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Need for Speed: ProStreet (PS2) Cheats

Need for Speed: ProStreet cheats, Passwords, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Menu Passwords
Go to Code Entry screen and type in these codes:
PasswordWhat it does
ITSABOUTYOUUnlock Progressive Vinyl
CASTROLSYNTECCastrol Syntec Vinyl
SAFETYNET5 Repair Tokens
ZEROZEROZEROReceive Coke Zero Golg GTI in Carrer Mode
ENERGIZERLITHIUMReceive bonus vinyl sticker
MITSUBISHIGOFARReceive Mitisubishi Lancer Evolution in Carrer Mode
L1iS97A18000 CASH
1Mi9K7E110000 CASH
UNLOCKALLTHINGSUnlock map, cars (Dodge Viper SRT10, 2004 Pontiac GTO, Chevrolet Cobalt SS and Nissan 240SX), stage 4 parts.


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Extra $10,000
UnlockableHow to unlock
Extra $10,000With a saved game file from Need For Speed Carbon, you receive an extra $10,000 when you start a career.


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3 Best cars
Grip: Pagani Zonda Lv.4
Drift: Dodge Viper Lv.3
Drag: Dodge Charger R/T or the Scooby Lv.4
Speed: Nissan GT-R R35 Proto Lv.4

Grip: Mitubishi Evo 10 Lv.3
Drift: Porsche Cayman S Lv.2
Drag: Toyota Supra Lv.4
Speed: Corvette ZO6 Lv.3

Grip: Ford Cossie Lv.3
Drift: Mazda RX-7 Lv.3
Drag: Pagani Zonda Lv.4
Speed: Toyota Supra Lv.4
Are you the Street King?
Loved it in the end, hated it at first. These are just MY favorites people, I respect all choices. Top speed challenges: 4wd Murciellago (tried Zonda, Viper, Vette and Speed King's car, this seemed the most stable and huge top-end and acceleration). Drag: Zonda, Vette or Lamborghini. Drift: Drift King Rx7, 350Z, Vette (couldn't use it for the last races effectively though and used the Drift King Rx7 to beat Ryo. Grip: R34 GT-R, no question. Used the GT-R, Subaru, Lancer but really prefer the Nissan. I am using Ryo's Mitsubishi a bit now and I don't dig the set-up and it lacks power. DON"T ENTER THE CHEAT CODES before you complete the game unless you are just ready to walk away or you have a hard time with racing games as it just opens-up all branches and races and everything, it could be a major spoiler for you! Break all the records you can as many times as you can as you will unlock more events faster this way. Go slower at first then go through again and break your own records. Pay attention to how many wins, records and dominations you need for each Boss in Drift, Speed, Drag and Grip event and to unlock challenge series events. I got challenged by Ryo after only beating Drag and Grip Kings and some drift, I had not beat the Speed King yet. I was really aiming at breaking records and winning/dominating to open-up challenge events. I found a free car card either during battle machine or immediately after and saved it for late in the game, and wonder if it is always located in the same challenge/event? I don't know how many use a wheel like GT Driving force pro but I can't use anything else now.
Drags are ez now!
In order to get past the drag races easy, you must have a MAZDA RX-8. Upgrade it until it's AERO is at 4, It's HANDLING at 2, and ACCELERATION at level 1. You will then win at drags!
Ryo Watanabe Speed Challenge Easy Win
First Let hin start in front, but stay close to him. When you reach a straight, Use N20 and CRASH into his back. This will damage both you and Ryo. Ryo will often get totalled. If this happens, reduce your paace and keep it 'til the finish line.

there you go, an easy win...


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Crash landing
On the first corner of the Nevada speed track, crash into the small hill on the inside. If you are lucky, you can fly up in the air and still survive if you land on your wheels
Easy Drag Win
When you start a drag, shift to reverse, opponent will do the same. After the race starts shift to 1st and go. Opponent stalls his engine. Have fun.
Faulty brake lights
When you brake for a corner, but don't brake as hard as you can, the brake lights wont work.
Free Roam
Go to the Chicago Airfield drag race.
When u start reverse round the corner behind u.
Drive on the grass and press RESET
You will be outside of the game.
P.S It mite not work
P.S+1 I think it only works on PC and PS3.


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Money and Markers
Money - cashmoney
Markers - safetynet
Enter "ITSABOUTYOU" as a code to unlock the Audi TT 3.8 Quattro in Career mode.

Enter "HORSEPOWER" as a code to unlock the Chevrolet Chevelle SS in Career mode.

Defeat the indicated opponent in Career mode to unlock the corresponding car:

1965 GTO: Speed King (Nate Denver)
1995 RX-7: Drift King (Aki Kimura)
2006 Mustang GT: Drag King (Karol Monroe)
2008 Evo X: Showdown King (Ryo Watanabe)
2008 M3 E92: Grip King (Ray Krieger)
Unlock all things
1.Go to code entry in career mode.
2.type in unlockallthings
3.this will unlock all the races and cars
4.After the game saves (if auto save is on or save game manually) Exit career and go to load game
5.After loading the game all tracks and cars should be unlocked. Also you will have 4 cars in your garage (plus that to the amount you already have) sell them and get around $90,000