftain
4. Defiting the Draik Skeliton
5. Defiting the Werelupe King
6. Everything on level 1
7. Defiting Spite in Meridell castle on the 3rd level
8. Defiting all bandits except for the Thug
9. Defiting the Black Knight (for half the time)
10. Defiting Ixi Spearmen
Always use Roberta when you are....
1. Defiting two of the Darkest Faerie's Sirter's
2. Everything in level 2
3. Defiting the Gelert Assasian
4. Defiting the Thug
5. Defiting the Black Knight (for half the time)
6. Defiting Ixi Archers
7. Defiting minions that fly

And just think of all the things I'v missed! Now, I'm not saying that you HAVE to do everything this way, I'm just giving some tips. Hey, that's what this section is for eh?
Ultimate Treasure
When you go into the Cogham there is a safe point on your way to the mines. Its the first save point in the steppes, right after/before the river. There is a ledge and by it some gold grass. IN the cave (where you find the stone for the mayors watch) there are barrels. You open them run back to the save point, save, and the barrels are there again. If you keep on doing this your money starts to add up. Also your Supernova motes start to add up. I did that for about an hour and ended up with over 16000 neocoins, a bunch peacha, and tons of supernova.
Undead Draik
To beat him, you need to equip a Rainbow Mote to everything to make it easy. When he fires a beam, block it with your sheild and he'll be stunned. Slash at him until he isn't stunned. After a bit, he'll lose his legs and can make tornados to hurt you and send you flying. When he's just a head, some people don't know this, but you can just attack him without waiting for him to be stunned. When he's been defeated, get all the treasures, one of which is actually Golden Armor! There are also a bunch of potions and treasure chests have neopoints which you can use at the Hidden Tower and Altador.
Very, VERY high Neopoints! ( and specal potions!)
Once you have defeated the skeleton Draik under Meridell Castel there is many many potions on the piles of neopoints. Run around and grab them.... Its a HUGE advantage to get stuff you have never had before. There is also five-six treasure chests...... They don't contain any stinking map.... They hold neopoints!!! Some 6,000 some only 4,000. But depending on how many neopoints you had before........ You could have up to the 100,000!
Wartroot Quest
When you go to WereLupe Woods there is a storekeeper that wants you to find a wartroot. After you leave her shop, walk around the swamp until you find a spot with bubbles coming out of it. When you do you fall down a whole. Then when you look around there is a wartroot there. (There is more than one whole) There is aslo some things like baggus and stuff
way to renew Tor's health over & over in Meridell
In Meridell Castle, Tor's health will be completely restored every time he goes to "sleep". Useful for getting past the darkest faerie bad guys when you're trying to get out of the castle and didn't store up on juppies before the showdown.
Which crypt?
When you get into the werelupe graveyard,there will be three crypts. One will be the crypt of the exiled,one will be the crypt of the fallen, and one will be the crypt of the sentries. the werelupe fang necklace is in the crypt of the fallen.


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Never Ending Treasure Chest
Throughout the game, you'll notice that things like motes and grass reappear or grow back if you leave the area and then return, but things like treasure chests stay open and empty forever after you find and open them, right? Well, I discovered an exception to that rule. I'm not sure if it's a glitch that everyone has, or if I just got lucky with a random glitch, so if it doesn't work for you, sorry! but here it is:
When you go into the Cogham Steppes, near the beginning, I think just past the second bridge or so, you'll see a ladder to the side of the path that leads to a small ledge with a treasure chest on it. I've noticed that everytime I pass that area, the chest is unopened again. I've gone up to that ledge and opened that same chest about 5 times. Sometimes it has a mote, sometimes it has money, but it's definitely worth checking it out when you go by on your various missions to the mines or to defeat the Ixi chief.
The Mother Glitch of them All: The REWIND Glitch
So, you're at the very end of the game, feeling great, and ready to take on the final boss, right? Then, all of a sudden, you find yourself back on the farm in your rags. What just happened? Well, my friend, you've just found the worst glitch of them all. I call it the REWIND glitch. Basically, you're just stuck replaying the game, unless you've saved.

