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NCAA Football 2004 (PS2) Cheats

NCAA Football 2004 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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ea sports bio unlockables
unlock the 2002 All-American team and the "tough as nails" game cheat around level 45-46 in your bio. "tough as nails" makes your QB almost impossible to sack for one game
Easier Sacking
Many of you probably already know this. It works in any of the football games by ESPN.

Take the Middle Lind Backer (the guy in front of the QB a couple of yards) and move him to one side of the screen (preferably the side with less guys) You can get to the guy in the backfield easier.

You may find that there is almost always a guy right before you get to the QB. I haven't been able to avoid him but some people can.
Easy Win
In dynasty when your up against a strong team when you choose your team pick the opponent. Then be so bad that your team you started with has 100 points and beat the record. Also go backwards for a safety.(Winking)
fiesta bowl
unlock the tostitos fiesta bowl by reaching level 42 on your EA Sports Bio
Onside Tackler
When it is your time to kick pick onside every time. (Don't count punts as a kick here) Move the kick arrow all the way to the right. Kick it with the most power possible. (Some kickers need to do less than perfect) It should land around the one or two yard line if you get it perfect. By the time somebody picks the ball up your entire team will be on him. That is a great way to get them to start behind the 10 yard line.


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All the unlockable stadiums/all great teams

#212 Alamo Bowl
#213 AXA Liberty Bowl
#214 Capital One Bown
#215 Continental Tire Bowl
#216 Cotton Bowl
#217 Fiesta Bowl
#218 Fort Worth Bowl
#219 Gator Bowl
#220 GMAC Bowl
#221 Hawaii Bowl
#222 Holiday Bowl
#223 Houston Bowl
#224 Humanitarian Bowl
#225 Independence Bowl
#226 Insight Bowl
#227 Las Vegas Bowl
#228 Motor City Bowl
#229 Music City Bowl
#230 New Orleans Bowl
#231 Orange Bowl
#232 Outback Bowl
#233 Peach Bowl
#234 Rose Bowl
#235 San Francisco Bowl
#236 Silicon Valley Classic
#237 Sugar Bowl
#238 Sun Bowl
#239 Tangerine Bowl
#240 EA SPORTS Stadium
#241 Tiburon Stadium

All-Great Teams:

#242 2002 All-Americans
#243 2001 All-Americans
#244 2000 All-Americans
#245 1999 All-Americans
#246 1998 All-Americans
#247 1997 All-Americans
#248 1996 All-Americans
#249 1995 All-Americans
#250 1994 All-Americans
#251 1993 All-Americans
#252 1992 All-Americans
#253 1991 All-Americans
#254 All-Alabama
#255 All-Auburn
#256 All-Clemson
#257 All-Colorado
#258 All-Florida
#259 All-FSU
#260 All-Georgia
#261 All-Iowa
#262 All-LSU
#263 All-Miami
#264 All-Michigan
#265 All-Nebraska
#266 All-North Carolina
#267 All-Notre Dame
#268 All-Ohio State
#269 All-Oklahoma
#270 All-Penn State
#271 All-Pittsburgh
#272 All-Tennesee
#273 All-Texas
#274 All-Texas A&M
#275 All-UCLA
#276 All-USC
#277 All-Virginia Tech
#278 All-Washington
Awesome team
Go to roster and press X on a player. Then go to ratings and put the players stats up all the way up.
Easy Dynasty Mode
Okay, this involves first creating a team of your own. Just make it the best choice you can Jauggernaut when it asks for your strength.

Go to dynasty mode and press select. Pick your team from the left list and any team (I like to pick rice) from the right. Then exit that screen and find your team on the Pick your team/coach page and you have an excellent team. The first year you can simulate and get all of your objectives done.

Just as a bonus: The way they make your ranking goes changes in Dynasty mode!

If you have a higher number (You have 12 and you opponent has 1) and you beat that opponent then your score will go up by half of your rank + your opponents rank of 12+1 divided by 2 which is 6.5 which rounded up is 7.

What about your opponent? Dosen't he stay at 1? The answer is no. It goes 2/3 or the combined ranks or 8.333 or just 8.

These are not going to be the exact ones though. You might end up at 6 and your opponent at 8 because somebody got a pure 8 in those rankings.
Hint: Easier College Classics
To ensure your success at the College Classics challenges, start a game, then go to the AI Settings in the Settings menu (from the pause screen). Set all of the CPU's offensive and defensive skills as low as they can go. You can also change any penalties you'd like. I suggest turning off defensive pass intereference if the Classic you're trying to beat involves any sort of pass defense.
Touchdown Celebrations
L2 + Triangle = Hulk Flex
L2 + X = Heisman Pose
L2 + Square = Spike Ball #1
L2 + O = Spike Ball #2
R2 + X = Throw ball into wall
R2 + Triangle = Punch the ball
R2 + Square = Dunk ball over goal post
R2 + O = Kick ball into goalpost
Unlock College Great Teams From the Past
To unlock the great college teams from the past, beat the match that they are most famous for in College Classics, and both teams will be unlocked.
Unlock Stuff With EA Sports Bio
To unlock specific pennants in the game, complete levels of your EA Sports Bio. Here's what each level gets you:
Level 2: Rose Bowl Pennant (unlocks stadium)
Level 4: Butter Fingers Pennant (unlocks cheat)
Level 8: Orange Bowl Pennant (unlocks stadium)