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NCAA Football 2003 Cheats

NCAA Football 2003 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

NCAA Football 2003 Tips

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score a touchdaown and right as it says touchdown push R2 and square or L2 and square and he will do somethings but they call a penaltiy if u do it to much so limit the use but they are koo
Submitted by: dan on December 22, 2003

NCAA Football 2003 Cheats

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Alternate touchdown dances
If you are holding down the following button right before you score a touchdown, you will perform the celebration listed.

Shake football: Press L2
Hold up football: Press R2
Point upwards: Press L1 or R1

Note: There is a possibility of an unsportsman-like conduct penalty being called.
Submitted by: wever111 on June 03, 2003
Announcer uses names, not numbers
Go to the options screen, find "Edit Rosters" and insert the names under "Player Info". After you insert them, play a game and your team's names will be announced.
Submitted by: wever111 on June 03, 2003