And yes, even then, your save file can reset itself to start the game over. It's rare, but cursed be he who finds it!
The Show-off Glitch
This glitch has happened to me both when opening a chest and after defeating an enemy. Both times, they were things that had a description, a Starlight Potion and a Silver Negg. After the description is given, the object continues to be shown levitating, and there's nothing you can do but reset. I don't know what causes it, but it is a very annoying glitch
vine monster in the dark forest glitch
When you fight the vine monster boss in the dark forest to save tor's sister,don't worry too much when you have low health(only if your game is like mine)because when the actual vine monster(not one of his baby vines)attacks he won't kill you.You will probably hear the death music but you will not die,that way you can just keep whackin'em.Hope this helps.(I am not liable and cannot be held liable for any problems that happen when trying this glitch)
Wall Clip Glitch
This glitch doesn't affect gameplay. First, go to the Cogham Steppes, and get to the place where the tracks go into the wall. Jump right in between the wall, and two rocks, and you will go through the wall. It's very easy to get out.
werelupe king glitch.
this one is anoying.when you find the werelupe king,if you're unlucky (like me)he will jump up and never come back down.trust me.you shoud always save at every savepoint you see there.
Werelupe woods void(Shortcut)
First, go to the area that leads you too Werelupe woods, (With the fog) then jump off a cliff, and it might rarely cause you too fall into a void of some sort, you will see a big rock in the middle of nowhere(There will be no ground but you can still walk), go to it, and then just walk into it, you will fall into werelupe woods(I happened on it by chance, sorry if it doesn't work.).

Easter eggs

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Gold Grass quick revive
When you are at the beach where you started act 3 there is a patch of gold grass go cut it down but don't leave yet save it then load the save and the gold grass will be back faster than normal and its a quick way to get rich.


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Fountain in Faerieland
You may think I'm talking about the big one with the bridge through it, but no. I'm talking about the VERY FIRST one you see. Jump into it. Go as close to the middle as you can and walk around it. You will get lots of storm motes.
Getting through tainted Meridal
Ok, this is pritty easy. Put on the brown cloke and use Ilisons orb to get through the purple smoke.The cloke should hide you from the big noghts. But if you bring out you sward or wand they will see you and you will be atacked.
Hidden Tower
When you enter act 2 as Roberta find the one eyed cat thing in the maze. If you go up the stairs where the painter is,and the go down the other set of stairs, walk by the edge. A cutscene will show the hidden tower. Stock up on Neopoints first!
How to get out of Tainted Meridell
When you go in, it is hard to avoid the Dark Knights. So if you get really beat up, and you don't have any juppies, then you should go to Tormunds "barkats" to get some sleep. Then when he wakes up, he will have full health. If you have a Potion Of Mercca Speed then that would be the time to use it. Run up to the 2nd level of the castle, go into the room to the left, then go down the hall to you'r right, then look to you'r left and pull down the switch. You might get swiped with the Dark Knight's sword when you are pulling it down though. Then turn around and run straight to the farthest door. Turn to you'right. The little metal door should be up.. Run over there. A vidio clip should start. Then when The Dark Faerie Sister's are chasing you, try to stay around the door, but DON'T STOP MOVING! If you stop, they will hit you with there blasts. Once the door's open, run through. They will block your exits. When this happens, stand behind the middle holder to the right. When they blast it, it should fall and knock over another. Climb up and run to the right. There will be a break in the rails. Jump off and another short clip will come up. You should be in the Main Hall. Then, once they block the draw bridge, stand beside the closest holder to the right hall way. Run down the hall and it will direct you to the dinning hall. Run to the holder at the far back right corner. Once they hit it, one of the little wooden door things will break. Jump in and run through the smoke until you find a door, run down that hall and you will be at level two in a few seconds!
Kreludan Blade! ((( its free! ))
Once you have saved Bogshot, go to the blacksmith. Talk to him. He will ask you if you would go find Kreludan metal. The hardest metal in Neopia! If you agree to it, you might get a blade for free. Its a very strong blade too. He will tell you to take this key and go to Drackonack village. *groans* I know, I hate that place too. But its worth it. You go to the village and look at your map. It tells you to go inside a mountain thing. Go inside, once you ahve found the right pasage way, the button to enter will come up. Beware, on the other side of that door is a WHOLE bunch of skeletons. If you just keep running past them, you can still get the metal. After you find your way to the glowing metal, you see green glowing rocks. Go around and run around at them until you pick up some of the metal. Once you have the chunk of metal, find your way back to the blacksmith Grimnar. He will make the blade for free.
You know that green Gleart with the broken carage around Tors farm? Well once you have got'n the rose, delivered it to the Prinses in Brightvale, got'n the letters from her and delivered them to him, if you have freed Market Town then the green Glert guy will be there. Go to him and you can retrieve this book from the Gleart Family Crept.
Ruined Cave Glitch
This is a really simple glitch. First, you must be in the Meridell castle dungeon, ruined cave. Continue your road until you jump across a small hole with lava. Instead of jumping across it, jump in it.

Instead of it taking you back where you started or another kind of place, you'll be in some sort of glitch world. You walk in the air, the and you can see the world walls upside up and beside you. You can still go back to the ruined cave by trying to enter back into the world.
Tainted Meridell: Hard, but is it impossible?
Tainted Meridell: Hard, but is it impossible?


After you receive the glowing orb of Illusen's, run to Meridell. Of course, if you want to risk your life for fantastic items, go ahead and kill anything that comes up. Go through the wall of smokey purpleness (not a word) and be ready for some of the scariest, hardest enemies you'll ever confront!

Okay. Make sure you have enough health items to make through a long period of time. Run into the purple city, prefferably just walking, and watch for anything suspicious. Now, you may encounter a short cutscene where a dark knight says; "Intruder!" or something like that. Many enemies will come at you. Don't bother fighting them, they keep coming. Put on your cloak and run over to the castle. Run over to the place where the guys were playing cards, and switch the lever. Then go to those gates near the libray or whatnot. DARKEST FAERIE SISTAHS!

Tainted Meridell: Hard, but is it impossible?
Tainted Meridell: Hard, but is it impossible?


After you receive the glowing orb of Illusen's, run to Meridell. Of course, if you want to risk your life for fantastic items, go ahead and kill anything that comes up. Go through the wall of smokey purpleness (not a word) and be ready for some of the scariest, hardest enemies you'll ever confront!

Okay. Make sure you have enough health items to make through a long period of time. Run into the purple city, prefferably just walking, and watch for anything suspicious. Now, you may encounter a short cutscene where a dark knight says; "Intruder!" or something like that. Many enemies will come at you. Don't bother fighting them, they keep coming. Put on your cloak and run over to the castle. Run over to the place where the guys were playing cards, and switch the lever. Then go to those gates near the libray or whatnot. DARKEST FAERIE SISTAHS!

the endless staircase
been stuck on the endless staircase for months? Tierd of it?
Want to know how to beat it?
Well, if you do then you're in luck!
Just follow the instructions below.

Do you see those Quiggle statues to your left? see the way that their pointing? If you run the way that ther pointing, then you'll be down in to time!
The Skeleton Draik glitch
Ok this glitch stinks!!!! After you get Fyoria's rod, you will ride the platforms up into the sewer. care full cause if you have this glitch and you move on the platform you might fall back into the treasure room!!! It happened to me and there is no way to get back up. the only option is to either reset the game or to get game over.
Unlimited Meerca Potions
After you get the rope gun from Tor's father, leave the farm toward Meridell, You will see a ledge up and to the right with a potion on it. Use the rope gun on the peg above the potion to get to it. Keep going out of the zone and back in to get as many as you want.